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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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That is all from the BBC News at That is all from the BBC News at


six. On Hello and welcome to Look East. In


the programme tonight: Flights missed passengers on the central


reservation and a motorway at a standstill for hours after a lorry


sheds its load. Murder charges are dropped against a


Northamptonshire couple accused of killing their baby, but the case


continues. Demolition starts on one of the most


recognizable buildings in Northampton.


And I am here at Wicksteed Park for this year's BBC Children in Need and


I am not alone. Say, hello. Hello! Good evening.


We start tonight with early morning chaos on the M11. Some people on


their way to catch flights at Stansted got out of their cars and


dragged suitcases along the central reservation. Their patience simply


ran out after a lorry shed its load blocking an entire carriageway in


Essex. The accident happened just before six o'clock this morning on


the northbound stretch between junction seven and eight, causing


long tailbacks. The road finally re`opened at 1pm. Our reporter


Felicity Simper spent the day on the M11.


The traffic here this evening on the M11 is moving freely. As you can see


behind me, all three lanes have now reopened but it was a very different


story earlier on today. An accident which happened just before six


o'clock this morning led to seven hours of delays, tailbacks and


frustration for motorist is. This was the problem, bundles of 50 foot


steel cables lying in the carriageway just down the road from


Stansted Airport. What should have been rush hour was anything but


With the motorway closed, there were miles of tailbacks. The recovery was


a lengthy progress. Hazel was one of those stuck, going from Harlow to


work in her cafe in Braintree. She said she moved just four yards in


two hours. People walking up and down with suitcases, in between the


southbound northbound on the M1 . Also on the hard shoulder. It was so


dangerous. You cannot really go and say anything to the people. It was


horrendous. It was like a nightmare. This photo posted on Twitter showed


the extent of the frustration. Desperate to catch flights, some


abandoning cars and dragging suitcases up the central reservation


to the airport. Hundreds missed their flights but today, the budget


airlines appear to have got it right. One woman tweeted to thank


Ryanair for rebooking them onto another airline at no extra cost.


EasyJet says it opened up extra death and brought in additional


staff to get its passengers on the next available flights. Back on the


M11 the recovery took several hours leading to a very long Friday


morning for commuters and holiday`makers alike.


A challenging day really for both the police and the highways agency,


dealing with people walking up and down the motorway as well as people


trying to recover the vehicles involved. The road finally reopened


just before one o'clock this art name. Since then, there have not


been any other problems. This evening's rush`hour is much smoother


than this morning's. Back to you. Thank you.


Well, earlier I spoke to Simon Calder who's a travel journalist. I


asked him if you miss your flight through unavoidable circumstances


what rights do you have? One reason why it is so stressful if you are


stuck in a traffic jam is legally you do not have any rights at all.


You have a contract with the airline which says, I promise to get to


Stansted 40 minutes before the flight, that is in the case of


easyJet and Ryanair, if you do not, they say, the flight was here, you


were not, it is your problem. It does not matter if it was not your


fault. What have they done to help passengers? Both airlines have been


generous. They say they understand there is a problem so they will not


enforce your normal rules. We will try and rebook you. Some people will


say this is prising because we do not expect this attitude from budget


airlines. That have been previous examples where snow has stopped


people getting to the edge port and staff shortages has meant long


security queues and thousands of people affected, but that was before


Ryanair went all cuddly and said, we are nicer than you thought we were.


They have been very generous which I am delighted to see. It is a lot


more dignified than it normally is. So this is a good thing, is it and


not just a cynical PR exercise? I do not really care as long as people


have got a bit of help in getting where they need to be. EasyJet have


always tried to be the nice low`cost airline and say, we are a lot better


than that other not. But Ryanair, after a couple of profits warnings


has decided that being nice to your customers might be a really good


plan. Meanwhile, there's disruption on the


railway, after a freight train derailed near King's Lynn. 14 wagons


carrying sand jumped the tracks earlier this afternoon. First


Capital Connect has cancelled trains between King's Lynn and Downham


Market, replacing them with buses. After more than two weeks of a


trial, murder charges against a mother and father accused of killing


their baby have been dropped. Jackie Parker and Adam Kightley now face


charges of causing or allowing the death of a child. Jamie Kightley


died at seven weeks old from multiple injuries in March last


year. Our reporter Mike Cartwright was in court.


