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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Up In The programme tonight: Three party goers are left fighting for


their lives after an event at a Bedfordshire farm turns violent


Shot on the way to work. Tonight in his first TV interview victim Atif


Ali talks of the moment that almost cost him his life. I was told by a


doctor `lost something like 18 bags of blood.


East to east. The local companies working hard to build export links


to China. And the village that's been going


bonkers for conkers. Good evening. First tonight: It


began as a party and ended with three people fighting for their


lives. A major police investigation is


under way this evening after a series of stabbings which detectives


are treating as attempted murder. It happened in the early hours of


Sunday morning after hundreds of people turned up at a party in a


rural barn in Begwary, a village near St Neots on the


Bedfordshire`Cambridgeshire border. Neil Bradford is there for us this


evening. Behind the police cordon, the aftermath of a party that has


come to an abrupt end is clear to see. The ground is strewn with beer


cans and beer bottles, deflated balloons. This marquee is partially


collapsed. Things turned sour around 2:30am in Sunday morning. Four young


men were stabbed. In their dozens, they came here to


party. Hours after arriving, many found themselves at the centre of a


crime scene. Four men in their 0s were stabbed in the early hours of


Sunday morning. Police were only alerted more than an hour after the


attacks. Three of the young men are fighting for their lives in


hospital. The organised event was advertised on social media sites. It


is not the farmer was not aware it was taking place. Over 200 people


turned up to the isolated location. Detectives want all partygoers to


come forward. We want to speak to anybody who was there. If you were


at that event, please talk to us. We don't mind the reason you whether


what you were doing, but if you have any information, please get in


touch. Tonight, police remain at the scene as they continue their


investigation into why this apparent celebration turned so violent.


Two men have been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, but


police believe there may be three offenders, all in their late 20s.


They are keen to trace a blue Vauxhall Vectra car that was seen


here at the party and later at Bedford Hospital. There were more


than 200 people at this party on Saturday night into Sunday morning.


Police say they are not interested in whether the people should have


been here why they were here, they just need them to come forward. They


can do so ominously through the number.


` ` through the Crimestoppers number.


A man seriously injured in a shooting as he travelled to work has


given his first television interview for the BBC Crimewatch programme.


27``year`old Atif Ali from Luton needed seven operations after he was


shot in the leg in May. It's still not clear why he was targeted, but


detectives hope a reconstruction broadcast tonight will give them new


leads. Jo Black reports. It began M any other morning


commute, but for Atif Ali, it nearly cost him his life. Five months ago,


the trainee accountant was shot in his leg. In his first television


interview on Crimewatch tonight the 27`year`old recalls the events of


that day. I just went to rob the bumper to save there was any damage.


As I was getting back to my car I heard a bang. A CCTV camera records


the silver Audi. He is being followed by a black Audi and the


silver Mondeo. Police are yet to trace the car or a man seen leaving


the area. They have released these images in the hope of tracing them.


Atif Ali is at a loss as to why his journey to work ended in such a


dramatic fashion. He hence family have offered a ?15,000 reward for


information. I am confident that there are people out there who know


who has done this, and why. I would ask those people to come forward and


contact the police. Detectives say Atif is lucky to be alive, but he is


left with life changing injuries. I was told I lost something


approximately around 18 bags of blood. Atif is making good progress


in his recovery. He hopes detectives can soon say the same about their


hunt for those responsible. Officers investigating the murder of


Micah Urqhart from Luton have launched a new appeal for


information. The 19`year`old was found with fatal injuries on


Hastings St on Friday September 13th. He died at the scene.


Bedfordshire Police are trying to discover where the teenager was in


the hours leading up to his death. He was last captured on CCTV at a


corner shop on Chapel Street, close to where his body was found.


