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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Hello and welcome to Look East. the programme tonight: The £91


Preparing for strike action: Fire crews plan to walk out tomorrow


Preparing for strike action: Fire there's a promise that emergency


Back to her roots — England's Ashes winning captain returns to where it


all started And land at any airport Cambridge. And land at any airport


Good evening. It's been twenty years in the planning, three years in


Good evening. It's been twenty years making but tomorrow the guided


busway between Luton and Dunstable will open to the public for the


first time. This is the main route which is just over six miles long


stretching from Houghton Regis to Luton town centre. Almost five miles


is a concrete guide—way running along the old railway line. It will


link up to four routes for onward travel. The project has cost over


ninety million pounds. And it's rebuilding of six bridges and the


construction of three more. It's the second longest busway in the world


after the Cambridge route. Luton Council says more than 125,000


people live within walking distance of a bus stop. Neil Bradford got to


They have been waiting for this of a bus stop. Neil Bradford got to


two decades, those who planned the busway say it opens opportunities.


Today, it was a dummy run but it is hoped thousands will use this to


travel between Luton, Dunstable hoped thousands will use this to


Halton Regis. The project is five months late and half £1 million


Halton Regis. The project is five budget. Transport Minister Norman


Baker insists it is money well The evidence from elsewhere is


The busway is promising the juiced journey times, Dunstable to Luton


will take less than 15 minutes, passengers travelling between the


towns are used to journeys of three looking forward to putting it to the


I will give it a go, I hope it will Sometimes I get delayed and late to


work. I think it will be much easier Not stopping as much, straight


Faster journeys are only one aim of between the council and Central


Bedfordshire, both believe it will bring economic benefits to their


We are attracting new businesses to Dunstable, a speculative warehouse


and office project and we are taking the steps to open us up to the


The busway was a consideration. the steps to open us up to the


Luton busway may have critics but those behind the scheme point to the


success of Cambridge, with the first passenger services starting in the


morning, only time will tell if success can be repeated here. And


with just a matter of hours now before the public put that service


I spoke to Councillor Dave Taylor from Luton Borough council and asked


because that is the first passenger day and today has been an ecstatic


official opening today and thanks to the minister of transport for coming


to open it and it was a fantastic experience and we appreciated the


speed and efficiency and quality and It has been a long time coming and


you are running five months over We have but it is well worth waiting


for. We waited 20 years for this day so if you months would not make


for. We waited 20 years for this day Let's talk about the money, a cost


of over £90 million, we have had the multi—million pound dispute over the


Cambridge guided busway, are you confident this is value for money?


