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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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let-up. Thank you. That is all from the BBC News at Six. Goodbye. Now


Hello and welcome to Look East. In the programme tonight...


Full steam ahead as the new railway station for Cambridge gets the


go`ahead. The community rallies round after


heartless thieves steal Christmas presents intended for three


generations of the same family. We will be here later with the rest


of the day's news, including a massive cut in the jobless figures.


We're at the defence company where the workforce has doubled in three


years. And hanging out with the Darkness


before their latest home`town gig. A brand`new ?30 million train


station for Cambridge has got the final go`ahead today. It will be


built on the outskirts of the city beside the Science and Business


Parks and promises to create jobs. There's already a station in


Cambridge but at peak times it can take more than 40 minutes to travel


across the city to the Chesterton area, where thousands of people are


employed. The plan was passed unanimously by councillors but


there's still plenty of fine`tuning to be done, as Ben Bland reports.


A busy stations serving a busy city. There has been talk of a second


railway station just north of Cambridge for 15 years. Now it has


got the go`ahead and passengers are pleased.


Do you think the city needs a second station? It will do, because of all


the building work going on. I think it is too congested here so it will


make sense to give people more options. I think this one is fine


but I think maybe we had better because it will be less busy.


Sounds fantastic. Good news, really good. Convenient for us.


At a meeting today, councillors voted unanimously on giving


permission for the station to be built. It will join up with the


guided busway, while new buses will link it to the new town being built.


And it should be easier to reach the Science Park and the business park.


We have a lot of residents from the north of the city and it will mean


they have ready convenient access to train routes across the country


without having to come into the congested city centre and Station


Road area. This site will be transformed into this. But some


people are worried about extra traffic and commuters parking on the


by roads. Others say the proposed cycle routes are not safe and others


do not want it to be built across a nearby nature reserve. But the


biggest issue at the moment is the noise. At the moment there is noise


from the railway but it is not excessive. In a few years when it


grows the potential for noise will be enormous. This is where the new


station will go. It will cost ? 0 station will go. It will cost ? 0


million but the train line is already in place, it runs along the


back of the site, so the county council says that trains could be


stopping here by the end of 2015. stopping here by the end of 201 .


Councillor Ian Bates is in charge of planning and growth the


Cambridgeshire County Council. The majority of people think this is a


good idea. Why has it taken 15 years? I think the simple answer it


is about some leadership, and we have shown that. We are the


fastest`growing county, plenty of economy and jobs, so the decision of


the Cabinet was that we should proceed. It is really about grasping


the nettle of growth. We need a station. None of this comes for free


and you are going to or the money to pay for this but you have a plan to


get it back? `` borrowed the money. Correct. We will get money back


through tickets and it will mean more than 3000 extra passengers and


we are content with our business plan. People are not pleased with


all aspects of this plan. There are concerns about the cycle path, the


neighbouring nature reserve and the affect on that. A lot of people


worried about packing. These will need to be ironed out. You are


right. I listened to the debate and lots of people in Cambridge talking


about those issues. It will have to come back to the committee to talk


about some of those local, detailed issues, and I am content that that


will be dealt with later on, when we get to the details about parking,


cycling, and they will be dealt with later on. But you know what this is


like. When it comes back to dealing with the community and people want


certain things, it is not always am quickly. Is there are the essential


that these niggles may delay the whole project? I don't think so. The


whole project? I don't think so The big picture has been dealt with


today. What we need now is to work through some of those details that


local people have said they are concerned about. We will address


those concerns next year and then come forward with those details and


everything will be, I think, smooth. Very quickly, cyclists will


be safe under this scheme and people will not find passengers parking in


their driveways? No. There will the plenty of car parking spaces so I am


not anticipating those problems and hopefully there will be no problems.


Thank you very much, Councillor Ian Bates.


In Northampton another multi`million`pound development has


also been given outline planning permission. The University of


Northampton will develop the Avon Nunn Mills site where the old power


station and Avon cosmetics factory used to operate. It will develop a


completely new new campus in a scheme which is scheduled to be


opened in 2018. An 80`year`old woman has been left


devastated after thieves broke into her home and stole the Christmas


presents for three generations of her family. Evelyn Beaver says she


hasn't had the heart to put up Christmas decorations following the


theft. Louise Hubball is at Evelyn's Peterborough home now to explain.


