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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Hello. In the programme tonight: Guilty of


triple murder, a Peterborough woman admits killing three men. Their


bodies were found dumped in ditches. That and the rest of today's biggest


stories. Rates in Northamptonshire, targeting drug dealers selling to


children. These people who are preying on our young people are


destroying their futures. It is game over for the British number one who


retires after 16 years of triumph and tears. And how to make a silver


birch shine. We are behind the seas `` scenes.


Good evening. A woman from Peterborough has


admitted murdering three men and attempting to kill two more. Joanna


Dennehy surprised her own legal team as she pleaded guilty in court. The


bodies of her victims were found in ditches in Cambridgeshire earlier


this year. 31`year`old Joanna Dennehy's seven


guilty plea to the whole court by surprise. Her barrister told the


judge that the course of the arrangement was not one they


anticipated. The bodies of her victims were found four days apart


in two locations. This year, the body of Kevin Lee was found in a


ditch near Peterborough. Four days later, the bodies of John Chapman


and Lucas Slaboszewski was `` were found in a ditch. All three had been


stabbed to death. Dennehy also pleaded guilty to the attempted


murders of another two`man, Robert Brett set and John Rogers. She also


pled guilty to preventing the decent burial of all three murder victims.


Sally joins me now. Joanna Dennehy wasn't the only one in the dock


today. There are three others accused of these murders. Alongside


her was her 47`year`old boyfriend Gary Richards, who is a security


guard. He stands at the seven foot, three inches. He denies three


charges of preventing the lawful burial of the bodies of the three


man and also denies attempting to murder two other men. Two other


defendants appeared at the hearing, but this was by video link, Leslie


Layton, who is 36, and he pledged at an earlier hearing, while Robert


Moore, who is 55, denied assisting an offender. What happens now? It is


not clear when that he will be sentenced following the police


today, because there are the coaccused in this case, but there


will be a further hearing next week. Drug dealers suspected of selling to


school children in Northamptonshire were the targets of dawn raids this


morning. 70 officers were involved, along with local teachers determined


to stop the supply of drugs like cannabis to teenagers.


These people who are preying on our young people are destroying their


futures. They are destroying their communities. That is intolerable.


For a headteacher to be briefing police officers before a raid is


unusual. It is happening not just because cannabis has been dealt to


students outside school gets, but because this classroom is the only


place big enough to brief the 7 strong team. They will be rating


houses believed to be connected to dealing cannabis. Open the door


Open the door, police! Eight man is arrested at this address for


breaching court bail. Officers also recover evidence of personal use of


cannabis and a replica handgun. Elsewhere, another two`man and a


woman are suspicious `` arrested on suspicion 's of drug dealing. I want


to weed this issue out. We have got to keep the school safe. I want to


get the message out to the low`level dealers that we are not tolerating


dealing to kids. Half of all 16 to 29`year`old kid in the UK have tried


cannabis. Children start using `` who start using by the age of 1 are


more likely to suffer a psychotic disorder by 26. What bothers me is


people who prey on younger people who find these things exciting and


are curious and can get sucked into a world and series of behaviours


that are damaging. Officers have been into local schools today,


warning of the dangers of cannabis. Research suggests it is a particular


risk to young people, because the brain is still developing.


The Parker E`Act Academy was one of those schools which had a police


visit during this morning's assembly. Earlier tonight I asked


the principal there how the students had reacted.


