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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Hello and welcome to Look East in tonight's programme. A year on from


a fire in Essex which killed a mother and her five young children,


their father says he wants answers. I hope someone will come forward and


help me and my family and the whole closure. We don't want anything


help me and my family and the whole enforcement — police in Bedfordshire


and their attempts to cut down street robberies on teenagers The


scheme, but is it really affordable? And, the Duke of Edinburgh back


scheme, but is it really affordable? public duties and enjoying some


Good evening. A father whose family was killed in a suspected arson


attack on their home has today said he still wants answers. It's almost


a year since the fire ripped through the downstairs of the terrace in


Harlow. Dr Sabah Usmani and her the downstairs of the terrace in


young children were killed. Their father, Dr Abdul Shakoor, was the


only survivor. The police launched a murder investigation — their biggest


to date. But still, no—one has been charged. In a moment we'll hear


to date. But still, no—one has been Dr Shakoor, after this report from


Shakoor spoke to Susie Fowler—Watt. It is the stuff of nightmares. To


watch your house burn and to find more tragedy was to follow. His


remaining son died soon after, and his remaining daughter days later.


In the last few minutes, we found out that the little boy didn't make


it. There is no easy way to break extreme for her three—year—old body


to cope with. The site of the burnt out house and six hearses carrying


six coffins brought the community together to grieve. Friday prayers


minute's son is at all its games the next day, and at a public meeting,


people showed how they felt. How is that father going to cope with


losing his whole family? Police believe the fire was started after


burglars targeted the house. Despite three arrests and a £10,000 reward,


no one has been charged with the murders. For now, their friends


remember them on benches at a local school, inscribed with the names of


the children. They are sheltered by the canopy of their mother. Earlier


today, Dr Shakoor spoke to our correspondent. The last year was


very tough. Even though one year has almost passed, the memories of that


tragic night is still in my mind very fresh, that separated my family


enormous, but the strong belief very fresh, that separated my family


faith in Allah has given me great solace. The memories of my children


are in my heart. Also, I am getting flashbacks of the night. It is hard


for me. You mention the memories of your children. Can you mention more


about the children. Your daughter wasn't she? She was beautiful, our


beloved daughter. She was very members. Everyone loved her. She


also used to bring a smile. When we saw her, we were always thankful


that he has blessed us. The other children were such a blessing on us


too. How helpful has the support of memorial at the local school, been


for you? Absolutely, the support is amazing. Especially in my hospital,


Princess Alexandra. They really started from the beginning. I came


to the hospital and my family were brought there. I am having ongoing


memorial that has been installed in the school. There are five beautiful


children engraved. And also the whole community stood with me at a


difficult time. Me and my family. They helped me to stand, basically.


They have played an important role in my recovery. How difficult is it


for you that nobody has been charged with any crime in relation to what


happened? Me, my family, everyone in the community, they have suffered a


lot from what has happened. And still they will suffer. My mother,


everyone, they are anxiously waiting to see the killers of this innocent


family brought to justice as soon as possible. If there is anyone out


there who is watching this, who knows something about what happened


that night, what would you say to them today? I hope and I leave that


forward, and help me and my family and all the community so we can


forward, and help me and my family to closure, come to terms, you know.


The other important thing is that we don't want anything to happen again.


We want other families to be safe. That is really important. It is


We want other families to be safe. great nation, we have to make sure


regardless of our bindings and associations. So mother and children


feel safe on the streets and in their homes. Thank you very much for


talking to us. Thank you very much. robberies against teenagers. Almost


a third of all victims are under the age of 18. Offenders are also likely


to be in their teens. Recent crime figures show the number of robberies


Bedfordshire Police say there are reports on how officers are using a


enforcement to tackle the problem. Bedfordshire Police robbery squad.


They are calling on a teenager 13—year—olds. The boy, aged 17,


They are calling on a teenager reluctant to answer the door. Hello.


Do you want to come down so we can have a chat? The officers are not


going anywhere will stop he has little choice but to let them in. As


it stands, I need to speak to you about eight robbery. You are under


arrest rest at the moment. A few days away, the robbery squad also


search the teenager's home. They recover various items of interest,


including cash and a mobile phone. Almost two thirds of victims of


street robbery in Beds are aged under 26. Offenders tend to be of a


similar age. Police say it is a worrying trend. Young people today


have so much more technology in their pocket than 20 years ago.


have so much more technology in did not have mobile phones or iPods.


