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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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there are major concerns about the spread of disease. That is all from


us. Hello and welcome to Look East. In


the programme tonight: It was revenge and it was murder.


The prosecution opens its case against a man accused of killing a


family of four. But that the rest of today's top now.


Angry scenes in Luton as a family confronts a Chief Constable over a


death in police custody. Surviving the typhoon ` the tourists


back from a trip to the Philippines. I'm at the port of Shanghai, the


busiest container port in the world. It is the biggest container port in


the UK at Felixstowe but they move ten times as many containers here


every year as they do at Felixstowe. We will have the details


later in the programme. Good evening. First tonight, it was


cold`blooded murder and revenge for a business deal gone bad. This is


what a jury was told today about the death of a family from Northampton.


Anxiang Du is accused of stabbing a couple and their children to death


almost three years ago. Today his trial began and Neil Bradford was in


court. The prosecution says Anxiang Du was


a man on a mission. A man seeking revenge. His victims, the big`name


family, described in court today as hard`working, decent people. They


were stabbed to death in their own home as the nation celebrated the


marriage of William and Kate. The husband and his wife Helen were


found in the kitchen. Their daughters were found in a bedroom.


For more than a decade, the family were involved in a bitter financial


dispute with Anxiang Du, a former business partner. The jury heard


that less than 24 hours before the murders, Anxiang Du had learned that


the court had ruled against him By now, he had exhausted all legal


options and was facing financial ruin. It is the prosecution's case


that he travelled from his home in Coventry to the Ding family home


here in Northampton to exact revenge. The Crown Court heard there


was no doubt from Ernests was the man responsible for the prosecution


do not accept this was anything less than murder. `` no doubt that


Anxiang Du was the man responsible. They say the killing was carried out


with ruthless efficiency. He planned to kill, he intended to kill, he did


kill, four times. This is murder, nothing less. The jury also heard


how he had travelled with his passport and fled to Morocco


directly after the killings, where he remained for more than a year.


The 54`year`old is this man from Coventry denies four counts of


murder. The trial has begun of two men


accused of endangering the safety of an aircraft which had to be diverted


to Stansted Airport. The plane was on its way from Pakistan to


Manchester when RAF Typhoon jets were scrambled to escort it. The


court's been told Tayyab Subbhani and Mohammed Safdar, who are both


from Lancashire, threatened to blow up the plane. They deny the charges.


"If there was any wrongdoing, I d make sure I'd deal with it". The


words of the Bedfordshire Chief Constable following the death of a


man in custody. Last night in Luton, she was heckled at a community


meeting after the death of Leon Briggs, who had been detained under


the Mental Health Act, as Louise Hubball reports.


I'd do not know why he died! We do not know anything! I need to know!


This was the moment Leon Briggs s partner confronted the Chief


Constable over his death in custody. Chief Constable Colette Paul was


wooed last night as she appeared at a heated community meeting. ``


booed. This was her response today. We know it would be hostile but I'm


not judging any outcome of this investigation. We have suspended the


officers and staff involved. If there was any wrongdoing done, I


would make sure I've dealt with it and that is my standards. Today


there were concerns in Luton that tensions over the death may


escalate. We don't want any more trouble. There has been enough. I


would be very concerned because my son has a mental health illness so I


would worry if he were taken into custody. If we don't get answers, if


the family doesn't get answers fast, it will get worse, really. The death


is being investigated by the Independent Police Complaints


Commission. But a campaign group is questioning how effective that will


be. The IPCC has been described as wholly inadequately resourced, so


people don't have any confidence or faith that it will do a proper


investigation. Also at the meeting was a pastor who is now appealing


for calm. People are really in shock about what happened and some people


are apprehensive about it, but it has happened already and so we just


need to come together and console the people who have lost their loved


one. People are worried violence could escalate. Sticky yellow I


don't think it is the way forward but there is or was that fear that


it can happen and I think there s a probability it happen if answers are


not brought forward. Tonight, Leon Briggs's family field he has been


let down by the authorities at a time when he should have been


provided with specialist care. `` family feel.


