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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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changes to grading and assessment. That is all from


Tonight, live pictures as the region's Fire crews had just walked


out on strike. They will not return until 11pm. There are warnings to


hope `` postpone private fireworks parties. Hello and welcome to Look


East. In the programme tonight. . Burgled while she visited her


terminally ill husband, a grandmother begs for family


heirlooms to be returned. Back at the canoeing course where he


won gold, Etienne Stott looks back ` and forward.


And strong winds forecast for Saturday night. All the details


later. Good evening. It's one of their


busiest nights of the year. But right now fire`fighters across the


region are beginning a 4.5 hour strike. They're urging the public to


postpone bonfire celebrations until tomorrow. Here's what they're


striking over ` at the moment, fire`fighters retire at 55, but the


government wants to raise that to 60. Union members say it's a


physical job and forcing older fire`fighters to stay on the front


line is "unrealistic and dangerous". Ben Bland is at the station in


Cambridge where the picket line is about to form.


As you can see behind me, these firefighters have now come out on


strike along with hundreds of others right across our region. The strike


that happened back in September was at a very quiet time of the day It


was in the middle of the afternoon. Tonight, it is happily much busier


time. It is a evening, and bonfire night, people may be going to events


or planning their own things in the garden at home. It is also the last


Friday of half term. The rows will be even busier than normal. The fire


service often attends and held out a road accidents. The timing of the


strike could really put pressure on the fire service across the region


this evening. They are urging people to take extra care. Strike almost


right, the show will go on. Bedford Rugby club is getting ready to host


its fireworks display tonight. It has been five months in the planning


and they are determined not to disappoint the 4000 people they are


expecting. They are used to crowd here because of rugby matches. We


have precautions in place and they will answer my 99 map `` my 99


calls. They are happy that we go`ahead with this. Our chief safety


officer is a fireman. Across the region, contingency plans are in


effect. My 99 calls will be answered. Some Fire services will be


using part`time workers or senior offices. We have contingency cover


for the whole county but it will be based on availability. We are urging


people to be very careful considering our close we are to


bonfire night. To attend where possible organised events. For


people coming back on the roads for half term, to be particularly


careful. The rows between the Fire Brigade union and the government.


The plans are to raise the retirement age to 16. There's also a


plan to introduce a fitness test which the union believes that for


some people to retire early. We have put together one of the best hackers


years in the public sector. It is rightly generous because


firefighters perform a vital service. It will `` they will be


based on their capability. This is the second strike in six weeks and


even `` the side cannot reach agreement, there is another plan for


next week. It is a particularly cold night here but the firefighters will


be on the picket line for the next four hours until the strike finishes


at 11pm. Cars going past have been sounding their walls and support,


some of them. Firefighters in Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire


will also be taking part in the strike. Neither side is backing down


this evening. That further strike I mentioned is due to happen between


6pm and 8pm on Monday morning unless they can strike a deal in the


meantime. Keith Handscomb is from the Fire


Brigades' Union in this region. I asked him whether members could


expect the public's the board when they chose to strike on bonfire


night weekend. We were actually hoping not to go on strike at all.


But we chose the Friday night and the Sunday, or Monday morning,


because by our research, the vast number of public events will be


happening on Saturday and on November the 5th itself. So we


carefully selected the Friday and Sunday to avoid that. You say try to


not affect the bonfire weekend, but people are travelling back from half


term, it is also Halloween. There will be plenty of people out there.