It was a massive moment in court today. This is no longer a murder


trial. The judge said there was insufficient evidence that Jackie


Parker or Adam Kightley killed Jamie Kightley. It was not enough to say


that one of them might have done it, but we're not sure which one. The


Council of causing or allowing the death of a child remain. This is the


child. Jamie Kightley, shaken to death, the court was told, left with


multiple injuries, bruises and fractures from two assaults,


12`macro hours before he died, the other one to two weeks before he


died. The prosecution said there was no doubt his parents, Jackie Parker


or Adam Kightley caused his death. These are the images of them


arriving in court. The court heard one caused it and the other allowed


it to happen. They have said nothing will stop they have hidden behind a


wall of silence protecting themselves, protecting each other.


What was said in a parents' defence? Both parents say they'd you


not know how the injuries happened. This is the flat where paramedics


were called to Jamie's lifeless body in March 2012. Both parents agreed


that they put Jamie to bed at six o'clock in the evening. At 145 AM,


he was woken, fed and Bathurst. Jackie says she went to bed leaving


her partner alone with her son. There is evidence that Jackie Parker


was awake that night and complaining of a screaming baby. Her defence is


that she was eight devoted mother. Detectives are hunting a gang of


robbers who assaulted, bound and gagged an elderly man in Luton. It


happened at around 2.30am in the morning yesterday when three men


forced their way into the man's home in Putteridge Road. The men forced


him to hand over bank cards and a quantity of cash while his wife


slept. A 19`year`old man from Luton has


been jailed for seven and half years for the manslaughter of another


teenager. Mark Hannell of Trent Road, Luton stabbed Ryan Burke at a


flat in Milliners Court. The court heard there had been a confrontation


between several men after Hannell's girlfriend finished the


relationship. But the prosecution accepted that Hannell had not


intended to kill. He was also convicted of harassing a woman.


Two Northampton landmarks are about to disappear forever. Demolition


work began today on the first of two gas holders of St Peter's Way. The


historic structures are being demolished to make way for a new


office development. An icon of another age, a remnant of


the revolution of our industrial past and what goes up, now must come


down. Because the structure is quite high we have to work out the


demolition. It is not a traditional demolition. It is more delicate than


that. We use structural engineers to determine what that sequences. It is


all being pulled down as part of a 50 minim pound project to regenerate


the waterfront. The old gasworks is a legacy of when we used to burn


coal to create the town's fuel for its burgeoning industry. Over the


last 150 years, Northampton has had five of these massive gasometer is


and virtually every town and city in the country would have had one. With


them no longer needed to store gas, they could become a major player in


the development of brownfield sites. This site will become St Peter's


Waterside. Specialists are coming in to make it safe for the major


redevelopment. We have had very significant developer and investor


interest in this site. There will be offices here and that could be


anything between 1500 and 2500 jobs. But are the gas holders just an


eyesore or are seen as iconic as Matt it is another landmark bomb


from Northampton but you cannot stop progress, can you? It is a good


thing. It is about time something happened in Northampton instead of


Milton Keynes Dons change! While the towers are linked to the industrial


past, planners say they serve no purpose now and bringing them down


could help the economic future. A postmortem examination of a Luton


man who died in police custody has proved inconclusive. Leon Brooks,


who was 39, died after being held at Luton police station. The


Independent Police Complaints Commission is conducting an


investigation. It had a meeting with members of Mr Briggs' family today.


Five police officers are currently suspended.


Later, Alex has the weather. in Leiston until the end of the


month, and then it's heading off to Stowmarket.


Still to come this evening, the weekend weather, plus what you have


been up to for Children In Need. Look East can reveal tonight that


the region's booming space industry is in line for a major financial


boost. The money is coming from a billion pound pot in Europe. It will


benefit scientific research, including companies in the UK space


belt in Essex and Hertfordshire. Our political correspondent Andrew


Sinclair has tonight's special report.


