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That's all from the BBC News at Six so it's


Families here are pulling together to help those in the Philippines. It


will feel colder tomorrow with some strong north`westerly winds.


We are live in Shanghai where it is to 30 AM. Tonight we are the guests


of International Channel Shanghai. This is their studio. Why Shanghai


and what has got to do with us? The answer is what happens in China and


Shanghai and how it touches most of our lives every day. Everything from


the food we eat to the smartphones we buy. In a moment, three companies


making good money here but let us start by getting a feel for this


breast for this breathtaking city. This is the best`known part of


Shanghai on the banks of the River. It flows down into the Yangtze


River. This is where old Shanghai meets modern Shanghai. The buildings


behind me are in the British style and state back from the days of the


British Empire. If we look across to the other side of the river, 20


years ago it was farmland. Now look at it. Modern and expensive


buildings. A land of opportunity and ambition. Our Chief Reporter reports


on three companies from the East doing very well in the Far East.


In a Victorian factory in Northamptonshire, skilled craftsmen


at work. They have been making shoes since 1886 and do it the


old`fashioned way. A pair of shoes would cost you ?300. That sort of


price isn't putting off a new breed of well`heeled Chinese consumer. The


Chinese are buying into our heritage and buying into the fact that it is


made in England and with it comes a confidence that is high`grade and


well crafted for wear. Two years ago, they didn't sell in China at


all but the company hopes it will be one of their biggest export markets.


Sales have shot up and they have taken on more staff. In


Cambridgeshire, a very different company is looking east. Ten macro


designs that clever bits for computers and mobile phones. ``


Mohammed Safdar `` ARM. China is crucial. There are a lot of


businesses there. We have 150 people in China and it is about being close


to the business opportunity and being close to our Chinese partners.


It can feel like one`way traffic. Containers come to Britain packed


with consumer bids and too often they return full of fresh air. The


picture is changing. Imports to the East of England from China were down


6% over the previous 12 months. We export less but the numbers are


improving. 8% up year on year. Another 50 miles down the road is


this recycling company in Ipswich. This is scrap aluminium heading to


Shanghai to be melted down. China takes more than 40% of the world's


aluminium and copper so the economies of scale are huge. There


will come a point where they will consume and produce their own


material. You are looking at 15 to 20 years. In the meantime, we fill


our boots. Cheap Chinese imports have taken their toll on British


industry but as these three companies show, we are learning how


to export. One of the companies we heard from was ARM. It is a big


success story and the company has a base in Shanghai. They were selling


24 million computer ships in China and this year it will be more than a


billion. According to the President of ARM, the company is serious about


being a force around the world. If you look at our business, it is a


global business. You have got to be able to understand what the customer


needs and make sure you understand how the model is to be developed,


especially in a fast market. Give me an idea as people will have no idea


what ARM does. Where will we find your products? One good analogy is


they are like the parts of an engine. You could be using it for


your boat, your car, your trucks or your aeroplanes. You may not see ARM


being stamped across the aeroplanes but what is running it is running on


us. We are becoming the factor standard for the Electra stash for


the industry. ARM is powering one third of every electronic device in


the world when now. I know you have worked in many different parts of


the world. How does working in China compare? China is trying to comprise


a development into a 20 year cycle. Everything is on a faster pace. The


challenge for a company like us is how do we make sure we are


responsive to responding to the market and making sure we help the


customer to fall knocked into the traps of running too fast? The


second challenge is the culture is different. I do find the culture


aspect is very positive for ARM. The role we play is enabling these


Chinese products to run faster and better. Looking forward, do you see


ARM as always being based in Cambridge or make it move to


somewhere else? My belief is it will always be in Cambridge for several


reasons. It is the tradition and heritage part but today, it is a


global business. It is not so much so your headquarters of physically


located, it is the mentality. Looking at the opportunities coming


in the future, 75% of consumption will be coming from the emerging


countries rather than the established world. It is important


that when we look at our future strategy, we make sure we take


advantage of that and make sure ARM continues to be the standard for our


New World. It is the number`1 thing for. Thank you. The best way to


appreciate Shanghai by night is to come to the roof of the television


studios and looked down on the traffic around the roads. In the


distance, we can see some of the best`known buildings. The one with


the spheres on it is the Oriental Pearl, a television and radio tower.


Past those banks, past the one with a crown are sitting on the top and


you will come round to the building with the dome on the top. The


building means gold prosperity. The blue one is sometimes called the


bottle opener and that is the world financial Centre. That gives you an


idea of the skyline of Shanghai. Early in the programme I told you


about the amount of Chinese investment into businesses in our


region. Everything from British water companies to household names


like Weetabix. They are based in Northamptonshire and 80 months ago


they were brought by a company based here in Shanghai.


