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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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arrives on Friday. Can't wait! That's all


Welcome to a new week. On the programme tonight, shut down and


under investigation, the Milton Keynes Winter Wonderland that turned


into a nightmare. It is appalling. Nothing that you would expect. It is


very deceiving. Safety barriers for an accident blackspot but is it too


little too late? Later, homeless at Christmas, Ely's


post office is operating in a car park?


And all flood in to save the seal cubs orphaned in the storm.


`` donations flood in. It was meant to be a magical moments


to start the festive season, with Santa, skating and reindeer. But


visitors say that instead it was an expensive disaster which has ruined


Christmas. Hundreds of families flocked to winter wonderland in


Milton Keynes at the weekend. But today, many are demanding refunds.


The event has been cancelled after just one day and treading standards


are now investigating. `` trading standards. Children


arrived here, expecting a winter wonderland. Some parents paid more


than ?100, and some draws more than 100 miles. The website was glossy


but they say that what they got was a joke. An ice rink described as a


few plastic sheets. Santer's Grotto, staffed by young men in


cheap elastic beards. Parents say that they could not communicate with


the children. Two reindeers with no antlers. I think they have been


elaborate on the internets with the details. I did not expect it to be


that bad. It is appalling. On the website, they say it is like Hyde


Park. It is nothing you would expect. Today, the last of this


winter wonderland was being magic to way. Elsewhere, the event organiser


and questions to answer. I'm pleased to say that Lorenzo Franco... He


claims that although some things were not write on Saturday, parents


warning others on social media not to turn up caused a frenzy. I'm


disappointed in the way that it turned out and I am angry at the


parents for not giving us chance to put `` giving us a chance to carry


on the event by putting things right. Other callers were furious.


I've been telling my kids for weeks how wonderful it was going to be. I


could have cried myself. I've built the whole family up for a special


day and it was rubbish. It is thought that ?20,000 worth of


tickets were sold. Yuri Farber yourself. Do you think your little


boy would have enjoyed that experience? He would not have


enjoyed the morning experience. `` you are a father yourself. He would


have certainly enjoyed the later experience. Can you guarantee that


everyone who paid will get their money back? They will. Definitely?


Definitely. Lorenzo Franco has apologised in person to Amelia


Richards, who has cerebral palsy and was supposed to officially open the


event. I'm glad he has apologised. I think that is all he can do now. But


think that is all he can do now But the thing he should have organised


it better. Trading standards is investigating whether any or fences


have taken place and, if so, it says it will take appropriate action.


it will take appropriate action Campbell park is run by the Parks


trust, who agreed to let the winter wonderland operate. IRC briny fox


from the Trust if they had any idea that the event would be so bad. Not


at all. `` I asked briny fox. The marketing was fantastic and everyone


had high expectations that it would be high`quality. Unfortunately, that


did not turn out to be the case. And when did you find out that it had


not gone well? On Saturday, I was there myself, and there was not


impressed with what eyesore up there. As the day went on, there


were quite a lot of people there and they were enjoying some of the


activities on offer. As the day went on, Santas grotto closed and from


that point, it started to spiral down hill. Where does the


responsibility lie? You actually allowed this country to come onto


the site and put on this event. We will look at our procedures again to


ensure that when event management companies approach us to put on


events, that maybe we look more robustly at their track record. The


difficulty we have had on this occasion is that if a professional


events company comes to us and produces the documentation that we


would expect, then it is quite difficult to foresee that something


like this might happen. Some say it has been a disaster. People claim it


has ruined Christmas. You worried that it might stop people from


coming to the events at your site because it damages the reputation?


That is something that concerns us. We have a track record of putting on


fantastic events and is a shame that this event has been so


disappointing. But we hope that people realise it is a one`off and


that this is not typical of the events that happens in Milton


Keynes. It is a real shame, but we have several hundred events every


year that run without incident. Briny fox.


Next night, police were on the streets of Corby appealing for


information about a local businessman beaten to death exactly


a year ago. David Ross was found in a hotel room where he had gone into


hiding. Adaptive thinking was carpeted `` detectives thinking he


was targeted because of a nightclub he owned.


Could the people in these pictures help catch a killer? It is just


before 7:30am on a Monday morning. Meters away, David Ross, a nightclub


owner and taxi driver, is being viciously assaulted, punched,


kicked, killed in a hotel room where he had gone into hiding. Except the


one year later, the CCTV is shown on the same street this morning.


Officers hoping for valuable information. Shopkeepers stunned by


what happened here. Considering we were there at the time you're


mentioning, because we start early for Christmas, it is quite shocking.