Opponents of a big new housing development in Cambridgeshire handed


in their official objections today. They're against plans for 3,500 new


homes on Bourn Airfield, homes that South Cambridgeshire district


council says are needed. In the next 20 years, up to 40,000 new homes


could be built across Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire. In addition to


the 3,500 homes planned at Bourn Airfield, 9,000 houses could be


built at Waterbeach. And there's already a plan in place to create


Northstowe, a whole new town, with up to 10,000 homes there. Behind the


smiles, serious concerns. Objections to the plans for a new development


of homes. The counsellor in charge of planning that some of the


protesters today. If this is ` ` is this a familiar cry of not in my


backyard. That is unfair. We are saying, draw the line somewhere


10,000 houses is effectively in Newtown, in a row. Much of the


opposition is from people in the surrounding villages. There is a


shortage of homes in Cambridgeshire, and with thousands


of new jobs being created, there will be an even greater demand in


future. That is the site all the fuss is about. People opposed to say


look up close cities hear. They fear that the two will expand and


eventually merge, and effectively create a new town. The other


proposal is to create a new town of 9000 homes on disused barracks. Many


people are opposed to that. Their opinions are important to was, but


we have to get the balance. We need houses. They have got to go


somewhere. We are going to upset some people, we know that, but we


are listening. The public consultation has now closed. The


council says it will consider all the responses and make any changes


to it plans over the next year. They've spent decades fighting to


protect services and tonight campaigners in Royston say they ve


finally saved their local hospital. Last summer, wards at the site on


London Road were closed and a question mark hung over the future


of outpatient facilities. But after a meeting with MPs on Friday, the


NHS has said it's drafting new plans for the site. It's likely that it


will include clinics, NHS beds, a care home and a GP surgery. This is


good news. It is a step forward in the right direction. There is a good


way to go yet. We have had meetings with the NHS. There have been very


good. They have listened to what we said and reconsidered the original


plan. They are willing to change. They could mean the difference


between life and death. Every year 60,000 people in the UK have a heart


attack while going about their daily business. For many, a defibrillator


is used to revive them. Now Bedfordshire Fire Service has become


the first in the country to install the life`saving equipment in public


buildings across the county. In Bedfordshire, every firefighter is


shown how to use defibrillators An automated voice takes them through


it step`by`step. Now the service is helping the public at their hands on


the machines as well. Placed in boxes outside village halls, fire


stations and even inside their old telephone box. If people needed it


for heart conditions, it could definitely be helpful. There


reconstructions with it and people to ring, so yes, you would give it a


go. In these times, I am sure there are other things it would be


worthwhile for the money to be spent on. Once you dial 999, the operator


will give you the location of the nearest box. The Fire Service is


doing this because we have focused for the last decade on saving lives.


Why would we not want to do something about our nation's biggest


killer? The Fire Service and Borough Council have spent ?80,000


installing them. You have around 5% chance of surviving a cardiac arrest


without a defibrillator. Chest compression is raised up to 12%


With a defibrillator, it is raised to 50%.


Will people use it? I think so. Nearly 13 have been installed. The


yellow boxes will appear in more public places soon.


The Olympic javelin thrower Goldie Sayers from Cambridgeshire is one of


a number of high`profile GB athletes to lose their lottery funding for


next season. Sayers came fourth at the Beijing Games in 2008 but


struggled with injury at London 2012. UK Sport, the body which


distributes the funding, has narrowed its criteria. That means


only athletes considered medal contenders for the Rio 2016 Olympics


are eligible. Previously, the emphasis had been on the likelihood


of making a final. summing up the case tomorrow


morning. There is a lot more to come on Look


East tonight. We will have all the action from the world conker


Championships. As you may have seen, the Chancellor


George Osborne is leading a delegation of political and trade


figures to China. The visit is designed to encourage more trade


between the UK and the world's second biggest economy. Here in the


east, we're the main route for Chinese goods into the UK through


the port of Felixstowe. But as our business correspondent Richard Bond


reports, the challenge now is to sell British products back to China.


We think of China as a source of cheap imports, it is and they flow


into the UK through Felixstowe on their way to our shops, but China


also buys from Britain. Ransomes Jacobson in Ipswich makes commercial


mowers for golf courses. The growth of the sport in China has opened up


a whole new market for this long established business. We already


sell millions of pounds worth of machines into China. It is predicted


to be a growth market with over 1000 courses in the next ten years,


potentially. We think we are well positioned to capitalise on that so


China could become one of our largest markets. Exports to China


from the Eastern region are growing fast, up 9% in the last year.


