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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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from the BBC News at Six. So it s goodbye from me, and on


Good evening. Why the government is planning to draw funds from a super


incinerator planned the King 's Lynn. That the rest of today's top


stories now with Amanda. A man has been arrested in the Caribbean on


suspicion of a murder back home in Luton. Thousands sign a petition


calling for East Coast Trains to stay in public ownership. And it's


just too scary. Why police have told this householder to tone down his


Halloween display. Good evening. A man has been


arrested in the Caribbean on suspicion of a murder back home in


Luton. 20`year`old Jordan Macguire was stabbed outside his home on the


Marsh Farm estate in May. Bedfordshire Police say a


30`year`old man was arrested in Trinidad on Wednesday. Our reporter


Neil Bradford is in our Luton newsroom and joins us now. Yes,


detectives from the National crime agency have been liaising with


officers from the Trinidad and Tobago police service for more than


a fortnight now. It's my understanding that officers had


already travelled to another Caribbean island in search of their


main suspect who use to live in Luton. But the breakthrough came on


Wednesday night in Trinidad's capital, more thousand `` more than


4000 miles away from the scene of the murder. The search for Jordan


Macguire's killer began close to home. Police believed the answers


would lie here on the Marsh Farm estate. 20`year`old Jordan was


stabbed outside his home on the evening of Sunday, May 26. He died


in hospital a few hours later. His family who had lived on the estate


of the ten years, said he was a popular and likeable young man with


many friends. A shrine in his memory, some mounted a near constant


vigil. Five months since his murder, the search for a suspect went from


Luton to the Caribbean. On Wednesday night, more than 4000 miles from


Bedfordshire, and man was arrested in the capital of Trinidad. Officers


from the Trinidad and Tobago police service have named him as a Jason


Nelson, a 30`year`old born in grenade who used the living Luton.


It's thought he was living with relatives. Detectives travelled to


the Caribbean and have been liaising with the National crime agency in


Trinidad for more than a fortnight. Extradition proceedings are now


underway. That process to bring Jason Nelson backs of this country


to face the UK justice system is likely to be a lengthy one. It could


take many weeks, many months, possibly even longer. Britain does


have a lengthy one. It could take many weeks, many months, possibly


even longer. Britain does have an exhibition and Tobago, and


detectives in Luton are keeping their fingers crossed tonight that


that will speed up the process. Neal, thank you very much indeed.


Two men have been charged with murder and robbery in connection


with the death of Jamie McMarn, in Northampton. The body of 26`year`old


Jamie was found by a member of the public in St Giles Churchyard, in


the centre of the town just over two weeks ago. A 19`year`old and


32`year`old man from Northampton have been charged. The government


has pulled the plug on ?170 million worth of funding for a new


incinerator in King's Lynn. The junior minister admitted the


decision is likely to create difficulties for the local County


Council. So where does it leave this controversial project? Nikki Fox


reports. What to do with Norfolk's waste has been an issue debated for


over three years. It'd placed into landfill or burn to name


incinerator? Many don't want a burning thing near their homes.


Today the government decided to withdraw its funding for the


project. We know there are better ways to dispose of waste, a number


of incinerator is very close to the border of Norfolk, which could burn


waste, so I think we have to look at the whole strategy. The government


says is pulling the plug on the money because recycling rates are


being increased and the incinerator might not be needed. In a statement


it told us: Barry runs a hair salon three


quarters of a mile from the plant and many, like him, welcomed the


news. My heart missed a beat, to start with, because it's something


we fought so hard for over the last three or four years. And, at last,


we have got some results. It's absolutely amazing. But it's not


that simple. Until today's decision, savings were predicted ?8 million a


year compared with the costs of sending to landfill. The government


has withdrawn funding of ?6.7 million a year, deducting that from


the 8 million, the council points out the incinerator could still save


?1.3 million a year but if it decides to pull out of the contract,


it could face up to ?30 million penalty charges. That's why the


council says today's is disappointing. It's bad but equally,


it has to go ahead because we can't afford to pull out of it. Money


talks. What will it mean for services in Norfolk? If they cancel


it, the consequences to the Norfolk taxpayer would be severe. The final


decision will be October 29. They have to balance their books with a


possible impact on the ballot box. A 23,000 signature petition has been


handed to the Department for Transport today calling for East


Coast Trains to remain in public ownership. Services run from


Scotland, the north east through Peterborough, Stevenage and on to


London. When the sale back to the private sector was announced in


March, the Transport Secretary, Patrick Mcloughlin, said it would


mean improvement to services. Now there's a growing campaign for that


sale not to take place. East Coast Trains and the question, who should


be in the driving seat. Most trains are run by private companies, but


the service on this line that goes through Peterborough is owned by the


government, labour and the unions want to keep it that way. The Green


party wants to go even further. We are firmly behind a nationalised


public transport system. And the system which works in an integrated


fashion and a system which is fair. We would like to bring the whole of


the service back into public ownership, and C British Rail back.