Some of them were shocked and very surprised, but I think others were


clearly pleased, the fact that police officers were actually


speaking to them about the matter, and treating them in a mature way I


discussing the matters with them. How are you or any of the other


teachers in the academies there noticed certain behaviour with the


peoples? `` had you or any of the other teachers. I think there have


been occasions when both academies have had to inform the police about


people who were involved in some illicit dealing with drugs at some


point outside of both of our academies, and we are able to report


back to the lease and they are able to gather the intelligence


accordingly. You and your colleague at the other Academy have also taken


very active involvement in all of this. Were you not worried that by


raising the issue so publicly it might damage the reputation of the


school? I believe the fact that the reaction would definitely be that


members of the local community as well as of course our parents who


are part of the community will be pleased that the police have mounted


the operation and also the fact that the two academies are supporting


that particular initiative. Next, to the trial of Anxiang Du,


the Chinese businessman accused of murdering a family of four from


Northamptonshire. He sobbed in court today as his defence team began


outlining their case. The Ding family was stabbed at home in


Northampton in April 2011, on the day of the Royal Wedding. The


prosecution claims it was in revenge for a business deal which had gone


sour. Our reporter has been following the case at Northampton


Crown Court. This is the first day that we have


heard his defence. That is right. The prosecution case concluded last


week. The jury had been told that Anxiang Du's defence is likely to be


one of the ministry sponsored bill that he or loss of control. 14


months after the family wasn't stabbed to death after their `` in


their home, Anxiang Du was arrested in his `` in Morocco. One of the


last people to see him was a Foreign Office official, and today that man


gave evidence, and he describes to the jury his first impressions of


Anxiang Du at that meeting to offer consular assistance. He said he was


very subdued and quiet and at times quiet and very emotional. He said


during the hour and a half meeting, they had to take regular breaks so


Anxiang Du could compose himself. He said that in broken English Anxiang


Du had try to explain some of the detailed about what happened in the


UK. He said he had been in a business deal with his friends that


have gone wrong, that he had lost a lot of money, that he had lost


everything, and he had made one final attempt to visit the Ding


family to sort things out, but he said that his friends laughed at his


face and he told the Foreign Office official that he used the words I


just went crazy and began to stipulating with his clenched fist


to make the shape of a knife, and that that point, Mister Williams


said he had to draw the meeting to a conclusion because in wasn't so


emotional, and as he left, he said, and on how me. `` because Anxiang Du


was so emotional. The jury were told he will not be taking the witness


box as part of his defence. That is of course his legal rights to do so.


The prosecution have to prove his guilt come and he does not have to


prove his innocence. He denies all four counts of murder. The case is


due to present tomorrow. An organisation `` An organisation in


Cambridge which tracks down and removes images of child abuse from


the internet is to almost treble in size. The announcement by the


Internet Watch Foundation was made at today's cyber summit in London.


In an office in a research Park four people are analyzing images


from the World Wide Web. So graphic is the content they are examining,


the staff have to have regular counselling and most of them want to


state anonymous. I see horrible things on a day to day basis. It can


be disheartening to know how much and it is out there. I can either be


part of the solution to get rid of the contents or I can pretend it is


not there, and I know it is fair. If they find a UK website hosting


illegal images, it can be closed down within the hour. If it is


overseas, they can block it in this country, but getting the image


removed will take much longer. Last year, we removed just under 10, 00


websites, of which only 35 are hosted in the UK, and that shows you


that the problem is elsewhere. Teeple say it is just a drop in the


ocean and `` people say it is just a drop in the ocean and I say that is


not good enough. But is also the attitudes of the Prime Minister who


today held a second fibre summit at Downing Street. One of the chakras


fibre summit `` fibre summit. People right across the globe will be safe


because of the actions that are betake `` are being taken today and


he wants to push this and make sure that children are safe. The money


will allow the foundation to take on several more analysts. Instead of


waiting for tip offs, they will be able to actively seek out illegal


images. If we can go out and seek it, we can actually remove loads


more content when the foundation was established in 1996, 18% were hosted


on websites in the UK. Today, that figure is just 0.3%. And ministers


say that proves the Internet Watch Foundation is making a real impact.


A mother of The roads are a bit busier than the


where in 1963. Still to come we talk to the Suffolk


tennis star Elaine about Thatcher about her decision to retire. And


Alex takes part in an unusual clean`up at the National trust.


Our special report tonight looks at the housing market and in particular


the lack of accommodation for people in the region.


Let's give you numbers. There are around 6 million people in the East


of England and that figure is going up by 1000 every week. Making is one


of the fastest`growing regions in the UK. The government estimates we


need to build about 25,000 new houses every year to cater for the


demand. But last year we only managed to build 12,000. What do we


do about it? At Medina Gardens, the tradesmen are


busy once more. Kitchen fitters, bricklayers and plasters. This


development on the outskirts of Rockhampton is one of 37 sites


currently being worked on by a person and across the East,


delivering more than 3000 new homes for which there is a ready demand.


