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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Good evening. Tonight, labour—saving will abolish the bedroom tax if


Good evening. Tonight, labour—saving are returned to power. Ed Miliband


exquisitely on BBC look East. —— labour—saving. We will get rid of


the loopholes and end the bedroom tax. We will have reaction from


those affected and a senior member of the government, along with the


rest of the top stories. An apology to rail passengers as these calls


mainline tops the UK list of train delays, and disrupted services.


mainline tops the UK list of train surgeon who pioneered heart and


mainline tops the UK list of train transports —— transplants returns to


his roots at Papworth Hospital. And Northamptonshire slug it out,


Good evening. We can reveal tonight that Labour will scrap the so—called


bedroom tax if the party wins the next election. In an exclusive


interview, Ed Miliband told us that he felt the measure was unfair.


interview, Ed Miliband told us that felt it had led to some tenants


being evicted from their homes. felt it had led to some tenants


to remind you, the rules on housing benefit changed on April this year


and that tenants will no longer benefit changed on April this year


to claim their full housing benefit if they had a spare bedroom. Tenants


were given a choice, downsize to a smaller home, or face a cut in


benefits. It was quickly condemned as the bedroom tax. In our region,


labour estimates that 50,000 tenants have been affected. Tonight, Ed


Miliband tells this programme that Of all the recent welfare changes,


this has probably been the most controversial. The government's


intention was to cut the amount controversial. The government's


spends on welfare and free up homes waiting for larger properties. But


housing campaigners say it has caused misery for many. Research


shows that 50% of people have gone into arrears with the first three


months. These are people who have not been in arrears before. We have


pushed them over the edge. Others questioned whether the policy is


workable. A study by Cambridge University concluded it would take


24 years to rehouse those affected. Tonight's moved by the Labour leader


is eye—catching. And on the EU for a difficult conference, a chance to


show that his party can come up difficult conference, a chance to


real policies. What we're seeing is people potentially being evicted


from their homes and it will not even save them what the government


said it would save. Think it is even save them what the government


right decision to make a fair tax change to say that we're going to


get rid of the loopholes and get rid of the bedroom tax. It will be


currently available to financial institutions. George Osborne cuts


taxes for hedge funds is at the institutions. George Osborne cuts


time as he introduced the bedroom tax. Most people will think that is


not the right priority. Does this not give ammunition to critics who


think you are the party of welfare? This is about unfair change. It


think you are the party of welfare? not even work. Ministers question


how much the public care about this issue. They say that 70% of people


support welfare changes. Labour issue. They say that 70% of people


that 50,000 people will be affected by these changes. 31,000 of them are


disabled. Mr Miliband accepts that transport and council tax, which


affect larger numbers and which transport and council tax, which


need addressing. But this, he says, Look East has reported several times


on the recent changes to housing benefit, but how has the news gone


We have three bedrooms appear, and one has been divided. Peter lives in


Milton Keynes with his wife and daughters. The home was originally


built with two bedrooms but one daughters. The home was originally


since been divided. The recent changes to housing benefit mean


since been divided. The recent the rent has increased even though


the total amount of floor space the rent has increased even though


not. Peter says that the rules do not take any account of individual


circumstances. I do not think it has been handled properly. It is another


government to get more money out of suffering people. Across town,


Eileen agrees. She cares for brother says that it saves the government


thousands in care bills. She uses her spare rooms occasionally but


feels penalised by a system which charges her for having spare rooms.


It is unfair and unjust. And it charges her for having spare rooms.


causing families like myself a lot unnecessary worry. Labour—saving the


plans to scrap the bedroom tax will help thousands of families. But


plans to scrap the bedroom tax will it help the party get elected? Will


you know vote for Ed Miliband? If he is going to scrap the bedroom tax, I


announcement make you vote for him? Definitely not. Every government


that I have voted for have always done U—turns. It is always the


purest people getting the brunt done U—turns. It is always the


it. It will be sometime before Ed Miliband can try to this policy


it. It will be sometime before Ed bed, with the election two years


away. Later on the programme, we will be getting the view of the


Conservative Party on this and Andrew Lansley. —— the leader of the


house. Benefits changes have led to some people heading into debt and


even losing their home. But a lack of housing has been a problem for


some time. In Milton Keynes, for example, they have seen a dramatic


rise in the number of families being breakfast accommodation. Back in


May, the council had the worst record for this outside London.


