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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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A Northampton soldier blinded in one eye in Afghanistan pleads guilty to


causing the death of his baby daughter. Poppy sales up, but


membership of the British Legion is crashing. What happens when the old


guard are gone? Most of our members are pension age. About the 70s by


the 80s. All eyes on the FA Cup as aid of our non`league sides battle


it out in the first round. I will have news of a chilly weekend


weather forecast. Good evening. He was a soldier who lost an eye in


Afghanistan who survived an attack only by playing dead, but today


Lance Corporal Liam Culverhouse admitted causing the death of his


own daughter. Khloe Adams died last year after being assaulted and


suffering a severe drama. Her father has been warned he faces a


significant jail sentence. Mark Francois left `` Liam Culverhouse


left court today on bail after pleading guilty to causing the death


of his child. His daughter was treated by doctors but never covered


gas recovered. She died as a result of severe trauma, caused by an


assault that happened in May, 2 11 when she was only seven weeks old.


She was taken to Northampton General Hospital and treated by doctors for


a year and a half. In November, last year, she died at children's Hospice


aged 19 months. The injury to the former Lance Corporal's I was one of


16 soldiers ambushed at a checkpoint in Helmand province. Six of his


comrades were injured and five were killed. He said he had to pretend to


be dead to stay alive. A gunman was standing over him while he lay


injured on the ground. He was medically discharged from the Army


in April. He was told by the judge he is facing a substantial jail


sentence. We will learn more about the circumstances around Khloe


Adams's death next year. Until then her father is under curfew and


cannot spend time with children unaccompanied. A mother has told how


she fell asleep while her partner was feeding their seven`week`old son


and when she woke up the baby was dead. In a statement read to


Nottingham Crown Court Jackqueline Parker told police that if she did


not do it, it must have been her partner Adam Kightley, but she did


not blame him. Baby Jamie died in hospital last year after having


suffered 40 injuries. The couple both deny his murder. Police have


dropped their investigation into alleged physical and sexual abuse at


an orphanage in Bedfordshire. The former residents of Saint Francis


boys' home in Shefford have been told there is no one alive left to


prosecute. The abuse happened in the 50s and 60s. It is more than 40


years since these men were children at the Catholic run Saint Francis


boys' home. They say there are painful memories of physical abuse,


but now they have learnt a police investigation into the allegations


will be closed. Former residents have been told, a decision was made


that as those suspects traced have died, the investigation cannot be


taken any further as there are no living people to prosecute. The case


will now be closed and only reopened if living suspects are traced. The


home has now closed. A group of former residents went back at the


weekend before they knew the investigation was closing. Tony


Walsh claims he was sexually and physically abused by one of the


priests. He hit me so hard the back of my head hit a door frame and


split open. He punched me in the stomach and I fell to the floor and


he kicked me whilst I was on the floor. He says his abuser was Father


John Ryan he was arrested but never charged ten years ago. He has since


died. The suspects had included four nuns who have also died and two


other suspects who cannot be located. Former residents say they


are saddened and disgusted by the decision to close the investigation


and they are now taking a civil case against the Catholic Church. A


spokesman for the Northamptonshire diocese says it's deeply regrets any


hurt caused but stressed the claims are not proven. Earlier I spoke to a


former resident, David Cox, who was at the home from the age of 9`1 . It


is over a period of time, it is the sheer physical force and violence


that was meted out in the form of punishment. I was caned up to the


point of bleeding. I was punched at various times and lifted off my feet


by a father, a priest in charge of us at the time. How do you feel


about the fact the police have now decided to close their


investigation? I am disappointed, I am very disappointed. This is the


fourth enquiries since 1995 that the piece have conducted. Once I


realised it was impossible to prosecute the dead people, it always


seems as if they have got away with it. We do not know for sure that all


the suspects are dead now because we believe the police investigation has


not been as far as it should have been. There are names that have been


given to the police and statements on various boys naming names of


staff members who we believe I still alive and the police have never


traced them and have never confirmed whether they are dead or alive. The


Catholic Church says all the allegations are unproven, although


they say they are sorry for any distress or harm that has been


caused. What would you like to hear them say to you tonight? I think a


very important step for the Catholic Church would be for the Bishop of


Northampton, whose jurisdiction this came under, to meet a delegation of


the old boys. At this moment in time we have just had the one statement


from the church saying we are sorry about any that may have happened,


but it is not proven, so that is it. It has been damning in its silence.


What had been the effects of what you went through on the rest of your


life from being at the home? One of the things is trusting people. As a


child you trust the adults around you. Once that trust has been


breached it becomes even difficult even in later life to trust people


to that extent. I think also as well with some of the older people, or


some of the other boys I have met at reunions, some have been affected


psychologically in really bad ways. Everybody handles it differently.