The Wellingborough MP Peter bone has hit out at the decision by the


Ministry of Justice to sell the town's former prison. The Government


says it does not form part of a long`term plan for prison capacity


but the MP disagreed. He is completely and utterly wrong and


Wellingborough prison is on a brown field site and has massive room for


expansion. People want to expand the prison there. Millions of pounds


have been invested in the prison. Would the Minister meet with me to


look at this again before finally making a disastrous mistake?


Meanwhile, Bedfordshire Police today launched a new campaign to recruit


80 new full`time officers. The force says that although budgets are


tight, the front line is spread too thinly, as Mike Cartwright reports.


Responding to a call for back`up. This PC searching for a man who fled


on foot from officers. Moments later, he is found and arrested


suspected of supplying drugs. Several officers are here but there


are not enough on the force, says this PC. I've been in the police for


five years and eye think, especially this year, because of numbers, I do


feel vulnerable at times. Because of the numbers. At the University of


Bedford today, a police recruitment drive. For a force that will have


had to share more than 24 million `` shed more than ?24 million from its


budget and lose hundreds of officers. In recent years, Bedford


police had more than 1200 lease officers but now they number just


over 1000. Those in charge say it is a big shortfall. We have been


seriously overstretched at the front line. The officers going out was


funding to calls and so on have been run ragged and so this is about


Ulster in that part of the organisation. `` this is about


Ulster ring. My dad was on the force and hear a lot of stories. It sounds


like he really got a lot of it. I am 36 so I feel I'm in that age group


where I can bring something to the force. Too dangerous. It is the


first recruitment drive for three years. Those in charge say the


public have no idea how thin the front. Are asked a lady how many


officers she thought were covering Bedford and she said, 100. I said,


you would be surprised if there were ten of us covering this area. Many


say recruits are long overdue. Bedfordshire police is now hoping


for hundreds of applicants. Plans to sell off centre used by


young people in Corby have been approved today by the council. The


council says repairing the centre would cost up to ?700,000. It is


promising the proceeds of the sale will be used to provide new services


in the town. He illustrated classics such as A


Christmas Carol, Wind In The Willows and Gulliver's Travels. Today the


work of 20th`century artist Arthur Rackham has been auctioned in


Stansted Mountfichet. The collection of first`edition books are all


signed and inscribed with drawings by the artist. He was widely


considered as one of the leading illustrators of the early 1900s The


books were given as presents to his wife's sister and her husband, who


lived on the Essex`Hertfordshire border.


Those are tonight's top stories Now we can


43,000, Testament to the enduring polarity of one of the century's


finest illustrators. Still to come on Look East this


evening, high domestic violence affects children, we hear one


girl's story, and Alex will have the weather. It will be a cold night, so


wrapped up warm and wrap up your plants, because there is a risk of


Frost, but the weather is looking fine for tomorrow. Join me at the


end of the programme for all the details.


This week, Stewart is in Shanghai, reporting on the growing trade links


between our region and China. Last night, we saw how Chinese tourists


were boosting trade in Cambridge. For tonight's report, Stewart has


been to the dockside area of Shanghai which has become the


busiest container port in the world. We are on the East China Sea, just a


part of the Port of Shanghai, and it is massive. At the 2 million


containers coming through here every year, making it the busiest


container port. Seven of the top ten container port southern China,


Felixstowe is number 36. But there are strong links with Felixstowe.


Richard Daniel has been to see a brand`new container ship about to


leave Suffolk on its maiden voyage. China's largest container ship. A


statement of intent by china's largest shipping line. This ship is


3.5 football pitches in length, it can carry 13,000 containers, but the


astonishing thing is the company have built three vessels like this


and plan five more and those will be in service by the end of next year.


We need to keep the fleet to be one of the best choice for customers


between the UK and China and we do have so many customers, not only in


China but the UK, to require weekly services. This is home for months on


end for the 26th globe trotting crew. Down below, a huge galley for


the ship's chef and accrue recreation room. Near the stem, the


cavernous engine room, the ship running up to 160 tonnes of you will


every day. It can cover nearly 20,000 nautical miles before


refuelling. `` 160 tonnes of fuel. It gives me leisure for myself, my


wife, embassy staff, to attend this celebration. The Chinese ambassador


was guest of honour for the maiden voyage from Felixstowe. The UK has a


huge trade imbalance with China, but little by little, that is changing.


