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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Hello and welcome to Wednesday's Look East. In the programme tonight.


Failed by the system — the damning four—week—old baby despite the


authorities knowing she was at risk. This was about process and they


authorities knowing she was at risk. too many handovers, too many social


workers. At the rest of the day too many handovers, too many social


stories. Six months on — the family of a community worker make a fresh


appeal for help in catching his stronger language and competency


practising in the UK. The weather is expected to turn much colder and


windier over the next 24 hours. Good evening. First tonight, the


four—week—old baby failed by the people assigned to protect her.


four—week—old baby failed by the should have had her whole life ahead


of her. She was found dead in May last year on a filthy mattress on


Northamptonshire flat. Today a combination of professionals were


"insufficiently curious" and "overly optimistic". This report from Mike


reading. A four—week—old baby girl, her red Atlas on the floor, where


just she died. The flat where she lived her short life filled with


drug paraphernalia. Parents on the drug and alcohol fuelled lifestyle.


Syringes were found in the bin. drug and alcohol fuelled lifestyle.


Turkey put a child protection plan in place. They said Maisie must


Turkey put a child protection plan her grandparents. She looked at


Turkey put a child protection plan father 's flat and social workers


were not sent to see her for ten days. They went to the penthouse and


were told she was there temporarily. The child was taken there from a


hospital. If a child protection The child was taken there from a


says they are going to a particular place of accommodation they should


be taken that. It should not happen. Professionals who sought Maisie


be taken that. It should not happen. overwrought domestic and not Jewish


not, says the report. —— work over the mystic and not cautious enough.


We have a new team in place, we the mystic and not cautious enough.


a new improvement programme in place and children in Northamptonshire and


my watch since May, I know we are in a better place than we were 18


months ago. Those who wrote the review say they do not know if the


death could have been predicted review say they do not know if the


prevented. But the four—week old was failed, they say, by professionals


who should have protected her. Mike, the police had a role to play


in this, what have they had to say? A number of point of being brought


up about Northampton review —— about told that the state in the father 's


flat which was contrary to the aggressive dog in the house. An


officer saw mazy out on a cold day and thought she was not dressed


warmly enough. It seems than not these issues were passed on until


her death. There are also issues especially about the parents. The


police said they have introduced a 12 month training programme so that


officers and staff are more equipped to deal which art protection. Where


does this leave Northamptonshire's trap protection services? We had


condemning systematic failures. The family of a community worker


publicly for the first time about the impact of his death. It's six


months since Paul Foster was shot outside a house in Brunel Road.


Bedfordshire Police believe that he was killed as a result of a feud


officers also believe he could have identity. This report from Stuart


I cannot sleep at night. When I identity. This report from Stuart


to bed, I just sleep Paul and it is very bad for me. Paul Foster was


described today by his father as a good and loving son. He leaves


behind three grieving children and a wife. The children are not coping


keeping asking for his father. Someone had there knows who killed


Paul. I am feeding again, for the sake of his family, my family, and


the rest of the family, please come forward to the police and tell them


horrified local people. His funeral standstill as hundreds paid their


respects. But six months on, despite numerous appeals and three arrests,


the investigation has struggled numerous appeals and three arrests,


however, as I said earlier on, murder is the most he needs of


seriously. Paul Foster's murder murder is the most he needs of


place at a time when Luton appeared epidemic. For a time Bedfordshire


patrols, but six months on officers believe gun crime is falling. We


have arrested over 72 people today in relation to gun crime incidents


in Luton. We have recovered 14 illegally held firearms and executed


64 search warrants. We are trying to divert young people away from crime.


But despite these measures to build trust within communitues, potential


witnesses still haven't felt able to come forward. So, in an attempt


witnesses still haven't felt able to finally gain that vital piece of


infomration,a reward of £10,000 finally gain that vital piece of


The Labour leader Ed Miliband has promoted two of the region's MPs.


Andy Sawford, who's been the MP promoted two of the region's MPs.