That is for sure. Either you come out of it very strong or a very


weak. David Cox. The Independent police complaints commission have


announced they are conducting a criminal investigation into the


death of a man in police custody in Luton. 39`year`old Leon Briggs was


held at Luton police station on Monday when he became ill. He was


taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead. Family and friends


have been protesting outside the police station this afternoon.


Remembrance Sunday and the Poppy appeal, the biggest event of the


year of the Royal British Legion. But in some parts of this region the


organisation is in decline. Ranchers have closed and membership is down.


I am at the Suffolk Regiment Museum in Bury Saint Edmunds in all that


remains of the old barracks. They were amalgamated with the Royal


Anglian Regiment in 1964, but it is a great place to reflect on past


sacrifices. Let's look at the Royal British Legion. As Kettering


prepares to remember it's fallen there are also cause not to forget


the British Legion. Andy Smith is the chairman. At 58 he is the


youngest member of his branch. In fact, there are just four of them.


Most of them are pension age, late 70s or early 80s. We want to get


somebody younger to organise things and get more actively involved. With


so few members, the Royal British Legion struggled to find a


standard`bearer for services. With the British Legion short of numbers


and everything else, Andy has contacted me to help him out. In


neighbouring Corby things are different. Here they have close to


50 members, the youngest is just 19. It is important the younger


generation are involved with poppies due to the fact that my family


members, my dad, my uncle and my partner have all been in the Army


and the forces. My grandad is a veteran and fit and healthy at the


age of 92. The Royal British Legion was founded in 1921. Branches and


clubs were set up across the country. In recent years many have


vanished and recruiting members has become a challenge. In Corby the


annual Poppy shop has become a focal point. In that respect we are


fortunate because we moved into the ex`servicemen 's club. But the more


we get out there, the more we can bring people in. In Kettering the


local army cadets have stepped in to help with Sandy's remembrance


service. It is hoped they can breathe new life into this


historical Association. There are lots of ceremonies taking place


across the region on Sunday, including a service of remembrance


at the conversation `` conservation Hall at the Imperial War Museum and


in Peterborough as well at the war memorial. Then the Mayor will lead a


procession to Peterborough Cathedral.


There is criticism tonight of Vodafone for failing to provide 3G


coverage to customers in sparsely populated areas like the fans. The


regulatory body off, has ordered the company to upgrade services or face


a penalty. North Norfolk and areas like the fans of Cambridgeshire are


pretty badly served by mobile coverage and people rely on mobile


telephones for all sorts of matters, such as business or just socially.


Why should they suffer? The NHS in Corby is asking people to go to a


indeed genuinely in only life`threatening cases. It wants


people to use an urgent care centre which has been given


years. The figures reflect the impact of the Government's attempt


to slim down the armed forces. Colchester still remains the largest


military base in the region. Still to come: A clear out of the


loft in Suffolk which uncovered precious wartime memories.


News is coming in tonight of a climb`down by one of our new police


commissioners over his expenses. BBC Online News revealed this morning


that the Norfolk Commissioner Stephen Bett had been claiming


expenses for his journey to work. That drew a response from the


Justice Minister, who said he wanted the matter settled quickly. Mr Bett


said his expenses were above board, but admitted some people might think


it was wrong. Today's revelations come a year after the commissioners


were elected to run our police forces. Our political correspondent,


Andrew Sinclair, reports. Stephen bet is the region's only independent


Police and Crime Commissioner, something he has always been very


proud of. He cares about the reputation of the force. This is why


he has moved so fast to end this controversy. An investigation for


the Sunday Politics programme reveals he claimed more than ?3000


in the last nine months for mileage between his home and his


headquarters. No other Police Commissioner in the region claims


for such mileage. He says he regards his main base at his home so he is


therefore doing nothing wrong. I am very happy that what I do is my job


wherever that is in the county. Critics have questioned whether this


is OK. They pointed out that the Inland Revenue does not recognise,


to work mileage. If they are not tax allowable I cannot see why they


should be reimbursed by the Police Commissioner either. The justice


minister said this controversy must be resolved quickly so as not to


damage public confidence. At the same time, Mr Bennett says he will


be paying back the money and no longer claiming mileage. All of this


comes on the anniversary of PCC 's. Many people are still unsure about


this role and the controversy on expenses will do nothing to improve


confidence in the public. He said that I am very aware that


headline such as these could easily tarnish the reputation of police in


Norfolk and that is the last thing I would want. So, he is not happy


about having to pay back this money. But he is putting the job first


because it is a job he really likes and he thinks that he is making a


difference and wants this to go away quickly.


The subject of police commissioners is one of the topics being covered


on this weekend's edition of Sunday Politics. It's on Sunday, on BBC One


at the later time of 12:25. In the sport a lot of small teams are


hoping for a bit of luck. It is a nail`biting time for Kenny


's fans. He's the man under the microscope.


