22/11/2013 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Thank you, Tomasz. That is all from the News


Hello, welcome to Friday pos`macro looked east. Tonight, a 19`year`old


has been arrested on suspicion of murder following the death of a


two`year`old girl. That and the rest of the day 's news now. A ?30


million boost for science students at Cambridge. Celebrations as


children from across the region Mark Benjamin Britten pos`macro 100th


birthday. At Doctor Who reaches 50, we look at


the role this region has played in the making of this British classic.


A 19`year`old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder following the


death of a toddler in Peterborough. The two`year`old girl was taken to


hospital with severe injuries and died. Yes, the hospital have


confirmed the little girl was brought here at 11 o'clock yesterday


morning with serious injuries. They says was pronounced dead two hours


later. The postmortem took place this afternoon and we are waiting


for the results but outside the home today, neighbours were leading


tributes, toys, teddies and flowers. Neighbours say the girl and the


mother moved the house three months ago, a new estate on the edge of


Yaxley. Lots of young families and children. The girl lives opposite a


children's play area. The community has been shaken badly. Absolutely


devastating, we are all in shock. We have kids are self. Very surprising.


You don't expect it on your own street. The first I heard about it


was last night. Friends across as have spent the day searching the


house and also the neighbours house will stop night, a 19`year`old man


remains in custody on suspicion of murder added 28`year`old woman, the


mother, arrested on suspicion of causing or allowing the death of a


child. Campaigners opposed to the growth of stance at Port taken their


fight to the High Court. They want to stop a report on airport


expansion. They claim it may have been influenced by a former


commission member used to run the parent company. The commission


insists he did not act improperly. Cambridge University will get a


share of investment into Ph.D. Training schemes. The government has


announced ?30 million of a ?350 million pot will here to boost


engineering and physical sciences in Britain. This fabric changes colour


when stretched to prevent fraud in banknotes and has hit the catwalk.


It is part of nano science, the science of the small also used in


smartphones. Today, it was announced it will receive more government


money as part of science and engineering at Cambridge University.


This new funding will impact on research into the tiny, right


through to the big like this gas turbine. This is excellent news


because would`be setting up half a dozen new centres which will bring


in 300 new students who wanted a Ph.D. S in fundamental science with


strong links to British injury. A new generation of technologists will


stop ?30 million of government cash may sound a lot but this electron


microscope cost half ?1 million To train this student costs at least


100,000. He is what some `` here is what some make of it. I am excited


about the funding because it is great for students like me. It is so


important we have been further funded to keep our competitive


edge. The extra funding is fantastic. It allows more people to


do science and technology which are vitally important to the UK academia


and industry. At university, they work with big names like Nokia and


Dyson. They say more money means big results. We will export the Norwich


from the University into industry to fuel more collaborations and working


together. The funding is crucial for people in research and to


everybody. They are focused at keeping at the forefront of the


global science race. New figures show a dramatic increase in the


number of people diagnosed with HIV. Across the region, it is up 30% in


the last year, across the Thames Valley it rose 17% and in


Northamptonshire or it fell by 5%. I went for a routine checkup, four


days later my blood result came back as positive.


Given the crushing news, this fitness instructor believes she


contracted HIV from a past relationship.


The first thing I felt was what will my life be like? Will I die soon? It


was terrifying. Her former partner was unknowingly


carrying the virus. We had the talk about being checked,


yes, I was clear, so was I. So we stopped using protection. He had not


been checked, his ex`girlfriend was checked and he assumed he was clear


because she was. You never know you are clear and less you get tested


yourself and you hear the words An estimated 2500 people are living


with HIV in the Thames Valley. One in five are undiagnosed and most at


risk of passing it on. Last year, 176 people were newly


diagnosed an increase of 17%. The HIV virus attacks your immune


system, if caught early, doctors say many can still leave a long life. A


new campaign has begun calling for people to get themselves tested


There is still ignorant and stigma around HIV. One key concern is


driving down the numbers and diagnosed HIV, getting people on to


effective treatments and that is the key to ensuring people pos`macro


long`term health and beating HIV. Since being diagnosed, Amanda is


married and has a daughter. While pregnant, she took medicine to


prevent the medicine `` virus spreading out is living a full life.