There are thousands of satellites orbiting the earth, and a small but


growing number of them have been made in the East. At this company in


Stevenage they build them. Here in Chelmsford, they make the ?100,000


sensors and the imaging equipment to go inside them. So the news that the


European Union will keep supporting space research is welcoming places


like these. It is reassuring, particularly as we are doubling the


number of people we had in this facility associated with space


imaging, having just recruited 60 people of the last four months. To


know that our customer base is continuing to receive funding


clearly help support the decision we have just made. Today one for MEPs


visited the companies, encouraging them to bid for this new money. This


is very competitive. It is the new space race. China, India, Brazil,


they are developing. This Chelmsford companies selling to them but it


would not be doing so if it did not have the foundation stone of


research and innovation from Europe. The announcement next week will be


about more than just space. The EU will approve ?60 billion of funding


for science, research and technology across Europe. And the region's Euro


MPs who have helped negotiate this five`year package expect us to do


well out of it. 20% of all research working Cambridge is already funded


Ivy EU. MEPs say that many other companies and people across the East


should benefit. It is significant for businesses and universities. It


is an area where we get back more than we put into the EU budget. They


will have to bid for the money, but the feeling among MEPs is that for


those at the cutting edge of technology, the potential is out of


this world. And there's more news and debate


from the region's politicians in this weekend's edition of Sunday


Politics. Etholle George presents the programme live, this Sunday at


11 o'clock, on BBC One. Sport now, and one of the biggest


sporting upsets this time last year was England beating the All Blacks


at Twickenham. Tomorrow it's the rematch. More than a third of the


England squad come from this region, including five players from


Northampton Saints. They have dominated the Premiership season so


far. James Burridge has been to the England camp.


The match is over. It is a record victory for England. This was not


supposed to end this way for New Zealand. It was magnificent and


memorable, but when you beat the All Blacks, do better beware of the


backlash. The result was a big statement last year, but on its own,


it will quickly the forgotten about. We need to take it on to another


level and to be decided is not only the best in the world, but they have


all the experience and are going for unbeaten year. They are highly


motivated to beat us. Dylan Hartley knows what to expect. The Kiwi


turned Englishman celebrates his 50th cap tomorrow. He remembers all


too well his friends from high school. It will give meeting Ulster


in the back of my neck. That emotional energy will probably give


me a boost. It is quite nice. 50 seems insignificant. `` give me a


tingle. It is a massive honour for me. This region makes up one third


of the England squad. Dylan Hartley and Tom Youngs, Hartley was injured


last year. Tom Young stick his chance and he was surprised how well


he did, playing for the British Lions. Tom Ince very dynamic. They


are slightly contrasting hookers, but England are lucky to have both


of them. Where do you think you can hurt England the most this weekend?


Set pieces are good for us. The scrum will be difficult. The game is


generally one lost on the efficiency of the break down. We got that right


last year. For the eight layers of the region staying here this week,


this is the acid test. New Zealand do not like losing. Can England


produce a performance of such consistency that will give the whole


country something to shout about? You can see highlights of that


England`All Blacks match on BBC Three tomorrow night, starting at


seven o'clock. It's BBC Children In Need Day and


across the region people have been raising money for the annual appeal.


Tonight, the regional live broadcast comes from Kettering in


Northamptonshire. Let's go there now and say hello to Janine Machin.


The gates have only been open for half an hour, but people have


already flooded into the park. This is the oldest theme park in the


country. Tonight it is playing host to Children In Need. We have the


pirate ship setting off and the carousel. People are bringing their


cheques and they have been raising money all day. It is freezing. I am


going to grab this rabbit to keep warm. Let's look at the things you


have in doing to raise money. We are going to try this busking song.


Song`mac, here comes Pudsey been again.


`` THEY SING. I just want to busk the day away. With young Pudsey who


can sway. Please support Children In Need.


Thank you, everybody, in Northampton. # If you can help us,


it's all in aid of Children In Need. # I just want to busk the day away.


