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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Hello and welcome to Look East. In the programme tonight: I'd never


hurt my son ` a mother accused of killing her seven`week`old baby


tells a court she doesn't know what happened to him.


A U`turn for the U's. Cambridge United look set to stay at the Abbey


And Peterborough's Little Miracles ` how the DIY SOS team rose to the


Children In Need challenge. "I don't know what happened to


Jamie. I'd never hurt my son." This is what Jacqueline Adams told a


court today when accused of murdering her seven`week`old baby


boy. Jamie Kightley died from multiple injuries at his home in


Northampton in March last year. Both Jamie's mother and his father Adam


Kightley are accused of his murder. Our reporter Mike Cartwright was in


court today and joins us from our Northampton newsroom.


NO SOUND. The prosecution put it to her that


she knew that there were bruises on the child. She said, no, he was


perfect. When asked when she first saw the bruises, she said in the


hospital. I understand there are different


accounts of what happened that night. All Mac this is Jacqueline


Parker's version of events. This is where the evidence differs.


This is Adam Kightley arriving at court. He says they both pitched


Jamie down to sleep and went to bed and found him the next morning. She


says that Adam was the last person to see him alive and the first


person to see him dead. The prosecution said that she was


hedging her bets until she knew what Adam Kightley was going to say. They


both deny murder and deny a loving the death of a child.


A young girl playing near to the home where a family was stabbed to


death heard a shriek coming from the house. That's what a jury has been


told today. The girl was a school friend of Alice Ding who was


murdered in 2011 along with her parents and sister. The court was


told the child could not tell whether the scream was one of


anguish or pleasure. Businessman Anxiang Du is accused of the


killings. He denies the charges A pensioner from Hertfordshire has


been named on a list of thirteen of Britain's most wanted criminals


thought to be hiding in Spain. 78`year`old paedophile Michael


McCartney from Letchworth was convicted in March of abusing three


boys. He failed to attend court the following month for sentencing.


Planes bound for the Philippines have been loaded with aid at


Stansted Airport this morning. Many more are planned for the coming


days. Aid agencies say the scale of this humanitarian disaster dwarfs


any in recent years. As dawn breaks at Stansted, a jumbo


jet awaits its cargo. It is not food or water, it is equipment for the


British Red Cross team to help them Courtney the distribution of aid.


What we are sending today are generators, land Rovers, food and


water. Everything they need to do their job


effectively. The scale of the devastation is now clear.


This lady waited for three days before she heard from her family.


They have nothing there. I would like to tell people to please donate


anything that you can, a penny, a pounds with be a very big help.


World Vision has had a presence in the Philippines for several years.


They say their presence is long`term. Once the television


cameras have gone, we will be continuing to supply them until they


have everything they need. Once that these is completed then we


start rebuilding people 's livelihoods.


This plane was loaded in one hour, after all delays could cost lives.


Fewer than 15% of the public voted for them but, a year on, the


Government says Police and Crime Commissioners are working well and


are here to stay. But a BBC survey reveals most people still don't know


who they are and what they do. We spent a day with David Lloyd, the


PCC of Hertfordshire who's struggling to make his mark with the


public. David Lloyd's working day starts in


this courtroom. Next is a quick chat with custody


officers. They are discussing strategy and about selling of a


redundant police building. I do not agree that people are


seeing what is it about? The public gets that this is about putting


someone at the heart of leasing and crime reduction. But it seems to be


failing to register with people Bill`mac I don't know his name and


didn't know there was one. I can't say I do know who years Is


yet as a waste of money and haven't followed the story. `` I see it


I do not think they have acted up towards the role allows.


I was talking about people being drunk overnight and this is a


development of this. Have you given up on your original policy? I think


that was exactly the area I was talking about. When you run, it is


hard to measure what impact David Lloyd has had.


Luton`based airline easyJet has unveiled new equipment designed to


keep planes flying after a volcanic eruption. It follows the chaos three


years ago when a volcanic ash cloud from Iceland led to flights being


grounded for a week across Europe. The new system called AVOID will


make it easier to avoid ash in the air.


Spring 2010 and a volcanic eruption in Iceland empties the skies over


most of Europe. 100,000 flights were grounded, Williams are stranded


across the world. When the dust settled, scientists began working on


a new system to stop it happening again. This man came up with the


idea. The camera fitted to normal airliners which conceived as close


in the distance. There is no certainty in science so


we are still not sure where all the action is. `` where all the ash is.


To test it, they got themselves this military aircraft.


They used an industrial vacuum cleaner to spew ash out of the back


of it and recreate that ash cloud. This is what it looked like. The red


shows the density of the ash. You can clearly see the ash clouds,


giving pilots enough time to change course.


You are seeing it in real time, physically in front of you. The


instrumentation can see the hazard and therefore you can avoid it.