Yes, we have learned lessons from that and the value for money is


Yes, we have learned lessons from major capital project like this


Yes, we have learned lessons from is only half £1 million over budget


period, it is great. We know with increased bus patronage of twin


Luton, Dunstable and the airport. When they see the quality of the


service and the speed there will be How are you going to measure the


success of this project, is it numbers of people, is it taking


Yes, it will be passenger numbers. Not only are investment but the


investment by the bus companies Not only are investment but the


brand—new stock and I don't think they would take chances in spending


enterprise and have invested heavily in new buses and they want the


OK, thank you. Firefighters across East Anglia say they've been given


no option but to walk out on strike government changes to firefighter


pensions. The fire service however has guaranteed emergency cover will


A fire on a farm near Peterborough today. Incidents like this could


stretch the service during the strike, a dispute over pensions


stretch the service during the a government proposal to raise the


retirement age to 60. The union a government proposal to raise the


most firefighters would not be fit There is a concern for public safety


and firefighter safety. These people will be coming out the fires and


rescuing fires and then needs to be certain fitness standards, the


firefighters have to achieve. The majority would have concerns if


individuals in their late 50s are between the Fire Brigades union


individuals in their late 50s are the government. There could be


hundreds of firefighters taking the government. There could be


in Northampton, Cambridge, Bedford and Harford. During the last strike


ten years ago, Green goddesses were brought in to provide cover. Those


vehicles have since been sold. The strike is Judas that tomorrow. The


firefighters will work out of their stations at noon and stay out until


4pm. During that time, the other fire services have a legal Judy


4pm. During that time, the other provide emergency cover so they


4pm. During that time, the other been putting contingency plans in


The management team are experienced officers and they will be riding


appliances. They are experienced officers, not as good as the current


crew on the front line because they do not do it every day but they


crew on the front line because they Other fire services in the region


say they will call in part—time operating below strength. They are


urging people to take extra care to avoid accidents and fires. The


proposed new pension scheme is generous, say the government. The


so—called "mega—airport" would be too expensive and disruptive..


According to Essex County Council. Its views are contained in a report


submitted today to a Government commission on the future of UK


A misty morning at Stansted and another round in the long and bitter


fight over the airports future. commission on aviation led by this


man, a businessman. The commission is looking at whether the UK needs


more runway is but if it does wear We will be assessing the business


plans, assessing the environmental implications, all of the things


plans, assessing the environmental need to do when you put forward


planning proposals for runways or a The commission received a plea from


Essex, the council is urging the commission not to suggest Stansted


becomes a multi—runway super hub airport with flights across the


world. It says that be too costly and unacceptable to the council


world. It says that be too costly Stansted airport is running at half


of its capacity on one runway. Stansted airport is running at half


million passengers per year, it Stansted airport is running at half


Manchester airport group themselves agree it has the ability to take


long—haul flights and passenger The council believes Heathrow is the


best place for a new runway and The council believes Heathrow is the


report said if Heathrow remains open, proposals that assumed the


establishment of a giant rival super hub elsewhere would be unviable


establishment of a giant rival super unsustainable. Many passengers at


Stansted thought a biggest and stood It would be good and good business


I do not live near Stansted. For the people around here it would be a


As the country gets more populated we will need transport to get in and


community thing more runways at Stansted would boost the economy.


Ultimately, an extended airport Stansted would boost the economy.


Stansted would mean more jobs, The county council's view is use the


existing runway for flights but The county council's view is use the


A robot that helps surgeons with key hole surgery has been used for the


first time to remove a cancerous lung tumour. The operation took


place at Papworth Hospital and the patient was able to go home after


Brian Reedman is on the road to patient was able to go home after


remarkable quick recovery after patient was able to go home after


It was a big relief, when I came have had keyhole and not the big


operation. Yes, it was very very It is the first time this rib attic


telescope device has been used to remove a lunchroom at —— robotic


The telescope gets knocked and gets material and part of that is because


we have a systems —— assistants material and part of that is because


are inexperienced or have not worked before. The robot telescope puts the


image under the control of the The success of the lung operation


could see the system rolled out across Britain. People as far away


as Birmingham are now believed to be affected by a fire.. That took out


Northamptonshire. The fire started in a tile business in Blisworth


Northamptonshire. The fire started Friday. It then spread to nearby


internet communications equipment. Customers from 16 telephone exchange


areas have been affected. Engineers have faced problems gaining access


to the buildings because of safety concerns. BT says it's continuing to


look for ways to restore service. In cricket Northamptonshire took a


big step towards promotion from Championship as they bowled out


Worcestershire for 163. That gave them three of the five points they


need to guarantee promotion. A score of more than 250 tomorrow will now


very long time. The lifeboat station at Southend is officially the


busiest in Britain. New figures from the RNLI show that 'call outs' have


increased by 30 per cent this summer. Still to come, we will be


chatting to Charlotte Edwards, captain of the England cricket team.