What reactions do you get from people?


Mostly good stuff, to be fair, most of them are supportive. You get some


that are so frightened they will not talk to you.


I had sex, I caught HIV, that is it. We all have sex, we can all


catch HIV. It is not a gay thing or a black thing.


Earlier, I spoke to the Terrence Higgins trust and asked why the


figures in the region were going up. We are putting the increased the


number of test available, there have been two major campaigns across the


UK encouraging people to test and access services. These have been


targeted at specific groups, gay men, the Africans who we know are at


risk. These test have encouraged people to test.


Are you saying the figure has not gone up?


Yes, the figure has increased. We have seen many people getting


diagnosed and within these diagnoses, we are recognising a


number of these may have been infected for a long period of time.


The figure is going up across the UK and Eastern region, why?


One of the reasons is people are living with HIV for long periods and


do not test, they may have decided to take the test, there is more


testing in communities so there is increased awareness. The number of


people may have been admitted to hospital unwell and may have been


diagnosed. Testing is good but 30 years on from


the scare it is, the tombstones on adverts, should we go back to that


to stamp out HIV? No, we need education and


information. It is recognising how we get public health messages using


social media, the Internet, different types of advertising and


campaigning. It is taking a different approach which may feel


softer but in many ways it is more direct and pointing to individual


groups. Can the school to do more to educate


youngsters? Yes, both schools and colleges and


making sure there is good sex and relationship education available for


young people. So they are aware of contraception, using condom is at


making informed choices about sex, relationships and then if they feel


empowered, they can make healthy choices about their lives.


Rugby at Northampton shape `` saying Chief Executive says the club will


be involved in a new European competition. It follows an


announcement that every major European rug the union apart from


the English RFU plan to play in the Heineken cup. English clubs are


behind the. global science briefs. `` they are


focused. But still to come: How good is your


football team at bringing on young talent? And we will have a look at


the weekend weather. Some showers around but mostly dry, cloudy and


chilli into the weekend. Ed Miliband is a little tonight


preparing for a weekend regional conference. In a moment we'll go


live to the venue and speak to Mr Miller band. First, our political


correspondent looks at how Labour are doing. `` speak to Ed Miliband.


This is Harlow, where the Conservatives have a majority of


just under 5000. It is one to watch for 2015, because this sort of


marginal seat has to be won by Labour that they want to form the


next government. Ed Miliband has visited Harlow three times since


becoming leader. They won control of the council last year. Activists are


pleased that the party is coming up with policies they can campaign on.


