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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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transformation of the NHS in England. That


Hello and welcome to Look East. In the programme tonight: Mourning May


` a 70`year`old woman's stabbed to death in Luton six weeks after her


wedding. One man's arrested. The threat to our corner shops from


smuggled tobacco ` customs officers raid shops in Peterborough and find


thousands of pounds worth of hidden cigarettes.


The battle in this region between the housing haves and have`nots


And a ten`time world champion you've probably never heard of.


Good evening. We begin tonight with the pensioner stabbed to death as


she drove in Luton. May Evans was attacked yesterday afternoon. A man


in his 50s, who was known to the victim, was detained by members of


the public at the scene. Mike Cartwright reports.


May Evans ` mother, brand mother, newlywed. She married just six weeks


ago. Flowers now mark the spot where she was repeatedly stabbed in her


car. Yards from her home, the car stopped outside Jimmy's house. He


heard shouting and saw a man in the street ran dishing a knife.


Therewith two other men, trying to persuade him to drop the knife. They


kept saying, drop the knife, just get rid of it, drop it. He would not


drop it. I went up and I could see the top of the old lady putts`macro


head in the car, she was sitting in the driver's seat. The door was


shut, locked tight. Just before the police came, I heard them say, we've


got him, we've got him. Those three guys must have got him down and held


him down. May Evans was treated by paramedics but died at the scene.


The man, in his 50s, is now in police custody. It is crucial we I


dids identify with the Serbs, there are people who have not spoken to as


they need to come forward. `` it is crucial that we identify witnesses.


I am shocked. There is nothing you can do, really, now. How upsetting


is it? I saw her on the floor yesterday when they were trying to


revive her, it was quite sad to watch, especially when you have


known her for a long time. A short time ago, the family laid flowers


here. They said they wanted a private moment away from the


cameras. Afterwards, in tears, her husband spoke to me. He said he


wanted to say thank you to the community for trying to save his


wife will stop the motive for the attack is unclear. A stabbing which


took the life of a defenceless 0 year`old.


Next tonight, how illegal supplies of tobacco are putting the future of


corner shops at risk. There's been an increase in the number of people


buying cigarettes which have been smuggled into the UK or which have


been bought overseas. According to the Tobacco Retailers' Alliance the


loss of income has put one in six shops here at risk of closure and a


further four in ten are considering cutting back on staff. Across the


region, customs officers are carrying out raids to tackle the


problem. Emma Baugh joined one in Peterborough where 36, 000


cigarettes were seized in just one night.


It is early evening and the first call of the night for the revenue


and Trading Standards team. The most important member is the tobacco


detection dog, he is soon on the scent. They are telling us that he


was detecting something behind a fire, basically. We have pulled the


fire off and there are these few packets in the back. They will pull


them out, turn the fire off to look behind. The cigarettes are hidden in


little cubbyholes, and in ingenious faces like fruit juice cartons. They


used to be under the counter, now they are hiding them, but they are


easy to access. They can pick up a box, you would not think that was in


here. How big a problem as the counterfeiting? Quite big,


unfortunately. They have just found these cigarette, they are called


illegal whites because they should not be bought over`the`counter. They


are made specifically for the smuggling market and they cost the


country ?2 billion each year. Onto the next shop, one of 15 being


searched 25 officers. They are led to another concealment in a


storeroom floor. They are looking for both illegal and counterfeit


cigarette, like once found hidden in this time of door, some of which


have previously been found to contain rat poison. Apart from


avoiding duty, we have concerns about their safety, they are more


likely to cause a fire. We have no idea what is in them. We would say


to smokers, the best thing is not to to buy `` not to buy tobacco at all,


but you really do not know what is in these ones. Hopefully we are


putting the message out that we do not tolerate this. Police believe


the trade is not small scale and is linked to organised crime.


Cigarettes are sold to regular customers, cheaper. ?2 50, probably


less. If they keep coming to this shop, they will not go to a normal


cigarette vendor and buy them a normal price. A packet of cigarettes


is about ?8. They are missing out on custom and trade, which will


severely affect business. Out of 15 shops searched in one night, in 11


had illegal cigarette worth tens of thousands. They will now be


investigated ahead of further action.


