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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Hello, welcome to Look East. Coming up in the programme tonight: A boost


for business or bad for the environment. A month after their


launch, flights are leaving Cambridge International Airport with


as few as four passengers. That and the rest of the top stories now


The crash that almost killed a 21`year`old man, today a lorry


driver pleads not guilty to dangerous driving.


Generation inspiration, how Dame Kelly wants sports to help young


people back into work or education. And inappropriate for Armistice Day,


why some veterans say they will not use this Milton Keynes Memorial


Good evening. First tonight, they were meant to boost the region's


economy but the BBC has learned that some flights are leaving Cambridge


International Airport with fewer than five passengers on board. It


has been a month since the high`profile sermons were launched.


The planes will hold 50 people but on average, each flight to Amsterdam


had around 12 passengers on board, flights to Geneva carried 11 people,


to Milan it was ten and just four passengers used each plane to Paris.


We'll be hearing from the airport in a moment that first this report


And Kharkov water, the traditional way and airport welcomes its new


airline. Four new destinations turned Cambridge Airport


International. Darwin operate 5 flights out of Cambridge every


month, the aircraft hold 50 passengers. The total number of


flights for September, they were one fifth full. Are they disappointed?


We are delighted the way we started the service. When you start a


brand`new route and a new outbound destination like Cambridge, you hope


to start from a 0`based so we had to start publicising them from the


beginning, getting the message out there and we have seen the sale


numbers go from a few hundred per week to around 600 per week now You


can also fly to the same four destinations with the typical


ticket, Cambridge 's is more expensive to three of them but to


Geneva it is cheaper. Stansted and Luton but do people know that you


can fly to the constant from Cambridge?


Have you considered flying out of Cambridge? Not really. Heathrow is


such a long way, but Stansted is great. Should more people use it?


Yes, many more. I might use in the next couple of years but not at the


moment. green campaigners say we need more passengers flying from


local airports. If we are having trouble, I would prefer people to go


from local airports in small planes to where they want to go rather than


people clogging up Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and demanding new


runways and more environmental damage. The aircraft are far from


full but in time, the airport says more passengers will fly from here.


Well, David Surley is in charge of business and new routes for the


airport and joins us now. We hear that you are confident that


passenger numbers will increase but it seems not enough people know that


you offer these flights. Are you on price comparison websites yet? Yes,


we are on a wide selection of online booking platforms. The airline,


Darwin, distributes fares across a huge number of websites worldwide.