Members say it is dangerous to work on the front line until 60, but


surely striking today is also dangerous. There is no good time for


an emergency front line service to go on strike. Some provisions are in


place, busy they will not be as good as the professional immediate


response is that you get from the professionals. But we also agree


that if there is a major incident, a terrorism incident, we will cause ``


call our members back. Let's talk about one of those grievances, the


retirement age. The armed forces have also had their pensions


changed, they will work till 60 why can't you? You don't see many


60`year`old soldiers operating on the front line in war zones. But


firefighters work on the operational side all the way through their


career. At the age of 60, even the government's evidence shows, that


the vast majority of firefighters face the problem of being sacked


before the age of 16 and they get their pension because of the high


level of fitness that needs to be maintained. Keith Handscomb, this is


the second time in six weeks that members have walked out, how long


are you prepared to fight for? We hope to have talks soon, we have


written to the Minister. It seems to us that the government had no


intention of changing their plans despite the public seeming to


understand that it is not reasonable or professional to have 60`year`old


firefighters. I hope they come to the table. If they do game, it could


be a long dispute. Next tonight the sheer human cost of


burglary. A pensioner from Cambridgeshire was targeted as she


was out visiting her terminally ill husband. Ann Ward's bungalow in


Impington was ransacked. The thieves got away with thousands of pounds


worth of jewellery much of it with great sentimental value. Mike


Cartwright went to meet Mrs Ward. I walked into the kitchen and


straightaway, stood on broken glass. I turned and put the light on and


obviously saw the window had been smashed in. Ann Ward had just got


home after visiting her husband Frank who is terminally ill with


cancer. A son, Darren, is disable and need constant care. And not to


deal with. And now this. Devastated, really. I don't need all this with


everything else I have got going on. She rushed to her bedroom. The room


had been ransacked. Boxes of jewellery emptied. It was all tipped


on the bed and on the floor. My jewellery was gone. A lifetime of


jewellery. That my husband had bought me over the years and that I


had bought myself and also presents from people. Precious belongings


stolen a recent spate of burglaries. A Breitling watch was stolen, a


1950s antique. Also a gold ghillie chain, and antique. Very own usual.


`` a gold did the chain. If you have seen it, get in touch with us. Had


he. `. `` had you feel about these people? As a Christian, I'm trying


not to feel bitter and horrible And have a ` Ann Ward used to feel quite


safe in this house. No longer. I left all the lights on in this


house. But I have to stay here. I will not let them get the better of


me. She is determined to get over this, otherwise, she says, the


burglars have one. `` the burglars have won.


The bomb disposal squad was called to Kettering this morning after the


discovery of several World War II devices. Northamptonshire Police say


they carried out a warrant at a house in Highfield Road where they


found the devices. A section of the road was cordoned off and two houses


evacuated. The devices were examined and found to be no threat ` no


controlled explosion was needed Ram raiders have got away with a


cash machine from a post office and convenience store in Bedfordshire.


They smashed through the wall of the shop in Clifton using a stolen JCB.


Two cars were also damaged. It's thought three people made their


escape in a stolen white pick`up truck. Police are examining CCTV and


asking witnesses to come forward. A word of congratulation to our


colleague Jonathan Vernon`Smith at BBC Three Counties Radio. He has won


a gold and silver Gillard award That's the competition which


recognises the best in BBC local radio.


goal is simple, inspire and energise them to do more.


Still to come, the experts give their verdict on this week's big


storm. Plus remember our Olympic games


venue, it gets ready for a weekend of white water action.


Next tonight, the small European state of Macedonia. It's a


land`locked country of two million people and it's where Mother Teresa


was born. John Toshack used to manage the country's football team


and it's one of the latest countries to apply to join the European Union.


That application has sparked a wider debate about the future direction of


the European Union. Does that matter to us here in the East of England?


Well yes, according to one of our leading Euro MPs. Tonight's special


report is from our political correspondent Andrew Sinclair.


This is Macedonia. It is part of the former Yugoslavia. The capital is


and the main industries here are food and chemical production. It has


32% unemployment and a third of people live below the poverty line.


In a few years time, Macedonia could be part of the EU. As Europe has


grown, trade has grown and we are all more prosperous. Every family in


the east of England is more wealthy because of us trading in Europe. He


has been chosen by the European powers to oversee Macedonia's


application. He points out that Johnson already has a production


plant in the country. He is sure that more firms will benefit.