We go out and talk to people, they are struggling, and if you have


nothing to say to them it is difficult. Now that we are talking


about building homes, freezing bills, that resonates. Not everybody


here is happy with Labour. The local trade union Council passed a vote of


no`confidence in Harlow Council this week because it slows down a welfare


advice centre. It is mounting an attack on the poorest in society,


signing up to the Tory agenda, and not defending the core working`class


vote. Labour have had a small but consistent opinion poll lead for the


best part of two years, but what concerns some Labour supporters is


that leads is not appear to be growing. With the economy improving


and controversy over Labour's relations with the union and the


shame the chairman of the cooperative, some fear that it might


slip. Labour has 13 target seats in the east. I am told they will be


unhappy if they win less than eight. With important European elections


next year, this is about rallying the troops. I think we are quite


happy with Ed Miliband's leadership. What they would really like is a


greater level of involvement in things like policy process, helping


define the terms on which the election is fought, being included


in the election campaign and not just use that as part of it `` used


as part. Nobody in Labour is predicting victory yet. Good


evening, what do you think of the TUC passing a vote of no`confidence


in a Labour council? It is a reflection of the fact that there


are very difficult decisions having to be made by Labour councils


because of the fact that we have huge cuts being passed on from


central government, I am incredibly proud of the work we're doing in


Harlow, the candidate that you heard on the film, who is talking about


the cost of living crisis facing families and how a Labour government


will tackle it, not standing up for a few of the top but making the


economy work. Abolishing the Bedroom Tax, freezing energy prices, making


a difference to low wages, doing things that will speak to the


concerns of people in Harlow. You are very proud of your candidate,


fat fame TUC have to vote of no confidence in her. They said she was


silent. I certainly don't agree with that. She is one of our most dynamic


candidates in this region. She is doing a brilliant job. What you


heard from her, what Labour party members at this conference are


feeling, is Labour has been setting the agenda, talking about the fact


that we have a government that says everything is fixed on the economy


and going fine, but ordinary people are you think we are getting worse


off. The up for a fifth of the issue of energy prices, and said, if we


win the election we will freeze prices until 2017, the energy


market. That is what I call standing up for ordinary families in this


country. Were you saying the TUC got it wrong with your candidate and the


council as a holiday? They are absolutely entitled to take their


own view. Iron safe I have huge confidence of the decisions we are


making in Harlow. `` Diane saying. All councils are faced with really


difficult choices because of a fifth of a fifth of the faith if `` we


will have to make difficult decisions. I would like to ask your


question about year 14. Would you abolish plans for a toll road? We


are looking very closely at this, because there is a cost of living


crisis, and there are deep concerns about the toll road. The government


needs to come forward with the actual plans, what will the impact


be? What will the knock`on effects beyond smaller roads? You could end


up not making any difference in terms of traffic. The government has


to come forward with proposals. We are looking at what can be done, but


it is a reflection of the fact that we have a government that is not


really talking about or acting on the cost of living crisis, and you


have a Labour Party that is talking about it. Thank you for being with


us. But the lack of the four players in the endless Premier League has


been a big talking point recently. 70% of players are from abroad. For


the flop? How many players are really home`grown? Players spotted


when young, trained in the academy and eventually part of the first


team. People need success and they buy it


in. We have foreign imports coming in, and the England team are


suffering. If we're not going to start in the north`east until we


make sure that use the is covered. `` East Anglia. Perhaps locality


should be contemplated. How important is it that your local


players play for your local club? What is home`grown? According to the


two main leagues, any player who has been registered with the club in


England or Wales for a three`year is under the age of 21, regardless of


nationality. It is debatable. It is somebody that comes through the


youth team, not somebody you bought for ?4 million when he was 16 and


plays for your first team when he is 21. What about the real home`grown?


Colchester lead the way with nine in their first team.


Norwich are the FA Youth Cup champions but not one academy


product has established herself. You have players playing all through the


Leeds who came through the academy but ultimately I want people playing


for Norwich City in the Premier league. For fluff like Colchester,


developing home`grown talent is as much about financial practicality as


desirability. The financial fair play rules say clubs can only spend


60% of their turnover on player wages. We have a focus, to bring


forth along to the theft of the facilities, but we will be judged on


what we can bring through. We will stabilise and have a real 15. Is


clear the switch. At the levels of League one. If `` of League one,


they will not fit with you, if they do well they will not be there. It


is a difficult situation. At his old stomping ground they have an


ambitious target, half of the first team to have come through the


academy by 2017. Whether the management have the time to nurture


that, I don't think they can. If I give you a choice between Premier


league club or half the team from Suffolk what would you go for? That


is really mean. Premier League is the goal. The Premier league, but


how wonderful if we could have lots of the local people in. Investment


in academies like these have never been higher. One club told them it


costs about ?150,000 to take a player from the youth team into the


first team. Financially, it should make sense, but the higher the


league, the harder it gets. The 100th anniversary of Benjamin


Britten's birth is being marked this weekend with some events across the


country and world. He grew up in Suffolk, among his compositions, 12


songs written for schoolchildren. Today, hundreds of school pupils


have been performing them in his memory.


