23/10/2013 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Welcome to the programme. In the programme tonight: Preparing for the


greatest show on Earth. Huge excitement as the Tour de France


announces its route to the region. With the two are coming to Britain


it will be inspirational from a racing point of view. People will


want to compete more and get into the sport a bit more. That and the


rest of today's top stories now Police named the pensioner killed in


his garage in Luton. A man has been arrested. Dawn raids


by officers investigating a multi`million pound wine scam.


And, pioneering new bone marrow treatment for a Milton Keynes boy


could spell new hope for other patients.


Good evening. First tonight, it s been called the greatest show on


Earth and it's heading to the region. Today, the Tour de France


released details of the route it will take through south


Cambridgeshire and Essex when Stage Three comes here next July. We'll


look at those in more detail in a moment, but first just an idea of


the scale of the race. Cyclists ride more than 3,500 kilometres in 2


stages. Around 12 million people line the routes, with a worldwide TV


audience of three and a half billion, which is why there is so


much excitement about it in Cambridge. Mike Cartwright was there


and joins us now. Yes, today we learned that this


sport is where it's all going to begin. These traffic lights are on


the starting line for the Tour de France. In eight months time,


instead of buses and cars, there will be hundreds of cyclists lined


up here will stop big crowds. We expect the race to snake through the


city, across Essex and into the capital. This will be the third


stage. We knew the race was coming, but in


Paris today, after months of speculation, we learned its route. A


huge gathering there, anticipation here. Outside Kings in Cambridge, a


place the Tour de France really had to pass. It is really important for


the city, and the Tour de France is the biggest annual sporting event in


the world. We probably won't have anything like this for a long time,


and Cambridge is already on the map, but it really will cement its


position as the cycling capital of the UK. Into my, the world's best


strikers are coming to our part of the world with third stage starting


in Kimmeridge. Mark Cavendish will be among them, described as the


fastest man on two wheels. I know the roads and all three of the first


stages of the Tour de France, I know the roads really well. Hopefully we


can make a successful weekend for us. For the tour to come here it is


being paid for by the government, but what of its legacy? More


youngsters and women in cycling is the hope. Molly is from Huntingdon


and is on the verge of joining the junior Olympic squad. I think, with


the Tour de France coming to Britain, it will be inspirational


from a racing point of view. People will want to compete more and get


into the sport a bit more. The last time the Tour de France left France


for the UK was in 2007, but in eight months time, the biggest bike race


on the planet is heading to our part of the world.


Today we spoke to a lot of people on this spot here in Cambridge. Most


were very excited about it coming to the city. As for the economy, we are


told it will generate somewhere between 100 and ?300 million. We


have had some or information which could please some people, and it


seems they are going to try and fill in every single pothole on the


route. So, good news for drivers to. So,


let's take a closer route at where the Tour will be going. Starting by


Parker's Piece, the riders will turn towards the centre of the city, down


Regents Street and Sidney Street before turning back past the


historic colleges of St John's Trinity and Kings. They'll leave the


city centre up Trumpington Street. They'll pass up Trumpington Road


before turning left onto the A1 01. The peloton then travels down


through Great Shelford, past Sawston, crossing the A505. They'll


follow that road on past Hinxton under the A11, past Great


Chesterford and on to Saffron Walden. Our reporter Ben Bland has


been in Saffron Walden today to see the reaction there.


A lone cyclist in saffron Walden, outnumbered by caste today, but next


July, those on two wheels will rule this way. 200 of the world's best


cyclists are coming to town, and that is good news for this cycling


shop. The route goes right past the front door. Locally, everyone has


been waiting to find out exactly where it is going to come through.


There is a big cycling community here with clubs and also a race


club. Interest in road bikes have been going phenomenally well. Next


July, this street will be completely clear of traffic. The riders will


make their way into saffron Walden, down Windmill Hill, and then further


into Essex towards Braintree, past Chelmsford, before making their way


to London where they will finish outside Buckingham Palace on the


mall. But how challenging was part of the Tour de France be? We asked


the game at university cycling captain to try it out. It is quite


flat. It is quite open and exposed. As it gets towards saffron Walden,


it is gently rolling. I don't think it will test them too much. If it is


windy like today, they will find it tough. Of course, big sporting


events draw big crowds, and that should mean a big boost for local


businesses. We hope thousands of people will line the route to cheer


the riders on, and hopefully, while they are here, they will be spending


money in our shops and cafes and restaurants. They have got just


eight months to prepare. Next July, this part of the region will be in


the spotlight, hosting a global event that will be the one minutes.


`` watched by millions. For more details on the specifics of


the route, go to the Tour de France website. Later in the programme


we'll be looking at the star riders, and the local ones to look out for.