They are seen as easy targets. The most likely person to be a victim of


a robbery is a male between 16 and 24. Education is just as important


as enforcement. The force's Street safe campaign has now been rolled


out to dozens of schools across safe campaign has now been rolled


county. These teenagers told me safe campaign has now been rolled


has made them think about their personal safety. I am going to go


out in groups more. I am going to stay in groups and not have my


headphones in. I know I have to stay in groups and not have my


out in groups, and that I must make sure I am in well lit areas. For


those who become involved in street robberies, the consequences can


those who become involved in street severe. A lot of young people don't


realise that a street robbery is a criminal offence that has a maximum


sentence in the UK. If they are criminal offence that has a maximum


of a group and one person in that group commits an offence, they can


be found guilty of street robbery. Luton street robbery squad say they


will continue their operation to Next tonight, what the Government's


Help To Buy scheme means for people trying to get onto the housing


ladder here. The Prime Minister chose Northampton today to launch


offering mortgages to people who have just a 5% deposit. Two banks


have already offered lending rates of 4.99%. So what does that mean? In


Northampton, this is the average price of a house — £165,000. If


Northampton, this is the average bought that with a 95% loan over 25


years you'd be paying £915 a month where the average house price is


Northampton for David Cameron's You took a tour around the estate


behind you estimate he did. There is a mixture of homes have. Behind


behind you estimate he did. There is is a three bed house. With a normal


But with this scheme, the deposit is just £10,000. The Prime Minister in


Northampton. Here to launch his scheme to get more people a leg


Northampton. Here to launch his the property ladder. The answer


Northampton. Here to launch his to make sure that hard—working


people can get on the housing ladder and own a home of their own. House


prices across the country are not accelerating at an unsustainable


rate. No .8% increase in house prices if you exclude London and the


hard—working people who can afford mortgage payments you can't get


hard—working people who can afford mortgage because they have to raise


a huge deposit. Couples like Kaylee and Chris from Kettering. They have


rented for five years. Now, with the 95% loan, they can get a mortgage.


It is affordable. We have seen a mortgage adviser and looked over


their goods. It is more than we mortgage adviser and looked over


paying in rent, but at the end of the day it will be our home. There


costing from £200,000 upwards. The developer since the Help to Buy


Scheme came in, sales have doubled. Help to buy was only for new homes.


Today, it was extended to older properties to. Housing experts say


the housing market could once again overheat. Help To Buy could push up


prices. The main problem is the overheat. Help To Buy could push up


of housing supply. We are building about half as many homes as we need


in this country. Unless we address this problem, prices will carry


in this country. Unless we address going up. This housing development,


where we are, the person who runs it says they will bring forward more


housing, or building more quickly because of the Help To Buy scheme.


That is the simple fact. Builders won't build if the buyers can't


That is the simple fact. Builders Today, the Prime Minister visited


one of the fastest—growing regions in the country. A region where many


have struggled to afford a home in the country. A region where many


So far, the deals under the scheme have a fixed rate of interest for a


interest rates to go up dramatically in the future, there are questions


as to whether people will be able to afford their repayments. People


as to whether people will be able to asking the question, why not just


Police in Northampton will tonight retrace the steps of a man who was


murdered in the town centre a week a ago. Jamie Macmahon's body was found


in the churchyard of St Giles last Wednesday morning. He'd suffered


head injuries. Tonight, officers factory is now being overlooked and


the future of its workers ignored. Still to come on Look East tonight:


Chris Bell will be here with your weather and news of a cold snap on


the way. And who was the Duke so pleased to


see on a visit to this region? One in ten of us get on a bike at


least once a week and in some parts of the region it's almost half of


us. So, of course, there are more bikes on the road and more


opportunities for them to be stolen. The latest figures show that more


than 26,000 bikes were stolen in this region over the last year. The


biggest number were taken from Cambridgeshire, which is why the


police have decided to try something a bit different.


Cambridge city centre and a bike thief appears to be busy at work


using a bolt cutter he breaks the lock. This is actually a lock—up


stage by Cambridge police. The officer is wearing plain clothes and


with a cutter in his hand he rides away through a busy street and not


one person reported it. I think Google raleigh on others to do it


for them. They watch the theft occurring and we think someone else


will contact the police. We would contact —— we would urge people to


contact the police and we will assist you. As part of a push to


stop the thefts, they were at the student fair trying to help students


to keep their bikes said. The campaign has been timed to coincide


with Freshers' Week when hundreds of new students arrive in Cambridge and


will be buying new bikes like these, in some cases spending more


than £2500 on the bike itself but not buying a decent enough lock to


keep it safe. Across East angler, Cambridgeshire was the worst area


for bike theft. Here are this this this text... ——


statistics... Some locks are said to be no better


than using a piece of ribbon to secure your bike, but with no


industry standard to gauge people, how do cyclists choose a lot? I


suppose if it looked newer and stronger, I would take that one.


Cambridgeshire Police said more bikes are stolen in October than any


other month and we hope this campaign will make life more


difficult for the thieves. There was a time when you had to go


to a dusty museum or an art gallery if you wanted to see great


paintings. Do they not have good cleaners? ! But now a BBC project is


trying to change all that for children at schools across the


country. It's called Your Paintings and means that instead of going to


see art, the art goes to see the pupils. Today, one of them was at


the Benjamin Britten High in Lowestoft. Kevin Burch was there


too. There was a real buzz of Benjamin


Britten High to the, so what could create such clamour? Grand Theft


Auto IV? No, they all wanted to see this painting called That Conjurer.