Every week of every year, half a million boxes of Weetabix roll off


the production line in Northamptonshire. The company has


come a long way since it was set up as the British and Africa cereal


company 81 years ago. For most of that time, it was a family business


taking its wheat from a 50 mile area around the factory. These days it is


a global business, exporting to 80 countries around the world. It is


owned by the Chinese. What the Chinese have brought to us is they


are great partners and are able to help us take our brands to China. We


are working with them and getting the brands like Weetabix and open


established in the local market. There is the challenge. The


traditional breakfast in China is hot noodles and dumplings. At this


trade fair company owners believe habits can be changed. TRANSLATION:


many access these products when they are studying abroad. Our habits are


changing. They are trying to eat healthily and don't just want to


feel for. If they succeed 70 million biscuits won't be enough. They will


need a factory in China but that doesn't mean the end of the road for


Northamptonshire. We will continue to make Weetabix and the UK brands


in the UK for the UK market. That is where our farmers are, are consumers


are and our customers. Our customers are incredibly important. As long as


our business is healthy in the UK, we will continue to make the brands


here. For now, these production lines will continue to work flat


out. It is the figure is here that are staggering. 1000 biscuits every


minute will go into these others and it will take them 20 minutes to be


baked fully and they will come out. The process and the recipe have


changed very little down the years. It is the business model that is


changing. That is it from showing how `` Shanghai for now. We will be


back with another moneyspinner from the eastern is education. Thousands


of Chinese Hello.


The jury in the trial of the businessmen accused of killing a


family of four has been hearing harrowing 999 call. 54`year`old man


Mac `` Anxiang Du is accused of stabbing Jeff Ding, his wife and


their two daughters at double in Northampton in April 2011. Our


reporter Neil Bradford was in court and joins us from Northampton now.


The jury were played a tape of a 999 call, received here at the least


headquarters. A call that no one realised it six never can. The call


appears to be have been made at the time of the killings. `` its


significance. It lasted just 20 seconds, a desperate call for help.


To harrowing to broadcast, the sound of screams block out the voice of


the operator. Once, there was no for translation. And in the public


gallery, the Anxiang Du relatives listened on. `` Ding relatives. The


phone was found next to a body in their bedroom. It was made at 3 2


p.m.. For courses `` the prosecution says it gives the strongest


indication of when the links to waste. They were also given a


timeline of the revenge. On the day of the royal wedding, he boarded a


train in Coventry and travel to Birmingham. He then cot a train for


Northampton. Just over half an hour later, he boarded a number 15 bus


towards the Ding home. It is thought they were killed at around the time


of the attempted 909 call, around 3:30pm. The next morning he had made


his way to London on a coach bound for Paris. More than a year later,


he was arrested in Morocco where he had been working on a building site.


The prosecution say it was all part of a premeditated plan. The


54`year`old from Coventry denies four counts of murder.


200 jobs are at risk at an engineering and aviation company in


Cambridge. Marshalls Aerospace maintains and manufactures parts for


commercial and air force planes The company employs more than 2000


people, but says a recent boom in workload is now levelling off. A


consultation has begun. There are a couple of issues as some aeroplanes


come to the end of their life. This is a small downturn, representing


roughly 10% of our workforce, so we are resizing to reflect that change


in that small downturn. Search teams have spent today


scouring an area of Luton for a 70`year`old man who disappeared ten


days ago. Andrew Goldsboro was last seen at his house in Compton Avenue.


Today a police dog team has been carrying out detailed searches in


Leagrave Common Park. Firefighters across the region have


staged a four`hour strike today in a row over pensions. It is the fourth


walk`out in seven weeks. The Fire Brigades Union said is not ruling


out further industrial action will stop firefighters joining the picket


line over the row over pensions In Cambridge there is a feeling of


disbelief. Looking at numbers, they are not looking at the individual 's


who fight fires and save people from car crashes and other special


services. I know my friends and family live in the community, it


does not sit with me let all. Walk`outs were staged across the


region. Firefighters say pushing retirement to 60 is madness and will


put lives at risk. The fire rescue service is dependent on the goodwill


of firefighters to work above and beyond their contracts will stop but


now the industrial action could go up another level and withdraw that


goodwill so that will mean over time, now stepping up that the


last`minute help on a day off and no public events. With back`up plans in


place, the fire service and is as public safety was not compromise my


to`do's action. Strikers now wait on government to make the next move.


Welcome back to China where we are the guests of International Channel


Shanghai. We've talked about business, now education. Like almost


all of our universities,the University of East Anglia attracts


students from China. We'll hear from two of them in a moment. But first


let's take a closer look at the numbers. In East Anglia, they have


1300 students out of a total student population of 15,000. The fees they


pay add up to ?18 million a year. If you add what they spend on living


here, that's about ?30 million going into the local economy. The numbers


of Chinese students studying in this region has been rising steadily.


Just over 3,500 in 2002, up to almost 6,000 in 2012.