Other news now, and a man who was attacked in his garage yesterday


afternoon has been named. 67`year`old Leonard Flower was


pronounced dead at the scene in Carnegie Gardens in Luton. A man has


been arrested in connection with his murder.


Carnegie Gardens lies in a leafy part of Luton, a suburban mass of


well`kept gardens, hanging baskets, and neat, roomy houses. But today, a


police cordoned marks the tragedy that happened here yesterday


afternoon when 67`year`old Leonard flower, a retired computer analyst,


was savagely attacked as he tidied his garage. It was a woman


delivering leaflets who found him and raise the alarm. The emergency


services came very quickly, but it was too late. What is so shocking is


that his wife was in the house the whole time and only became of aware


of what was happening when she heard sirens and saw paramedics outside.


Police say the family, including their two grown`up daughters, have


been asked to be left alone to deal with the grief and shock of what has


been happened. Tributes have been left here for Leonard. In this area,


everyone knows everyone, so to find out that one of our friends has been


killed is just terrible. In this area, there has never been anything


like this before. It has shaken the whole neighbourhood. It is


unbelievable. This is a quiet area. Last night, a 35`year`old man was


arrested in Warwickshire on suspicion of murder, and is being


questioned at Luton police station. Detectives say they have no clear


motive for this crime and asked anyone with information to contact


them. MPs in Bedfordshire have today


raised further concerns about a federation which runs a group of


academies free schools across the county and Hertfordshire. Barnfield


Federation is currently under investigation by the Skills Funding


Agency and the Department for Education.


Barn Field has created something of an education empire in this region.


Its approach to reforming schools was even praised by the Education


Secretary Michael Gove two years ago. The new studio school is making


sure that people who have a real aptitude for hands`on educational


have a really aspirational place in which to experience great teaching


and to allow their schools to develop. So, who and what is the


Barnfield federation? It was formed in 2007 when it took over to failing


schools, converting them into academies. Barnfield now has eight


schools, with five in Luton. Now it is being investigated by two


government departments. There has been an allegation made financial


mismanagement. It is the allegation I passed on to the Department for


Education, but it is really important, with everything else that


is going on around free schools and academies, that Michael Gove steps


up to the plate and look at this issue in detail. The Prime Minister


has even been asked to widen the investigation, saying it should also


look at White Barnfield's application to turn into a free


school collapsed. With the Prime Minister use his good offices to


ensure that the failed free school application is incorporated into


this inquiry? The Barnfield federation said the investigation


relates to this place, the Barnfield College, and not any of its


academies. They also went on to point out that the investigation


relates to the previous management here, and have nothing to do with


the standards of education. Barnfield also points out that the


college has significant cash reserves and is financially viable,


so. And pupils, despite this investigation, it is business as


usual. Three people have been arrested by


police investigating a wine scam operating from Milton Keynes. They


believe almost 200 victims have lost more than ?3 million. The company


claimed it was selling fine wine as an investment over several years.


But the wine had never been made. Raids were carried out by Thames


Valley Police early today at two properties in Essex. Officers


arrested a 22`year`old man, a 23`year`old woman, and a 47`year`old


man on suspicion of fraud and money`laundering. Police say a


company called worldwide wine investments, based in Milton Keynes,


claimed to have been offering customers the opportunity to invest


in fine wine from Bordeaux. The firm marketed itself nationally, with


advertisements in the Telegraph and had printed brochures and a website.


Investigating officers say the company had been carrying out its


business from rented space in this office block in Milton Keynes. They


say many victims were elderly, and had been cold called by the firm and


persuaded to invest. In total, police say victims have lost more


than ?3 million. Some paid out large sums from their pension funds. It


was sophisticated. They set up a scheme whereby the wine was being


imported from France, so people were invested in it before it was bottle.


People had a long wait before they realised their investment.


Meanwhile, the minute left the country and beat suspects left the


offices. The arrests are the first in connection with what police are


calling a serious financial fraud. Officers are now trying to trace the


money that they believe worldwide wine investments made, but suspect


much of this may have been transferred abroad. Please say that


while the operation was run out of Milton Keynes, that victims are


based all over the country, and that more may yet come forward.


Eight people have been treated for injuries after a crash on the M on


the Bedfordshire ` Buckinghamshire border. It happened on the


northbound carriageway between junctions 13 and 14, and involved a


lorry and two cars. The motorway was closed in both directions.


And there have been problems for Greater Anglia rail passengers


between Cambridge and London Liverpool Street this afternoon


Overhead lines were damaged between Sawbridgeworth and Bishops


Stortford, closing the line altogether. It meant long delays and


cancellations. The lines were reopend just before 6pm but there


are knock`on delays. A section of Bletchley Park which


has been derelict for decades is to reopen as a new visitor centre


thanks to an American internet security company. McAfee has signed


a five`year deal with the World War Two code`breaking site to help


develop it as a centre for educational excellence. Workshops


will be run at the new Computer Learning Zone to educate visitors


about the ever`evolving cyber threat. It's part of the ongoing


restoration better. `` rate the care. Specialist


dementia and nursing care here is quoted as ?750 per week.


