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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Hello, and welcome to Look East Our top stories tonight: In Luton, a


warning that tension could turn to violence, following the death of a


man in police custody. That and the rest of today's top stories.


"I didn't harm my son." The words of a Northampton father on trial for


killing his newborn baby. Lest we forget ` thousands stand


silent for Armistice Day. In the last half hour, five police


officers have been suspended in connection with the death of a man


in police custody in Luton. Leon Briggs died a week ago today, and


there's a warning tonight that his death is leading to mounting tension


in the town. In a moment, we'll be hearing from a community leader in


Luton ` first, this report from Ben Bland.


Leon Briggs, aged 38, described as kind, loyal, intelligent, and


caring. In the weeks since he died, tributes have been left outside the


police station. Last Monday, he was brought here, detained under the


Mental Health Act, but while in custody, he died. Officers had


restrained him at this junction Some nearby saw the events unfold. I


just thought it was a normal arrest. I thought the way they drove off


with him in a van was a bit erratic. He kept shouting that the


cuffs were too tight. Other than that, there was constant screaming,


which was strange. I had to instruct my windows. The IPCC is now asking


any witnesses to come forward. They are treating this as a criminal


investigation, looking at whether the police acted unlawfully.


Tonight, police will meet community groups here to respond to questions


and concerns about what happened. Meanwhile, a charity supporting


Leon's family also wants answers. I'm deeply shocked by this death. He


was a vulnerable young man in need of protection, and I think it raises


some very worrying questions about mental health and policing, that


need to be very seriously scrutinised. The police watchdog is


now investigating what happened here on the 4th of November. They are


looking at the events that led up to the death of Leon Briggs. Crucially,


they are looking at whether or not there was any wrongdoing by


Bedfordshire Police. But the community in Luton has more


questions than those, and tonight, there'll be a meeting to address


them. It's been organised by Non`Violence Alliance, who exist to


stop conflict turning into violence. I asked Yvonne Sinclair why she


thought Leon's death might lead to that.


There is then lots of incidents all over the country where things like


this have happened and we have seen violins, and we don't want that


here. There are rumblings within the community, and we don't want any


other issues taking away the emphasis off of this case. We would


rather keep it peaceful and give the community an option to speak their


views, their concerns, now, rather than taking it into their own hands


and doing something that would not be palatable to the community. So


what are the questions that the community want answered? There are


many, and I know that safety is one of those. Another question would be


about what denotes unusual behaviour with somebody being arrested, and


what policies and procedures are there in place when for noble


people, who do show signs of mental illness `` vulnerable people, what


other policies and procedures that go with that? How are you going to


make sure that this meeting eases tension is and does not inflame


them? Well, this is about explaining, and even if we don't


have answers, it is better to tell people we don't have the answers at


the moment, but we are working on them than to just be silent. I think


silence makes it worse, because it looks like no one cares. I think by


having this meeting, it will help Luton, rather than hinder it.


Tonight, Bedfordshire's Chief Constable has issued a statement


saying the suspension of the five officers in no way jumps to any


conclusion about the outcome of the IPCC investigation, but ensures


neutrality and transparency. "I didn't harm my son." The words of


a Northampton father on trial for killing his newborn baby. Jamie


Kightley was 7`weeks`old when he died from multiple injuries. Both


his father and his mother are accused of his murder. Louise


Hubball was in court. 24`year`old Adam Kightley told the


jury that baby Jamie had been on planned, but he had been ecstatic to


become a father. He told them he never did anything to harm him. He


said he had drunk to harm him. He said he had drunk two beers and had


two smokes of cannabis that day At the hows the couple shared, Adam


Kightley said he bathed and to call for feeding Jamie that night. When


he woke up, he said the baby looked very quite, and he got his partner


Jacqueline. The QC defending Jacqueline Parker asked, why didn't


you cuddle him? He replied: he was then cross it `` cross


examined by the prosecution, who asked: Louise joins me now.


Adam Kightley became visibly upset at times, when he saw photographs of


Jamie's injuries. The baby's mother stared straight ahead in the dog.


Both deny murder. Louise, the court also heard from the mother. What did


she say? Jacqueline Parker sobbed as she looked at pictures of the body.


She said she was heartbroken by his death, and had never harmed her son.


She said he was how little way of sunshine, and she was proud to be


his mother. She said the night before he died, she had had a


cigarette, which could have been cannabis, but she could not


remember. She also said she had a can of beer. This is a case of two


parents accused of murder, who both deny it, and trial continues.


Plans for an East`West rail link have moved a step closer. The final


lot of funding to reopen the stretch to Bletchley and Bedford has been


confirmed. Meanwhile, the MP for Cambridge says work to complete the


so`called Varsity line could be underway within the next ten years.


