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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Hello and welcome to Look East. In the programme tonight:


A care home worker secretly filmed sleeping on the job is convicted of


wilfully neglecting an 83-year-old man. That and the rest of today's


top stories with Janine Machin. He wasn't found to have held the


gun but was jailed for firearm and rioting offences. Now the family of


Wayne Collins fight against his 18 year sentence. Yes, he was there,


there is no denying that, we have never denied that but Wayne did


nothing and to be sentenced to 18 years for doing nothing other than


being on the streets, is outrageous. Banned for biting and bad behaviour,


but now he's back to skipper the Saints. But is the club's faith in


Dylan Hartley sending out the wrong message?


And, forget the ferry, we meet the Cambridge man swimming from


Good evening. We begin tonight with the news that


a care home worker accused of wilful neglect has been found


guilty in court this afternoon. Jackie Ndoro failed to help an 83-


year-old man who had collapsed at the Limes in Henlow. Her bosses had


become suspicious of her work and secretly filmed her. Anna Todd


reports. Care home managers Joan Wilkinson


and her son, Kevin, happy leaving court today. Mr Wilkinson doubted


the care he was getting from Jackie Ndoro so much that he installed


cameras. The court heard that there was no urgency and a man was


eventually manhandled into a wheelchair after he was lying on


the floor. We have suspicions so I took the chance to put a CCTV


camera up and we caught her. So, it is one more gone. This sense that


issued message across the whole care community across the whole of


the UK, that we should treat vulnerable people with respect.


Jackie Ndoro was also filmed asleep on the job and she strenuously


denied wilful neglect throughout the trial. Now she could face up to


five years in prison. Two due care about him? Yes, that


is where I picked him up. I picked him up within two minutes and 23


seconds and I used a wheelchair which was the only thing available


to me at the time. Unfortunately people choose to do whatever they


want to choose and I do not think this judgment is fair. There were


shrieks and sobs of joy from the public gallery as the guilty


verdict was read out. Jackie Ndoro's colleague who was filled


with her on that night is still at large. Police have about to find


her and bring her to trial. -- police have fouled the to find her


and bring her to trial. A Luton man serving an 18 year jail


sentence for a crime he claims he didn't commit is fighting to clear


his name. Wayne Collins says he was innocently caught up in the


Birmingham riots two years ago when the pub he was drinking in was


petrol bombed. Now his aunt has gathered 8,000 signatures on a


petition to clear his name and she's hoping for a Luton MP to


support her as Ben Bland reports. August 2011 and in Birmingham men


attacked this park and when police arrived shots were fired at police


officers. Oh aren't they are people there, Wayne Collins, who is now


serving a in 18 year sentence for his part in the riots. He did not


do anything. He is aunt is leading a campaign to get his conviction


and sentence overturned and. Yes, he was there and there is no


denying it and we have never denied it but he did nothing. To be


sentenced to 18 years for doing nothing other than being on the


streets is outrageous. A reason he was given an 18 year sentences


because he was part of a group in which someone else had a gun and


shot at police. We are appealing against that conviction and


sentence. The basis of the appeal against the conviction is that when


the firearm was being discharged he was no way near and he was running


away from it and there is no evidence he knew the man with a


firearm and there is no participation in a shooting. He has


been convicted under the law of joint enterprise so he was not


accused of starting the fires of shooting at the police themselves.


If you have a group of people who have all participated in some way


towards an outcome that the law participate -- classified as a


crime, there is a part of the law that once the more to be


responsible but the question is what they are responsible for.


Joint enterprise allows you to accommodate almost the entire group


for the most serious crime that takes place among step. In a state


than the Ministry of Justice defended the law on joint


enterprise, saying it has enabled some of the most serious offenders


to be brought to justice. Meanwhile Wayne Collins will find out in the


autumn whether the court will give him permission to appeal.


On the day the Government announced the biggest population boom for 40


years, from villages in south Cambridgeshire have expressed fury


over plans to build 5,000 new homes. The council is inviting the public


to have its say on the proposals which include a new village in


Bourn, a new town at Waterbeach and a major expansion of Cambourne.


This is in addition to the 14,000 already agreed in the current local


plan including the new town at Northstowe. All of the homes would


be built by 2031. The council is also consulting on a draft


transport strategy for the developments.


More homes needed it to serve a booming population, but nobody


wants them near them. These are the plans for the public to discuss.