May, the council had the worst three months on, the situation is


Bringing up a young family can be difficult, especially for those


Bringing up a young family can be nowhere to call home. This man asked


us not to reveal his identity. He and his partner became homeless


three months ago and have been housed in bed and breakfast hotels


ever since. They have a baby and a young child. You were in one room


and your children want to go asleep. —— go to sleep. We go out of the


room, just so they can go to sleep, or we hide in the toilet with the


lights on, waiting them to sleep —— waiting for them to sleep. I want to


come home from work to see my family happy, playing in the garden, not


tied up in one room —— squeezed happy, playing in the garden, not


one room. If a family isn't every commendation for more than six


weeks, it is illegal. In Milton Keynes, 35 families were in that


position in the first three months of the year. That figure almost


doubled between April and June, making it one of the worst areas in


England outside of London. I am making it one of the worst areas in


complacent. We are doing things making it one of the worst areas in


characteristics of Milton Keynes that cause the issue. We are a young


city and we have only been in place since the 70s. We do not have a


The government says it made almost £2 million available to tackle this


problem. Not an Keynes applied for a families are still waiting for a


Two men have been charged with murdering a 19—year—old man in Luton


one week ago. Michael Urquhart was found dead with stab wins. Two men


from Luton will appear in court —— stab wounds. Network Rail has


customers on one of our biggest Peterborough to London, has the


worst punctuality record in the Peterborough to London, has the


between here and Scotland. And they have suffered delays. The worst


between here and Scotland. And they almost a day on the train. 11 hours


before we go back to Peterborough. You know, it was that or spending


the next couple of days on the platform. They are one of 4 million


using Peterborough station each year. That figure is set to double


over the next 25 years. Most of year. That figure is set to double


delays are not down to those running the trains on the tracks, at the


separate companies looking after the tracks themselves. When things go


wrong, trains go nowhere. Network Rail has apologised for being to


blame for 70% of the delays on this line in August and September. One in


making it the least punctual for country. Today, some passengers


making it the least punctual for happy but others not so. Sometimes


have been kept off my journey for hours. I'm on the train so regularly


Sometimes there have been delays, a lot of people waiting outside,


causing havoc. Today, Network Rail say they were redoubling their


efforts to improve reliability. say they were redoubling their


million will be spent upgrading say they were redoubling their


line over the next five years. The weight for some passengers will


Football, and MK Dons and Peterboro meet again for the first time in two


years this week. Last time around, Posh one and ended up being promoted


by the defeat still hurt MK Dons. May 2011 and elation meets despair.


For Peterboro, the play—offs meant championship football, only to be


relegated last season. MK Dons have been left stewing. Both left brewing


what might have been. We went to London and let ourselves down. I


stronger outfit. It is younger with more energy. There are similarities,


but as a club you would have to more energy. There are similarities,


we have been more successful. We championship and stayed in the


championship. They are not at that level yet. Obviously, if they got


promoted this season, that would be the aim. Both sides have started


with intent, particularly Posh, currently second in the table. MK


Dons are keen to make an impression —— and impression. Dillow macro


Dons are keen to make an impression them to play like a professional


team and look the part, to play them to play like a professional


honour for the badge. I think the championship will put us in good


stead. Tactically, we have got better. We have taken tactics onto


the pitch and delivered. Posh have the bragging rights and the bigger


playing budget. MK Dons wants to bury the hatchet. At this stage


playing budget. MK Dons wants to the season, it is almost as viable


as the play—offs. Later, Alex will be here with the weather for the


will always be classed as an alcoholic, but says he is off the


drink and will rebuild his life. Still to come tonight: A nail—biting


finish to the cricket season. Plus, a return to Papworth Hospital by the


surgeon who pioneered heart and lung transplant. —— transplants.


Now here's one of those sobering thoughts. Since 1939, more than


83,000 American service men and women have failed to return home.


Some were taken prisoner, some went missing in action, but none of them


ever came home. This week the US Air Force in Suffolk has been


remembering them. Today, at RAF Mildenhall, members of


the 100th Air Refueling Wing have taken part in a special ceremony to


mark the end of the week's remembrance. Our defence reporter


Alex Dunlop has just sent this. Putting names to the numbers.