350 children, seven schools, weeks of rehearsing. At the corn exchange


in Cambridge it is no ordinary Friday afternoon. Rehearsing for a


virtual concert, bringing school choirs together for the first time.


A technical and musical challenge. The children not having worked with


me or each other before, and it is a very large group of children. The


children in the far corner cannot necessarily see me as such. It is a


logistical difficulty. Screened live for other schools to sing along, it


had to be a polished performance. The songs were dedicated to Benjamin


Britten's schoolmaster brother, sang for decades. The choir is still find


them quirky. One of the songs is about a man scratching his eyes out


and then he cannot see. It was a bit weird, but some of it is really


cool. Really exciting. 15 minutes to go after an intense morning of


rehearsals. Everybody is starting to take their seats. This will be one


of many concerts across the world to celebrate Benjamin Britten's 100th


birthday. It is part of a global performance that will take 24 hours


to complete. We are starting in Auckland, through to Santa Monica,


there will be over 100,000 children across the world singing some of


these songs. Friday afternoon was choir practice for his brother's


school. On his centenary, what better way `` better way to remember


one of England's best composers? As part of the anniversary there are


two open house events. His birthplace in Lowestoft is open, and


the red house where he lived in later life is open between 10`5.


Doctor Who will be back on our screens this weekend with a special


edition 50 years after the first episode was broadcast on November


the 23rd 1963. It is now the longest running science`fiction programme in


the world. Over the years, he has touched this region several times.


We have links to everything from the theme tune to the evil Davros.


50 years, 11th Doctors, millions of little kids hiding behind the sofa


thinking that Alex might be about to burst in and exterminate them. Terry


Milera is one of four actors to play Davros, the leaders of the Dallas.


`` Terry Molloy. `` leader of that Alex. And that the piece of work but


not when you know that he was on wobbly wheels and struggled to move


about the set. You could not judge doorways. Trying to get out of the


door, it would take 15 attempts. The sound of the TARDIS, arguably one of


the most famous sound effects in British television history. It was


created by Brian Hodgson in the famous Radiophonic Workshop. I


started with a scraping sound, which I did by scraping my mother's front


door key down the bass strings of a piano, then we took it and changed


the speed, turned it backwards. On location, Doctor Who has been filmed


in our region. The production unit for Britten's most popular


science`fiction series to cover the theatre. Today, the current Doctor


is from Northampton. We have had fun. It has been quite funny. I have


at him questions. You know when we did... What is that like? That is


quite a rear experience. `` uncommon. It has been good to


compare notes. Happy birthday, Doctor Who. The special edition is


on BBC One on Saturday. Don't you think John Hurt would have made a


great Doctor? Quite a bit of the same weather today, coming up over


the next few days. A quiet weather pattern. We have high pressure


sitting to the north and west of Britain, that will bring us


north`westerly wind. Some isolated showers. This is the radar image. It


shows there is some sunshine. The blue dots show there are some


showers. They have been fairly isolated. That is how things will go


as we go into tonight. Some isolated showers. There will be a ground


frost in the West. Some icy patches on the road not out of the question.


You can see some isolated showers around. They will be more frequent


in the north and east. It is further west where we will see the coldest


of the temperatures. With clear skies we could see temperatures


dropping to near freezing. Where those showers are, some icy patches


on the road. Less cold on the coast. Tomorrow, it is a mix of


sunshine and showers. Particularly heavy in the East. The further south


and west, it should stay dry. Temperatures around six degrees.


Around eight degrees further north and east. With the breeze it will


feel quite chilly. Those showers will become quite isolated into


Saturday night. Most of the area will dry out. There is ground frost


possible. This will stay with us for Sunday into the first part of next


week, and you can see by the Outlook that not much will change. Cloudy


skies for Sunday and Monday, high temperatures of eight Celsius. The


north`westerly wind will continue. The coldest night will be Monday


night. We will see a widespread air frost. Thank you. Have a good


weekend. Goodbye.


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