China's new rich want to buy cars like Jaguars and land Rovers, good


news for staff in this factory who make suspension units. They have


just introduced a night shift to keep up with demand. I think in the


Western countries we have heard for a long time there was a growing


middle class in China and that market would be opened up and the


middle class would be able to afford some of the products we have enjoyed


in the west for quite a while. I think that is driving sales growth


now. It is not just suspension units that end up in Jaguars and land


Rovers bought by prosperous consumers in China. This British


factory in Linton is owned by the Chinese as well. Chinese investors


owned quite a few of our regional assets. UK power networks which


distribute electricity to our homes, the port of Felixstowe, Essex


and Suffolk water. In trading terms, China holds the advantage


over us, they sell a lot more to us than we sell to them. This mower is


going to Felixstowe to be shipped to China.


Just to let you know, Look East is planning its own broadcast from


China to report on that growing trade link. If you are currently


doing business with China and you'd like to tell us about it, do get in


touch. You can phone, send an email or contact us through social media.


We look forward to hearing from you. Churches in Essex are to help


villagers get better access to the Internet by having transmitters put


on their steeples. Up to 100 churches in the Diocese of


Chelmsford could be used to boost broadband speeds. For hundreds of


years, village churches have given solace and sanctuary. Now some are


about to provide something thoroughly modern as well. This is a


village near Colchester and the Internet connection here is


painfully slow but the church could be about to bring the village


superfast broadband. The Government aims to get superfast broadband to


90% of us, but more raw rural areas might miss out. This company aims to


put transmitters on the steeples of churches making it available to


everyone. The equipment we use is about the size of a child's pencil


case. It should not have any impact on the church and in some instances


we even pop facades around the equipment so it will blend. I think


this is a case of the church keeping in step with modern times. The


church warden here says the village's broadband signal does need


to be improved. I always call it narrowband and that is what we have


got. A lot of people in the village are running businesses, very often


small businesses from home. There is also the farmers and these people


desperately need broadband. Up to 106 churches could eventually have a


transmitter on the steeple. Next tonight: Food. And, more to the


point, just how safe are the products we buy from the


supermarkets? It's a subject being covered on tonight's Inside Out


programme. Simon Newton's been looking at the findings.


Thanks David. The recent horse meat scandal focused attention on where


our food comes from. Tonight, Inside Out looks at the growth of so`called


food fraud. The team look at how it's on the rise and the East


Anglian scientists at the forefront of combating it. We talk to Tesco


about the horse meat scandal and the chances of it ever happening again


and we discover how even humble honey can be tampered with. There


are three different ways you can fraudulently sell horny. One is


using imported honey and selling it labelled as British when it is


clearly not. You can also mix honey with corn syrup. There have been


reports of honey detected with corn syrup and on each so it is actually


a mixture. The third way is actually just feeding these sugar syrup,


which creates a kind of honey like substance but it has no pollen in


it. Well the programme also examines how Trading Standards officers like


the one I met today are under increasing pressure to test the


provenance of food at the same time as their budgets are being slashed.


We have to be intelligence led to make sure we can do more with less


resources and that means looking at the intelligence in the


marketplace, the history and the trends that we have dealt with. We


have liaised with the food standards agency to identify areas where food


fraud is likely to be occurring. Commodities markets where there is a


big incentive for food fraud to take place and we need to be more


effective in making sure the samples are more likely to identify


problems. So find out how confident you can be in your food in Inside


Out at 7.30. Gareth Southgate, the manager of


England's Under 21 side, has today urged clubs in the Championship to


reduce their reliance on foreign players. In effect, he would like to


see clubs like Ipswich Town introduce a cap on overseas stars.


Gareth Southgate was speaking in Colchester where the young England


side are training ahead of tomorrow night's international against


Lithuania. The match is being played at Portman Road, the home of


Ipswich. Our sports editor Jonathan Park reports. This is the future of


English football, the under 21s being put through their paces.