Simple as that. The East Coast mainline service has had a troubled


history. GM ER run it for 11 years but in 2007 ran into financial


problems and had to quit. National Express took over but two years


later it gave up. It made losses. Since then, the service has been


publicly owned. Last year made a profit of more than ?200 million.


Largely because passengers made 90 million journeys on the line. And


increase on the year before. The company that runs these trains is


owned by the government, so that makes us, as taxpayers, shareholders


so when it makes a profit, the money goes to the government and can be


reinvested in station upgrades and rail improvements like new platforms


being built here. That is in a good year. The downside of public


ownership is that, if it made a loss, that would fall onto the


taxpayer. Our passengers that bothered? It doesn't matter who runs


it as long as it's on time and affordable. I'm happy how it is at


the moment so I would like to see it stay. I think they do a good job.


I've never had problems so far. I think it should stay in public


ownership. I think the best solution is whatever gives the best service


to the users online, state or private ownership, I'm not sure The


government is committed to finding a private company to run this route,


and says that is the best way to secure services. Some have expressed


an interest, believing they can succeed where others have failed.


Staying with transport. The new A43 link road is taking shape. The dual


carriageway will link Stanion near Corby to Great Oakley near


Kettering. The idea, to provide a main route through to the A14, with


access to the Midlands or across to Felixstowe and into Europe. Today


Look East was given a tour of the site. A sneak preview of what is to


come. Local dignitaries were today shown how the work here is


progressing. Within 12 months, this mud road will be a busy dual


carriageway linking Corby to be a 14, and will replace the old single


carriageway route. Corby has been growing as the county has in


general, and the traffic has been growing as well. As such, the old


road was struggling to keep up with capacity. The idea for a link road


was first outlined in a government white paper back in 1987. The


Finance and planning permission came through 20 years later. Some local


environmentalists have opposed the scheme because it cuts through open


countryside but after a public enquiry, the road is now close to


completion. The budget for this project is ?34 million. During


construction, 1.3 million tonnes of earth have been escalated and once


it's finished, the road will be 6.5, it is long. It will ease congestion


for heavy goods vehicles and commuters in the rush`hour. But


nearby villages will also benefit. At the moment, there's something


20,000 vehicles going through that village, of which more than half are


heavy goods vehicles. To take them out particularly will be a huge


thing for them. The link road is a great idea because small villages


like this have a lot of character, with the bridge and the river in the


middle of the time, so the link road will take the heavy traffic away. It


will stop lorries driving to the village which will make the village


must safer. Lots of children need to cross the road to get to school and


it's a very dangerous road across, so, in that sense, it'll make a


massive difference to the village. If the weather remains mild and it's


a very dangerous road across, so, in that sense, it'll make a massive


difference to the village. If the weather remains milder this winter,


the A man from Stevenage has been told by police to tone down the


Halloween display on his house because it's too scary. James


Crayton says that the police received a complaint from the parent


of a child who cried on seeing the decorations. Louise Hubball reports.


Halloween is almost two weeks away but in this suburban street, one


house already has a gruesome decorations. What started as a


charity fundraiser has ended with a complaint to police after a child


walking past became tearful. Now the display must be toned down. Local


residents we spoke to say that is ridiculous. I brought my


five`year`old son appear yesterday and he absolutely loved it. He wants


to come back at night time because it wasn't dark. He spent hours


decorating the house and it's brilliant. To be honest with you,


it's fantastic to raise money for charity. To get the police involved


is over the top. The owner James Crayton runs a local bar and told us


that no one had complained to him and he has already raised ?1800 for


charity. He added Halloween are supposed to be scary, but some, it


seems, wanted more scary than others. MK Dons manager Karl


Robinson has told Look East he's happy to remain in charge of the


club. Robinson has been strongly linked to the vacant manager's


position at Sheffield United. But he says he is committed to the Dons.


The club has a young squad with half of the players under the age of 22


and Robinson wants to see them fulfil their potential. We have got


some wonderfully young talented players and I want to see the


development through. The fans mean so much to me and my family are


happy so I'm just 100% dedicated to this football club. The iconic


footwear brand, Dr Martens, owned by a family firm for over half a


century could be sold, according to industry speculation. The price tag


is thought to be ?300 million. A private equity firm, Permira, is


thought to be the potential buyer. Family firm, R Griggs are not


commenting. Later, Alex has the weather. First back to David and


Susie for the rest The southbound track will be shut


between the B1106 Elvedon crossroads and the Fiveways roundabout.