# With young Pudsey who can sway. # We're live in Cambridge here. # For


BBC Radio Cambridgeshire. As you can see, I have come inside for a little


bit of a warm up. Take a look at all of these people. We have a 200


strong choir. This is one of the main focus points of BBC Children In


Need. They will be singing with lots of other choirs around the country


to a Gary Barlow tune. Alice, what are you looking forward to the


most? Just getting the vibe of the everybody singing. Have you done


anything like this before? No. It is the first time. What has been the


hardest bit about rehearsing? Just learning all the words and all the


moves and putting it all together. It is a Gary Barlow tune, the ones


he wrote for the Golden Jubilee? Yes. I have heard you guys sing and


you absolutely amazing. `` you are. Let's see what has been going on.


These men have been hard at work for over four hours. We will need to


play a CD. Is that OK? The BBC producer arrives late 90s already


fretting about the night's big moment. Children's wires from all


over the UK will come together to sing a Gary Barlow song. This is


network television, going out across the country. Possibly 10 million


people watching. So when they say, Kettering, you are wrong, we need to


be on. The theme park started life in nine 1043. Since then, it has


been a firm favourite for generations. At 1:30pm, the children


arrived. It is going to be a long and tiring day. How are you


feeling? Excited. What do you think of the song? Good. You're like Gary


Barlow? Yes. They are really excited, really happy to be here.


And you have rehearsed them well? Yes, we have two quire masters. One


for the boys and one for the girls. `` choir masters. By two o'clock,


the BBC's finest on in place and very busy. Outside broadcasts can be


complicated and much can go wrong, but hopefully not in the hands of


this in junior. I'm testing this out. It sends the pictures from our


cameras back to the satellite van. We have ordered this equates and, so


I have got to if it does not work, Pudsey will be very upset. Trying to


organise 200 excited children is not easy. The conductor has a real job


on her hands. THEY SING. Outside, Janine is chatting to BBC radio


Northampton. There will be lots of running around. I have got my flat


shoes on, so that is a real first for me. The joy if it is that you


get into all of it. The BBC producer is trying to keep the children


quiet. He is failing miserably. THEY SING. But the rehearsals go well.


Nothing can possibly go wrong, or can it?


You will never guess who I have want into. It is Pudsey bear. We are


going to be here at the theme park all evening. You will be able to


keep up`to`date with what we're doing on BBC One the evening. If


you're in the area, come and Sears. Some of the rides are open. We are


here and we hope to see you here as well. Thank you for all the


fundraising. Thank you.


It is quite chilly, isn't it? Thank you.


It is quite chilly, isn't Yes, and temperatures will drop further this


evening. Hype `` has meant light winds and clear skies. That will


mean a cold night. There will be a risk of widespread frost. The risk,


as we go through the night, is of mist and fog patches forming,


particularly across the West and the south of the region. It may get very


close to freezing in towns and cities, and polite in the


countryside. We could get as low as `1, and perhaps minus two degrees.


The weather looks try for tomorrow. There is a lot of cloud around and


the reason for that is this weather front. It is over Scotland and it


will push site. It will introduce more cloud as it gets here. `` it


will push south. The South might start with brighter skies, but we


can see this blanket of cloud. It will feel cold underneath the cloud.


Nine degrees will be the best temperature tomorrow. The winds will


be light and westerly. The cloud will spread everywhere by the end of


the day. That means it will not be as cold tomorrow night. We are not


expecting a frost tomorrow night for Sunday night. This weather front


isn't reducing career. `` is introducing cold array. Expect the


spell of rain from Monday. The significance of it is the Calder are


it introduces. `` the colder air. It will flood across the British Isles


by the end of next week. By Monday and Tuesday, much cooler


temperatures. The thickest of the cloud on Sunday might produce light


rain and drizzle. On Monday, we will get this weather front. It will


bring steady rain in the middle of the day. Look at the temperature for


Tuesday and the overnight low temperatures. We are below freezing.


Expect a much colder week. Thank you very much, and thank you to all of


you have in raising money for BBC Children In Need. Have a great




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