Corby for less than a year, is now shadow local government minister,


while Luton South's Gavin Shuker moves from covering DEFRA to become


shadow minister for international European doctors are to be vetted


more thoroughly before being allowed to work in the UK. The European


overwhelmingly for a new law which makes language testing easier —


overwhelmingly for a new law which qualifications. The move was driven


by the death of a Cambridgeshire man who was given a lethal dose of


painkiller by a German doctor. Dog dirt Daniel Ubani, confronted in


2010 by the parents of David Gray, who died because of this man's


incompetence. He arrived in the who died because of this man's


to work for the out of our service that covered Cambridgeshire. On


to work for the out of our service first shift he visited David Gray in


his home and accidentally injected him with ten times the recommended


dose of morphine. He later admitted confusing it with another drug.


dose of morphine. He later admitted unlawful killing. He was given a


nine—month suspended sentence by a German court and is and from working


European Union rules doctors from one European country are generally


allowed to work in another. The one European country are generally


law will give them more powers to encompass —— qualifications before


Earlier this afternoon I spoke to David Gray's son, Stuart — and asked


what difference the new law would General medical Council can actually


test the language skills of EU doctors before the register them. In


my father 's case, the doctor who came over on his first shift from


actually failed an English—language test through one PCT, and just


applied for another one which did not test and so vigorously. The


applied for another one which did that has been passed today seems to


stop short of making sure that if a doctor is struck off in the UK they


are also struck off in their home European country. How do you feel


about that? I think it is important that information is disseminated


practice. But I still feel it should be up to the individual country


practice. But I still feel it should decide whether that doctors should


be struck off or not. There was decide whether that doctors should


doctor in one country that they wanted to strike off because he


doctor in one country that they had relationships with the Princes


daughter. That is not necessarily a reason for him to be barred from


practising in this country. But reason for him to be barred from


your father 's case, Doctor Ubani continued to practice in Germany. In


my brother 's case, the GMC found him to be a danger to the public and


the coroner found him to be grossly slightly different the way that


the coroner found him to be grossly regulate doctors. In the case of


Ubani, it is the council decides on their licence and not a medical


regulator. You have been fighting for this for 5.5 years. Has it gone


it would be in the best interest patient safety of this had been


it would be in the best interest a lot sooner. It is a major step


forward to have the language skills now tested but I would like to see


all EU doctors have to go through the same vetting procedures as other


overseas doctors regarding their clinical competence. From what I


understand that is not the case clinical competence. From what I


People who fly into Luton airport on private jets are sometimes left


completely unchecked by border control. The admission came today


from the head of the UK's Border Force. Luton is Britain's busiest


airport for private planes. But Force. Luton is Britain's busiest


have been told that staff at the UK Border Force don't always have time


to meet the passengers. It is a requirement that Luton airport will


let border force on the ground now that an aircraft is arriving. I


would be confident in saying that we go not to meet the aircraft on the


ground that we meet the passengers disembarking from that aircraft


ground that we meet the passengers very significant number of instances


at Luton airport. If we had taken a look at the report of us and is


at Luton airport. If we had taken a that airport and its port of origin


it is possible that that aircraft would not be met. The family of


it is possible that that aircraft undergoing intensive rehabilitation


for a brain injury say proposed changes to his care will set back


his recovery. The clinical group in charge of Adam Spence's care wants


to move him to a cheaper facility in 21—year—old Adam Spence took his


first steps. Just a few months on and the change is remarkable. His


aim is to walk down the aisle with his fiance, Miya. I feel I get


better walking. Why is that so important to you, you have a big


year next year? Waiting. What you hope to do? Walk out of here. Adam


was left brain damaged after a car accident two years ago. He was in a


coma for weeks. He had to learn everything from scratch. He's being


cared for at Eagle Wood Neurological Centre in Peterborough. Every day


But it comes at a cost — around £2,000s a week. Now the clinical


commissioning group that funds his care want to save money and send


Adam to a centre in Lincolnshire for half the price. I have a letter


Adam to a centre in Lincolnshire for to the group making the decision


about their care, and the directors say they will make Adam the victim


of this condition for the rest of his life and they say that moving


him from here will have a massive impact on his emotional and physical


rehabilitation. All the carers know him, they know how he works, what is


routine is in the morning. With him, they know how he works, what is


move, it will be a whole different scenario. Anxiety levels will be sky


high, because he'll be worried about everything. It'll be a retrospective


move because I think he's going everything. It'll be a retrospective


say what was the point in all that. Now I'm here, I will get speech


therapy he or physical therapy once a week whereas here he has been


having it every day. The NHS South Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning


Group declined to comment on Adam's case, but says it works closely


Group declined to comment on Adam's patients, their families and health


care providers to agree a package of care for people entitled to funding.