Well, Graham Walker is from the Tobacco Retailers' Alliance. He also


runs a shop in Kings Lynn. Mr Walker, we heard in Emma's report


that shops like yours are losing out. How has all of this affected


you personally? Well, if you take the latest research, which shows


that around 21% of cigarettes and as much as 53% of hand`rolling tobacco


bought and sold in this region is illegal, if you translate that onto


my store, I am looking at a loss of income of around ?45,000 a year


which would be enough to employ an extra member of staff, part`time. ``


?4000 to ?5,000 each year. But how much of it is people just stopping


smoking? You can't put everything down just to smuggled cigarettes.


However, the latest research shows that, with those figures, 21% and


53%, if you take that percentage of my sales, that is the figure I come


to. It is the shopkeepers selling these illegal cigarettes, how does


that make you feel? Clearly, frustrated. We are the ones adhering


to the law, applying strict laws to underage sales. We fully support the


Government's attempts to cut smoking amongst young people. Only if these


products are bought from a responsible, legitimate retailer, is


the Government able to control that with the no sale to underage


youngsters. You can see why it might be tempting to consumers, they are


less than half the price. Absolutely, who wouldn't, given the


opportunity? The danger is, particularly with the illicit white


is, the illegal whites, you don t know what is in them. Scientific


tests have clearly shown they have contained is best us, some even


cyanide, rat poison `` they have contained asbestos. Nobody pretends


that smoking is entirely safe, but the legal market is regulated, this


is not. Thank you. A teenager has been arrested on


suspicion of attempting to murder a man who confronted three burglars in


his home in Luton. Tony Abrahams, who's 47, was stabbed in Wellfield


Avenue in the early hours of Saturday morning. A 16`year`old from


London is being questioned. Three police call handlers in


Cambridgeshire have been disciplined after failing to act on calls from a


man who later died from a heart attack. Paramedics found James


Marriott dead at his home in Whittlesey in February. Earlier that


day he'd made three non`emergency calls to the police saying that he'd


banged his head and couldn't get off the floor. No action was taken. An


independent investigation found staff guilty of misconduct or


incompetence. One was dismissed but later reinstated with a final


written warning. A businessman accused of murdering


an entire family in Northampton told a psychiatrist he slept after


killing them. 54`year`old Anxiang Du denies murder but admits killing the


Ding family in April 2011 after losing a long`running business


dispute. Northampton Crown Court heard he made the revelations in a


lengthy clinical assessment. Neil Bradford has been in court. Neil, an


extraordinary day of evidence? Today is significant because, for


the first time since the Ding family was killed, we heard Anxiang Du s


version of events. He will not take to the witness stand as part of his


defence, which is his legal right. Because of the complex legal


process, member, he was arrested in Morocco 14 months after the


killings, he has not had to give a police interview. So his only


version of events came through the evidence of Professor Nigel Eastman,


a forensic psychologist who carried out in`depth clinical assessment


lasting more than eight hours. Professor Eastman told the jewellery


that Anxiang Du had given him detail during those meetings about what


happened that day. He said he went to the house of the Ding in a


last`ditch attempt to sort out the dispute, he entered the house, saw


Jeff Ding in the kitchen, tried to talk to him. Jeff Ding called him a


full and stupid, at which point Anxiang Du said to the professor, I


could not see anything. Mr Ding s voice and shape became disporting.


Somebody grabbed his arm, presumably Helen Ding. He described how he


heard a noise upstairs, he saw the two daughters. He said, I also


Kilburn. I don't know why, I am so sorry. At that point in the meeting


he became so emotional `` he said, I also killed them. But he said after


he killed the family he had a long sleep, and when he woke up it was


dark. The psychiatrist spoke to Anxiang Du around two years after


the attacks, could he described his state of mind at the time of the


killings? Professor believed he suffered from a depressive illness


which would have affected his judgment and inhibitions and,


perhaps, paid a significant contributory factor to the killings.


He said that two months before the Ding was killed, he pulled a knife


on his wife following a row. Anxiang Du denies four counts of murder and


the case continues tomorrow. The private company running


Hinchingbrooke Hospital has won an award for a safety system borrowed


from the car industry. It's called Stop the Line and it empowers each


employee to immediately halt an operation or treatment if they think


a patient is at risk. Since its introduction, there's been a 50


decrease in serious incidents at the hospital.


The Air Force has placed a new order for Brimstone missiles, which are


partly manufactured in Henlow in Bedfordshire. It was a weapon used


to devastating effect in the RAF's Libyan campaign.


average speed cameras. It comes after a meeting with the Highways


agency. They're also looking at improving the capacity of lay`bys


and replacing the concrete road surfaces with tarmac.