Tomorrow they face Lithuania in a European championship qualifier at


Portman Road followed by the senior team's make or break clash with


Poland at Wembley. The impact of qualifying or not qualifying is


enormous to every aspect of our society really. I was discussing


this with Roy last week. You get a feel of exactly what it means and


feel of the pressure the team are under and maybe when I was playing I


didn't quite realise that so much, which was a good thing! There is a


lot of talk over the new chairman's commission, examining the state of


the national game. He has been criticised for lacking punch.


Southgate has called for a cap on foreign players in the championship


where many are turning to cheap imports at the expense of young


British talent being given a chance. We are reviewing how the Academy is


wrong, we are reviewing grass roots football, but if at the end of that


path there is no game at the weekend and no game under pressure, then


that is an experience that 17`23 `year`olds are missing out on. Many


of these players are in and out of their prospective club teams,


including Redmond who started his career with a flourish. There is a


lot of talk recently about how we don't have players from the future


and if you look at the under 21 teams, as the list goes down to the


under 16`year`olds, this shows he has faith in the players and it is


therefore us if we work hard. Nathan Redmond has already been a


matchwinner for Norwich this season, and with his England colours


on, should get a warm reception tomorrow night at Portman Road. It


is said to be an exciting night, starting in Ipswich, ending in


Brazil, hopefully. Now as you know we have some world


class sporting venues in our region. Silverstone for motor racing,


Newmarket for horse racing, and Stadium MK, soon to host World Cup


rugby of course. But what about the village of Southwick in


Northamptonshire? For the first time yesterday the village played host to


the world conker championships. Mike Liggins has been watching the


action. Some people even came from Venezuela to take part. Each


competitor gets three strikes, and after that it goes to sudden death.


This year it was Southwark for the first time. We were at the beautiful


village green of Ashton but it got a bit small and we were even turning


people away from the car park. The way to another venue but it was too


windy. Fancy dress plays a big part, here we had the pink Panther.


It was decided on this mishit, or quarter snacks for the conquer


initiate our `` conquer experts. As the new king of conkers Simon got a


crown, he didn't seem all that pleased to be world champion. I am a


bit overwhelmed really. I was having a quiet Sunday afternoon and this


happens, a very strange feeling. It is quite tense, but as soon as it


cracked I went for the kill. There was no practice involved, it was


pure luck. Since it started in 1965, the World Conker Championships has


raised ?400,000 for charity and much fun had by all. Congratulations to


this all conquering Duro. `` duo. I love that, I was having a quiet


weekend and this happened! I think next year they should all wear


onesies! We have had everything today, a real


mixture of cloud but some sunshine as well for some people.


Around the centre of this low pressure we have had showers


rotating around and they have been pushing into our part of the world.


We have a fair few out there as we speak, they will tend to pull away


to the east, some of them on the sharp side, and the rest of the


night after midnight should be largely dry. If we get any breaks in


the cloud, we are likely to see some patchy fog developing and quite a


lot of mist and low cloud out there during the second part of the night.


In moral sports we could be down to around five degrees, which is really


chilly. Tomorrow, and misty, murky start of the day, some of the fog


will be slow to clear. We cannot rule out a few showers but it is


looking largely dry. Temperatures looking around 13 Celsius at best,


and we are looking at mainly light west to north`westerly winds


throughout the day. We finished the day with a few showers, but largely


dry skies. As we head into the rest of the week, is what ahead?


Wednesday will probably have a dry start but then we are expecting some


rain to push in from the south`west. On Thursday, probably


largely fine and dry, I think. We cannot rule out some showers but


hopefully some brightness coming through as well. On Friday, as it


stands, it is looking a similar day. A fair bit of fine, dry weather with


some showers likely in the afternoon. It looks like most of the


rain should stay to the west of us but that is subject to change. On


Thursday and Friday, you will notice much milder days. We could see 17


Celsius in the sunshine so very mild, and these are your overnight




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