17/10/2013 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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dual fuel customers will go up by more than 9%. That is all


Hello and welcome to Thursday's Look East. In the programme tonight:


Protecting our teenagers from the pressures of posting images online


and the support network that can help remove them. Some people are


paying to see these images. After a series of raids tackling the


exploitation of workers in the Fens. One of the alleged gang`masters


appears in court. On the verge of another double. Red


Bull answers its critics as the team are poised for the Formula One


podium. And the flashmob proposal. But did


she say yes? Good evening. First tonight,


protecting our teenagers from the pressures of posting explicit images


online. The children's charity Childline is teaming up with the


Cambridgeshire`based Internet Watch Foundation to support young users `


especially when dealing with strangers online. The aim is to be


able to help young people remove images swiftly and safely.


They call it Sexting ` teenagers taken sexual images of themselves `


and then texting them on. But often the pictures find their way onto


internet ` sometimes falling into sinister hands. In Cambridge ` at


the Internet`watch foundation ` they track child pornography now helping


youngsters delete explicit pictures. If someone is distressed about the


image, they must call ChildLine They will get in touch with us and


let us know about the image and verification that they are 17 years


old or younger. Then we will work to remove that image. These teenagers


at the Nene Park Academy in Peterborough have heard horror


stories around Sexting. I know a few people who have done it. Then random


people have asked her to send photographs. One photograph can be


sent all over the social networking site. As soon as that is done, I


don't think you realise how bad that his. He will send it to his mates,


then they pass it on. Nothing can be done as everyone has got it.


Children have to tell somebody. We have not had any major incidents of


this, but we have heard of other schools where there have been these


sorts of problems. According to Childline 60% of the children they


spoke to had been asked to send sexual images. 40% had taken


explicit pictures of themselves 15% said they'd sent images to a total


stranger. The consequences can be huge. This cause he's upset,


depression and in extreme cases can lead to suicide. Youngsters are be


warned of the dangers Sexting. The hope images lost online will be


removed. And Childline exists to help


children and young people with free and confidential advice 24 hours a


day. Next tonight, a man has been charged


by police. In connection with an operation to tackle exploitation of


workers in the Fens. It follows a series of early morning raids


earlier this week. Ivars Mezals appeared before magistrates in


Peterborough this morning. Eight other people remain on police bail.


Land has been charged and is due to attend court.


He is accused of three offences Acting as an illegal gang master,


blackmail and committing fraud by illegal representation. He will


appear again at Cambridge Crown Court in one week. Eight other


people arrested have been arrested and are on police bail.


Police in Bletchley are treating a violent attack on a woman. As


attempted murder. The 29`year`old was found at a house in Stoke Road


yesterday. She suffered head and leg injuries ` and is in a serious


condition in Milton Keynes Hospital. A 28`year`old man ` thought to be


known to the victim ` is being questioned by police.


We still have a lot to improve but the future is bright for patients.


The message from the new chair of Milton Keynes General Hospital.


Chris Mellor has a background in finance and has spent years working


at Monitor ` the regulator of hospital management. He takes over


at the end of a year of improvement at the site. In 2012 the situation


was worrying. The hospital failed in all five standards of care for the


elderly. Waiting times at A were some of the worst in the country.


And children's services were told to improve after the death of a


toddler. This year, emergency waiting times had drastically


improved. 100 extra nursing staff had been recruited and took on extra


children's services from Bedford Hospital.


Performance is still fragile. We are concerned. Concerned about what will


hit us this winter in terms of activity. We have already seen


levels of activity in the last few weeks that frankly we were not


expecting until December at the earliest. That is a bit of a


concern. Quality, safety and quality, they will be the first item


on the agenda before every meeting. We will not compromise on that. We


have financial problems, as I'm sure you know. We made a loss of ?9


million last year. Because of the money we are having to pretend to


improve patient safety, the loss will be even bigger this year. That


is something we have to address in the long run. Your background is in


business. What is your plan for saving money? Well, there is no


question we can improve the efficiency of the trust. Frankly,


they have not had a good track record. I think we can do better. It


is fair to say that even if we were operating at the best levels of


efficiency in the NHS, we would struggle. We would struggle to break


even and the cash positive. I think the solution in the longer run may


involve working in partnership with other trusts in the region. Might it


also involve losing some services? I don't think so. The thing about


Milton Keynes is it is a growing region. It will need first rate


local hospitals. Many people are uncomfortable about the notion of


running a hospital as a business. Do you think that is the only way to


keep them going? What we have to do is make quality the first item on


our agenda. That is exactly what I have done. The reason I have done it


is because I happen to believe that should be the priority of the


trust. Secondly, all my experience in business is if you get quality


right, then in the long run the finances take care of themselves. We


will continue to focus on improving the quality and safety of what we


do. Also, in future we will spend more listening to patients.


Schools in Milton Keynes were closed today as teachers belonging to two


unions went on strike. 26 schools were closed completely. 18 were


partially closed. The government has condemned the action. Saying it will


disrupt learning. It's in a dispute over pay, workload and pensions


We sympathise with parents. We don't take this action lightly. At the


fact is the Education Secretary want top to professional unions over the


`` these three issues. Hopefully they will now be noticed.