What is significant is increasing UK exports to China, increased by 15%,


so a large increase, so China now becomes the fastest growing export


market for the UK. The UK exports more products like aviation


equipment, medical equipment, cars, China now is their number one


importer of cards. The trend for larger and larger ships continues.


`` of cars. In Felixstowe, that will mean more and more investment to


accommodate them. We continue investment in Felixstowe, East


Anglia, and trade between the UK and China has grown, probably about 50%


of all containers nowadays relating to Chinese and UK trade. Early


evening and it slips out of Felixstowe. It will take three weeks


for the ship to arrive in the Far East.


Just before it left Suffolk, we put a tiny time`lapse camera on board.


Since then, it has called at Hamburg, and work, and Suez, docking


at Hong Kong just over a week ago. `` Antwerp. It is due to .co after


many Chinese ports on Sunday. It will head back to Britain back with


the kind of goods and many others will find under Christmas trees in a


few weeks time. Tomorrow night, business and education, those of


students coming to study in the Easter thing than from China.


Tonight, young man from Norwich who come to Shanghai to carve out a new


life. `` coming to study in the East from China.


When he was 11, this man came to Shanghai with his family and stayed


for two years. Last year, he moved back to Shanghai after finishing a


make up art course in Britain. His parents now work in Beijing and


Shanghai and he says this time one of his mage is `` major tasks is to


learn the language and adapt better to local life. When I last lived


here, and was at school here, we would learn how to save hen, ruler,


what was in your pencil case, pointless things. Things she would


never need to stay in the future, but now learning things about how to


get around the Metro, speak to taxi drivers, going shopping, important


things. As a make up artist, it is not easy to start a career in the


city, one thing finding potential clients. He said one Chinese


customer asked him to make her look more like a foreigner. It is kind of


a mixture between the two, you want to tell them that you do not have to


look, you know, foreign, Western, to be beautiful. But what I can do is


make their eyes look slightly bigger. Even though he has only had


two clients per week so far, he is still looking forward to his job


development. He says Shanghai is a large modern city with more


opportunities. I like that people are not afraid to be themselves, I


think it is, when you walk down the street, you see the older


generation, they just sing or randomly start to dans, or


something. He says he plans to stay in Shanghai for at least four years


and will try to develop his career as a professional make`up artist


working for shows in China. Tomorrow night, Look East is live


from the studios of international channel Shanghai, we will hear from


Weetabix, a company based in Northamptonshire, but recently taken


over by a company in China. And from three British companies doing very


well over here. That is Look East tomorrow night at fixed 30p.m.,


2:30am Shanghai town. `` tomorrow night at the 30p.m.. ``6:30pm.


Now, it's Children in Need this Friday. Last year, the Look East


region raised ?2 million. Some of the money went to a charity called


Leeway, which helps children affected by domestic violence. I've


been to meet one them, Ellie. To hear her story. We have disguised


the identities of those involved. She saw her father abuse her mother


since she was very small and, since her mother died, she has lived with


another family member, but struggled emotionally. My dad would beat her


up, and I would be in the other room, but I would hear her crying


and he would call her names. Because of his anger, I would start to


become angry. Choose a feeling and tell me when you felt that way.


Through the charity Leeway, she has dealt with a care worker and been


able to talk about her feelings, making a huge difference. We had


huge difficulties, my family at breaking point many times, and I was


at a loss how to help Ellie. It was beyond my experience how to deal


with it, so I am grateful. I would urge anyone to deal with that help,


if they can, it has done wonders for our family. Leeway supports nearly


10,000 adults and children every year across Norfolk and Suffolk,


with three refugees and `` refuges. Children in need support their


outreach programme. It can take several times before someone seeks


advice. We need to get it right and have trained professionals within


the community who can help these people. And actually seek the right


path for them to help them out of that abusive the duration. What


would you say to someone else who may be suffering this kind of thing,


as a child? I would say, always try to find someone nearby that you


can't opt to and you are comfortable with, `` you can talk to. That can


help a lot. It can help you understand how you are feeling and


get through your life when you get older.


Ellie. Just one of the many children who've been helped by Children in


Need. This year's appeal is on Friday. And on Look East, our live


broadcast event is coming from Wicksteed Park in Kettering. Do join


us there if you can. The details are on our Facebook page.


