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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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the programme tonight: They were taken away for safety, but will


children's services ever return to Bedford Hospital?


Now the public are to have their say.


I am concerned with the consultation, that we may not have


an option to bring these services back.


That and the rest of the top stories now.


Charged with manslaughter - after a fight over a supermarket parking


space, Alan Watts appears in court. He's on a salary of more than


�66,000, so why has this Cambridgeshire MP taken on a second


big-paying job? And, from the electronic wizardry of


Cambridge minds to the gadgets in your homes - we meet the company


with multi-million pound exports Good evening. We begin tonight with


fears that children's services may never return to Bedford Hospital.


All overnight stays and emergency care for under 19s were suspended


last month after concerns about safety and staffing levels. Parents


have been forced to take their children to neighbouring hospitals


instead. But some have complained of long delays. Now they're to have


their say over the future of local services. Anna Todd reports.


Last week, baby Victor spent the night in children's A&E at Milton


Keynes Hospital. His family say he was admitted at 11pm, but not seen


until 5am the next day. They say staff were struggling to cope with


an influx of patients from the Bedford area. People forced out of


town as their own hospital is no longer providing emergency care for


children. You pray nothing happens, but things do happen and things go


wrong, and I would like the security to have the hospital nearby that I


could take my child to, rather than having to take him out of Bedford


into Milton Keynes, or even Luton or Dunstable. It is different dealing


with young children than adults, which is my field. Children go down


the tubes far quicker than adults do. They bounce back quicker, but


they go off quicker. You have got a limited amount of time in which to


catch them. But in June, paediatric inpatient Asian services were


suspended at Bedford Hospital due to a lack of junior doctors. Milton


Keynes hospital has agreed to take the extra patients. Yesterday, its


medical director told BBC it was unlikely the services would return


to Bedford, but today, the chief executive refuted that claim.


entitled to his view. From a Milton Keynes perspective, we are clear


that we want to fully participate in the consultation process, and we


would like the right answer to involve evolve over the next few


months. The hospital trust said the current changes are interim and that


they are working hard to bring them back in a safe and sustainable way,


but they say no decisions will be made until there has been a full


public consultation, due to start in the autumn. That needs to start as


soon as possible. One of the options it to be to bring the services back


safely. I am concerned that there is already talk about them never coming


back again, and that is not acceptable. Meanwhile, Milton Keynes


hospital insists baby Victor was clinically safe throughout his stay.


They say, having taken on more senior doctors and nurses, they are


well able to cope with the extra workload. The Bedfordshire Clinical


Commissioning Group decides where and how people in the county can be


treated. It's led by Dr Paul Hassan, who


joins us now. The hospital says it's working hard to bring these services


back. Why do you feel a consultation is necessary?


I think what we have seen is that the services as they were were no


longer safe or sustainable. We want on with our public to understand


what safe and sustainable services mean. In a town as large as Bedford


it would be ridiculous to consider that there wouldn't be paediatric


services, but we need to go through with the families, with the


children, with the public, and with all the other people involved in the


provision of the services arm how we provide, sorry, how we commission a


provider of safe, high-quality and sustainable services which,


unfortunately, we have not had, up which is why the services were


taken, why the GMC took the junior doctors away from the hospital.


Having the idea of merging hospital services in your neighbourhood been


around for a couple of years, and some people feel it is an easy way


of getting rid of services? It would be an easy way of getting rid of


services if it was going to happen. As a local GP, I have no views - we


have no queues at all about how providers of services, the


hospitals, should arrange themselves. What we want to do with


our public is commission the highest possible quality of services for our


public, and the consultation that we are starting over the next week or


so is designed to involve everybody in drawing up the various options


that there will be in order to do this. Many thank you for your time.


A jury's been told that a man accused of murdering a Milton Keynes


teenager 13 years ago was linked to the case after a sexual assault on


another woman. Restaurant worker Shahidul Ahmed from Bletchley was


arrested in 2010 after his DNA was matched to that found at the scene


where Rachel Manning's body was discovered. Our reporter Neil


Bradford was in court. So, the court heard details of how Mr Ahmed became


a suspect? That's right. It was two years after Rachel Manning's murder


when the 41-year-old was arrested. His DNA was entered onto the


national database and it was found to match a sample taken from a


steering lock found near the scene will stop it was used to eat Rachel


Manning around the head of wobbly after she had been strangled -- to


eat Rachel Manning around the head. She went missing after attending a


fancy dress party. Her boyfriend he was with her that night was


subsequently convicted of her murder, but his conviction was


quashed in 2008. The jury here at Luton Crown Court must decide


whether this restaurant Walker -- workup was responsible for her


murder. Other than the DNA, what is the prosecution's case? The jury


heard that there was also a hair found on Rachel Manning's clothing,


which was probably belonging to Shahidul Ahmed. The DNA and that


hair, the prosecutor says, formed the five banks of the case. The


others are that Shahidul Ahmed knows the local area particularly well,


and also he sold his car just eight days after Rachel Manning's murder.