People who have been caught speeding in parts of Hertfordshire could be


entitled to their money back. It's because the legal paperwork drawn up


for the speed limits could contain errors ` and in some cases it could


date back 30 years. One village has tonight been given the all`clear,


but others are still being reviewed. It doesn't get more rural than


Barley in the heart of Hertfordshire's countryside. But the


fact it's so rural could be why it's been at the centre of a speeding


storm. Normally when you drive through a village and see a speed


limit, you assume everything is in place. But now it turns out that in


some rural parts of the county, enforcement could be legally


challenged. In towns, the 30 mph speed limit is automatically linked


to how far apart street lights are. In villages, they often don't have


them. The council should get a separate order. If they have not,


can you claim that it is not legal and not pay your fine? Hertfordshire


County Council won't say which roads are affected, or for how long, but


it could date back 30 years ` and they won't say what the problem


might be. This suggests that it is significant and penalties will be


quashed. There could be civil damages associated because of


consequential effects of people losing their driving licences. But


villagers aren't sympathetic to speeding drivers. I think it is


wrong. If you break the speed, you should be fined. If you have been


speeding, you have been speeding. Obviously if you have not got the


correct information, someone will look for a way out these days. The


council now says Barley's speed limit is legal and the rest the


review is just routine. Drivers shouldn't assume they can't be


enforced. In football, Milton Keynes Dons say


there has been no official approach from Sheffield United to speak to


manager Karl Robinson. The Dons boss has been strongly linked today with


the vacancy at Bramall Lane. Robinson was linked with Sheffield


United in the summer before David Weir took the position. He has since


been sacked. Now it


film Machete. The tweet read: Now that's how you deal with immigration


issues. Still to come, drawings from one of


the world's finest cartoonists, Giles, in great demand.


And a flashmob proposal at the Queensgate shopping centre.


Life for people who are undergoing treatment for cancer can be tough


enough. But new research suggests employers here in the East aren't as


helpful as they could be when their own staff are affected.


Around half a million people in this country are working despite having


had a diagnosis of cancer. But a further 63,000 patients would like


to work if only they had the right support from their employers. And it


seems that, in the East, one in six working people who have cancer


believe they don't get the kind of understanding they need.


Six weeks after quitting her job, Sarah was diagnosed with breast


cancer. One day, she will look for a new job, but she is worried about


how the gap will look on her CV. Should I be upfront about it and say


that I had cancer? Do I ignore it and hope that nobody notices? How do


I raise the subject? If I put it on my CV, would it go straight in the


waste paper basket. This man, who as not to be identified, went back to


work after his first time of bone cancer, to find his boss


unsympathetic. I was saying that I was tired, and my boss said that he


was tired because his wife had just had a new baby. I was horrified that


he thought it was the same thing. Sometimes, I cannot get out of bed.


Sometimes, the chemo is that aggressive. Research shows that too


many employers are not giving employees the rich `` confidence


they need. It is an ongoing talking point at this drop`in centre.


People look recovered, their hair has grown back. Everyone says that


they looked great, but because they might still be experiencing


fatigue, and going, long`term side`effects, they aren't actually


as well as they look. `` and going. So they cannot match the


expectations of their employer. Despite government policies in


place, problems arise in organisations of all sizes, although


smaller ones may have less time and manpower to provide extra help.


It is not just small businesses, but they will have a ticket issues with


a small team and trying to `` particular issues with a small team


and they need to give that assistance.


This lady once her future employer to have confidence in her as a


professional, not just the person who had cancer.


It wasn't too long ago that Red Bull were just making up the numbers in


Formula 1. The team from Milton Keynes were known as the party team.


Now they are the sport's dominant force, closing in on their fourth


consecutive drivers and constructors titles. It's led to some claims that


they are making F1 boring to watch. Our Sports Editor Jonathan Park


reports. Another victory for the team and no


one in Formula 1 can catch, let alone pass. This one to in Japan


means that Red Bull are on the verge of a double, but some people think


this is boring. It is not our responsibility for the other teams


competitiveness. It happens in sport, whether that is in football


or tennis or any other form of sport. Sometimes some teams end up


having a run of success. Thankfully, that has been Red Bull racing in


Formula 1. Over the years, Formula 1 have seen different teams dominate.


37 wins in total for Red Bull, but not as many race wins as when the


Harare was winning many wins. `` Harare. The first part of the season


has been dominated by Red Bull, but it is still brilliant to watch them


go about their task. It isn't that we can be proud. I think we can


enjoy the success. But yes, I agree, it would be nice to see teams win as


well. So what help for the team's rivals?


It is not good, because Red Bull have been able to divert resources.


So the car likely to win next year will also be Red Bull.


It is a massive regulation change, going into next year. We have had


people back in UK, focusing on the developer and of our new car.


Hopefully, the solutions that we will come up with to the regulations


will help us. The boss says that Red Bull cannot


go on winning for ever, but they will try.