Jesse's English is so good because you studied in England. What did you


study? Economics. I didn't have many Chinese friends with me in economic


school because most of them are gathered in business school and


doing business`related subjects like banking and finance. I believe they


are going for broader choices like media related and environment


related. You had a good time? I had a very good time. What is life like


the students? We have been to meet two of them at the University of


East Anglia. I am 21 years old and doing science


at the University of East Anglia. She arrived here in September and


was homesick at first but is now settling in. This is my room. The


room seemed on the small side but the combination is a step up from


the University in Shanghai. She studied there for two years and will


now do two years here. The UK had experience. It is successful and I


can learn some basic knowledge and advanced technology here. I am


studying science. The subject is still in its infancy in China and


she believes she can benefit from our experience. She talks to her


mother, a judge in the city. Problems for the Chinese students


appear to be few but language can be an issue. Can you understand the


lectures OK? At the beginning, no. I knew some keywords that now it has


improved a lot here. They are making friends and enjoying life in 04 was


`` in Norfolk. They are thinking about many careers. Both believe two


years as an English university is going to be good for their futures.


One of those students started at the University of... The two


universities have built up strong links. This man here, Professor


Trevor Davies has played a part in that. Let us have a quick look at


the University here. It has about 50,000 students and it is one of the


top five universities in China. On one campus, the product of a tie`up


between universities in Shanghai and East Anglia. This specialist is


looking into low Carbon buildings. Low turbine that wind turbines and


solar energy is strong in this area. We can share some opinions and


achievements in the low Carbon buildings. For Professor Davies,


this is a work in process `` progress. The links between the two


very different universities look set to grow stronger. Professor Davies


is here now. Thank you for getting up in the middle of the night. How


did this link upstart? We wanted to raise our profile for the


recruitment of students and a link and partnership at a top class


university here would be useful. Also, because China is such an


important player in climate change, we wanted to develop a deep


partnership around climate change research. How receptive have the


Chinese bean? The `` the Chinese are aware of the role it is plain. It is


the largest of the carbon dioxide global warming gases. The emissions


are increasing at the rate of 9% a year. At the same time, it is doing


a lot with renewable energy. It's renewable energy capacity is the


greatest in the world and it is going to spend something like ?250


billion on renewable electricity generation in the next 20 years.


That growth will exceed that of the United States, Japan and Europe


combined. The emissions are growing because the economy is going


straight up. It is. The rate of urbanisation and industrialisation


in this country is tremendous. We should remember that 30% of China's


carbon dioxide emissions are actually consumed in the West


through the goods that China makes here but are brought and consumed in


Europe and the US. They are using a lot of power. It is very


spectacular. Not as spectacular as it was five years ago. They have


toned it down. Your students, they are coming over to study in East


Anglia as well. What is the ambition there? The ambition is to increase


the capacity of Chinese universities, Chinese students in


the area of climate change. Education is increasingly


international anyway. Though students will be coming back from


the University of East Anglia and will spread the message here. They


will take over your role. Education is increasingly international.


Research on climate change is international. If our students have


had a good time in East Anglia, they come back here and they would be


excellent ambassadors and they are excellent ambassadors. Economic


league, it is a very important part of university life. It is, very


important economically. It is the fact that university education is


international. You like living here, do you? It is a very exciting city


and changes daily. As long as you don't get in a taxi cab and go for a


ride. It is scary. Thank you for being with us. Now for the weather.


Temperatures got to 17 Celsius in Shanghai today but is colder here


after a frosty spot `` frosty start. The temperatures climbed to 10


Celsius. After all the sunshine we have experienced today, things are


starting to change. This evening, for most of us, it is dry but


gradually this weather front will bring us some outbreaks of rain.


This looks like it will be mainly light and patchy. There will be some


showers following on behind and some clear skies developing. There is a


good deal of cloud and a strong wind developing which will mean it is


unlikely to be frosty tonight. Temperatures will be higher than


last night. We start tomorrow with quite a strong wind. It will be


coming from a north`westerly direction as this weather front


pulls away. That will make it feel quite a bit colder. Temperatures


will be similar to where they get today and we will notice the


difference. A little bit of cloud to clear first thing but what a lot of


sunshine expected. Parts of the north`east corner of North and


coastal parts will be vulnerable to one or two coastal showers. Across


the region, quite a bit of cold weather. Top temperature of nine


Celsius. The strength of that wind will continue, gradually easing into


the evening and overnight with some fierce guys developing. High


pressure develops and that will mean a colder night for tomorrow. We are


into high`pressure and it will mean a fine day foot Friday `` a fine day


for Friday. We have a cold night for tomorrow night with the risk of


frost. Into the weekend, it is looking largely dry. We are


vulnerable to one or two showers but those temperatures are slightly


milder overnight. That is the weather from me. Back to Stewart in


Shanghai. That is a fortnight our sincere


thanks to everybody here for their hard work tonight and from looking


after us so well during our stay. Tomorrow, we have tips for people


wanting to build a close relationship with China. From all of


us here in Shanghai, goodbye.


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