Neighbouring countries of Montenegro, Serbia, Iceland are all


applying for EU membership. At the European Parliament, not everyone is


happy. Some feel Europe is getting too big. We welcome the principle of


enlargement, but before we get onto enlarging it any longer, we need to


sort it out. We need a fundamental reshaping and bring about great


change in the EU. These are poor countries, there are 100 million


population in those countries who would be entitled to come to the


rest of Europe, including the UK. Also, the idea that you can make


poor countries rich and make us richer by trading with them is a


circular argument. Why does all this matter? With European elections


approaching, there is a big debate about what the EU is ready for and


what it should look like in the future. Should it continue to expand


and provide more opportunities, particularly for business and


travel? Macedonia's application is bog down in a row with Greece. It'll


still be some time before it joins the EU. In fact, depending on our


referendum, they could be joining just as Britain is leading. ``


believing. And you can see a round`up of the


week's political news from the region on this weekend's edition of


Sunday Politics. It's at eleven o'clock this Sunday, here on BBC


One. This time last year, Ipswich Town


were in the doldrums and there was unrest on the stands. But then,


exactly a year ago today, the club appointed Mick McCarthy as its new


manager. Since then, Town's fortunes have been on the up. And for the


first time in years they can start to dream about promotion to the


Premier League. Tonight, Ipswich take on Barnsley at Portman Road.


Let's go there now and join our sports reporter James Burridge.


That old sporting cliche, what a difference a year makes. It could


not be more true here. Look at a few facts. One year ago, they were seven


points clear of safety at the bottom of the Championship, now they are


seven points from the play`offs. Can fans start to dream?


Unorthodox entrance, but after 12 months, Mick McCarthy has Ipswich


heading the right way. I could not resist it. After a rocky few years.


Welcome to Portman Road. A year to the day since replacing Paul, with


Ipswich in real trouble. it is a great time at. Are you proud of what


you have achieved? I guess so. I think at the end of last season,


there was a sense of achievement. Last year has been good. It has been


very exciting. Frustrating, annoying, sometimes. It was a


success considering where we were last year. This year, we're doing


OK. Should be doing better. He boasts an impressive record since


taking charge, 46 games, 19 wins, 12 draws, 69 points in all. It carried


that would have earned them a place in the top six last season. 13 games


into the new campaign, whilst not in promotion form, they are comfortably


mid`table. Much better than expected. He has come and the main


thing is he has put a smile on the face of the players and the


supporters. The results have been mixed, but they are an improvement


on a year ago. Is their pressure on him to deliver promotion sooner


rather than later? The fans are the biggest pressure gauge for us. Yes,


there is pressure to achieve. But there is an understanding that what


he has done with the team, we have the right team and there are always


improvements we can make. We have the right team and that has been


proved in the results and why should we not go up at the end of the


season? Having inherited an ageing squad, it has been a period of


transition. 20 of the club's 28 professionals are under 25. It is a


healthier, happier place to be. Let's speak to a legend and get his


insights. Mick Mills joins us. Mick, the past 12 months, how would you


describe them? They have been superb. I think he was the right


choice at the time. He has done what everyone expected him to do. Do fans


have to be realists? Is the Premier League a dream too far? To be this


year. One step at a time. What he has done in one year is tremendous.


He has organised the defence, first of all, he has a solid unit, players


are happy playing under him and the results are steady. Whether he can


push this team into the play`offs, I am unsure. He may not be getting the


Republic of Ireland job, so that some consistency. I hope not, from


Mick's personal point of view, it may have been nice to be asked, a


couple of weeks ago, it was serious stuff, now I think he will stay.


Thank goodness for that. Coverage with Mick and the Suffolk team on


BBC Radio Suffolk at 7:45pm. We remember the gold medal in the


canoeist `` canoeing. I have been back with him where he won that


amazing gold medal with his partner, Tim Bailey. You will find some of


the world's best canoeists, . It is the hardest course of the


world. Any one section would probably be the hardest in any other


course. This is continuous, intense. You have to be positive and clear


minded. If you start to timidly, it'll be a mistake. He starts to


aggressively that can be a mistake. Just over 100 of the world's best


canoeists will be here at the weekend, some starting for the first


time, some champions. With the world Championships coming up, this is


vital practice time. It is a good course. I won the last Olympic games


here. For me, it is the best course in the world. It is a difficult


course, but... A little bit further on, you can see the big drop behind


me, that is probably the most significant test on the course. You


are always trying to get the precision, a small difference can be


a big difference after the drop. Two years ago, 16`year`old George


Cooper was just passing by a canoe club. My dad asked me if I wanted to


have a go. I spoke to one of the people, through on St Kitts and had


a go. When was that? About two years ago. It is incredible that I am now


competing. It is one of the steepest and shortest courses in the world.


The rough and tumble of these waters will soon sort out the old hands


from the young pretenders. The skill is to anticipate and take account of


the water and harness the water. It is about gaining the power, so much


energy in this water, if you can tap into that, you will zip along. Good


luck to all those competing. If you want to go, it is free to watch.


