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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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ends emergency care for children, there is anger as a baby 20 hours


for treatment 20 miles away. New hope for dementia sufferers as


Cambridgeshire is any �10 million grant. Secrets from centuries gone


by. Wily medieval churches carbon dating thousands of these bones. A


controversial new home as Sixfields prepares to welcome Coventry City.


Good evening. There's fresh controversy tonight for Bedford


hospital after emergency services for children were axed. A young


mother is angry that her nine-month-old baby had to wait


seven hours to be transferred to Milton Keynes for treatment for


concussion. It was back in April that trainee doctors expressed


concern about lack of supervision. In July, the hospital announced


emergency and overnight care were being suspended. Then in August, it


said all youngsters under 19 would now be treated at nearby hospitals.


Happy and smiling at home today but a week ago this nine-month old was


the nosy and lethargic having fallen from a high chair. -- lazy -- the


rosy. The trust had suspended emergency services for children and


more than seven hours after the family alive, they were transferred


to Milton Keynes. My baby was suffering from concussion and I was


sitting waiting for the ambulance to come. The point is if she needs to


stay in hospital she should have gone straight there. I think it is


unacceptable and putting children at risk. Hospital managers have


apologised and offered to meet the family to explain what happened. The


hospital says the girl was seen within 20 minutes of arriving and a


scan was carried out. The decision to transfer heart could not have


been taken until the results had been seen. The hospital denies


children are being put at risk and clear to heart and the was confused.


Nobody said a word to us or let us know what was going on and that she


was not an emergency. Many parents are unhappy that he and the services


in Bedford have been scrapped. Protests were held outside the


hospital. She says that unless this happens, many families will face a


further wait for treatment. And if you've been affected by the


issues at Bedford or Milton Keynes hospital then please do get in touch


by emailing us. Researchers across our region


looking at ways of preventing and treating dementia will benefit from


a �10 million government grant. The money was awarded specifically to


projects that will produce results and help patients within the next


three years. It means that research work in Cambridge, Norwich and


Hertfordshire can now go ahead. I don't want to forget. When Pauline


was diagnosed with dementia, her son made this film to show how the


disease developed over the years. It is a condition that affects the


brain leading sufferers confused and increasingly reliant on others.


has given personal care in the morning and in the evening. She has


helped to bed and either I or the current carer mix foods. It is


companionship. It is hoped that dementia sufferers will benefit from


the search into the condition thanks to a �10 million government grant.


One thing the Lord cat is why people suffering from dementia can have


difficulties eating and drinking. can look at providing services which


will allow people with dementia to get adequate nutrition and


hydration. The money will be spent on projects across the East of


England including one at the University of Hertfordshire. It is a


large amount of money and involves universities and charities and


working with patients and carers to move things along. We hope to


develop a dementia hop across Cambridgeshire and Suffolk and


Norfolk to show the rest of the country the expertise available. --


dementia hub. If the money enough to make a difference? Sums of money


such as several million can make a big difference and I think we can be


confident we will have some results. All the schemes are designed to


benefit patients and improve treatments within five years.


Northamptonshire's police and crime commissioner has defended his


decision to appoint a so-called faith director in the county,


thought to be the first in the UK. The post will cost around �70,000,


more than half of that will be the director's salary. But already


questions are being raised about why a county like Northamptonshire needs


a faith director, a point I put to Adam Simmonds earlier.


During the election campaign, I was looking at some of our biggest


social problems and looking at who can help me to deal with that, and a


large number of people in this county are involved in faith groups


and communities, and I think they can play a massive part in turning


around some social problems. URA Police and Crime Commissioner. How


much crime is generated by faith issues? I am looking at the crime


aspect very seriously and that means I want to stop people off ending.


Some of that is about earlier intervention. This is not a


brand-new idea and in many states of the United States, there are the


officers. I think we should embrace them and ask them to help. That is


America. How much evidence do you have that people in your county want


this post? I was elected on a manifesto that had a faith -based


office within it. Some people may not like or understand it but my job


is to deduce crime and fear of crime and look at how to prevent and get


early interventions in place. Some things will not have been


demonstrated to have worked by the time I get to the next election and


I am not worried about that but this is part of the journey. Northampton


is not a place you would think would have many assumes relating to fit?


The issue is not about problems with the butt about using faith


communities as part of the solution to some social problems, whether it


is anti-social behaviour or school truancy. Can you help sort these


people out or at least be a staging post on the way to recovery? This is


about people with faith problems and using faith groups to help.


In Northamptonshire, scientists are hoping carbon dating will reveal


more about the people buried in a rare medieval crypt. The Ossuary is


in a church in Rothwell and its full of thousands of human bones. It's


one of only two in the whole of Britain.


At the holy Trinity Church in Rothwell is a breathtaking room. It


is one of only two ossuaries, thought to be more than 700 years


old. There would have been hundreds of rooms like this across the


country all lost during the Reformation. This was rediscovered


almost by accident. It was forgotten around 1700. They built their


staircase which people go down. Despite its looking like it could be


part of some horror film, what I found is that the rumours quite


peaceful and actually quite dignified. Now a team for the


University of Sheffield are hoping to find on board about the bones


using the latest technology. This is an interesting skull because if you


look at the fractures, this did not happen because of damage after the


person died. They may even relate to the cause of death. We have


developed lots of techniques to look at these things so we can reassess


everything that has been done using the latest scientific technology.


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