Icelandic volcanoes erupt every five years on average but we now have


better forecasting, radar and planning. Coupled with this new


system it means that the chaos of three years ago should never happen


again. Cambridgeshire Police has been


accused of attempting to spy on students. The Guardian newspaper has


obtained footage showing an officer trying to persuade an activist to


become an undercover informant and feed him information in return for


money. The unnamed policeman wanted the activist to name students who


were going on protests. Cambridgeshire Police has said


officers do use covert tactics in accordance with the law. The


University of Cambridge has declined to comment.


For years Cambridge United's Abbey Stadium appeared to be doomed. The


club planned to build a brand new stadium on the edge of the city but,


after a planning battle, the U's have U`turned and now the Abbey


looks set for a new lease of life. Plans have been coming to the at


least idiom, home of Cambridge United, since 1932. Many were behind


plans for a new stadium. But those plans were dismissed by the council


which left the club needing a plan B. There has been lots of discussion


about taking it to the Secretary of State but they have been brilliant


landlords for us here so we looked for an alternative. This is a proper


football ground with modern facilities.


The common denominator is the property developer which is willing


to spend several million pounds redeveloping two standards. ``


stands. We are constantly told that the Abbey Stadium wouldn't afford us


an opportunity to make money off the field. It doesn't look good.


While he admits a new stadium would be nice, a redeveloped stadium will


allow more room for hospitality areas. It can't be sold from under


our feet. They hope to have the new stadium ready for the start of the


2015 caesium. It will help to make the club


sustainable in the long`term. Work to improve a notoriously


congested junction on the M1 could begin within three weeks. Luton


Borough Council has announced that junction 10a of the M1 will be


upgraded as part commissioners make no difference in


fighting crime. Still to come, Alex will be here


with your weather forecast and how the money you give to children in


need is helping these young people in Peterborough.


This week, Stewart is in Shanghai, reporting on the growing trade links


between our region and China. Tonight for our last instalment from


Shanghai we look at tips for businesses hoping to strengthen


their links with the Far East. Hello again from Shanghai. On Monday


when we were marking Remembrance Day and went 8` was sweeping across


parts of Asia, here in Shanghai the big news was something called single


state. They have it every 11th of November. `` singles day. On that


day, retailers offer their price `` offered the good at the cup place.


One online retailer sold five only in US dollars worth of goods. 5


billion. It gives you some idea of what this country is spending. Which


is why so many companies in the east are keen to do business here. I've


business correspondent has been getting some tips from some people


who know. These are fluorescent signs which


caught using the full range of fluorescent chemicals we have. New


products from the East, looking to conquer global markets. This company


makes for marking systems and other products used by the world's leading


airlines. Calling technology which it wants to sell to China. The chief


executive knows it will not happen overnight. He is setting up an


office in Shanghai. We are looking to find co`operation with companies


over there that we can innovate with and gender `` and develop


next`generation product for the Chinese market is difficult. China


will be taking 30% of all commercial airline for commercial traffic. East


of England companies sold ?750 million of goods and services to


China last year. According to the government there is plenty more to


go at, so what are the top tips? We asked the East Anglia companies who,


as we have seen, are already trading successfully with China. Having the


right partner who can help you navigate through the complexities of


a different market from your home market is obviously one of the most


important things, I would say. You can only do it one way, jump on a


plane and go and meet them, Cosby are very welcoming and they do want


to do business with the UK customers. You must give your brand


into national exposure, so we have done that by going to international


trade fairs and those trade fairs are globally attended, you get


buyers coming in from all over the world. China's repetition for


corruption put some companies. The new president has singled out


corruption as one of the issues to be dealt with further. The belief


that there is widespread corruption, there might be, but it


is less than it was and it is being addressed for the future. For ST G8


is all about getting into the world's is aviation market. It has


seen the light of China. I am sure that many of those


sentiments would have been echoed in Newmarket today, experts from 60


countries have been giving advice to businesses on how best to export.


It is like business speed dating, Peggy country you want to export to


and you get 20 minutes of advice. 16 national flags, including this one,


but they come from as far afield as Malaysia and Mexico. The site each


flight are experts from embassies and consulates, and they have all


been flown in here to give advice on export opportunities to local firms.


Have you had a lot of interest? Your Mac a huge amount, almost


overwhelming. It is very promising, I saw a lot of interest. We have the


structure of the Robbie Williams heads... This firm makes complex


components, like this prop for a rock concert tour. Because we are


very new to dealing with anybody outside of the UK, I saw this as a


great opportunity to get more support, some pointers on how to do


business abroad and hopefully make some contacts. The export market in


the Easter meeting is worth ?27 billion per year, but we are still


playing catch up. We are behind a number of our obvious competitors,


Germany, France, Italy. There is no good reason why that should be true.


We are gaining market share, a export to China in the past year


have been going faster. We start from a low basis we have a long


journey to go. The boss of this estimating firm is ahead of the


game. `` engineering firm. 90% of the manufacturers goes overseas. We


get comfortable dealing with the UK market and some of us get


adventurous and go to Europe, but there is a better world out there.


Countries like China have a huge growth. It is daunting for many


people because they see China as a difficult market and there is a lot


of misinformation. There is a lot of help out there, too. It is down to


local firms to make most of what health `` help is on offer. We are


behind the curve. What are my impressions of Shanghai?