It was on Sunday evening in the hour after strictly come dancing that an


intruder came through this door and straight up these stairs and came


back with a bag of wrapped presents, belonging to the pensioners who live


here. They will furl their `` for their grandchildren and


great`grandchildren are things like personalised towels, aftershave and


perfume. In all it was worth around ?500, the couple say, and if you


come through you can meet Evelyn and Nick. Nick was actually asleep when


the intruder broke in. We are dead `` devastated. It happens all the


time, though, we are just one of the people who got caught. It is just


the shock of it. I am grateful that Michael did not get up to have a go.


Make me you were asleep in that very chair. `` Mick, you were. Yes. I'm


afraid I did go to sleep this particular night and what woke me up


was a draft on my face and I turned and looked and this person or


persons were going out through the front door. So you actually caught a


glimpse? I caught the back of them, not a facial. Terrifying


nonetheless. It is, and the fact that I got up quickly, I might have


got them. I think Evelyn is very pleased that you did not try that.


The one good thing is the support you have seen from the community,


people you have never even met. My daughter met a lady last night and


she has given us a Christmas card with some money in it, and the


support we have got around the square as well as from my daughter


is just phenomenal. You don't know when you are going to need a


friend. That is wonderful to hear, and thank you both very much for


inviting us into your home. The police recommend that you do not put


presents on display under your Christmas tree. You can hear more on


this tomorrow on BBC Cambridgeshire. Homeowners in a Northamptonshire


town say they have been upset by a letter claiming rights over the land


their house are built on. The letters have come from the Duchy of


Lancaster, which is owned by the Queen. They were delivered in Raunds


last week and say the Duchy is applying to register rights to the


mines and minerals under their houses.


It has been their little green space for over 40 years but now Mary and


Arnold Richardson are not so sure, after they received a letter from


the land Registry last week. `` Donald. It looked official and when


I started to read it I thought, oh, my lord, what is this about?


Somebody else owns our land, our little bit of land that we thought


was ours possibly isn't. Apparently we own the surface area, the Duchy


of Lancaster owns what is underneath. Around 2000 people in


Raunds have received the same letter. I turned it over and saw the


government website on the back and wondered what it was about. It is


quite difficult language to understand on it. The Duchy of


Lancaster has come out saying he has the rights, we have the freehold to


our Rome properties and it would be a matter for a legal debate. `` are


own rubber teas. The Duchy has had the rights to minerals since


medieval times. This month Raunds last month nearby


Chester. The solicitor has fielded many anxious phone calls. It is


purely bureaucratic exercise, these rights already existed. I have come


across them in old title deeds and be facetious comment I make is, if


you find gold in your garden, cover it up quickly because it is not


yours. A lot of people are digging deep this Christmas but it will not


be the landed gentry bash your garden remains their property.


In the last two hours it's been announced that victims of the Winter


Wonderland fiasco in Milton Keynes are to get their money refunded. The


are to get their money refunded The Wonderland closed at the weekend


after just one day, with hundreds of complaints from visitors saying the


attraction had ruined their Christmas. Neil Bradford's been


following this story and joins us now. Neil, good news, then, for


those visitors? That's right. As you might imagine over the last few days


we have been contacted by dozens of viewers affect it and it seemed


there were some conflicting messages. While some had claimed


their money back from the money processing company, others were told


that because there transaction was more than 40 days old they would not


be covered. This morning Look East contacted the company directly and


late this afternoon they have confirmed they will be offering


their customers what they call a goodwill refund to anybody left out


of pocket by this event. That includes the Collins family from


Leighton buzzard. Catherine, Declan and their four`year`old daughter


Lacey went to the event on Saturday and were left bitterly was appointed


after paying ?47 to go ice`skating and see Father Christmas. Catherine


told me she was presently surprised to receive her money back, they had


written it off but now they are looking forward to take Lacey to see


Santa elsewhere. PayPal say that if you have launched a transaction


dispute you will be refunded in full and you do not have to do anything


else but they say if you have not you should do so now. A lot of


companies were mentioned on the winter wonderland website and they


were listed as supporters of the event, including MK Dons, the foot


wall team, and Riva buses. A reader buses told us they did not supported


at all. MK Dons have said the same. `` support it at all. They have gone


to trading standards. I have spoken to a special events company which


says they were involved in the early stages but they had to pull out


because the organiser did not take their advice. We have tried to


contact the organiser, Lorenzo Franco, tonight, but he says the


matter is out of his hands and in the hands of his legal team.