David Ross owned this nightclub. David Ross owned this nightclub


Police investigating whether he was being forced to sell it by criminals


wanting to launder money through it. He had worked hard all his life.


Finally, he had the opportunity to realise his ambition is an open`air


nightclub. He worked as a taxi driver and a dormant, but this


really was his dream. And he was not going to give it up. David Ross to


Kiran here on Sunday the 16th of December last year. `` took a room


here. Next morning, he received the call. At 7:32am, he sent a text but


at 7:45pm, he failed to arrive for a pick`up. His taxi was parked across


the street where that van is. That could have given his attackers a


hint as to where he was but police leave that he was tipped off `` they


were tipped off. Summary went along the corridor here, and into the room


where he was sleeping. In that room, he was severely beaten and later


died. One year on, the police say they need the public's health to


find those who killed David Ross. `` the public's help. He moved to the


Sawtell, afraid for his life. `` this hotel. Safety barriers are


going up along one of the worst A tops `` accident blackspots in the


north`west. After seven accidents in less than a month, the council has


acted. The moment campaigners had been


fighting for. On one of the region's most notorious roads.


Barriers going up after two deaths. One of those was Hannah Gates, 18,


who died last month. Her family say that their barriers came too late


for their daughter. It would have been preferable to have them before


the accident, but what is important is that we learn and we act quickly


where there are accidents. With winter around the corner, and the


risk of ice and fog, it is important that we get the barriers in as


quickly as possible. It is welcome that that is happening this week


will stop the accident started `` the accidents started on the 3rd of


November. Within a week, four cars plunged into the river with


passengers thrown into the water and having to escape. On the 2nd of


December, the body of Keith Patchett, from Corby, was recovered.


And on the same day, another accident. This time, the driver was


unhurt. The safety barriers they are building here will cover 250 metres


and will be finished by the end of the week. The City Council is also


looking at what other safety measures could be brought in.


In Whittlesey, some say it is not before time. It is too late. They


should have done something years ago. I'm glad that something is


being done and hopefully after the publicity around the deaths, this


will help to get it sorted out. The 40 mph limit will stay while the


council works with campaigners to try to make the area safer.


Four people had been stabbed after an 18th birthday party in Luton was


gate`crashed. The event on Friday night had been circulated on social


media. At around 11:30pm, several strangers arrived at the house and


it turned violent. The victims were treated at the Luton and Dunstable


Hospital but have since been released.


The East of England and all in service has appointed a new Chief


Executive, but we still do not know whether he is permanent. Anthony


Marsh takes on the role after months of poor results and criticism of the


service. The East of England Ambulance


Service has not had a permanent Chief Executive for one year. Five


of its senior staff are employed on an interim basis. In June, report


was published looking at the trust and what it needed to do to improve.


Now the man behind the report is going to be the new Chief


Executive. I've worked in the ambulance service and they know that


area particularly well. `` I know. I'm determined to share my ambition


with that of the managers on the front line, to deliver excellent


services to local communities. The most recent figures show that the


ambulance service is failing to meet all three key response times. It is


this risk on `` this performance that has put the current Chief


Executive under pressure. Why did you not say, they don't want me,


Executive under pressure. Why did you not say, they don't want me so


you not say, they don't want me, so I'm going? I have been in the NHS


for 30 years and all other deeply. Think it is a great part of my


society and I am addicted to this Trust. Think it is the best in body


and of what I believe this the NHS is about. It is not yet known if the


new Chief Executive will be permanent. It will continue to head


up the West Midlands service. That is something that Unison's regional


representative is worried about. representative is worried about


This chap is coming in from the West Midlands, and looking after the West


Midlands as well as us. We feel that we should have somebody who can look


after us exclusively. The amylin service said they would not comment


until they could make an official announcement, which is expected in


the next 24 hours. `` the ambulance service. They told us that they have


paused the recruitment programme so that they can develop further


options. During his time in the West Midlands, Doctor Marsh froze the


recruitment of emergency care assistants. He favoured the use of


trained paramedics. He also brought in a fleet of new ambulances and has


put the focus on response time targets. It is not easy running an


ambulance service. Especially if you are in charge of two trusts. At


improvements will be needed for the sake of staff and patients.


`` but improvements. In Northampton to company has been


fined ?20,000 after a scaffold collapse forced shoppers to run for


safety. The metal poles crashed through canopies near the Willow


Place Shopping Centre in Corby in August of last year. Nobody was


hurt, but several people were treated for shock. Desborough


Scaffolding Limited has been fined for reaching health and safety laws.