The roads are congested, you read any taxi is like something out of


wacky races. This part of town is predominately a Toulouse attraction.


It is the new part which is big and brash. The money men have arrived.


Someone said to me that millionaires are ten a penny in Shanghai, it is


the cleaners we set up and take notice of, which probably explains


why George Osborne has been to China, David Cameron is coming to


China before Christmas and modest and was you just a few weeks ago.


Someone asked him if Britain had missed the vote when it came to the


Chinese economy. No, he said, we are just fashionably late to the party.


I think all of us will hope that this is true.


Now if you're a fan of DIY SOS, you'll know that last night. Nick


Knowles and his team attempted their biggest ever build. To mark this


years Children in Need appeal, they completely re`built a centre for


disabled children in Peterborough. It is called Little Miracles and


Mike Liggins has been there today to see how everyone is settling in.


Michelle King and her six`year`old son Oliver in the new sensory room


at the miracles. It is a paedophile support group for families with


children who have disabilities and life emitting support group. `` it


is a support group for families and children who have disabilities. Had


tried to get on the bus and the driver said no, so we refused to get


off. I sat in the aisle and had a cry. I had a mum that was absolutely


amazing telling me that things would be OK and he went for the Coffey.


Eternity out through its old home and the new one was not fit for


purpose. That is when DIY SOS got involved. Nine days, 16,000


man`hours, 12 lorry loads of concrete... Hundreds of people from


all over the country give their team to help in the build was only


finished at 3am on the day of the big reveal. If you are ready, open


your eyes. All my! It is amazing. This is our kitchen. This is where


we prepare the food. No, Michelle and the other parents and volunteers


are loving what has become a home from home for many. This


four`year`old who has cerebral palsy, is three or four times per


week. He was the trampoline and the swing. And the roundabout. And the


open spaces. Words cannot describe, it has put so many smiles on


families and children's faces. And Freddie was it? You like Freddie


adores it. He will not leave the place. When we go it is meltdown,


because you must put your shoes on. He knows when you put your shoes on


it is time to go. Children In Need helps fund Little


Miracles but money is tight. Michelle and others are working


their socks off and not being paid. So there are big challenges ahead.


But DIY SOS and all the people who helped have created a medical for


these Little Miracles. Of course Look East is holding its own event


for Children in Neeed tomorrow night at Wicksteed Park in Kettering.


Janine will be there. Tell us more. Thanks, Susie. It is going to be our


biggest Children in Need night yet. My little yellow friend and I will


be there and we'll be joined by a 200 strong choir who'll be singing


in a Gary Barlow challenge with others across the country. But the


best bit is that you can come, too. Entry is free, the pirate ship, the


dodgems all free. There'll be face painting, the Doctor Who experience,


and if you've been fundraising we would particularly love you to come


along and tell us all about it. Gates open at 6pm and entry is


limited so the sooner you get there the better! We want to hear, don't


we, from anyone who is doing anything special tomorrow.


Absolutely, if you can't make it along, still get in touch and tell


us what you are up to and how much you have managed to raise. The more


the merrier. What about the weather?


Nice but cold, wrap up warm if you're out tomorrow. We have had


some fine sunshine, but it felt cold with a north`westerly wind. We did


well for sunshine but that means that what follows is a particularly


cold night. There is a risk of Falkirk because temperatures will


get low enough to print the ground fog, but it will be patchy


especially in rural locations. We will keep largely clear skies and we


might look at some showers, particularly across the


north`eastern part of Norfolk. That is where it will stay cloudy and


those temperatures would be quite as low. If we go farther to the west


temperatures of two or three degrees are quite possible, we went falling


much later. There will be more of the best these around. The pressure


pattern shows a wad of high pressure moving in that brings us lighter


winds tomorrow and perhaps an odd missed patch to clear first thing


but it is looking largely warm and `` not warm but the great state.


Temperatures not one, it remained degrees at their very best. It will


feel comfortable. We will bring in clothes across parts of Norfolk and


Suffolk, and that may produce an isolated showers across most places.


Clearing skies overnight tomorrow, it really does bring us a lot of


sharp frost, it wait frosts were certainly cold makers expected.


Beyond then, this weather front is of interest because it marks the


boundary of much colder air. Eventually it turns southward,


especially after the weekend, and brings rain for Monday and then what


comes next is some much colder air. This originates from the Arctic so


the middle of next week it could be quite cold with some pretty cold


days and frosty nights expected. Before therefore the weekend there


will be more cloud around so that will prevent her temperatures


falling quite as low, but the high`pressure stands firm. We are


looking at largely fine conditions, if a little in the cold side. Sunny


spells expected for Saturday, workload for the afternoon and on


Sunday itself although it stays largely dry. It is expected to turn


rather cloudy and then we have this weather front moving through on


Monday that will bring in some rain. You can see are overly


temperatures, it is not is cold by the weekend by the sharp frost for


Monday night. Good luck to all of you raising


money for Children In Need tomorrow, have fun. Goodbye.


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