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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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the man standing trial for a second time, accused of murdering a


teenager from Milton Keynes. Rachel Manning disappeared 13 years ago.


The discovery of her body at Woburn Golf Course began a pursuit of


justice that has already lasted more than a decade and seen an innocent


man jailed. 41-year-old Shahidul Ahmed now stands charged with her


death. Who Today he was back in court to face a retrial. Killed


Rachel Manning Tesco under fire. Claims that local workers in Harlow


have lost their jobs and been replaced by cheaper, migrant labour.


Tesco need to stop being a company is the man who killed Rachel that


night and they say there is new scientific evidence to prove it.


matched DNA on the car steering lock, alleged to have been used to


smack Rachel in the face. The prosecution allege that a hair found


on her clothing also belongs to the defendant. Mr Ahmed denies murder


but the case is expected to go on for six weeks. Joe Black was in


court today. She joins us now. What more can you


tell us? This was an horrific case with a 13


year history. This will now be the fourth trial that Rachel Manning 's


family have had to sit through. As you heard in my report, her


boyfriend at the time, Barry White, was convicted of her murder. That


took place in 2002. Then, that was overturned at the court of appeal.


At a retrial, he was acquitted. Earlier on this year, the man who


stands in the dock today faced a trial. The jury was unable to reach


a verdict. The prosecution continues tomorrow. Mr Ahmed denies murder.


Bedfordshire police have charged a man in connection with the death of


a grandfather after a fight over a disabled parking space. 65-year-old


Alan Watts is accused of killing Brian Holmes, during the row in the


car park at Asda in Biggleswade ten days ago. Mr Holmes died from a head


injury, just days after he had been given the all clear from cancer.


Workers in Harlow may have lost their jobs, only to be replaced by


cheaper migrant labour. The claim from Labour's Shadow Immigration


minister today. It follows the closure of the Tesco distribution


depot in the town which employed 800 people. The workers were offered


jobs at a new centre in Dagenham. But on lower wages and most refused


the offer. In a moment we'll hear from the Harlow MP Robert Halfon.


First this report from Deborah McGurran.


The row over the closure of Tesco's distribution plant in Harlow


reignited by Labour 's shadow immigration minister. Today, he


claimed Tesco may have hired staff who have come from Eastern Europe,


rather than using British workers. When a distribution centre was moved


to a new location, existing staff said they would have lost out by


transferring and the result was a higher proportion of staff at the


new site from other countries taking the jobs. Two weeks ago, the


distribution centre in Harlow finally closed with the loss of


hundreds of jobs. Tesco says it needed to close the depot as part of


a restructuring plan. Of the 800 people who worked here, 500 were


from Harlow. Only around 100 have taken a job at the new distribution


centre in Dagenham, on lower pay. should tackle the problem of


corporate juggernauts. He is calling for Tesco to reveal how many of the


Dagenham workers have been hired from agencies.