There has been a demand, people are very nervous over the past few


years, obviously about where things were and with the availability of


different market products, the Help To Buy scheme, all it has done is


yesterday that confidence for people and maybe if people do not want to


move the four years ago, the oh no thinking there was the time to do


it. This region needs new homes because its population is rising. By


around half a million people every decade. Most of that is due to


immigration. Even now, we are not building. It is reckoned we need to


25,000 new homes per year, but last year we only got 12,000. However,


house`building is up 7% this year, the new homes are mostly going up


along the main commuter belts. The dark areas, close to the main


release and roads. Will the recovery in house`building last? This company


as a good indicator of where the market is heading will stop it puts


on the roads, drains and sewers before house builders move on and is


working on a tight in Norfolk and Suffolk. If we are busy, it would


suggest the rest of the housing industry will follow suit. It's a


good indicator that the residential market is buoyant, picking up, and


is said to have some good growth. But the pick`up has caused a


shortage of bricks and concrete blocks. This firm has doubled


production since last year. We are extremely busy and we can hardly


make enough blocks to keep up with the demand currently. People are,


regain, building homes, and ringing forward projects which were put on


hold for the last five years. In Northampton, these new homes are


being snapped up there is a long way to go before house`building back to


its prerecession peak. Let's talk to Richard. Some encouraging signs


there. But how sustainable is this recovery in house`building? I think


the recovery is pumped up by the help to buy scheme under which the


government provides loans to first`time buyers. That scheme will


have to come to an end sometime so it could all be a bit of a


short`term boost. Another concern is what is happening to the smaller


house builders. Most of the houses being built are being built by the


major house`building groups and the smaller people are finding it


difficult to get the bank lending they need but overall, it's good to


see house`building recovering at all after several years of being in the


doldrums. Richard, thank you. Every year in this country we spend ?1


billion on clearing up litter. In just one town, Wellingborough, the


bill is ?100,000. The local council decided to illustrate the scale of


the problem and took one street and cleaned just one side of it. The


other side was left unclean. So what happened? The details from Stuart


Ratcliffe. Britainmacro`poss battle with litter is nothing new. But


perhaps the tactics to get people to change their habits are. This


weekend in Wellingborough, litter pickers were picking up after


late`night drinkers but the clean`up was on just one side of the street,


and by Monday, it was clear this was a tale of two footpath. As expected,


there is litter on the floor. It is right next to where litter bins are


so they could have been used for the it's no surprise to myself. I


thought it could have been worse. The experiment is one which is being


monitored closely. Not just by the council but by shoppers in


neighbouring Northampton. I'd do wonder whether people actually drop


more letter on that street than they would normally would. Do you think


littering is getting worse in Britain? I think it is, getting very


bad. People don't care like they used to. Why'd you think that is? I


don't know. I don't think there's as much respect for where you live. I


think it quite disgusting, to be honest, no need for it, is there? At


a time when councils are tightening their belts, questions are being


asked about the true cost of litter. When you spend ?100,000 picking up


litter, at times when money is short, what could we do with that


money? There could be services we don't have to cut, and it's just


because people can't be bothered and throw it on the ground because we


will pick it up. This experiment is being repeated across the country


with similar results. But the question here is whether experiments


like this have any effect at all other than to remind us what litter


louts the British can be. Elena Baltacha announced today she was


retiring from the professional game. During his 16 year career, she


became one of our longest`running British number one players. She won


11 singles titles and was once ranked in the top 50 in the world.