Bedfordshire Police is under investigation over its dealings with


the child abuse case involving Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins.


the child abuse case involving Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins The


Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins. The Independent Police Complaints


Commission says it's looking at how the force responded to reports of


abuse made to them in October 2 12. abuse made to them in October 2 12.


The force says it received a complaint from a member of the


public after she reported a suspected incident of child abuse


but there had been insufficient evidence to apply for a warrant


In rugby, the Northampton Saints have been fined ?60,000 for allowing


George North to play for Wales against Australia last month. The


fine's been imposed by Premiership Rugby because the the match took


place outside the International Rugby Board international window for


autumn. followed a thorough assessment of


the needs of the prison system. Still to come. The darkness are


coming home to Lowestoft and playing at the end of the pier. Another


weapon in the fight to raise school's standards. Police officers


out on the streets of expert looking for truants.


There's been a big drop in unemployment in the East. It


underlines our status as the region with the lowest unemployment rate in


the country. The total stood at 176,000 in the three months to


October, a fall of 35,000 on the previous quarter. The East's


unemployment rate is now 5.6%. That compares with 10.1% in the worst


region, the North East. Companies of all sizes are said to be taking on


staff. One large firm, which has been recruiting strongly, is the


defence contractor Lockheed Martin in Bedfordshire.


Warrior tanks have served the British Army for 25 years, seeing


action in the Gulf War, Bosnia and Afghanistan. But they need


upgrading. Lockheed Martin got the job. On the Warrior programme, we


are upgrading the turret, electronic systems and the armour. There are


over 700 warriors in service and the current plan is to upgrade a minimum


of 380. That will take the vehicle to 2040. Lockheed Martin won the


Warrior contract from rival British Aerospace. BAE staff in the Midlands


lost their jobs. Here at Ampthill, hundreds of people were taken on.


Not just for Warrior but other contracts, too. The site is working


on the new Scout tank and is looking at how tanks can fire on the move.