Finally, his previous conviction for sexual assault mean they believe he


is capable of this crime. The trial continues.


A man has been in court this morning charged with manslaughter after a


grandfather died following an argument in a supermarket car park.


Alan Watts, who is 65 and from Biggleswade, will be sent to Crown


Court for trial. Emma Baugh has the details.


Charged yesterday morning and leaving court today on a brief


appearance to face a single charge of manslaughter. Alan Watts spoke


only to confirm his name in a very short hearing which lasted less than


five minutes. He was released on bail with a number of conditions,


that he must surrender his passport, that he must not drive or visit the


Asda store in Biggleswade. It was less than two weeks ago that the


supermarket car park is reportedly became the scene of a dispute


between Alan Watts and another man. It was here on Saturday, August


three that the argument was reported to have taken place in the disabled


parking area. A 64-year-old man Brian Holmes, was later found to


have serious head injuries and he died in hospital the following day.


Brian Holmes was a grandfather who lived in a nearby town. His family


said he had just been given the all clear from cancer. Little is known


about the details of what happened, and police have appealed for


witnesses. Alan Watts will now appear in court in Luton before the


end of the month. He will then face a Crown Court trial.


The debate over whether MPs should have second jobs re-ingnited today.


Sir Jim Paice who represents South East Cambridgeshire has landed a job


as the Chairman of First Milk, the UK's largest farmer-owned dairy. The


former Agriculture Minister begins the role in October. It'll only be


one day a week, but will constituents support him?


I would say it is impossible. On one county has got to look after the


people, but he has also got to look after the shareholders, and the two


don't tally at all. I think it is a conflict of interest. How can you


concentrate on two things? He has obviously got good commercial


knowledge and experience which justifies his position. The chances


are he will do a very good job. I don't see how it can compromise


things. Jim Paice has already announced he'll step down as an MP


at the next General Election in 2015. So, why didn't he wait until


then to take up a new role? I asked him this afternoon.


Well, things don't always work on a precise timetable. It is not too


years, it is only 14 or 15 months. Even so, it does mean there will be


an overlap. It is a very part-time role that I am taking on. I am


certainly still intending to look after my constituents to the best of


my ability, as I have always done. But not everyone agrees that MPs


should have second jobs. Ed Miliband raised it very recently. People want


to put a stop to what you are doing. I think that is outrageous, and I


think Ed Miliband is entirely wrong. I don't think the general public in


this country want a professional political class with no contact with


the rest of the country. There are people practising as GPs, several


practising dentists, there are still people doing some teaching - they


never get criticised. Either you can do something else and be an MP or


you can't. You mentioned salaries. Your predecessor in 2009 was on


�120,000 a year. What will your salary he? I am not prepared to go


into that. And I will take up the position, I will make the necessary


declarations to the register of members interest in parliament, but


I can tell you it is a lot less than that. They constituents we spoke to


today are quite angry. You can't make comments like that. I don't


know how many you have spoken to. Did you go out... Whether they are


one, two or five, they are still your constituents and they said this


should not be happen happening. Well, no MP gets 100% support from


all their constituents. It is not surprising that you will find some


constituents who don't like what the MP is doing.


One thing the company says it likes about you and why they wanted you


for the job, it quotes your considerable list of contacts. Do


you feel you are profiteering from your former role as a minister is to


mark no, I do not believe I am profiteering from any former role.


As a minister, I gained wide knowledge of the dairy industry.


Coming from a farming background, I had good knowledge anyway. I


passionately believe in the concept of Corporation. This is a business


owned by farmers. It is not some big big public plc. If I can provide


them with the leadership that they seek, then I shall be very pleased.


Sir Jim Paice. Plans to create an extra 500 places


for schools in Bedfordshire have been approved today. The council


granted permission to three schools, to create new places from 2014. The


council says it wants to ensure there are places for all local


children at local schools and the population in Marston and Ampthill


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