It is taking a while for passenger numbers to pick up, Lodz and of


course already offers these destinations and they are cheaper


than yourselves apart from special offers, can you really compete? Yes,


I think we absolutely can. The airline has seen a sharp take`up in


sales looking forward. We are really pleased with forward sales and there


are some fantastic bargains to be had out there. Just this week, the


airline has been marketing in conjunction with Air France, new


first of the United States and destinations around the world at


extremely competitive prices. Sue you are pleased with these routes


enough that you might introduce more? We absolutely hope so and we


are focused on making sure that these flights work really well. We


are working with the travel trade, with partners far and wide but we


would love to see a destination or two more added in the future. The


Green party likes the idea of people flying from local airports. Aside


from that, what are the advantages? It is convenient and that is what


Cambridge passengers are finding. Short check`in times so you can


check in 45 minutes before your flight. We do not charge from drop


off or pick up in our car park outside the terminal so it is


thoroughly convenient through and through and it is a small, compact


space. Passengers are loving it Positive feedback. David Surley


thank you for joining us. A Dutch lorry driver has pleaded not


guilty to dangerous driving after he crashed into the back of a broken


down car. The 21`year`old driver was seriously injured in the accident


near Milton Keynes back in June Milton Keynes magistrates heard that


30`year`old Dutch driver has been driving lorries for around nine


years in the UK. On the 10th of June this year, he was driving a 44 tonne


Volvo lorry on the Stoke Hammond bypass near Milton Keynes. Just


after 6pm, he crashed into the back of a Ford Fiesta which had broken


down in one lane of the dual lane carriageway. The driver, a


21`year`old from Dunstable was still inside and was seriously injured in


the impact. He was flown to hospital with head injuries. The court heard


that Mr Noble was driving at a constant speed of 56 mph. The speed


limit for lorries on dual carriageways. But on seeing the


broken down car, he did not take avoiding action. The Dutch lorry


driver denies one charge of dangerous driving and was given


unconditional bail and now will face trial at Aylesbury Crown Court at a


date to be fixed. Two men from Northampton have


appeared in court charged with the murder of Jamie McMahon. His body


was found on the grounds of Saint Charles Church in the town centre


earlier this month. Michael Francis and Mark Lewis were remanded in


custody, they are also both accused of robbery. `` Saint Giles Church.


Investigations are taking place into the death of a 63`year`old man who


was found at an address in Luton this afternoon. Bedfordshire police


were called by an ambulance crew who had been sent to an incident in


Carnegie Gardens just after two o'clock. The man died shortly


afterwards. Police are appealing for information.


Cambridge is home to many high`tech businesses, some of them just


starting out. But it seems some of the entrepreneurs behind them are no


longer relying on big investors like banks. Instead, they are raising


money through news sites like Crowdcube offering anybody the


chance to own a share of the company by investing as little as ?10.


I will offer you all the money for a 35% stake. Fantastic. Backing a new


business, exciting stuff if you can afford it. But you don't need to be


a millionaire to be a dragon. You can do it without even leaving your


server through sites like this. You find a company and choose to invest


as much or as little as you want. Some of Cambridge's newest medical


and technology company as using it to attract the so`called armchair


dragons. Investors like Thomastown, a researcher in Cambridge who


invested in a company that makes tools for scientists with a stake of


?250 he declared that he was in `` Thomas time. I would love to see a


Cambridge company prosper. But it is guided by the chances of getting a


decent return. Of course, he had never met the entrepreneur behind


the business so we brought them together. Michael's company raised


more than ?250,000 from 100 different investors. It allows them


to access early`stage companies which only high net worth


individuals like venture capitalists were able to do. The process has


been relatively painless in terms of the whole process and how quickly we


were able to raise funds so it has been a positive experience for us.


Like all types of investment, armchair dragons like Thomas are


risking their own money so in this case, does he feel he made a wise


choice? I am confident that my investment is in good hands. And I


look forward to seeing how to put the money into good use and see how


they use it. The question now is what will his next investment there?


`` his next investment be? An organisation that runs academies and


free schools in Bedfordshire is under investigation by two


government departments. The Barnfield Federation in Luton


was visited by the education secretary Michael Gove in 2011. The


Department for education and the skills funding agency say they have


now received allegations which they are taking seriously. The Barnfield


Federation says it is engaging with the investigation.


Plans to build a new ?330 million campus for the University of


Northampton have moved a step closer. It is one of just 15 major


projects in the country to make it through the first round of bids for


funding. Under the plans, the university's two campuses will close


and reopen in a purpose`built facility within the new enterprise


zone. Network rail says it hopes to


complete repairs tonight to the overhead wires on the East Coast


Main Line near Peterborough. Yesterday, 30,000 passengers were


affected. Passengers were forced onto replacement buses as engineers


try to repair the cables and reopen the line.


Those to light's top stories, now we can join Stuart


said that she cried because she felt that the Ambulance Service had not


done enough. The court will make a decision later this week.


Still to come, the Olympic champion helping young people to get into


training or a job. And the British Legion boycott a


brand`new warmer more real. `` wall memorial.


Hundreds of people who live near a parish church in Norfolk have just


received a nasty shock in the post because of law .dating back to the


Middle Ages. Nearly 900 homes in Gorleston


received letters from the Land Registry warning that they could be


liable for paying for repairs at St Andrew's Church. The law is called


the Chancel Repair Liability. It applies everywhere and it goes back


to the days people had to pay tithes to their local church. Our Chief


Reporter Kim Riley is at St Andrew's now.


Yes, I am in the chancel in front of the main altar. I have to say,


looking around me, it looks as if it is in good repair. This is an


archaic law, most of people had not heard of it before. Before it was


changed, historic interest had to be locked with the Land Registry. Now


more local people know about it, they are not happy.