Joseph... Officially missing in action, or prisoners of war, from


every action since World War II. Over 24 hours, volunteers read all


80 3000, 345 names. It is living on hold. The hope that they can still


be alive and come home. Until they have the final closure, I think it


is part of our duty to go out and keep the promise, that is the motto,


of keeping, bringing them home. But the vast majority of them will have


died? Yes. It is more than likely that the majority of them have


passed. Nearby, and missing man formation. The desert boots


represent the two most recent conflicts, Iraq and Afghanistan. As


America starts to pull out of this latest work, for five years one


American soldier is still being held captive by the Taliban. It was the


war in Vietnam which spurred a huge interest in the fate of American


soldiers imprisoned while missing in action. Some were found alive years


after the war ended. 40 years on, so determined by the US military to be


repatriated those left on old battlefields that they have a


dedicated task force of around 400 personnel who make it their mission


to find them. Last year they recovered two bodies from the


Cambodian jungle. As the commander reads the last of the 83,000 names,


today they also remember those killed by a Navy reservist in


Washington three days ago. For us it is very important for us to remember


who has gone before us. The flag is at half mast behind you as a


reminder that there is still a current threat? Absolutely. There is


a worldwide threat, and with recent actions that have happened this week


in the United States, our flags are at half—mast. We must with the


ready. Every Friday in the ceremony, they lowered the stars and stripes.


This one was a little different. Today's salute, dedicated to those


missing across seven decades of war. Sport now, and the end of the


cricket season is going to the wire for Northants and Essex. The two


teams have been locked in a battle for promotion to the top flight.


Today was the final day of their penultimate county Championship


games with Northants now looking like red hot favourites to go up.


Let's cross to the county ground in Northampton now and our Sports


Editor, Jonathan Park. Yes, it's been a fairy tale season for


Northants this season. They have done very well in all competitions,


including the Twenty20. Essex have been there throughout, but


Northants, as you say, are red—hot favourites to win promotion. They


will find out next week, but after today's play, they are in the


driving seat. It had been —— has been a season where Northants shake


off the pass. The silverware was already on show today. It has been a


magnificent season with a real team effort. Silverware does not come


around here very often. The performances have been so great.


There was a sense about inevitability in their match today.


The main game was always going to end in a drawer, but all that


Northants needed was the five bonus points on offer for reaching the 400


mark, which was accomplished with ease. We have done well today and


got all of our bonus points, which is what we set out to do. It looks


like things have settled down at Chelmsford and hopefully gone our


way. At Chelmsford, the only team who could pip Northants to


promotion, Essex, desperately needed a win to strengthen their hand. But


there ain't with Glamorgan was also heading for stalemate. We needed a


few more performances and did not get the season but all in all, we


have had a decent season. I think it is quite decent for this season. I


know it is not Division 1, but it is still a tough cricket world. We have


done well in four—day cricket. Probably going to finish third


behind Northamptonshire and Lancashire. Final stake in the 2020,


and we finished fourth there, so we have been the bridesmaid this year,


but we have made progress. At half past four, the captain shook hands


in both games, with Northants a giant step towards cricket's top


flight. The knee just five points from next week 's game at


Worcestershire to guarantee it. —— they need. It's in the bag? No...


I'm an eternal pessimist, I am afraid. They are not exactly


hostile, and not exactly serious, and enjoyed by everyone. Just like


Northants's season. That certainly was a humorous moment today. The


next round of Championship matches is next week, but before then here


at the ground, the pop band Madness are plain. It could certainly be a


House Of Fun for those Northants fans this season. Thank you very


much. Two years ago, Professor John


Wallwork retired from Papworth Hospital. In 30 years he carried out


6,000 operations to help put Papworth on the world stage. But now


he's coming back. Next February, the Professor will become the hospital's


new chairman and says he has big plans for its future. Hello, guys!


Back among the staff he calls his second family, the hospital he calls


his second home. Two years ago he retired as a surgeon here. He has


returned now as chairman. This is a very special time for the hospital.


We have spent a long, long time trying to get this hospital to the


right place and we are nearly there and I want to see that through. I


wanted to be a jewel in the crown of the health service, not just here


but abroad. I want to bring any effort I can to the place. This was


his last operation. Over 30 years, he carried out 30 of them, a pioneer


in transplant surgery. In 1981 he founded the Papworth Heart And Lung


Transplant Programme years later performing the first heart and Lung


transpired in Europe, and then the world's first triple transplant.