Still to come, memories of polio. We speak to a survivor of a major


outbreak in Essex. And Alex will have the weather. Yes, the weekend


weather brings us a typical autumn forecast. Rain at times, some


showers but staying on the mild side. I will bring you details


later. Plans to replace regular soldiers


with reservists are "on the rocks", according to a local MP. John Baron


says the Government's proposals are unrealistic and could waste


taxpayers' money. The Ministry of Defence says it's confident that it


can achieve the required numbers of reservists by 2018.


Royal Anglian reservists on exercise in Croatia. Within five years, more


than one in three soldiers could be a part timer. As the Government cut


the number of regular battalions, it is looking for men like these to


plug the gap. To shed full`time soldiers when it struggles to


recruit odds `` reservists is a policy on the rocks, said one


critic. The time has come to say to say hold to the axing of the regular


battalions until we know the reservists plan is viable and


cost`effective. Otherwise the taxpayer could bear the brunt of


many false economies. A fairly `` a fellow Essex MP referred to a leaked


memo from last August. Over 300 recruits joined between January and


June. That missed a target. The army is on course to reduce only 50% of


the 2013, 2014 target. In Croatia, I caught up with one private. He says


fewer people are volunteering. Especially these days, because


everything is all electrical and everything is at the push of a


button. The great outdoors sort of puts people off. People have got it


to comparable. They don't like the sound of hard work. Hundreds of


local reservists continue to serve in Afghanistan. The Government says


?1.8 billion is being spent on training and supporting new


recruits. 11,000 more are needed. We need an additional 20 reservists


from each Parliamentary constituency across the country to do that. I


believe we certainly can. This is a challenging proposition but a


workable one. We can do this. Let's get on with it.


The Commons debate may have lasted just three hours. The wider debate


will go on for years. Polio is a disease we do not hear


much about any more. But as recently as the 1950s, the disease was right.


In 1957, the Essex port of Brightlingsea was in a state of


panic. 62 people, most of them young children, had contracted polio. It's


a story which has never been told ` until now. One of the survivors of


the outbreak, Roy Birnie, has written a book about what he calls


the Essex plague. My name is Roy Birnie. I got polio


when I was eight. The doctor came and saw me and told me I had to go


to hospital to get well. An hour later the ambulance men turned up


with masks on and white coats, and they strapped me to a stretcher and


carried me downstairs and put me in the ambulant and off I went. Roy


Birnie had polio at the age of eight and has had a lifetime of ill


health. You may think you would be better body is not. This is where


you finished up. Black Notley was the hospital were Roy Birnie was


kept in an isolation ward. Yet get `` I can remember seeing my mother


and my brother and different relations, looking in through the


window. They were not allowed in. We were not allowed out of bed. One day


when she came, I really wanted to get out of bed. I tried to get out


of bed, eventually got out of bed and collapsed on the floor.


In the mid`1950s, before immunisation, there were 4000 cases


of polio in this country. It was and still is a virus which attacks the


nervous system and can cause paralysis. In 1957, Roy Birnie was


one of 62 people in Brightlingsea who contracted polio and had to be


hospitalised. People were frightened to come in to Brightlingsea. The


pubs were very empty. It was terrible. The council health crisis


meetings. Health Authority is. It was an awful time. It was a town in


plague mode. Today polio is endemic in only three countries. In Nigeria,


Afghanistan and Pakistan. Could it return to Britain? It is highly


unlikely but not impossible. I get very cross when mothers or parents


refuse to have their children inoculated. There is a lot of that


goes on still. That worries me. The academies was came back with a


vengeance last year. Roy has had his share of ups and downs over the


years. Operations, and amputation. But he has enjoyed a happy married


life with children and grandchildren. He is delighted by


Bill Gates's work to rid the world of polio altogether. Roy Birnie,


soon enough. `` that cannot come soon enough.


Now, a testimonial is typically offered to a player as a reward for


their loyal service to their club, they're seldom offered to the head


coach. Bedford Blues' Mike Rayer is celebrating ten years as a head


coach and a player. In that time he's taken the team from near


bankruptcy to within a whisker of the Premiership. James Burridge has


been to see him at his testimonial dinner.