How you can land a passenger jet anywhere in the world without


leaving Cambridge. As you may have seen, the Labour leader Ed Miliband


has promised to freeze energy prices for homes and businesses if he


becomes prime minister in 2015. But before he gets the keys to Downing


Street, Mr Miliband must win over large swathes of our region. Here's


the challenge: As you can see Labour has very little representation at


all. On all of these district authorities Labour has no


councillors and if you include those councils where Labour has just one


seat you can see the party has a lot of work to do. One activist from


Norfolk has set up a campaign to persuade the party to adopt a rural


manifesto to make Labour more electable in the countryside. A


couple of weeks ago, trade unions and members of the Labour Party


gathered in Norfolk to commemorate the 99th anniversary of the were


local strike. It was the longest ever industrial dispute, at a time


when the Labour movement were strong in the countryside. Over the last


seven years, —— 70 years, Labour's influence has declined. Jack is


trying to change that. He is leading a campaign for Labour to have a


romantic though. It is about being adaptable. —— rural manifesto. It is


not one size fits all. It is about making something that is specific


for Norfolk. Something specific for Suffolk. Something specific for


Anglesey. That is what the manifesto does and it is something Labour has


not done. A shortage of affordable homes, Prue Communications, the


importance of farming. Things Labour talks about, but the rest of ——


message does not resonate in the countryside. —— bad communication.


Campaigners say Labour does not appear to understand the


countryside, believing people who live here to be well off. It would


be very nice if one nation Labour did not stop at the city limits.


Jack cannot afford to get to the party conference this week but his


paper is being spoken about a lot. Can Labour find a way to refine the


message and show that they care about the countryside? I absolutely


believe Labour can be the party of the countryside. It may not be


relevant but if you think in the police and crime Commissioner


campaign we were not just winning in places like Ipswich but places like


Dunwich. We should be inspired and think that there are votes in these


communities. 200 new councillors have been elected for Labour in the


East but nearly all of them have been in urban areas. None of the


target seats are in the countryside. Labour believes it has


the policies but needs to find a way of getting the message of cross ——


across. Pig farmers in this region have won a new ally today in the


shape of Joanna Lumley. She has been full of praise for the way they care


for their animals. Nearly a third of the country's pork is produced here


in the East of England. But the industry is being undercut by


producers in Europe who are still using illegal methods of rearing


pigs. Joanna Lumley says it's time they were prosecuted. Compassionate


farming says this privilege, shot in Europe, shows a blatant disregard


for regulations. From this year, the tethering of pregnant pigs was


outlawed. It is footage which infuriates Jimmy Butler, who farms


free range pigs on the Suffolk coast. All of East Anglia's pig


farmers have had to comply with ethical rules since 1999. The rest


of Europe was given ten years, they have ignored it. Now there is nine


countries out of 15, nine of them are not compliant. Why are we still


importing from those countries? I struggle to understand. Today in


Brussels, Joanna Lumley backed the campaign exposing the scale of the


problem. Countries breaking the law include Germany and Denmark. The Mac


I condemn those who give animals freedom. The ones who are getting


away with it deserve to have the law come down like them on a tonne of


bricks if it was is, the papers would be agreed. They agree that


they should be prosecuted and fined. People should act with their wallets


and by British produce until we can make sure the rest of Europe is


compliant. European Commission has launched proceedings but the wheels


are turning slowly. Farmers like Jimmy Butler are deeply frustrated


by what he sees as double standards. Summer 2013 will go down as one of


the best for English cricket: Essex batsman Alastair Cook led his side


to victory in the Ashes and Charlotte Edwards from


Cambridgeshire completed the double as captain of the women's team which


also beat the Australians. This afternoon, Charlotte returned to her


roots in Ramsey, taking part in a children's coaching session. And, of


course, showing off that famous trophy. I'm delighted to say we can


link up with Charlotte now. A great year for you and I think you have


the trophy there with you. Let's have a closer look. It is obviously


great to bring the trophy back home tonight. This is somewhere with fond


memories for me. Charlotte, you don't call that the Ashes, do you?


Yes, we do. We have a slightly different format, played over three


formats, and this is the first time it has been played this summer, and


this is the lovely new trophy. You played a test match, then some other


formats, and you got points for all of those. It was quite close until


the end, wasn't it? Yes, the scoreline probably does not suggest


how close it was. It was 12—4 in the end. It was three or four weeks ago


that we did the test, and we finally got to lift this trophy in Durham. I


bet you got a great reception. You have been for quite a few years.