It's a small but important step This evening in London,


representatives of seven councils promised to pay a total of ?45


million towards reopening the line between Bester and Bletchley. The


government has already stumped up its share, so the work will start in


the next few years. I think it's absolutely vital for all sorts of


reasons. It will reduce congestion on board, improve connections


between places like Milton Keynes, Oxford, Bedford, Aylesbury, and then


hopefully further afield. It is hoped the project will generate in


the region of 12,000 jobs. I think it will be a vital addition to the


infrastructure. For the last 30 years, there has been talk about a


direct line over to Oxford. Today this means that the best to


Bletchley Lane will be open early as 2017. Then, just the stretch between


Bedford and Cambridge will remain. Once that is completed, it will be


possible to travel to places like Stansted, Ipswich, and Norwich. The


last leg to Cambridge will cost around ?250 million. The local MP


told a conference today that the plans are so advanced, it's only a


matter of time. Once we can find a detailed route, there will be that


money to make sure it happens. Everyone can see the advantages of


having that East`West connection which means you can get to Cambridge


and Oxford very very easily. Any East`West rail line is still a good


15 years ago, but with so much political support both locally and


nationally, there is a real sense of momentum now I hate this project.


What seemed a few years ago to be an impossible dream is very slowly


becoming the other two. `` reality. Peterborough Council has promised to


meet safety campaigners following the latest river death in the Fens.


18`year`old Hannah Yates from Whittlesey died when her car plunged


into the Nene a week ago. Campaigners had already been raising


money for new safety barriers following an earlier death at the


same spot on North Bank. Now they say the council should act.


The Conservative MP for Mid Bedfordshire Nadine Dorries has


apologised to the House of Commons after failing to register how much


money she made from going on the reality TV show I'm A


Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! The Commons Standards watchdog said she


must declare all payments from media work. On Monday, November the 1 th,


the Committee on Standards and Privileges published a report into


my declaration on the Register of Members' Interests, which concluded


I had breached the rules relating to how I registered information. Mr


Speaker, I wish to apologise to the House fully and unreservedly, for


what was a genuinely inadvertent breach of the rules which I have at


all times sought to comply with Work on a ?42 million project around


Kettering to upgrade the A14 begins tonight. A third lane is being added


between the A43 Corby junction and the A509 for Kettering and


Wellingborough. The Highways Agency says some disruption including


night`time road closures are inevitable.


on the road training he really hopes the safety message can get through.


Still to come, the weather for the week ahead and Goldie Sayers on


winning back her funding. This week, we are exploring the links


between the East and the far east. China is one of the Legion's biggest


export market is worth over ?700 million. `` one of the region's.


This is Shanghai, a truly remarkable city. It is the place where modern


communism and consumerism live side`by`side. A place of big ideas


and big buildings. Here they do not will out, the build up. If you do


not like people, you probably will not like Shanghai. Officially 23


million people live here, and officially it is probably 30


million. We are looking at the close ties between the East of England and


the far east. Everything from business to education. Tonight it is


to do them. Many come to our region, to college and hunting. They also


come to visit something most of us have never heard of. Another tour


taking in the sights. For Chinese visitors kings and punting is a


must. This student here showed me what is at the very top of their


list. Just over this bridge, a piece of Chinese cultural history. It


means gently I am living just like gently I came. It is a poorly to


every child in China written by this modernist poet from the 1920s who


went on to become a Chinese icon. Harbour or Princeton would be just a


good university but coming here to Cambridge is like a dream come true


because of the podium. The numbers of Chinese visitors have swelled. ``


one. They know the importance of the poet. I had to be able to say his


name properly. They learn to say it and the excitement they have when


they the bridge. It is the most boring one on the River but the


excitement they have at seeing it is beautiful. And on the rainy day in


November, people from China filled every punt. We know the history. We


want to see and experience it. The Chinese market is growing. Around


350,000 Chinese visitors Carmen to getting each year currently. That is


expected to go up to 1 million x 2015. Cambridge is a big stop of on


the grand Chinese tour. This poem is about how hard it is to leave year.


That is all from Shanghai for this evening but tomorrow we will be at


the busiest container port in the world and looking at the close links


between that and Felixstowe. That is tomorrow night in Look East. The


Royal British Legion says awareness of Armistice Day is increasing among


young people. Children across the region observed a two`minute


silence. There was a special school assembly in a six. Bringing together


those who have grown old and those who are still young. Every pupil at


this academy in Braintree today welcomed local veterans. From


conflicts as distant as Singapore to the current campaign in Afghanistan.


I thought our love would last forever, I was wrong. This is my way


of remembering my grandad. I never knew him personally. The veterans


sheared lunch and history with the pupils. They find them attentive.


They appreciate what we do. Boys and girls of tenure is old put money


in, that is very nice. `` of Ken years old. The observed the silence.