Good luck to Northampton Saints' five players who will be taking on


Australia tomorrow. You can catch up on BBC Three if you cannot watch it


live. We have an update on our top story.


Fire crews in the London area are being recalled to work in response


to a major fire in Dagenham in Essex.


Weather experts and the power companies said today they were


pleased with the way they anticipated and then dealt with the


storm which hit our region on Monday. Engineers have spent the day


continuing to re`connect homes. Tonight, just a handful are believed


to be still without power. The storm was called St Jude, after the patron


saint of lost causes. In this report from Mike Liggins we ask, just how


severe was the storm? And how effective was the operation? Suffolk


counts the cost of the heavy winds. Monday the 28th of October, a date


likely to live long in the memory for many. The M11, blocked by an


overturned lorry, a terrified driver described what happened The wind was


pulling me all over the place. I felt the wind got underneath the


lorry and it took off. It was an exceptional storm. The interesting


thing about this one is that it was very well forecast. I was told how


forecasters get its spent on `` spot on and how a stinging jet, comes


behind the lower area of low pressure, does the damage. it comes


from high up in the ad for cashback atmosphere, it produces really


strong gusts. You get a `` and area that started west of London and then


tracks north eastwards into Essex and Suffolk. There was an intense,


but very brief period of strong gusts. That is what caused most of


the damage. The high winds caused chaos. It was a miserable start for


those using the East Coast mainline. They said there was nothing until


9am. Do you wish you had run trains earlier? No, I think... Some of you


thought that question was unfair. Ruth said...


The train problems went on into Tuesday and by Wednesday people in


the elite of Rockwell were still without power. I was here in 1987.


That report commented Nicky Cook e`mail...


The last time we had a big storm was 2007 and we had about 450,000 of


supply. This time, we have 700,000 of supply and they were back. That


shows how quickly we have improved. Monday's storm was not as severe as


the storm of 1987. The period of strong winds in that... It lasted


quite a lot longer. In this particular storm, on Monday, the


Saint Jude's storm produced a period of maybe less than an hour when the


winds were most damaging. For many, the storm brought delay,


inconvenience, even temporary hardship. Thanks to the efforts of


forecasters, engineers, and call centre workers, it could have been


much worse. Thank goodness it wasn't. Let's have


a look at the weather. It won't be as windy as Monday. A


series of low pressure areas that will bring us rain and strong winds.


Not heavy rain this evening, instead we will have a lot of cloud, maybe


some bits of patchy rain and some persistent rain after midnight. It


will stay mild with lows of nine Celsius. The wind also between


north`westerly direction by the end of the night. We start tomorrow with


this pressure system heading in our direction. We get rid of that low,


this is the next one. The rain on this low is not the real concern.


The strength of wind is. As it pulls away, the winds will strengthen.


Looking in detail at the day, it looks as though it is a mostly dry


start, there is a lot of cloud around first thing and then we will


see the sunshine. Those winds. To strengthen into the afternoon,


coming on a south`westerly wind and they could blow in some heavy


showers for the afternoon. Temperatures climbing to 14


Celsius. Into the afternoon and evening, that is where they are


likely to be less longest. There could be heavy. The winds may gusts.


We could get up to 40 mph and they will continue to be strong


overnight. Bonfire night celebrations, not the best night for


the strength of the wind. As the low spins away, that is when the winds


will be strong. For your bonfire night on Saturday, expect some


strong winds, it will feel quite cool and it will certainly have a


chance of showers. Then we get to Sunday. It will still be quite windy


for Sunday. There will be some sunny spells, just the chance of a shower,


but most showers for Monday would be quite isolated. Certainly feeling


chilly in the brisk wind. Then we have another low pressure system


arriving on Sunday night. That will bring some overnight rain.


Particularly across the southern and eastern half of the region. Some


rain to clear the first thing on Monday, still quite a cool, chilly


day with highs of nine Celsius, but some sunny spells developing with


winds coming from a northerly direction, feeling cool. The next


low`pressure arrives on Tuesday, that will mean rain, milder


temperatures, but not before we have some very cold nights. That is all


from us, have a grey weekend. Goodbye. `` did begin.


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