As we've seen, the national news continues to be dominated with the


impact of typhoon in the Phillipines. Earlier today, two


friends from Norfolk returned from a diving holiday in the Philippines.


Nigel Walters is from Garvestone. Mark Evans is from Horsford. Welcome


to you both. Let us look at the map and explain where you were. You were


staying on the small island of Malapascua at a diving resort. This


is west of the island which bore the brunt of the devastation. But you


are in the eye of the storm? We were near Malapascua, but took a direct


hit. Let us look at some of your pictures, how it looked when you


arrived, which looks beautiful. Talk us through the kind of place you


were staying? It was the perfect, the delegation. Trees and palm


trees. `` it was a perfect location. A tropical place, and you


can see in the photographs, is somewhere outstanding for a holiday.


Mark, were you aware the storm was coming? We were told earlier that


there was some typhoon coming in, but the locals get hit by these


about five times per year, and no one knew what was coming until later


in the week. We can see you filming during the storm, so Nigel, you are


at the resort just filming from your balcony? Yeah, the storm was


staged, really, in terms of how it came, slowly kicking in bit by bit,


starting to eat away at the trees, smaller ones asked, bigger ones


next, and I was able to stay on the balcony for some time, filming some


of this. That was the dining room? Yeah. Obviously devastating to see


this happening, the before and after? Totally, as Nigel said, it


was paradise before. Crazy what weather can do. And this footage is


driving to the airport? This was one of the areas most badly hit, no aid


getting up there yet. Everyone is hungry. Small children with signs


looking for food and water. We did not see any aid getting to them. We


were isolated for a couple of days, no information coming through. It


was a total shock when we were on the way there, which is when the


news came about the amount of death going on. What about the local


people, what was their reaction? On the island itself, they were very


upbeat, a lot of teamwork and morale boosting, dragging boats ashore,


creating pathways. The general belief they could get back to normal


quickly. The holiday`makers were getting stuck in as well, helping


out wherever possible. Mark, you only arrived back this morning, as


it sunk in? Not really, straight off the plane, just seeing the news what


has happened in other places such as Leyte. Lovely people, and a


beautiful place, just really devastated? Absolutely. It is not


just the islands, it is going straight up the airport, and spread


across that part of the island. Thank you very much for coming in,


we are grateful. The Disasters Emergency Committee


launches its appeal campaign this evening. You can ring them on 0370


60 60 900. Or visit their website ` dec.org.uk. Now for the weather.


High pressure is our friend during the day, but becomes our enemy


overnight, which is what will happen tonight. High pressure has been


building, introducing light wind and clear skies, sunshine this


afternoon, but overnight, any heat being lost, meaning a cold night


with the risk of frost. Temperatures just three Celsius in the last hour


near Thetford, and many places, particularly in the countryside,


expected to drop below freezing, so expect some ground frost. We start


tomorrow really quite chilly, but it will be a fine day, and the next


weather system approaching from the north`west, not spoiling things in


the East, but will mean a strengthening wind overnight and the


introduction of cloud and rain, Andrew tomorrow, despite a chilly


start, it will be glorious. `` through tomorrow. Good spells of


sunshine through the morning. Temperatures not high, but the


sunshine making the difference, and a light south`westerly wind, so not


a bad autumn day. The western half of the region developing more cloud


in the afternoon, but staying dry, and cloud developing across the


region overnight which could bring outbreaks of rain. This rain looks


mainly light and patchy, but gradually tracking eastwards


overnight. We should be done with most of it by Thursday morning, but


quite different conditions or Thursday morning and Friday, so you


might look at those days being similar, but factor in the strength


of the wind, particularly on Thursday, feeling quite cold with


temperatures at nine Celsius. Largely dry, sunny spells, but the


chance of blustery showers. Most places dry on Thursday. As well as


Friday, with decent spells of sunshine, but the wind still


north`westerly, so quite cold. By the weekend, some drier weather


around, but overnight, more chilly nights, temperatures lower than


this. Clear skies, light wind, meaning the introduction of mist and


fog. That could linger through the day on Saturday. Back to you.


That is all from us this evening, thank you very much for your


company. Have a good evening, goodbye.


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