So what does the MP Robert Halfon mean when he says the government


needs to tackle corporate juggernauts? I asked him late this


afternoon. I think that Tesco have behaved ruthlessly in Harlow. They


closed a productive distribution centre. They damaged our community,


they damaged the lives of hundreds of Harlow workers. What I am saying


to the government is that we should ensure that these kind of companies


who behave in this way should get no grants from the centre at all in


terms of subsidies, help with relocation. The government should


also look at rules regarding agency workers and ensure that agency


workers are not employed on lower wages because it is the -- unfair on


local people. The criticism seems to be that these workers have lost out


to migrant workers. Do you feel that is the case? I don't know of that


for sure but what I do know is that Harlow Tesco workers were told that


they would get jobs in the Dagenham plant but with significantly reduced


pay. This was an affordable to those individuals who have families to


feed and mortgages to pay. What is wrong is companies like Tesco are


using agency workers, who are often doing the same work but for cheaper


money, and that is what the government needs to look at. That is


what I am urging today. Tesco need to stop being a company that is just


about piling the money high and selling the work is cheap. What


Tesco is doing in cutting costs isn't illegal. Is it time that the


government pushed for a living wage, rather than a element wage? --


minimum wage. I believe in a living wage but there are arguments about


the best way to achieve that. One of the best ways is to cut taxes for


low earners. I am glad the government have done that. They've


raised the tax threshold. I would like to go further and introduce a


10p income tax rate. Keeping in close contact with a lot of the


workers. Do you know how many of them have found jobs elsewhere? I


think it is very hard. I've met a few who have found jobs but many


hundreds have had to take redundancy and it is very difficult for them,


especially in the current climate. It is going to take them some time


to get back on their feet. I know local councillors are doing all they


can and other agencies. It will take a long time to heal our community.


Millions of pounds of Government money is coming to Cambridge to


boost cycling in the city. Cambridge will get �4.1 million with another


�4 million coming from local funding. 40,000 people already cycle


in the city, which means about 22% of journeys are made by bike. It's


hoped however this will increase to 40% in the next ten years.


It is a city planning on going Dutch. Special cycle lanes, away


from the cars and pedestrians. Safer, quicker. For Zoe Chambers, it


is a far cry from Cambridge. That is the UK's cycling capital. She cycles


six miles every day. It is busy. It's an incredibly busy city.


have to be vigilant and try and be safe, be alert all the time as a


road user if you are a cyclist. There are plans for separate


cycleways on three major routes. Better bike connections to the


research parks. Around 5000 bikes cross this bridge every day. It's


one of the busiest stretches for cyclists in the country, say


campaigners, but in a city with so many bikes, is �4.1 million going to


be enough? When you look at how much it is going to cause to upgrade a


local road for instance, it wouldn't get you much of road, but it's a


start. It might get matched by Cambridge county council. They have


been spending millions over the years. Congestion, the downside of


Cambridge expansion. One solution, more cycleways, they say. I think it


is rightly put that investment into Cambridge. We went to see more


people cycling because it is it -- it is good for them, it's a healthy


way of getting around and doesn't cause pollution. It also makes life


easier for those who use their cars, if fewer people are on the


roads in cars. That means those that do need to use them can get around


more easily as well. In less than a year, the biggest bike race in the


world is coming to the county. Tour de France will be another boost


for spiking here. Facilities are getting better but there are still


some way to go to catch our European neighbours.


A ground-breaking new treatment for skin cancer is going to be available


across the country, following medical trials here in the East. The


drug is taken as a daily pill and was developed and tested at


Addenbrooke's Hospital. It means mean patients can avoid surgery


which could have scarred them for life.


Ian has had carcinoma since the 70s. Before, he had radiotherapy and


had left his skin damaged. He has been taking a daily pill which has


made the tumours disappear. Even though it had side-effects for him


joining the trial wasn't difficult. The options I had were too


horrendous to anticipate. There were possibly going to be operate on my


nose but it would have meant just about removing the whole of it and


reconstructing it. The option to go on the trial was a far better option


than that. During the trial, his skin cancer started to shrink and


tests showed more than half of those using the drug noticed a difference.


It is described as a landmark treatment. Its gene therapy,


targeting molecules inside cells. Thousands of hours are spent


researching drugs at Addenbrooke's but not many treatments make the


grade. At the cancer centre alone, 160 open studies are taking place


for which 3000 patients have signed up for. It's not all about testing


new drugs that of those that are tested, only a handful will come to


market. There are lots of hurdles before you can bring a drug to a


patient. They include having a really well-designed clinical trial


programme. Then it has to get approved by the European medicines


authority. It has to be approved within the country. Then it has to


be approved for funding and then it has to be approved for use within a


hospital. There are lots of hurdles and it takes a long time. Those


taking part in trials had more treatments will come online. Many in


my family have died through cancer of various thoughts -- sorts.


law research they can do and the more drugs they can bring onto the


market, the better for everybody. For now, she continues to take the


drug but hopefully he will be lucky enough to be cleared of cancer.


The Accident and Emergency department at the general hospital


in Northampton has had it's busiest month ever. It dealt with nearly


10,000 people during July. That's one person every five minutes and


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