Those are the top stories tonight. Now we


threat on a plane which was forced to land at Stansted Airport. More


than 200 passengers were on board the Airbus. It was due to land at


Heathrow in September. The Labour leader, Ed Miliband, has


promised that two councils in this region will be given special status


if his party wins the next election. Basically, it would mean that


Stevenage and Luton would be able to get homes built outside their own


boundaries. He was intervening in a row which has seen several housing


schemes delayed, because councils in the area can't agree where to put


the homes. In Stevenage and lit and they are facing a very real housing


crisis. Stevenage needs an extra 10,000 homes. But we are to expand


has sparked a furious row. People are quite happy for people to come


into town to take up employment opportunities. But what about


actually living there. The Labour run areas border Hertfordshire.


Apparently there is space there. That is a clean they deny. `` claim.


We have to protect the vulnerable green belt. We have to ensure that


any housing development is appropriate. The Labour leader


believes that this is contributing to the cost of living crisis. He


wants to leave `` ease the problem. He has promised that the Labour


government would give Stevenage what he called a right to Google. ``


grow. We are sending a clear signal today that councils that block the


wishes of others cannot be allowed to do so indefinitely. If councils


cannot agree to with each other on how to expand and Labour will make a


decision for them. Rather than wield the state, the government is trying


to play the councils. Today it has announced millions of pounds of


extra funding. The minister behind this team, at the headquarters of an


estate agency, says that is the way to get things moving. The government


has put the number of things in place. They are trying to get things


moving. We all want to see the supply increase. We want to get the


market confidence going again. All of the main parties know how key and


issue the says. `` this is. Andrew joins me now. Is this a big issue `


councils not getting on? Authorities in our region to get on relatively


well. Even those with Labour authorities involved. But Labour say


there are a few places where they can get on. `` can't. But doesn't


this happen already? Labour say something stick to long. Under the


system, it will take much less time. One other thing that has been


announced is that the developers set online for too long without


developing it then it will be seized.


A row over the future of Post Office buildings in the region is causing


controversy. Managers want to save money by sharing premises with other


shops. But of course, if the building is not yours there can be


problems. In Ely, they have found themselves without a permanent home


over Christmas ` so they are now selling stamps in a car park.


Patience and goodwill. They are stretched to the limit at this post


office in Ely. It was in a chemist but when they didn't renew the lease


it was made homeless. For the foreseeable future that is in this


cabin. It took 12 months to sort it out and they came up with this. It


seems to be working fine. It is ridiculous. They could have rented


another shop. But Post Office managers admit they do not know


where or when they will find a business willing to take it on. We


are actively looking for new options. This is a great opportunity


for retailers in Ely to come forward and say they would like to take the


post office alongside. Some people are now worried this could happen


elsewhere. Here, the plan is to close this post office and move it


into a shop. But not everybody is convinced that there is a good idea.


You lose the experience of the staff. Most of the staff go to other


offices in the area to stop you lose all of that experience. Here is


where it may call. The owner says he has come under pressure to withdraw


his bed to provide post office services in a shop. It was never our


intention to upset anybody. We are surprised that the union have taken


such action and trying to persuade people to boycott us. Some people


will see these changes as downgrading the post office. Two


others, it is about adaptation in order to survive.


Sport now, and the weekend will be remembered for a memorable goal at


Norwich, and a memorable win for Saints. Kicking off with the


football, here's Tom. A win would have lifted Norwich to 10th in the


Premier League but the draw against Swansea will be remembered for a


very special goal. It was scored by Gary Hooper. He cost ?5 million in


the summer. After an injury`hit start to his career at Carrow Road,


Gary Hooper is now showing my Norwich valued him so highly.