Adam's family say they will appeal the decision to move him at every


step. He has come this far, turning Detectives investigating the murder


of a Northampton man say he was captured on cctv in the town on


Jamie McMahon's body was found in St Giles churchyard last week. The


26—year—old had suffered head and facial injuries and his wallet was


missing. Last night, a week on from his murder, police visited pubs


missing. Last night, a week on from clubs where the 26—year—old spent


the evening. They also went to a kebab house which was where Jamie


was last seen, at 2am. Detectives have stepped up patrols in the area.


Still to come, the weatherman says it is going to be getting colder.


And it is a shocking lesson for the students who get a crash course in


driving. You may have heard that the leader


of the right—wing English Defence League is standing down. Tommy


Robinson, who comes from Luton, says the party has become too extreme in


its views about immigration. Mr Robinson told Look East today that


he will now establish a new group to defend English culture against high


levels of immigration. But Muslim figures in Luton said they distrust


his motives. Tonight's special report is from our home affairs


correspondent, Sally Chidzoy. I don't care what you say to me! The


face of the English Defence League, Tommy Robinson. A man whose rhetoric


attacking Muslim extremism attracted thousands of followers, first in


Luton and then across the country. The movement began in Luton four


years ago in response to Muslim protesters who shouted slogans as


the Royal Anglian Regiment much do the time. After dramatically


quitting as the leader, Tommy Robinson said he was sick of the far


right extremism within its ranks. When I am saying something, it is


me. It is not someone with the three letters of my organisation doing


something. Toby Robinson's defection has raised eyebrows. The group


focuses on counter extremism and argues that Islamist causes Muslim


terrorism. There is something fishy about the whole thing. He still has


extremist, intolerant views. I was listening this morning on the radio


and he said he still wants the burger van. He still does not want


mosques. —— veil ban. He still has a scaremongering attitude to sharia


law. He has not changed in the slightest. For years, Tommy Robinson


has hit back at critics who accuse him of being a racist. For many, his


departure has been welcomed. If he has seen the light and walked away


from it, it is a good example to others. He was having problems


before with a lot of people but now, people might find him not resist any


more. I don't really support him. I think we should all live together


and be happy together. Are you anything without the EGL? I think


people are supporting what I'm saying and doing. Do you plan to set


up another group? Not a street protest group. A group that focuses


its frustrations and brings about dialogue through the political


process. Tommy Robinson believes that without his support the English


Defence League will die out by Christmas. Local Muslim leaders fear


what has happened could spawn extremists when two groups. ——


splinter groups. Air crews from the United States Air


Force have been spending the week in Norfolk learning how to survive in


the wild in the event they are ever shot down over enemy territory. They


have been training at the Stanford Battle Zone, which is usually used


by UK soldiers and airmen. The Americans are based at the nearby US


headquarters at RAF Mildenhall. Simon Newton went with them.


The military collet Survive, Headache, Resist, And Escape. The


American military has been putting its all just do it since the Korean


War. —— putting its soldiers do it. You would be is use whichever one is


closest to you... These are men flight refuelling characters from


Mildenhall. Today, they have been shot down in hostile territory. The


soldier from California has been an air force pilot for six years. I


have had the opportunity to speak to pilots who faced being shot down and


captured by enemy forces. The lessons they learned really help


build courses like this. As well as evading capture, pilots learn how to


hunt, height, and call for help. How many in your party? What is their


condition? On the edge of the forest, another soldier plays


friendly forces. Before you get into a survival situation, you want to


make sure that you have your ducks in a row, pretty much. We really


remind guys to understand that. We do not rise to the occasion, we fall


to the level of training. That way, they take this as seriously as


possible. This soldier from the Brascan has served for 12 years,


including in Iraq and Afghanistan. His job is operating a refuelling


craft. He says his family know the dangers he faces. I ask them that,


but they don't like to talk about it. I know it plays on my mind. They


usually have faith that I'm coming home. The resistance element


involves coping with interrogation, but they will not discuss that. It


is strictly classified. For these aircrews, these exercises are fun


but also very serious. The lessons learned here could one day be the


key to making it out alive. Suzie has just been telling me how to


survive in these situations. I have just said I would not survive very


long on my own. Students from Peterborough were


given a crash course today in driving. And that's exactly what


they got — a driving course with a crash ending. The idea is to cut the


number of injuries to young drivers and their passengers. Last year,


almost a quarter of people injured on the city's roads were aged


between 17 and 25. Please be aware that this report from Mike Liggins


involves simulated pictures of a serious car crash.