This couple and their wedding day at St Andrews Church. They have owned


their present home for more than 50 years. Furious at the letter from


the Land Registry hearing that they could be liable for repairs at the


church. I was shocked, then I was angry. I


thought the church was putting the wind up people. I think it is


cheeky. It is a form of blackmail, saying


they want money off you. That is what made us angry.


They're near neighbour was also shocked to receive a letter.


I felt as if it was someone taking money from my wallet, someone you


thought you could trust, the church, and you can't even trust them.


The reverend and other members of the parochial council have been


taken aback by the anger generated and the resentment at a charge of


?50 visitor the Kurds relieving loners of `` relieving owners of


liability. I feel that we should have brought a


sack of rain. When this started 50 years ago, people were poor like


today, they had to bring that. It is affecting people in a big way.


Our message to local people is that nothing has changed, other than


something that has existed on their properties for many years has now


been made public. There has never been a way of getting out of Chancel


Repair Liability than a certificate of exception. However, we are now


coming across cases when people cannot afford that ?50 charge and we


are considering how we could deal with that address, wearing our ``


hats as a charity as well as a church.


The church has apologised for distress, and further that they


could not reply to complaints more quickly. They are receiving legal


advice. The church is set to reopen. The


money has been raised by the congregation. The council has not


caught on the Chancel Repair Liability before and says it has no


plans to do so now. And if you have a story to tell


about the chancel tax we'd love to hear from you. You can get in touch


by phone, by email, by going to our Facebook page, or on Twitter.


Here's a question ` does the word NEET mean much to you? It applies to


16 to 18`year`olds and it stands for "Not in education, employment, or


training". Across the East, there are almost enough NEETS to fill


Wembley Stadium ` 81,000, at the last count. But in Bedfordshire


there's a project to help them, headed by a famous Olympian and


using sport as its inspiration. Dame Kelly Holmes is inspiring people.


Not every young person's life can be smooth, they can struggle if there


is no one to look up to. But with sport, these young people's lives


are being improved. We have been with them for seven


weeks. They get more confidence. We are trying to encourage them not to


be afraid to get out of their comfort zone. We have tried


football, basketball, badminton. A lot of the time, the sport is new to


the young people, but they are open to trying new things.


Nearly one in five of young people are not involved in education,


training or work. This scheme aims to help young people, saying that


success in sport can help success in life.


Five weeks ago, this young man was out of work, but today he got a call


from a shop. It is improving my confidence. It


comes with the teamwork. If you work in a team, nobody blames each


other. Projects like this one won't solve a


national problem, but Dame Kelly Holmes wanted to make a difference.


She was inspired by her PET chill. Young `` PE teacher.


How difficult is it to get the opportunities? It is tough, isn't


it? It is difficult. No work is bad


work. Even if it is part`time. This is the only project of its type


in our region. 70% of young people taking part are now doing something


positive with their lives. Tonight, it is their graduation, so every to


celebrate. Dame Kelly Holmes is in Luton this


evening and we spoke to her, asking how the people she helps our chosen.


All the young people are potentially not in education, employment or


training. The needs of these young people are quite clear, they need


some guidance and direction in their own life and basically we ensure


that ordinary young people who are selected are making that first


commitment. That is a big one. This is not about creating great


athletes of the future. But sport is still plays an important role?


Yes, that is right. We try and enable and empower young people. We


have different stages of the Get On Track programme. The young people


and maybe in a situation where their background has not been great, that


experience in life has not been great so far. So to trust people can


be difficult for them. Do people like you spend a lot of


time getting involved in this? Or do you just appear once at the


beginning and help someone else takes it and further. Do you have a


greater commitment than that? I started this trust five years ago


because I wanted to help others like sports people had helped me.


Realising the benefits that sportspeople have to become mentors.