These still enjoy it as much? Summer's a very special time, and


ones like this are very special. I am very proud of what the team has


achieved and it is great to bring this trophy back. If that is getting


heavy feel free to get somebody to take it off you. It has been... I


remember watching you in previous years and you were living on your


nerves. Was it as nerve wracking this year? Yes, I have looked back


on some of the footage and it is quite embarrassing how nervous I was


but that is how much it means to us as players to win this trophy and to


beat the stray Leah and obviously, the guys did fantastically well. To


double that up has made it a great summer for English cricket. Another


thing that is important for you is to encourage young girls into sport.


I'm sure that success like that will help. It is just as important,


inspiring girls to play cricket. There looks to be a lot of girls up


here tonight, which probably ten years ago you would not see. It is


great to come back and see that and hopefully that is happening across


the country and East Anglia, which is very close to my heart.


Congratulations. That Alastair Cook for new? —— has Alastair Cook called


you? Not a phone call, I saw him a few weeks ago and they all said well


done. They did a great job themselves. Thank you for being with


us. Thank you very much. Starting this week trainee airline pilots


will be able to take off — and land — at any airport in the world


without leaving Cambridge. Marshalls Aerospace has set up a new pilots'


academy to train the airline pilots of the future. The unit houses the


most advanced flight simulator of its kind. It will provide trainees


with the most realistic experience available. But it doesn't come cheap


— an hour in the seat will cost you £400.


Final approach into Stansted Airport, but it could be Salzburg or


Salt Lake City. This simulator can put you anywhere in the world at any


time of day. This is the latest generation Boeing 747. It is the


sort of airliner you would be flying with your family on holiday. This is


the same as a Boeing 737 so you could do your training in this and


come straight out of the aircraft. Simulators are a serious investment


and this is the most advanced of its type in the UK. It cost around £2


million to buy and on hour in either seat will set you back £400. Since


the simulator has been here, pilots like grip here have used it for


refresher training. Now the company is taking it to the next level by


training up new pilots. The number of pilots operating within Europe


will double over the next 20 years. That means we can do a lot here.


Cambridge is an ideal location with the proximity to Stansted and Luton


and direct flights into Cambridge airport. Lots of students come from


overseas. It is ideal for us. Two companies already use the simulator.


Now the Academy will see companies from all over Europe progress with


the likes of easyJet, Ryanair and Thompson. Like the plane it


represents, this simulator is something of a workhorse. In use 16


hours a day, seven days a week, it can be called upon to fly to any one


of 24,000 airports around the world. But come January the fleet will


double in size. They will have a different simulator appealing to yet


more airlines. Business is soaring. I fancy that, but £400 per hour. Can


I have a shot? Now the weather. Good evening. We have a settled forecast


this week. It will stay mainly dry but be a little cloudy at times.


That makes surprise you because we have high pressure across the


British Isles at the moment. We are close to the high pressure. We have


had warm air moving up from France. The temperatures have been quite


reasonable. The detail is going to be the sunshine. Today was a case in


point. We had missed and fog patches first thing. For some of us,


sunshine. Overnight, it is going to stay dry. In places, fog patches


could be dense, but it will remain mild. An expected lower of 12


Celsius. Tomorrow will be grey and misty in places, and it might linger


through the morning. We have an onshore breeze around the coast of


Norfolk. It may stave misty —— remain. There is a chance of it


breaking up. It will feel warm and the sunshine, 20 degrees. Into the


afternoon, it is dry, but in some areas it will stay cloudy. Looking


ahead we have a weather front moving southwards on Thursday full up


overnight, and it will introduce clearer and cooler air. A better


chance of sunshine if you do not see it tomorrow. Perhaps the weather


front might produce light drizzle. On Friday we start rather grey and


misty. We should see some bright or sunny spells. An area of low


pressure is moving in. It will bring in an increased risk of showers. It


will stay relatively mild. That not too bad. I will be playing golf.




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