It is worth £14 million and is one of several that is being taken into


schools. The students can get closer to it and see the detail rather than


going to an old dusty gallery. Slowly a story builds and in this


case it is about how people can be naive and be deceived. It is one of


the early works by one of the founders of the Pre—Raphaelite


brotherhood. In terms of security we have two members of staff here and


we brought it over using a van driven by proper art transporters


and the van is secure. It has environmental controls and all sorts


of things. You know, it is pretty safe where it is for the day.


Normally the painting is kept at the museum but this is every opportunity


for the children and after studying at the start to sketch their own


images on the theme of the Conjurer. I am not sure what I should be


drawing. It is a good idea to inspire younger people to get into


art. I will let you carry on. I have to say, it has been fantastic. I


think a lot of people worry about going to art galleries and the fuel


that art is not for them. By bringing a piece of really important


art to a school where children are in their own environments, they are


used to it, it will stimulate the curiosity without making them feel


like they should be quiet, or they should not ask questions, or they


are in a beard or unusual environment. This is one of a string


of schools that will play host to great pieces of work. The idea seems


to be clever and captivating. The headteacher is to blame, he


thinks they are dusty! And you can find out more about the


project online at bbc.co.uk/your paintings.


It is just two months since the Duke of Edinburgh resumed his public


engagements following his operation and spell in hospital in June. Today


he was in Norfolk, touring a new care complex in the market town of


Aylsham. The £14 million development has been described as a model for


the future care of the elderly. He was clearly in good form at the


age of 92. During his visit to the one with one of the people that the


Duke met was older than him. He was escorted by a retired pharmacist who


was the founder of the Aylsham care trust 22 years ago. The volunteers


at its new centre are like a big society in action. The Duke liked


what he saw. The Broadlands School Of Dance added to the festivities.


They said Michael 's care complex also includes a care home and


pharmacy. He visited Giving Lane View which has 30 apartments. It is


promoting independent living backed up by 24 hour in his care. I told


him that we were living in flats but we had our own sense of


independence. It is the best of both worlds, really. Do you think he was


impressed by what he saw? Yes, he was genuinely interested. Ted and


Barbara presented the Duke with a patchwork wall hanging adorned with


words of us from all the tenants. They are present to his new


great—grandson Prince George. We have put the initials of Kate and


William and George on to patchwork. Always tell them that you love them.


The royal visit to mark the bringing together of so many different


amenities made it an emotional day for rice. It was the highlight of my


life. I have tried to make a few lives better. Quite a few lives,


hopefully. He is now 87 and this centre has


been his vision for almost 30 years. Today the visit of the Duke marked a


dream fulfilled. The cold weather is set to return. A


series of cold fronts are working their way towards us. The first came


through to the —— today slowly, and some cloud with that cold front.


Throughout this evening it will continue to make its journey


southwards and eastwards. There could be some light patches of


rain. Most of the night will be dry but there are cloudy skies.


Temperatures were the cloud breaks will dip to nine or 10 Celsius.


Mostly it will be 11 or 12 Celsius with a light breeze. A pretty mild


night coming up and that will be the last mild night for a while. This


cold front will move in and bring some of the colder here tomorrow.


You can see the blue the chart indicating that colder here. It will


start to feel colder as we get into the afternoon. Mainly dry but some


sunny intervals to. Some scattered showers will move on from the North


and West towards the late afternoon. Temperatures are still quite high at


around 14 or 15 Celsius. Slightly lower than today. For the rest of


the afternoon on Wednesday into the evening, some of those blustery


showers will move through, there could be some heavy showers and


places. On Wednesday night and two Thursday morning, a few showers


coming down the North Sea for Norfolk and Suffolk. Some rumbles of


thunder of of the North Norfolk coast. Quite unsettled weather.


Gusts of 30 mph. That will continue to bring unsettled weather for


Friday night into Saturday morning. Henry Rayment possible across Easter


and Anglia. —— Easter and parts of Anglia. Temperatures made it up to


21 Celsius today and in those same sports it will be 11 or 12 Celsius


on Thursday, so quite a big difference. For Thursday there is a


high temperature of around 12 Celsius. It will stay unsettled on


Friday into Saturday. Drier in the West. Quite windy conditions for the


East. Overnight lows of five or eight Celsius. Feeling chilly at


night. Thank you, Chris.


And just before we go, a reminder that we're looking for this year's


Sporting Unsung Hero. It's for people who give up their own time to


help others play sport. If you know someone who fits the bill then you


can nominate them for the award. For all the details go to


bbc.co.uk/unsunghero. Join us at 10:30pm. Goodbye.


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