Also coming up: Who do watch out for when the best


cyclist in the world come here for the Tour de France.


Why drivers are being forced to pay the price of four lost parking. ``


for careless parking. A schoolboy from Milton Keynes has


become one of the first children in the world to undergo a transplant


operation using a pioneering technique.


Mohammed Ahmed was chosen because he needed a life saving bone marrow


transplant. What makes this treatment special is that you don't


need a perfect cell match and that could solve the problem of a


shortage of donors. Helen Drew has been to the Great


Ormond Street Hospital for our special report tonight.


Enjoying a family afternoon in the playground but life has not always


been so upbeat for this family. Mohamed Gedo four, waited years for


a bone transplant. `` Muhammed, four. He has a weak immune system,


as did his sister. He has become the second child in the world to try a


new bone marrow transplant technique with his dad as a donor. They said


to me, this treatment is the only home otherwise he could die. So we


have not got a choice. We were just hoping and praying to God that he


will get better. The treatment was carried out as part of a study at


Great Ormond Street Hospital, along with the Institute Of Child Health.


It allows the use of cells that are not a perfect match. The doctors


take donated cells and engineers safety switch so that once the cells


are put in the patient body, if they attack the body because they are not


a patient match, they can effect be killed off. That will have


applications beyond this particular study for other conditions. Some


types of leukaemia, when some of those conditions are not treated


with normal chemotherapy and need extra treatment. There is a whole


bunch of studies in the pipeline, not just here but across the adult


centres also, using the same platform of technology and the


expertise that we have developed. For Mohammed Afroz family, it has


been a success. He is taking his medication but a minimal amount to


keep him better. `` Muhammed and his family. Otherwise, he is fine. He is


all right. It is only a trial at the moment but the hope is that this new


technique will help with donor shortages so that children like him


not have to wait years for potentially life`saving operations.


Let's return to our top story now ` the announcement that next summer's


Tour de France will pass through our region. On Monday seventh July, the


huge convoy will race from Cambridge through Essex and into London. Of


course, the last two champions were from this country. Chris Froome won


it this year and Sir Bradley Wiggins in 2012. So who are the hot tips for


next year? This from Tom Williams. The Tour de France, the world's


greatest annual sporting event. Next year, the 101st edition returning to


these shores for the fourth time in a race the Brits have started to


dominate. For me, it feels like a real privilege to have the tour


coming to the UK. Going there as a defending champion, if you like. I


was bowled over this year at the support we had in France so I can


only imagine what it is going to be like. It is going to be massive.


only imagine what it is going to be Chris Froome unquestionably OBD man


to beat in 2014. Unflappable, , en route to winning this year. Cool


under pressure and in the spotlight. For his opponents, no


apparent weakness. Yes, I think definitely Chris Froome is again


favourite but maybe also Rodriguez. He is now established as Team Sky's


number one rider. However, Sir Bradley Wiggins could yet hold out


`` help out. The two men have won the last two editions of the tour.


It is unlikely there will be `` he will be ``. `` make up for Alberto


Contador, winner of five grand jurors. Of course, Britain's Mark


Cavendish, 25 stage wins putting him third on the all`time list. For the


Tour de France to visit the UK for the second time in my career is


something I could not have imagined. To be an ambassador, it is a great


honour and I would love to be successful there. The world's


greatest riders cycling the streets in this region. You won't need a


ticket. A short while ago, I spoke to Ann


Naylor from Essex County Council. She is the Cabinet Member for Public


Health Wellbeing and is involved in planning for the Tour de France.


She is delighted the race is coming to Essex.


It is already a classic. It occurs and so many calendars and pitches of


Essex. It just is the prettiest place in the world. It has a duck


pond, a church, a slanting green. It is just such a pretty place.


Millions of people will be watching on television and a lot of people


will be watching live. Have you thought about the safety? Of course.


We had a great history for the safety aspects being covered for the


Olympic Games, we were in combination with the city of London


and other forces while the Olympics were on in Stratford. We also have


the white`water rafting and the mountain biking. The safety aspects


were always on our mind. Have you put a value on this, how much you


think it is worth to the county? No, we have not. It is really very


difficult to quantify. It will not cost us anything in absolute terms.