Any are too young to take on the enormity of the sacrifice paid by


those in war. It is quite the poignant service. For them to


appreciate people who have lost their lives in the world wars and


conflicts thereafter, I think it is very important that we understand


the sacrifice made on their behalf. Today they remembered and


Northamptonshire lad awarded the highest honour for valour, the VC.


He gave his life for his country, we have got to be respect back. They


are still dying. Different creeds, and nations marked Armistice Day. In


Norfolk today the children look to the future as hundreds of schools


were given poppy seeds to plant in the spring. I feel like I am part of


the people who did because I am doing this for then, I am returning


the favour for them. Saying it kind of shows that we are not forgetting


them. In 12 months we will mark the centenary of the outbreak of the


great war from which Armistice Day was born. This Friday it is BBC


children in need. `` Children in Need. People give up their time to


fundraiser. It helps projects such as Pulse in Luton. It brings young


people together and for some is a lifeline. We meet one young man who


says he would have gone off the rails without it. Saying putting my


trust into a stranger was probably the most difficult bit. He went into


here at 15, his relationship with his father had broken down and his


grandmother was not able to look after him. They are macro I came


here to take my mind off what had happened. It is part of the project


from Saint Mary's church. It is a group under the church with pool and


ping`pong, a safe place for young people to meet, talk and get


guidance. I would take it out on a lot of objects and people, I did not


hit people but I would shout. They would pool me aside and make media


lies that what I was doing was wrong. The thing that unites


everyone here is football. Now, at 18, he is giving something back to


the group as a leader. They are macro I am excited now that I am the


one they are listening to. I could have mist up to be doing drugs and


smoking and having children at the age will stop that is for adults.


They need to get their heads down, go to school, get good careers. We


are here to make sure they are on the right path. Over the past five


years this project has received ?27,000 in Children in Need funding.


Organisers say they could not have done without it. This boy is in no


doubt that it saved him. He wants to the teacher, work at a college or in


football. If someone had told me I would be a success I would have


laughed in their face. I have come a very, very, very long way.


Tomorrow, I will be reporting on the charity that helps victims of the


mystic violence. The big Children in Need event for this region is in


Kettering. `` domestic violence. Goldie Sayers from Cambridgeshire


injured her elbow three weeks before the last Games and came away without


a medal. For the last 15 months she has been through major operations


only to find her funding cut. But she appealed that decision and one.


Olympic Games should be about performing at the peak of your power


but for Goldie Sayers it was not to be. I would like to thank everyone


and hopefully I can do the country proud. The recovery has been


googling. Two operations on her elbow was hard enough but then she


lost her funding from UK athletics. The wind is biting, no`one is here


in Cambridge today but ironically this is what it has been about for


Goldie Sayers. Despite her setbacks she is back throwing the javelin. I


really mist it when I was watching friends and team`mates last summer.


Not that you take competing for your country for granted but if I get


back to grade I was I will take nothing for granted at all. She took


on the funding cuts and won. It is not like you get paid and of lot of


money, probably the minimum wage but more the medical support. If you


have to have a scan to see how ligaments are progressing, you will


not have to shell out ?350 to do that. In terms of representation, if


she can get through this year to re`establish herself then hopefully


by the Commonwealth, may be a top place in the European Championships


as well. It would be a great year to re`establish our on the world stage.


Is life a lot sweeter? I just feel like I have bought a normal elbow


past. I have some cracking scar is but it is amazing what you can do


when you look after it. Now let us get the weather. It has been a


grisly day. It was a beautiful sunrise this morning. I am sure


there were very few of us up at that time. We have some pictures to prove


it. This was the sun coming up at seven o'clock this morning. Next,


this was captured this morning at Ocean leak. And a beautiful double


rainbow at one of the highest points in Norfolk. Thank you so much for


these photographs. Sadly, we have not got time to show all of them. It


did all go downhill. Men will like rain and drizzle. There were a few


heavier bursts. `` mainly light rain. This evening and overnight


some of the rain could turn quite heavy at times. There will be some


fog patches forming for some of us. The temperatures will not do much,


staying where they are now in built up areas, dropping to eight Celsius


in more rural spots. The wind will become the light north`westerly


later in the night. That dream will move erratically to the east. Most


places starting tomorrow cloudy but the rain will push away south`east.


The further north and west you are the more likely you are to see the


best of tomorrow's sunshine. And we finish the day fine and dry with


some further sunshine before it gets dark. Skies will continue to clear


so overnight it will be quite chilly with a frost for some of us by


Wednesday morning. Wednesday will not be too bad at all. The bulk of


the day generally fine and dry. There will be some sunny spells. You


could be a little rain as wet and windy conditions spread down from


the north`west late in the day. That will rattle through leaving a


blustery but bright day on Thursday. Some decent spells of sunshine and a


few showers. That is similar to Friday, for many of us it will be a


dry day but perhaps a few showers around. That is all from us. Good


evening. Goodbye.


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