This motion platform imitates movement over rough ground. At


current capabilities, they have to stop to allow them to shoot the


target. The new capability on the new Scout and Warrior programmes, it


allows them to shoot whilst on the move. Therefore, they are not a


sitting target for the enemy. In three years, the Ampthill workforce


has doubled to 900, mostly specialist engineers. Among many


special projects, they provide the technology inside Apache


helicopters. They also find ways of applying military know`how to civvy


street. This visualisation product can be used for command and control


in a military environment but also for civilian and commercial


operations. For instance, wind. It will allow you to know where to


place your wind turbines, in the right environment, so that you get


the right wind density. And also, where not to place it, should you


get too much wind power. Elsewhere in the region, defence cutbacks have


caused job losses. 200 posts are currently under threat at the


Marshall group in Cambridge. By winning business from competitors,


Lockheed Martin has created hundreds of jobs. By using its know`how to


find solutions to long`standing problems, it reckons more are on the


way. Richard is here. So earlier we heard


unemployment was down by 35,000 in one go. Why such a big drop? It must


reflect an improving economy. We have been through a very severe


recession in recent years, and when it started in 2008 unemployment


started to shoot up as you would expect. We are now back on


unemployment times when we were in 2008. Whether people feel as close


as did then is another matter, that is we are. Which sectors of the


economy are taking on staff? It is the private sector will stop I was


talking to a recruitment consultant who said her firm was as busy as it


has ever been, and the sectors she mentioned were retail in a row to


Christmas, food manufacturing, the energy sector and also professional


services. Small and medium`sized firms are recruiting quite well at


the moment, and in this region we have an awful lot of them. Thank you


very much. The police and education officers


took to the streets of Ipswich today to search out children who were


playing truant from school. Suffolk has become well`known for the poor


quality of its education, particularly in primary schools. But


what is perhaps less well`known is that it has one of the worst truancy


rates too. It stands 127th out of the 152 councils in England. And of


course the experts say, if you improve attendance, you'll improve


performance too. Etcher and heading back to school


after being caught shopping this morning in Ipswich. Earlier, a team


of officers were briefed, among them this officer. It wasn't long before


they found children bunking off school. The excuse this boy's mother


was that he needed a new school shirt after staying in one with


beetroot juice. She didn't want to talk to us. Also out of school, this


little girl, although her mother said there was a good reason,


tonsillitis. Mainly they don't encourage children enough to wash


their hands at school. It concerns me, and a public doesn't help with


her getting her tonsillitis as often as she does. There is a huge range


of excuses parents come web. Are you ever amazed by the excuses? It is a


travesty that people are thinking on their feet. I think is a travesty


that the children aren't in school and actually those regions have come


before anything else. Suffolk is near the bottom of national league


tables for attainment. It is also in the bottom quarter for truancy. We


know that a child less than 90% attendance will only have a 74% of


getting pied a disease. So a direct link there between truancy and


spot`on. They caught 43 truants in Ipswich today, eight parents are


issued with a fined ?60. The truancy team says their focus is getting


children back into school, to give them the best chance of succeeding


in life. We have still got banned to come. `` The Darkness. First the


weather. It is going to bring some heavy rain and strong winds already


in Beds. You can see from the radar, the last few hours have shown this


band of rain intensifying as it moved eastwards. It is getting in


the west half of the region and over that the next few hours it will move


quickly. Expect some freshening winds and heavy rain for this


evening. It should rustle through quite quickly, so we should be done


with it by the time we get to bed night and it clears away into the


North Sea. Despite the strong winds, there will start to ease down


the second half the night. There may be some showers but clear spells


developing. Temperatures of two to three Celsius. Tomorrow is a


different feel. It is windy. It would be quite bright sunny spells


in the morning, and temperatures will be on the chilly side, or seven


Celsius, and although it won't be windy, it will feel a bit chilly.


Into the afternoon, an increasing amount of cloud with a chance of


showers. As we progress to the evening, these showers might turn a


wintry. There may well end up going into the English and not really


affecting us, but there is the potential of a little bittersweet ``


Lincolnshire. It should clear through commerce of the rest of


person I'd looks largely dry. In the next weather event, we have got


several at Atlantic weather systems lined up bringing us wet and windy


weather. This one will cause problems on Saturday. Once it gets


the eastern half of the UK it will come to a grinding halt, so we may


well get some rain on Saturday. It may well stick around. If properly


will be here until the early hours of Saturday morning. Before then, we


have got a dry day for Friday. It is going to be on the chilly side.


There should be some sunny spells. Don't forget the potential is there


on Thursday the wintry showers. Into Saturday, we started get increasing


amount of cloud of lead, eventually bring us some rain. This will likely


be on the heavy side but it brings in milder air, so temperatures may


climb to 11 Celsius through the day on Saturday. That rain sticks around


the Saturday night then it is out of the way. It will be dry and cool on


Sunday, also overnight it could well be cold enough for a touch of frost.


Go back to the early 2000s and one of the big bands from this part of


the world were The Darkness. Heavy metal, outrageous suits and never


guilty of taking themselves too seriously. They split up in 2006,


re`formed in 2011 and released a third album last year. Now they're


on tour, and tonight they are coming home to Lowestoft. Gareth George has


been to meet them. The Darkness in their pomp. I first interviewed The


Darkness ten years ago, before they are really hit the big time.


Straight out of Lowestoft The Darkness. Do you remember that


Not at all. Della. After ten years of rock stardom,


they can't remember much. I think we should thank our parents. Denied,


they are playing at a new venue in their hometown of Lowestoft. It is


amazing this is your first gig in Lowestoft? It is amazing. We were


formed in Lowestoft, we rehearsed in Lowestoft. Some of us still live in


Lowestoft. Ten years ago it became famous. There was not anywhere big


enough for us, so it is great somebody has invested the time and


the money in a space that is now going to be hopefully one of the


venues on the circuit for touring bands. As a teenager, you'd have to


go over to Norwich to watch a. Often you would be unable to get the last


train back. You'd have to get a list of someone, and this venue I think


is 800 50 capacity. It is bigger than the waterfront in Norwich.


Hopefully this new venue will bring bigger name bands to Lowestoft. With


a bit of luck it will change Lowestoft music scene. The Darkness


have not lost their loved rock roll. I think it has been our best tour so


far, in terms of performance and five, and also technically I think


we're better than me ever been. It is very cool to be playing rock 'n'


roll. They play Lowestoft tonight and tomorrow. Nothing quite as


talkative as a rock 'n' roll band. They will be fantastic. That is all.




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