Chris Hughton's future is in sharp focus, with Norwich in the Premier


League relegation zone. He made the point at yesterday's press


conference that they've had a tricky run of games, making the rest of


November crucial. This is what's in store: West Ham tomorrow, followed


by Newcastle away, then Crystal Palace at home. But the manager's


keeping calm. I speak with the Chief Executive and


the Board on a regular basis and they're very supportive because


we're all pushing in the right direction and what we musn't do is


set the alarm bells ringing. The value of winning a couple of games


can see a League position change quite dramatically and when that


happens it's a completely different picture. So we're very much looking


at the positives here. Fair point. Victory at Carrow Road


could see Norwich move as high as 15th, above tomorrow's opponents,


West Ham, and Fulham and Stoke. Norwich are far from cut adrift. The


players say they're right behind the manager.


Every game we go out and want to do well and pick up wins. It's been


unfortunate with the result last week and there's been a bit of


backlash on the manager and on the players, but at the end of the day


we are the players that go over the white line and it's down to us to


put in a performance and do right by him.


The region's non league clubs have the chance to make the headlines


this weekend in the first round of the FA Cup. Eight sides are still in


it. Northamptonshire's Daventry Town are one of the lowest ranked teams


left. They're at Chesterfield ` playing a league side for the first




This is a timely reminder that football is not just about


millionaires in the Premier League. All of these plays have done a day


's shift before coming here tonight. Daventry are a club on a roll. The


going into uncharted territory in the FA Cup. It is the first time we


have been with properly opposition. It is a first since 1886. Daventry


are indebted to local businessmen who saved the club after a fire.


Underdogs always do it in the FA Cup! Nothing can faze them. This is


the skipper, who leaves tarmac by Dave. We have made money for the


club so if we can win this week could earn some serious money. The


chairman has invested a lot of money in the club. I don't think we will


get to Wembley but I am looking forward to it. They are ready to


stand up and be counted. It is not a time for the week. It is a time for


strong characters because this will be tough. Anything can happen. The


players have a lot of confidence. A cheque for ?18,000 is at stake for


the winner. It is a chance to play a giant which makes this so special.


The rest of our league sides are in Cup action except Ipswich Town,


who've today signed former Reading midfielder Stephen Hunt until


January. The move sees him re`united with his former Wolves boss Mick


McCarthy. Hunt is available for tomorrow's trip to Blackpool in the


Championship. Now a third of the England squad


facing Argentina in the rugby tomorrow are from this region, the


majority from Northampton Saints. Ben Foden's called up on the wing,


Lee Dickson at scrum`half plus hooker Dylan Hartley. Lawes and Wood


keep their places with fit`again Alex Corbisiero on the bench.


Cambridge's Alex Goode and Tom Youngs from Norfolk make it eight


players in all. They are a very good team, a very


passionate and strong team. Yet seen in the Rugby Championship they have


pushed through all those teams very close. So you can't look past any of


these games, we know it's going to be a real tough game. That's it.


Full previews to all this weekend's games on the BBC Sport website and


much more too. When Steve Skinner from Suffolk had


a sort out in his loft recently, he came across an old suitcase which


belonged to his late father. When he opened it up, he was astonished to


find it contained a treasure trove of old letters and poems. It also


included his father's war`time diary. In a carefully written hand,


he detailed the futility of the war and his hope that his own son would


never have to fight. On the weekend when Britain pauses to remember,


Kevin Burch reports on one man's innermost thoughts when the country


was at war. One day he just walked into the


house and said I have joined up. That was 1944. And of course, war


broke out. He decided to do his bit. Steve Skinner remembers sales that


his father told about North Africa in 1844 will stop but it was only


when the suitcase was found that all those stories became very real.


Moments of humour like the time his patrol sought cover overnight in a


bar in. `` in a barn. 30 million Germans couldn't find him but one


spider gave him a hard time in the garden! He jotted down his thoughts


in this book. They are brilliant and beautiful, especially those


dedicated to his wife. On that glorious Armistice Day we will be


together and enjoy yourselves. It makes me sad, happy and proud. How


deadly the sound of a reeking done. And B Spitfire two.


I wonder if the millions of people who have died, do their families


have memories like I do here? These are priceless. Let's get the weather


now. Good evening. You may well get


caught in the rain if you are heading out tonight. For the eastern


parts of Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex there is no rain to come this


evening. It will look dry after midnight. Temperatures will drop


fairly low. It will be quite a chilly night. We might see some


grass frost. It should be bright and dried to start with two morrow. Some


heavy pulses of rain will move into the afternoon. It will be cold


tomorrow. A light to moderate south`westerly wind. It is looking


dry overnight. A cold night for tomorrow night with widespread frost


for the region. It will be a glorious autumn start to Remembrance


Sunday. Beyond that, we will see more rain overnight, Sunday into


Monday. A wet start to next week. Julie for the weekend but dry and


sunny for Sunday. Temperatures may start to bounce back. The night


might not be quite so chilly on Monday. More information on our


website. I am going to Shanghai on Monday for


a special programme. For now, have a good weekend. Goodbye.


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