However, it was Swansea's front line that threatened first. After signing


a new contract last week, City's captain Sebastien Bassong was


shrugged off the ball all too easily ` Nathan Dyer took advantage. Ten


minutes before half`time, the goal`scorer went off with a


suspected broken ankle... Although initial x`rays today suggest he's


got away with a very bad twist. It was in first half injury time that


Hooper made his mark. Hooper... What an astonishing goal! 1`1 at the


break. Swansea had more of the play in the second half but Norwich


looked more dangerous. Michael Turner was desperately unlucky not


to score with this header. With a quarter of an hour to go, Hooper `


who's now scored four goals in six games ` looked like he'd got the


winner. Brilliant save! It ended 1`1. A point maintains some


momentum. Seven points from four games hauled Norwich five clear of


the drop zone. I thought the game was there to win. In the end we got


a good point and in the last two games we've done very well. It sat


up nicely. I thought I'd give it a go. It looped over the keeper! I


don't usually score outside the box. Usually inside. But it was a good


goal and a good point. They're the special goals, when somebody can


produce something from nothing. The timing was perfect ` just before


half`time. The second half performance showed that we could


have gone on to win it. Next up are matches against the Premier League's


bottom two ` Sunderland then Fulham. More goals like this could make it a


very Merry Christmas for Norwich! Opposing strategies for two of our


under`pressure managers. Joe Dunne at Colchester hasn't been seen or


heard since his side lost 4`0 at the weekend. He didn't do any post`match


interviews. In contrast, Aidy Boothroyd ` whose Northampton side


remain in the relegation zone ` has come out fighting: today saying


he'll 'live or die' by his decisions and that he can't fault his players'


attitude. Four wins from four. Lowestoft boxer


Anthony Ogogo is now targeting a title fight next year. The Olympic


bronze medallist landed some hefty blows on Saturday but was taken the


full six rounds by Dan Blackwell before winning on points. Ogogo


unbeaten since turning professional. In rugby, Northampton boss Jim


Mallinder says they have hope after Jamie Elliott's late try secured a


thrilling 18`9 win over Leinster in the Heineken Cup. Here's the table.


The Irish side are still top but Saints' bouncing back wonderfully


well from last week's heavy defeat. Everything to play for with two


games to go. We learnt some lessons in the week. We came here very


quietly determined. I think we went out there and had a really good


game. We put Leinster under a lot of pressure. We're delighted to get the


result. That's it. More sport on the website


where you can find full reaction to all the weekend's results.


Staff at the RSPCA in Norfolk say they have been overwhelmed by the


generosity of the public following the rescue of orphaned seal pups.


Hundreds of pups were separated from their mothers during the recent


tidal surge. So far more than ?25,000 has been donated. At


Eastwinch, volunteers work around the clock to keep around 100 seal


pups alive ` mindful that some try to bite the hand that feeds them!


Because they're just learning, some of them aren't that keen. We've got


to get them used to it. We've got 49 left to do. It's a relentless rota


of feeding and nursing. The cost of care for each pup is ?22 a week.


After the RSPCA launched a crisis appeal, donations flooded in. More


than ?25,000 has been raised. I'm stunned by the public response. It's


been incredible. Huge donations. A lady drove from Northampton with a


fridge! Incredible. Really kind. ?25,000 is a lot of money, but to


put it in context that would pay for the seals in this sanctuary for the


next 11 weeks. To get them back to full health will take up to five


months. This is a vulnerable time of year for seals as hundreds come onto


our beaches to pup and look after their young. In the tidal surge ten


days ago, hundreds of pups were swept into the sea and separated


from their mothers. Every day, more like this one are brought in. We're


in for the long haul. We've got so many pups in. But the staff are


coping wonderfully. We've lost three but the rest are looking much, much


better. As we head into mid`winter, prayers here are that the weather


will be more forgiving for the seals who can't come in from the cold.


Very cute! Now for the weather. The weather


front is going to start feeding and more rain. Over the next few hours,


some of it could be on the heavy side. During the second half of the


night, it goes over to the east. Overnight it will be around four or


six Celsius. We could see lows of two of the Celsius. `` or three.


Perhaps some patchy mist fog. Tomorrow we have this weather front


in the south`east. It could push back some thicker cloud. It looks


like a dry start to the day. Perhaps some overnight mist and fog slowed


to clear. It should be fine and dry everywhere. Some brightness and


sunshine coming through. The best in the North. Temperatures tomorrow are


closer to average. Seven Celsius. We hold onto the light winds. Through


the afternoon and evening, the weather front were pushed back some


cloud. Mainly laid rain and drizzle. Very patchy. As we head into the


next few days, it will be largely fine and dry on Tuesday and then


some patchy rain later. Wednesday should be largely fine and dry with


some spells of sunshine. Increasing cloud. After dark we should see some


rain pushing his thoughts. It could be heavy. Gusting winds. All of that


should be out of the way by Thursday. Still quite a blustery day


but largely fine and dry. Some spells of sunshine. Small chance of


isolated showers. Friday is a repeat performance on Wednesday. Largely


dry. Clouds increasing. Rain expected after dark. It could be


accompanied by quite blustery winds. Perhaps some frost and more


sheltered spot. Thank you. Goodbye.


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