Mike Rayer, player, coach, tea maker. The life as boss of a


championship Rugby club is no picnic. His dedication has brought


more than its share of awards. Nearly 3000 people come through


these gates on a Saturday afternoon. There were 1800, I came. I was set


out to get players playing and enjoying themselves and the crowd of


people coming in here at three o'clock. It is the best afternoon's


in `` entertainment in Beds. M was an established international in mood


for a change. He packed his bags and took his family to Bedford. He was


the first player in professional rugby to demand a transfer fee. When


the top job became available, they were back for more. He has brought


that respect, the way he played rugby for Cardiff, he has brought


that to Bedford. You know that you will have a 15 man game when you see


Bedford. The longer you are in the job, and as this is being honest,


the more pressure you put on yourself. I am an absolute fanatic


for basics. That drives me insane. He is a very fair coats. If we are


playing well, it is positive chat. But if it is not happening, you


definitely know about it. You work here to? Yes, Mike is the boss 95


and I am the boss at home. That is the only time he gets the chance to


tell me what to do. It is a big occasion and I am really proud of


him. I've never told him that. He really does Dallas `` does deserve


it. I asked him where is home, Cardiff Bedford. What would you say?


I don't know what answer he has given new! What the question. It is


where you live at the time. Miners Bedford. Obviously I was. But I do


love Bedford. It would be hard to move back to Cardiff. While the


green grass of the club has seen its ups and downs, Mike is the driving


force behind the resurgence of the club. That is worth celebrating.


She wears the trousers at home, obviously. Smokehouses have long


provided a distinctive way to both preserve fish and give them a


distinctive flavour. But controlling the precise amount of smoke has


always been tricky. Step forward the digital smokehouse. The technology


means an exact control over the temperature, using wooden blocks


that burn on hotplates. Felicity Simper reports from Stock in Essex.


People I've been smoking food for over 5000 years. At this smokers, an


ancient technique has a digital twist. It is high`tech but it is


very user`friendly and it produces a very consistent, repeatable effect.


The trout will be smoked in exactly the same way, the same amount of


smoke and flavour each time. Controlled digitally, it is still


time`consuming. It takes three days to smoke a salmon. They also smoked


trout, cheese, salt, garlic and Coffey. The secret of this system is


that this kid is that biscuits only burn for 20 minutes. They produce a


very delicate, refined smoke which transfers into labour. The business


has been running for only three weeks, inspired after the couple


attended a course. We started in a filing cabinet. It is a two tier


filing cabinet. And we called it Winston like Winston children ``


Wilson Churchill, smoking away! `` Winston Churchill. And this is about


as local as it gets. Just down the road is a reservoir are stocked with


45,000 rainbow trout. Anglers can come here, kept their fish and then


go and get it smoke. We actually have got sponsored by the Essex


innovation programme. They mentored us and helped us to build this


smokers. We got a business consultant and help with that. And


also PR help. Most people conjure up an image of an old shed with smoke


billowing out of the roof and smoke everywhere. And obviously in this


age, we felt that really was a step too far back. We decided to build a


purpose`built smokehouse that had a bit of a modern twist. It seems to


be working. It is already popular at local markets. A traditional process


brought up to date with mouthwatering results.


It is not fair. Everybody in the gallery is saying, it is making is


hungry! I heard you saying that earlier it is looking autumnal this


weekend? It certainly is. A typical of forecast awaits. There will be


some rain at times. Also some showers. It would be quite windy on


Sunday. We should see some sunshine. It will feel warm and sunshine.


Today it has been about this weather system. We are currently behind the


warm front. It has brought a lot of cloud across the region. Some spots


of rain. It has not amounted to a great deal. We are still not quite


done with it yet. This evening we may see Spitz and spots of light


rain. Some drier interludes in between. A lot of dry weather during


the middle part of the night. The chance of rain towards dawn. A brisk


breeze. It will stay on the mild side. Milder than last night. 1011


degrees is as low as we will go. Typically around 12 Celsius. Into


the weekend, this is our pressure pattern. Low pressure very much the


driving system of the whole thing. You can see a bit of a squeeze on


the isobars. A brisk breeze for tomorrow. This weather front getting


away but they may be a kick on it. We may see some showery rain first


thing tomorrow. There are signs that part of Essex, Eastern Suffolk, made


see something more persistent and heavy. The trend will be for this


rain to clear away. We should start to see something drier and brighter,


particularly in the West. For the East, it would `` it may well stay


cloudy with some further showery rain. It should gradually clear


away. Where we get the sunshine, 16 or 17 degrees. That is above average


for the time of the year. Into the afternoon, the rain generally clears


away. One to showers following behind. A largely dry night. A much


better prospect to start Sunday. Some sunshine, but also some


showers. These can turn heavy. They should clear away quite quickly. The


next weather system approaches on Monday and Tuesday. Some more wet


weather. Essentially it is staying mild by day. Overnight lows in


double figures. Thank you very much. The heating stays off for at


least another week. I'm afraid mine is on! Goodbye.


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