Still to come, and easyJet have stolen a march on Ryanair. And he


was in the water, meets James Bushell, it contains dates the world


champion. We like that so much we play it all


the time. Last night we heard that


house`building in this region is finally starting to pick up after


years of being in the doldrums. But some would argue that's not


necessarily good news. Lots of people believe thousands of


new homes will destroy the character of their town or village. On the


other side of the argument the first time buyers desperate for a foot on


the housing ladder. Research by Look East shows there are more than


85,000 homes in this region which have already got planning permission


but still haven't been built. Our special report tonight is from Ben


Bland. Elliott wants to buy a home. At the


moment he rent this property in Norfolk with his partner and their


daughter. The recently graduated and has a full`time job but he can't get


on the property ladder. He would like to see more homes built. There


is a lot of talk about the lack of infrastructure and things like that


and people worried about it being a plate on the local area but it is


much more of a blight not having a vibrant young population, most young


people have to move out of the area just to get home and they can be in


the area they grew up in. Will councils across East Anglia are


given permission for new homes thousands of them just haven't been


built. The latest available figures and these are approximate, show the


biggest number is in Essex. There, almost 24,000 homes have equal ahead


but have not been constructive. In this region, it is more than 18,000.


Councils in Northamptonshire told us they have approved almost 14,000 new


homes are waiting to be built. In Norfolk the figure is over 13,000.


Wealth in neighbouring Suffolk it is just under 10,000. Cambridgeshire


has almost 6000 flat or house is approved by the extra appear. That


is a total of more than 85,000 new homes across East Anglia that could


be built immediately. In several parts of reading, councils are


planning to build whole new and villages over the next 20 years just


to provide enough housing. Yet in Cambridge and there are plans to put


many thousand new homes on the site and the former barracks at what


beach. That might help people wanting to buy, but not everyone is


happy. We fought off the set of the ten three times before and people


don't want their village to be subsumed into the town. We have


massive and to shop counters, the eight N is frequently overcast, but


we do want something to happen to the barracks. They let's put


something smaller scale of the built area. The number of people living in


this region is increasing and that is why councils are giving


permission for so many new homes to be built. For some people it is too


many, well for others those goals can be built quickly enough.


And we'd like to hear your stories about that. You might be struggling


to get on the housing ladder or worried about a new housing estates


near you. You can call us on 0845 seven 630 630 or email to


[email protected] And of course there's also Facebook and Twitter.


EasyJet stole a march on its rival Ryanair today by announcing record


annual profits. The Luton`based airline made ?478m last year, a rise


of more than 50%. But Ryanair who have their main operating base in


the UK at Stansted has warned profits will be lower than expected.


Our business correspondent Richard Bond is here. So why is EasyJet


doing so well? EasyJet has always had the reputation for being rather


friendlier to its customers than Ryanair, and also flying to airports


closer to the advertised destination. It's recently


introduced allocated seating, so you can pay a little extra to sit where


you like. That seems to have gone down well with two groups in


particular, older customers and business passengers. Ryanair doesn't


have allocated seating yet, it plans to introduce it next year. The chief


executive of easyJet today played down suggestions that she was


winning the battle with Ryanair. It is very important to the competition


is everywhere, we do not have one archrival, we have removed


competition who are people like Los Santos etc. We are paranoid about


competition but their belief is that if we do great things for the


airliner for customers then we will do well. Is EasyJet overtaking


Ryanair? It is doing better in terms of the close of profit. But Ryanair


is still the cooling air `` bigger Elliott of. It has 100 more aircraft


and easyJet and it flies around 20 million passengers more per year.