She is now expected to go into coaching. We spoke to her, who told


us she made her decision because of injuries. I still love tennis. I


love competing. And I would have loved to have carried on. I still


think I could've achieved many more things, but whenever I put myself


into anything I've always given 100% and I just feel that I haven't been


able to practice. I haven't been able to push my body the way I


wanted to. And also, you know, I've only been training once a day, which


is not enough, especially if I want to improve and get better and take


on the big players. I just feel it's definitely the best time to retire


because I feel I won't be able to develop as a tennis player. Judy


Murray called to the most incredible ambassador for women's ten is in


Britain for the past 12 years. `` called you. I presume you will stay


as a great ambassador for tennis? Absolutely. It was so lovely of duty


four sub Judy is an amazing lady. She is so inspirational and one of


my major achievements that I'm always representing my country. And


also playing for Judy Murray was such an experience. She's such an


inspirational lady. Of course, everything I have banked over the


years, I want to get back to the next generation. Obviously, my


academy has to do come first, based in Ipswich, and I would dedicate


myself to that fully. But also, I want to get back to British tennis


and give children the opportunity that tennis has given me to


hopefully, you know, pastime my knowledge and hopefully leave them


alone and it is in it. Do you have any regrets or disappointments from


your years at the top? You are always going to get disappointments


along the way and I always think, if you don't, either you're not going


to be successful or you are just unbelievably lucky. I think, through


the disappointments, that's where it makes you stronger. I wouldn't


change anything if I had to do it again. I wouldn't change anything at


all. It does make you who you are and I'm glad I had those obstacles


and I managed to fulfil my potential. Great to talk to you and


we wish you the best for the future. Thanks for coming on the programme.


Thank you very much. Gardeners can do lots of things with trees,


plants, prune them and chop down but today in Cambridgeshire, they were


actually washing them. These are silver birches and innovative


Christmas they are used to provide a stunning backdrop to The National


Trust centre. Alex has been to see how they do it four sub as the


winter weather sets in, the gardens at Anglesey Abbey near Cambridge are


being brought back to life. The team is hard giving the silver birch


trees a bit of a face`lift. Over time they build up a green algae and


were just trying to get them cleaned up with fresh washers, get them


looking nice and back to their stunning white. It was established


here in Anglesey Abbey 16 years ago and these are Himalayan silver


birches and they have been specially selected for the brilliant white


bark. And according to head gardener, Richard Todd, they will be


the centrepiece of the winter light Festival. It opens next week. These


will be lit. This is the climax of the whole event. We are lighting up


over one mile of the whole garden with colouring themes, and all sorts


of amazing features for the every tree will be lit up and away you


have never seen before. Last, 7500 people turned up to see the winter


lights including photographer Alistair Grant.


Tickets are selling out fast. See spectacular scenes like this. I came


around the corner and I saw a wall of the good pink light, really


nothing I've seen. Hard to describe unless you were there. The colours


were just vivid, fantastic, really, really bright and, of course, it


really showed off the bark of the silver birches to its fullest


extent. With over 100 trees to clean and only one day to do it, an extra


pair of hands is needed. But we will have to wait until next week before


we see their full transformation. They look great, don't they? Time


now for a look at the weather. A rather gloomy day and through the


afternoon, cold air advancing towards us from the north`west. It


is actually behind this band of rain. It's a very narrow band, as


you can see, but it's moving pretty quickly, so over the next few hours,


well, it's going to race across our region and I think by about


midnight, the last of it will clear the Essex coast. Then you can see


dryer skies following behind. Along with much colder air. These are the


low temperatures we're expecting in built`up areas and the coast but


rural spots could top down to `3. A widespread frost. A very cold night.


I the end of outcome of the wind will be light moderate,


north`westerly. `` by the end of the night. Wet and windy weather on


Wednesday. Tomorrow, high`pressure means cold, frosty but a sunny start


the day four sub much cloud tomorrow. We could see a few


showers, mainly affecting the north`east corner and they could


have a bit of sleet or hail mixed in. Temperatures, well, despite the


sunshine, struggling to around five Celsius at the very best. I have to


say, those modern north`westerly winds certainly not make me feel any


warmer. Through the afternoon into the evening, a few showers around


but eventually they will fade away so, for many of us, it is a dry and


to the day. As we head into Wednesday, I mentioned that weather


system on the pressure chart, it will bring longer spells of rain


during Wednesday morning. But, by the afternoon, to the south`east we


will see sunny skies following behind. And then, on Thursday,


decent spells for many of us, another chilly day in the northerly


wind, but it could dry in the summer showers. And again, some sleet or


hail mixed in. But, by Friday, those showers will be few and far between


and, for most of us, another chilly day. The wind easing down a touch.


And some cold nights on the cards. Tonight and tomorrow night.


Particularly cold. Thank you very much. A big thank you


to all of you who supported children in need over the weekend. We always


do very well in this region and we can confirm we raised ?2.2 million


and that is a record. We will leave you with some highlights. Bye bye.


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