He's still regarded as the world's finest cartoonist, and Carl Giles'


work is in demand more than ever before. Giles, who died in 1995,


lived and worked in Suffolk most of his life. Today a number of his


prized drawings came up for auction. And with interest from overseas,


they fetched way more than expected. Kevin Burch was at the sale: in the


viewing room, the buyers browse. Most items are these cartoons in the


corner, and bids are expected from all corners.


There is interest from overseas. We have many phone lines hooked. We


hope that collectors will be interested in our sale. He became a


national treasure. The daily mail sold many copies. People wanted to


see his cartoons. The office where he worked


overlooked this spot, now called Giles Circus. This is the grandma


and her family statue. Back in the auction room, the sales


were warming up. This is where one of the star lots was being


announced. It fetched ?1000. But this was ?1200.


Did you come in thinking I have got to have this?


Quite possibly, but I still think it went for a good price. I don't think


it is inflated. What you think the cartoonists would


have made of this and the huge sums of money being paid?


I think he would be annoyed that he was not getting that money. I think


he would have been not surprised. He was proud of his work. You would


have been pleased. Do believe the best cartoonists


there ever was, and today, there is a lot of interest in his work still


continuing. As with all Giles work, you need to


take time to take it in. Delightful reminders of how life used to be,


reminding us of the cartoonist's brilliance.


Some say it with flowers, a nice meal, maybe get down on one knee.


There are many ways to pop the big question. Police Constable Martin


George decided to propose to his long term girlfriend at the


Queensgate Shopping Centre in Peterborough. Sounds quite ordinary,


but he booked the day off to do it and had a helping hand from dancers


at Peterborough Regional College. It was like any other day at the


shopping centre, until this happens. Mandy, seen on the left of the


screen, in pink, was oblivious to the flashmob being in her honour.


I was explaining to my mum what it is. She was acting stupid, because


she already knew. That was it. I was watching it until the end, until I


saw Martin. The police arrived, Martin off duty, but with special


permission to wear his uniform. I was OK until the music started


playing. I was confident that she would say


yes. There were a lot of people there, and I wanted to make sure I


wasn't going to man `` mess up the dancers routine.


I said to my mum that there was something going on. I did not


realise until the walked towards me. Then he asked a very non`police


constable type question. Will you marry me? Yes.


The bright's face was so funny. It was a great experience. `` the


bride. It was good that she said yes. I was


nervous. She now hopes that her fiance will


plan their wedding. Well, a short while ago we spoke to


the happy couple at their home. And I wanted to know just where Martin


had got the idea from. She has been dropping the hints over


the last few years and I had always had a joke that I was never going to


ask the question, so I needed to do something that she would believe. So


I got a few people involved. It was more than a few people,


wasn't it? What did you think when this happened?


I was really shocked. I thought I was just going for a shopping trip


with my mum for my birthday tomorrow, and then that happens. I


was really surprised. How did you plan it all, knowing


that she would be where she was and that everything would work out OK?


With a lots of stress. A lot of phone calls and a lots of secret


meetings with lots of people. But with the shopping trip, obviously


she loves her shopping, so I did not think she would turn down that


suggestion. I knew that was safe. You must have been pretty confident


that you were going to say yes? Yes, I think he knew. I don't think


he would have gone to the extent that he went to if there was any


doubt that there would be a no. Martin, ITU had a speech planned but


it did not go according to plan. `` you had a speech plans.


Yes, the excitement is took over. I just ask her to marry me and through


the ring at her. How will the wedding improve upon


the proposal? Who will be responsible for that?


That'll be the responsibility. I hope just to nod and agree.


I think that he did such a great job, I should just give all the


responsible is he to him. What has been the reaction amongst


your colleagues? I think everyone is amazed. I have


had fantastic feedback from everyone about how well it went. I think


everyone is surprised by the social media.


It has been really good. My friends and parents are really happy. It has


been great. I know it is your birthday, this


must be a great birthday present. Yes, definitely. He did well.


Congratulations to both of you. I hope the wedding plans go very well.


Thank you very much. Now we will look at the weather.


The low`pressure is not far away, but today there has been high


pressure. There have been clouds, but it has been quite dry. It should


be quite dry overnight. It will turn quite misty and foggy. The winds


will continue all night, we have clear skies. The mist and fog will


become widespread. It will be quite dense by tomorrow morning. The


temperatures might drop further than they did last night, so it is


possible that out in the countryside we could have six or seven degrees


temperatures. His ability may not be great first thing tomorrow morning,


but we have got an approaching weather friends. `` visibility. ``


approaching weather friends. The winds will break up the mist and


fog. The visibility may not be great. It will get thinner in the


middle of the day, but it will also be brighter. There may be some


sunshine in Suffolk. The West will be quite cloudy. Temperatures will


be quite mild. A light to moderate southeasterly winds. Into the


afternoon, the weather front will move in. Overnight, it will be more


persistent, so it could be a wet start to the day on Saturday. The


rain should clear out of the way quite quickly. It will be brighter


in the middle of the day. There could be some more showers later on.


The forecast on Sunday looks quite showery. There will be some heavy


showers between the other weather system. There will be more wet


weather on Monday. Overnight, not too cold. Temperature is will be in


double figures. That is all from us. We hope you


have a good evening. Goodbye.


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