There is a new campaign today about increasing the volume we can get


through airports. This is the Let Britain Fly campaign supported by


100 leading British companies. It wants all three parties to


acknowledge before the next election the need for more air capacity. It


is not calling specifically for a second runway at Stansted, but they


want rail links to be improved so it can make better use of its existing


capacity. Thank you very much. How many sports stars have been


world champions ten times? James Bushell from Wisbech is in that


exclusive club. He's also won 28 national titles and eight European


ones. James is a jetskier. He's 29 years old and he's just come back


from America with his latest trophy. In the world of jet ski racing, key


is the undisputed number one. Siegel to 80 in less than two seconds, top


speed a staggering 90 mph. James is fast and feared the world over. At


the world finals in Arizona he retained both titles, for the third


year running. James with a 1983, that is a four. First and third in


his races, overall winner. At 29 years all the 10th world title. What


does it mean to you to be world champion? Well, number one in the


world. That is the main thing. Again, the first time I won it was


obviously really cool and special but no it is a good feeling. You


cant take it for granted. My dad loved the trophies. I like the money


but he likes it trophies. James has grown used to winning, he began


racing in Norfolk claiming the first of his 28 British titles when he was


16. The Mac sometimes you have to pinch yourself but it is down to


hard work, dedication and team effort. That is why he has ten world


titles. And all of the European titles and everything. When he is


not racing jet skis years fixing them. I like my jet skis and I get


these words into condition and get them prepared to go out. James runs


a business in talent and, just north of Peterborough. You need to look to


the future, so even a business selling and repairing. Before that


all I did was race and repair jet skis and media living from it. If


you when you any money but if you don't when you don't make much of a


living. It is the water which he best, winning titles what he does


best. We bought fancy jet skis, don't you? I would like to go


slowly, though. I love the fact that he is not that excited any more.


And a new modern interpretation of Swan Lake by Matthew Bourne has been


doing very good business in recent years in the West End and on


Broadway. The production is now on tour across


the country ` tonight they play the Theatre Royal in Norwich. And the


company includes a man from King's Lynn performing in his debut show.


Reece Causton graduated this year from one of the country's top ballet


schools. Our entertainment reporter Dawn Gerber has been to meet him.


The striking scenes of Swan Lake, a production which cost and has dreamt


of being part of, and directed by his icon. It has been an ambition


for me to work for Matthew Bourne, I saw Swan Lake and I was 17, live for


the first time and I thought it was unbelievable. I never thought I


would end up dancing strictly for this company. It was an aspiration


of me and won't be fooled was auditioning the year I graduated and


they got the part, which is unbelievable. He has already done


for 20 performances of Swan Lake during this tour, but the music of


Tchaikovsky continues to be special. His music is so powerful,


it is beautiful. It is very inspiring, you never get bored of


it. And backstage, we get a sneak preview of his swan costume. Acts to


when you first see the Swans, it is equal exchange. You have people


helping you, doing your back, I do my front and BBQ beaks. Is it


exciting? Your Mac year, you must be on your toes all the time. It is


very exciting. The traditional story of Swan Lake, the princess cursed


and turned into a swan, has been reworked to have a male lead. It is


an amazing thing to do, it is one of the iconic roles for any male dancer


to do, than twice, is so rewarding because it is masculine. It is


physically very demanding and to just be in the forefront as a male


banter `` male dancer and the guys behind making them look pretty and


try not to be seen too much, it is nice for us. Does have a little


moment in the spotlight for the men. Tonight will be a memorable show for


Rees, not only is he performing in his home county, but family and


friends will have the chance to see the success he has already achieved.


Many people will be humming along. You can just hear it. Yesterday she


was cleaning trees, today the weather.


Use of a cold evening but before I do, here are a couple of sunset


pictures sent in by viewers. These shorts Felixstowe docks. We have had


a much colder air mass across us today to temperatures yesterday


around seven or eight degrees but today we shaved off quite a few


degrees and it has felt cold. Many of us have seen some sunshine, some


of us have had some showers. You can see this cloud moving in the North


Sea. For Norfolk some showers are still around. That will pose a


bigger problem with ace overnights delayed because between now and


midnight it is expected to get to its coldest. The frosty start. We


will keep these showers going for the next couple of hours so beware


of the AIDS risk for part of Norfolk but they will tend to fade and die


away. `` so beware of the ice risk. It will be menace to our ministry


degrees with widespread frost. `` it will be `2 or minus three degrees.


The coffin will move in from the West and bring spots of rain by


dawn. So, tomorrow it will not be the best of days. This is the


weather system responsible for the model's weather, low pressure


pushing these fronts across so it means a cloudy start. Outbreaks of


rain pushing in. This could turn quite heavy across the middle part


of the day. It will also bring with it a very strong north`westerly wind


it will feel bitterly cold despite the fact that these values are


slightly higher than what they were today with highs of five or six


degrees. This fun starts to move eastwards with some brighter skies


so we could see some sunshine and the chance of showers developing.


The Middletown to sleep in some places. `` they might well turn. It


could turn a C in places as temperatures drop away. High


temperatures dropping but that does not get into the British Isles. We


still keep babies into the weekend that will us from frost. `` we still


keep a breeze. Temperatures could get down to freezing but with enough


of a breeze we should be protected from frost with the showers


overnight. Some showers will feed and overnight and for the weekend it


will be quite dry with a lot of cloud around. There will be enough


of a these to be free of frost. That is all from others. Goodbye.


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