It is a self funding organisation. We just think that people will have


a jolly good time. There will be marketing opportunities,


opportunities for people to stay, to eat, to enjoy Essex. I think it is a


great thing that is happening to us. You are the Cabinet Minister for


health and well`being, how is the cycle race going to help you? Heart


of the East of `` ethos of public health is that people should look


after themselves and seeing people being active is a very important


part of public health. We would encourage everybody to take up sport


and to be active and to improve their general health. It is very


important to me. Will you turn out and watches as it goes through? And


hopeful! and watches as it goes through? And


watch it as it goes through. If you're going to be involved, we


would like to hear from you. You can phone or a nail or contact us


through Twitter or Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you. `` a


nail. There are claims today that hundreds


of drivers have been fined for offences in a council`run car park


because they were forgetful or a bit careless. The scale of the fines in


the market Town of Sudbury in Suffolk has been made known under


the Freedom of Information act. The main offences were for people


not displaying a ticket in their windscreen ` even though parking is


free for the first three hours. And others have been forced to pay a


penalty because they didn't ` or couldn't ` park within the allocated


bays. Mike Liggins reports. The Station Road car park in Sudbury


and everything is fine. Unless, that is, you get a fine. It is actually


free to parking is car park but you do need a ticket. If you do not have


one, you will get a ticket. To explain, you get three hours free


parking but you do need a ticket putting your window. Last year, 2851


people were fined ?25 for not displaying a ticket. The reason we


know this is because David Holland, who runs a curtain shop in the town,


admitted a Freedom of Information request to the district council. We


want people to come here and spend their money. We want people to come


and visit us. It is a lovely old marketing. We need people to come


here. The last thing we want is parking regimes from the district


council which actually makes people want to stay away. That is precisely


what is happening now. Back in the car park, the car park attendant has


spotted us. Not keen to appear on TV, he takes refuge behind a tree. I


could not help noticing that you are a bit wonky. Also last year, 342


people were fined. A bit wonky. For not parking in the base properly.


Keen to stop people getting a ticket, I decided to put one or two


on the straight and narrow. It is not brilliant. You have said it


yourself. We would not want you to get a fine now, would we? No. Want


another go? I think I will. get a fine now, would we? No. Want


District Council collected ?87,000 in car parking fines last year. A


spokesperson said they would much prefer people to use it


appropriately so they did not have to give friends. A warning he did by


our friend Robert. `` give out fines.


He would make an excellent parking attendant. An alternative career!


He would make an excellent parking Sometimes. But


He would make an excellent parking Sometimes. That is not what you told


me just now. If I have a lot of time. You like to park on the line


and then you know where you are. I think I would be find all the time


at that car park. Let's have a look at the weather.


at that Good evening. We have really like


the weather last night. Mark sent us this photograph showing a lightning


bolt in the hub, just above that, in central Milton Keynes. Things did


calm down a bit more today. We have seen something conditions across the


region. There was some showers first thing. This is our satellite and


reader looking, showing the front that borders the rain. Then we for


brighter skies. `` that brought us the room. It has stayed quite windy


but they have now eased and they will continue to do so overnight.


Whether clear skies and light winds, that means we are in for a chilly


night from last May. Temperatures certainly getting down into single


figures across the board. `` last night. The chance of mist and fog


forming into tomorrow. They will be quite isolated. These are the


typical temperatures we can expect in towns and cities. Certainly, I'd


no country said, it could let what about colder. Take a couple of


degrees of those values. In terms of winds, we have a south`westerly. ``


quite a bit colder. It is going to be a chilly start to tomorrow but


quite a fine autumn day with sunny spells and light winds. It should be


quite comfortable. Any mist and fog clearing away quite quickly and


plenty of sunshine through tomorrow morning. As we get into the


afternoon, the tendency for a bit more cloud to start to form. The


winds should stay light and it should stay dry for all tomorrow.


Temperatures getting to around 16 degrees. That is 61 Fahrenheit. The


winds clinging to a southeasterly direction but a light went for most


of the day and then we have got changes on the way. The amount of


cloud will increase from the West into the evening and overnight.


Eventually bringing a family. Some of this could be quite heavy. ``


bringing us some rain. If this is how the rain, weather is shaping up.


It is all coming in on this area of low pressure. `` this is how the


weather is shaping up. Going to keep those in strong winds into the


weekend and for the start of next week. Make the most of tomorrow. It


will be a fine day indeed. Increasing amounts of cloud later on


will bring us rain and it should clear away through Friday. It is


going to stay very windy through the day on Friday. Temperatures


climbing. Still quite mild. Some of this rain is heavy. A better


prospect of something drier, perhaps brighter, into the afternoon. At the


moment, a dry start to weaken. Still windy. Some rain turning up later on


Saturday. Some heavy showers around for Sunday. Overnight lows, don't


forget that tonight will be our chilly night but after that, we get


into double figures. We have some mild nights on the you very much.


That is it. We will see you tomorrow. Good night.




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