What are you planning for the future? I want to keep Papworth


Hospital on top. Surprisingly enough putting an organisation up is easier


than keeping it at the top. And in order to do that for the patients


and the education and research, we have to provide the best that we


can, and we can only do that with our biomedical campus. This is where


the biomedical campus will go. Work on the new app worth should start in


2015. Heart and lung disease together provide the biggest cause


of death in our society. It would be absurd to have this big biomedical


campus not that hard and lung disease in it. Papworth Hospital has


prolonged the lives of thousands. His job now, better treatment for


the patient of tomorrow. A reminder now of tonight's main


news: The Labour leader Ed Miliband has told Look East that he will


scrap the so—called "bedroom tax" if he becomes the next Prime Minister.


Let's hear what the Conservatives have to say about that. Andrew


Lansley is the MP for South Cambridgeshire and the Leader of the


House of Commons. He's in Cambridge now.


have to say about that. Andrew Lansley is the MP for The National


Housing Federation, Their Chief Executive Says That The Bedroom Tax


Is Disastrous. How do you feel about that? Are in was to reduce the cost


of housing benefit, which Labour had taken to £20 billion. And I'm afraid


but we have heard today shows that Labour have learned nothing. We had


to take measures to deal with their debt crisis. It wasn't fair what


happened —— wasn't there to be subsidising under occupied


properties while people are waiting for accommodation or are in


overcrowded accommodation. We have done it in a fairway. We have put


£180 million into a discretionary fund that helps to the costs of


those who have proper reasons to have support, but we are taking away


housing benefit, we are saving in this case really have £1 billion, by


virtue of not subsidising under occupied properties. That is what we


have to do and the Labour Party does not seem to have learned anything


and they are saying that now they want to go back. They have opposed


every well cut we have put forward. I am sorry to interrupt you, but all


of these people that are affected that we have heard about, one third


of them and are having trouble with their rent. These are people who


have not been in that situation before, so it is obviously having a


very bad effect. We are very clear about the fact that we need to save


money by not subsidising under occupied properties. It is not about


imposing a charge or imposing tax. It is about how much housing benefit


people should be paid, and they should be paid how much is


appropriate to the need for housing. Under the last Government, people


who were in private rented accommodation and had under occupied


properties, spare ribs, did not get housing benefit. What we have done


in that sense is remove what was an anomaly between people who were


getting private housing benefit and people who were getting housing


benefit in social housing. As I said, £190 million per year, it is


not far short of a third of the total saving, is available to local


authorities in a discretionary payment scheme in order to meet the


cases that are genuinely in most need. I am so sorry to interrupt


you, but 34% of people who intend to back the Tories at the next election


think it is a bad idea. People across the country now that we were


think it is a bad idea. People left


circumstances. Time for the weather, and it is


going to get a little bit warmer? Yes! High pressure across the


British Isles. That might sound like the perfect ingredients for a fine


autumn weekend, but as this are crosses, we see it picking up a lot


of moisture. But while temperatures rise, it will be cloudy at times.


Today, we have had quite a lot of fine autumn sunshine. It has turned


a little bit cloudy and places, but predominantly, we will seek leave


spells overnight. It is expected to turn a little bit cloudy later on


with some fog. For most of us, we should stay in double figures. We


are expecting loads of around 11 or 12. Temperatures could just drop


down there. If you are up early, it might be a bright start in the east.


We have this week weather front heading in from the south—west, and


that is going to meet increasing amount of cold to the morning. So,


this cloud may, in places, be thick enough to produce some rain or


drizzle, but for most of us, it is predominantly dry. If you live in


the western half, you have got a better chance of seeing something a


little bit more break into the afternoon. Temperatures rarely get


those brighter spells, they will be quite comfortable, with a bit of a


noticeable breeze and a light to moderate south—westerly. The eastern


half looks as though it will stay a little bit more cloudy. Now, looking


ahead, the high pressure starts to move to the east, towards Holland,


by the start of next week. That will mean a subtle change in wind


direction, more of an easterly flow. This will bring in more dry air, so


that brings us the better prospect of sunshine at the start of next


week. So, we start Sunday a bit cloudy, perhaps with some mist


around first thing. But it looks more hopeful through the day on


Sunday. We should hopefully start to see the sunshine out and as such, we


will see the temperatures climb, so 21 or 22 degrees quite possible. As


we start next week with that dry air coming in from the east, we are


expecting increasing amount of sunshine for Monday and Tuesday, so


22 might be a little, well, not quite so optimistic as it could be,


but into the middle of the week this high—pressure stays firmly in place,


bringing more spells of fine conditions and mild nights.


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