You were the King `` talking about raw mad `` role models. Who was your


role model? Mine was my teacher. My teacher told


me I could be good at something. At that time, that was important to me,


because I was not academic. If it had not been for sport, I do not


think I would be who I am today. Is there one person that you have


seen who has come to you who has become something that you never


thought they could achieve? There are so many young people that


we've helped with that transformation. There is a young


girl here in Luton who dream of being a skiing instructor and she


was written off and told her `` told that she would never push that


dream. She was working at a call centre and was unhappy and lost her


self esteem. Through the programme, we managed to get her on a ski


instructor score `` course. It was more than getting her on the


course, it was about rebuilding who she wanted to be and all the people


who knocked her down. It is great work. Thank you.


In the run`up to Remembrance Day, a row has broken out in Milton Keynes


which could sour the commemorations on November 11th.


Some British Legion members are so unhappy with the new MK Rose


memorial, which opens in a few weeks, that they're planning to


boycott it. It will contain 100 pillars commemorating things as


varied as World Maths Day and International Joke Day. But the


Legion says it's not a proper war memorial.


For commemoration and contemplation, at the MK rose


memorial there will always be something to think about. The


merging out of the memorial will be 106 pillars, each representing a


different day or organisation. I have a list of them here, and they


include things like skipping day, even tea bag day. Somewhere there,


between all those, is a pillar representing armistice day.


This has upset some war veterans. This man is on parade every day, but


will not come here. I do not feel I can act in true and


as a standard`bearer if I do not see the cross. For me, the cross is a


sign of remembrance for the dead of all wars.


Here, a more traditional war memorial is being built.


You cannot compare. I have never seen anything like it. Right next to


Armistice Day is National Joke Week. That's not right.


Some people say that this is not right. It detracts from the enormity


of the situation. I think there should be another area


for the heroes of the country. But those behind the MK Rose say


that veterans are missing the point. What we have created, for a modern


city, is a new way of people being able to mark the remembrance, for


what is essentially a very important day.


But for some ex`servicemen and ex`servicewomen, this will never be


a fitting memorial to those who served.


In the run`up to Remembrance Day, a row has broken out in Milton Keynes


which could sour the commemorations on November 11th. Some British


Legion members are so unhappy with the new MK Rose memorial, which


opens in a few weeks, that they're planning to boycott it.


A primary school near Chelmsford has appealed for help in solving a


rather embarrassing mystery. It all came to light ` or rather failed to


come to light ` during celebrations to mark the school's Golden Jubilee.


It is something to celebrate, the 50th anniversary of Writtle Junior


School. People gathered to discuss the school. In 1988, the school put


together a time Capshaw, to be an earnest in October 2013. `` time


capsule. We put lots of different things in


it. We put in stamps in it. We watched it being varied. There


was a paving slab to say where it was buried.


The paving slab was there, but the time capsule was not.


We looked under the paving stone, but it was not there.


We went round the garden with metal detectors. We could not find any


evidence of it. We had to stop after digging three holes, because we were


worried about the garden. It was time to appeal for help.


If anybody knows where the time capsule is, please let us know. We


will not dig up any more of the school until we know where it is.


In the meantime, they are burying another time capsule to be dug up in


2038, presuming that they can find it.


Oh dear. We will look at the weather.


There has been a lot of rain today. Some of the showers were on the


heavy side. Some of those have cleared away, but overnight they


will be developed. In the early morning, it the showers could turn


quite heavy. Some drier interludes now, but on the whole, the showers


redeveloping into the evening and the night. That it will be a mild


night. The showers will go through to the early hours of the morning.


Tebbutt is around 14 Celsius at their lowest. `` temperatures. For


some of us, the showers should get away quite quickly. Then it will


improve tomorrow. Quite blustery first thing, but the sunshine should


come out throughout the region. Temperatures around 16 or 17


degrees. Our wind speed is coming from the South West. It will ease


through the afternoon and overnight. Overnight, with clear skies and


writer wins, `` lighter winds. It will be chilly tomorrow night. This


is our pressure pattern for Thursday. You can see the pressure


moving in from the Atlantic. There will be some low pressure giving us


a wet and windy conditions by Friday. Make the most of the


afternoon. On Thursday, it should be a decent day. Wet and windy weather


appears overnight on Thursday into Friday. It will be quite blustery.


At the moment, it looks like the weekend will have a dry start. It


will be cold tomorrow night, after that it will be warmer.


We will see you tomorrow. Goodbye.


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