What is the story behind the fight? 3,500 new houses could be built


here at this airfield. Behind me is the new town of Cambourne growing


ever closer and just come along here with me because on the other


side of the road is the proposed site for where the new development


would be. Those living in the nearby village of furious. We do


not wanted here because there are no jobs in this part of the count


tree and the infrastructure cannot cope and we already have Cambourne


and Cambourne and the airfield will coalesce into a huge new town and


that is a huge new town by stealth and is not fair. If the development


goes ahead it would mean the end to the airfield which lost over 100


Bomber Command an aircraft during the Second World War. Today key


decision-makers were answering questions in Cambourne on whether


roads and essential services that are struggling now would be able to


cope with even more homes. We know as a district we have to find


additional homes, not only for the people will are looking for homes


locally and the demand in the villages already but as new jobs


are right. Just look at the companies that are planning to come


here to the south of Cambridge in three years' time. The birth rate


hearing Cambourne have been higher than expected. A school that is


still being built has already becomes fully subscribe. We have


learned from the past and we are absolutely clear that as these new


developments like Northstowe come forward, it is critical to get the


infrastructure like the schools in place before the people move in.


Talk to people here and everyone has a different view. There was a


lot of fuss about Campbell when it was done but all the people in the


villages that made all the fuss other one that now use all the


amenities up here. We need a larger medical practice. They cannot cope.


God knows what will happen if we get it more houses. Only a few


months ago that we came here and it is brilliant for the children.


of the housing would be affordable and now with the chance to have


your say. Well, earlier I asked Councillor


Pippa Corney, who has responsibility for planning in


South Cambridgeshire if the problem was not the lack of housing but


that people simply couldn't afford to buy them. There are a number of


problems. But with a lot of new development we can bring forward


more affordable housing so we should be up to 40% on some of the


big developments and that will hopefully be a bit more affordable


to people. Let us look at the sighting of the new homes. A P


Billing Cambourne say that Campbell is big enough. They say they have


had enough and more she places should be found. -- people in a


Cambourne. We design and landscaping we can overcome a lot


of the concerns. Can you overcome the transport concerns? We are


working closely with their county but we think we have a solution. It


is early days but the good thing is that by having these developments


close together we can put a reasonable amount of money in to


get the infrastructure we need. 19,500 homes, will it be enough?


hope so. That is what we have worked out but as I say, we cannot


predict economic upturns and downturns but looking at what we


have done in the past and the figures in the future, we are


fairly confident we have got it right. 2031 is when you are looking


at having become -- of these houses complete, that looks like a long


way off. Is it too late? It is not too late. In five years' time we


will update our plan and we could take into account the things that


have gone on in the next five years. We have to plan for something I


Waterbeach, if you look at Northstowe, it has been in the


pipeline for 13 years and we have not laid to break so it takes a


long time to bring forward big towns. The messages that these


homes are needed and they will go somewhere. Absolutely. The problem


is that we are listening but we cannot always agree with everybody.


I have the unenviable job of the fact that I will upset somebody


whatever we do and whatever decision we make. We will always


put something somewhere that someone does not like a matter of


fact and we cannot get away from it. It was far from the perfect end to


last season for Northampton Saints Skipper Dylan Hartley. He was sent


off for swearing at the referee. He missed the Lions tour because of an


11 week ban and is no stranger to bad behaviour, having previously


bitten a player. But today it was announced that he'll remain as


Captain for the club. But some are questioning whether that sends out


the wrong message. James Burridge is at Franklins Gardens now. James,


what's the club had to say about this?


They are behind it. I have spoken to the director of rugby and since


his sending off in the Premiership final in May, they were defending


and then and they spoke to him of sight and supported him and this is


what they said earlier. It is always a big decision, getting your


captain right. We are confident that we have got the right man. He


has been our captain now for five seasons and we know what he is


capable of. The lad's love him and respect him and he does a brilliant


job on and off the field at Northampton Saints. He has made


some mistakes in the past as we all have but it is all about sticking


together, working hard and learning from those mistakes and move


forwards. Whatever reaction been from others in at Northampton?


has been mixed across the town. We have spoken to many about it and I


think they will be split regardless. It was a black or white decision


what people think about what he did. The list is not great if you look


at it but in here, behind these walls, he has put a lot of blood


and sweat and tears into the success of this club and he is very


much the reason why they have performed so well in recent years.


He was skippering the side and he has the public backing of Stuart


Lancaster but in the past hour he has given an interview to Radio


Northampton that you can hear on the Breakfast Programme tomorrow


morning at 6am. Thank you very much. A mass open-air prayer service has


been held today in Northampton. It's the Muslim festival of Eid


which is traditionally celebrated with a morning prayer and marks the


end of Ramadan. Northampton's Muslim communities held the service


on the Racecourse. It was then followed by a fun day for families.


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