This is the car crash simulator at Peterborough regional College, a


specially adapted Ford focus was blacked out windows and video


screens. Great fun, but the students are about to get nastier shock. The


video playing is a reconstruction in which a 17—year—old girl is taxing


while at the wheel. Hydraulics make the car moved to help recreate the


atmosphere of a crash will stop now watch the moment of impact again,


but this time see how the students react. The video goes on to show the


aftermath of the crash. The simulator has flashing lights and


smoke. Then, the consequences. The relatives of the dead are told, and


the funerals. The simulator is supposed to provoke a reaction, and


it does. It was really good. It was proper scary. I thought it was


really emotional and really upsetting, because you realise, you


could do something so little light go on your phone and then all of


that could happen. Has it made you think twice? Yes, definitely. It has


been created by the Seaford Peterborough Partnership, which


involves a wide of local authorities. Often with young


drivers with cars full of 17 or 25—year—old, they are taxing, not


wearing seat belts, driving too fast. So when we do go to traffic


collisions involving young people, it is quite disturbing for us. This


age group is really, really hard to engage with. We run programmes


throughout the schools, but to have this today and have people come and


talk to us, it is a first. The car crash simulator will note


Cambridgeshire and other counties in the region. Entered a's world of


graphic video games, it is hard to shock teenagers. But the simulator


does shock. What a good idea! It is, and the


looks on their faces, to be enjoying the ride in the car and then


suddenly, totally shocked. Let's get the weather.


It is turning much colder and when they the next few days. Keeping a


close eye on some cold front coming in. The blue indicates that here.


These two cold fronts have a few showers with them as well. Across


the country through the day, we have had a little bit of rain in places.


They are continuing to exit down towards the south. They will


continue to do that in the next couple of hours and in most places


will become dry with clear skies tonight. Towards midnight and do


tomorrow morning, there will be heavy showers in Norfolk, especially


near the coast. They could even be the odd rumble of thunder as well.


But further west, it will be heavy showers in Norfolk, especially near


the coast. They could even be the odd rumble of thunder as well. But


further west, it'll stay mainly dry the wind will keep most areas frost


free. The winds, by the end of the neck, costing close to 50 miles an


hour. We have got high—pressure anchored to the West of Scotland and


these tightly packed I suppose indicate a very strong northerly


wind coming down. We could see just inland of 35 or 40 mph, and along


the northern coast, 16 mph possible. Couple that with high tide and large


waves, and could be some flooding. Tomorrow is all about showers.


Again, some of these are heavy with some field. Further west, a bright


start. But even here, there will be a few showers developing into the


afternoon. The general rule is that the further west you go, the lighter


the showers will be and the few and far between it will be as well.


Temperatures could make it up to 12 degrees, several degrees lower than


it has been in recent days. It will feel even colder than that thanks to


that very strong wind, making it feel more like six or seven degrees


if you are exposed to the wind. The showers continue through the


afternoon and into the evening. They could be a long spell of rain across


eastern areas and we had to the second—half of the evening. That


rain will gradually expand further westwards as we go through Thursday


night, so potentially quick bit of rain in some places. It is all


courtesy of this weather front that actually will not move very far over


the next few days. Expect further outbreaks of rain across parts of


the region, even into the weekend. Some uncertainty about exactly how


much rain there is, but I would not be surprised if some places did not


get 25 millimetres or more by Sunday. But indicators are it will


clear away by the weekend. Your outlook is some heavy showers to the


course of tomorrow, more green into the weekend, dry by Sunday. Notice


the winds easing down? Chilly night continuing into the weekend. There


is a weather. is a


Thank you very much. What a cheery little forecast. See you tomorrow


night. Have a peaceful evening.


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