20/12/2013 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Here in the East... Flying footfall ` a decision's due on whether Luton


airport can expand to 18 million passengers a year. And the dramatic


moment when a robber gets more than he bargained for from a petrol


station attendant. We will be here later in the programme looking back


at the sporting year which saw our teams hit the heights. Walking was a


problem. We have a live interview with Strictly Come Dancing judge


Craig Revel Horwood. Good evening. First tonight, the plans for up to


six million passengers a year more to pass through Luton Airport. A


meeting has been taking place all day today to decide whether Luton


should be allowed to expand. At the moment it's capacity is 12 million


people, but airport bosses want to take that up to 18 million. An extra


45,000 flights a year. It could mean 5,000 more jobs but it's not popular


with people living around the airport. Louise Hubball has been in


the meeting and a few moments ago sent us this report. The men from


the airport, protesters and councillors went into the chamber


for discussions at 10am. There is still no news of the decision.


Protesters have been low`key today. There have been no placards, for


example. This is a big decision and I have been looking at some of the


issues. Luton Airport is the UK's fifth biggest airport and no plans


make it a go, extending capacity from 12 million to 18 million


passengers a year. This is the vision. Improvements to the terminal


building, focusing on allowing more passengers to pass through more


quickly. Outside it will be easier to get around with improved public


transport links and car parking. The planning committee has listened to


the arguments. On the one hand, how expansion will complement national


strategies for economic growth. Passenger growth could go up to 18


million. There will be 5000 more jobs and more economic activity so


it is important to the region, not only for the point of view of the


airport but for the economy as well. The protesters have spoken as well.


This is what they are concerned about. Noise levels for those living


and sleeping on the flight path. At the moment we endure it in peak


periods but in the future, it will be all day long, a wall of noise


across the countryside. The major impact will be the significant


increase in the number of planes and the noise they make. You can hear


one coming over at the moment and it is getting harder to hear what we


are saying. Air pollution on a day when the wind changes direction. We


could not have the windows and doors open because of the smell of air


aviation fuel. It is so, so busy. Luton Airport was born in 1938. They


are gathered here today to think about what the future holds. We are


still waiting for news on that future. The meeting convened here at


6pm and it is unclear when a decision will be reached. The main


argument seems to be Luton Airport's economic growth versus the


quality of life for people in the surrounding areas. As one councillor


put it, Luton Airport's fame must not be Hertfordshire's shame. We


will bring you the latest news when we have it at 10:30pm in our late


bulletin. It was the dramatic moment when a woman petrol station


attendant pulled a robber over the counter as he tried to steal money


from the till. The attack was captured on CCTV and today two men


were jailed for their part in the attack in Clifton in Bedfordshire.


The court was told that 15 minutes earlier they'd tried to hold up a


nearby food store. Fae Southwell reports. This was their first attack


of the day, captured on CCTV. He tries to steal from a till.


Outside, a man acts as lookout. Shop assistants, bewildered, attempts to


intervene as the man runs off, leaving his jacket behind. The


attack on this shop took place in May, the shop targeted on a bank


holiday. Luton Crown Court heard that because the attack was


unsuccessful, the two men tried their luck elsewhere. 15 minutes


later they struck for a second time at a garage half a mile away. The


shop owner sits waiting for customers but had no warning about


what was going to happen. They came in and tried to take the cash. I put


the money on the floor. While the struggle continues, this man grabs


bottles from the shelf. The man is pulled over the counter and falls on


top of the shop worker who is on the floor. Afterwards, she explains why


she threw the money on the ground. I thought he would not come over to my


side. Yes, it was a bit scary. He made off with around ?500 and was


charged with robbery. Another man was charged with burglary.


Sentencing the pair, the judge said... The shop worker suffered


back injuries and a bruised shoulder, and spent time off work.


Even though she is back in the shop, she is still nervous and refuses to


work nights. Today, one man was sentenced to three years and another


to two years. Police in Cambridge last night carried out stop checks


in a street where a pregnant woman had her face slashed. Hayley Baker,


who's 29, was attacked as she walked along Hertford Street. Last night,


exactly a week on, a team of officers stopped motorists and


pedestrians in the area in a bid to find the offender. Police say they


are following a up a number of lines of enquiry. One of the worst


accident blackspots in the Fens has re`opened after a campaign to


improve it. The North Bank at Whittlesey has seen seven accidents


and two deaths in as many months. The road runs alongside the River


Nene at Whittlesey near Peterborough. The new barrier was


installed at a cost of ?50,000. Families have taken to the streets


of Peterborough today to protest about the closure of some the city's


children centres. Peterborough City Council want to reduce the number of


Sure Start centres. They were set up to help families with young


children. The council says the changes could save them more than ?1


million a year. Parents march on the city to have their say on what the


centres mean to them. They are a lifeline to parents. It is in the


centre of the community and people need somewhere to go to meet other


mothers where they may not have any other contact. The centres can


detect early differences in children and ensure that families get the


support they need. Without them, these differences will not be picked


up until they are older. There are 15 centres in Peterborough. The


centres that people come here to protest about today operate across


the city, but originally, they were set up by the last Labour government


in deprived locations. The council want to target the most honourable


families. `` vulnerable. All families can be worn rubble in many


different ways. Lots of people I have spoken to have said that the


centres can help them if they have depression or if they are isolated


or if they have young babies. It is a big lifeline and it would be a


shame if they closed them down. People have until early next year to


have their say in what happens to them. Well, earlier I spoke to Wendy


Ogle`Wellbourn from Peterborough City Council and I asked why these


proposals had been brought forward. The last five years we have had cuts


in the money we receive from government. Previously, where we had


a specific pot of money for children's centres, we do not have


any more, and we have to make tough decisions. Could this be avoided,


though? We have to make tough decisions and we have to reduce


funding somewhere, and I think because there are other services


that parents can access, we believe that this is a proposal that needs


to be seriously thought about. I know you want to target families in


deprived areas, that any parent will tell you that it doesn't matter


where you live, you can be vulnerable wherever you live. It is


important to remember that we have a health visiting service and in


Peterborough, we are going to double the number of health visitors than


previously, and parents will have access to that. We will still make


sure clinics can happen in areas. That is important. House set in


stone are the closures? We are not talking about closures, we are


talking about using the centres differently. We have put forward a


proposal and where we go back to Cabinet, we will take on board what


parents have said as part of the consultation, and amend that to try


and minimise the impact. For the parents watching, what is your


message to them? I would say that I am really grateful that they have


taken the time to share their ideas about what we might be able to do


differently to minimise the impact, and to reassure them that we are


thinking about what they said and we will ensure that the health visiting


services are still available. We will make sure parents can support


themselves. There's been good news for the Peterborough pensioners who


had all their family's Christmas presents stolen. On Wednesday we


reported how a thief had entered the home of Evelyn and Mick Beaver and


stole presents worth hundreds of pounds. But after their story was


revealed on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, local business and


the community have rallied round to make sure the family will not go


short this Christmas. A consultation's been launched into a


planning application for the controversial pirate island in


Cambridgeshire. The island at Landbeach already exists and this is


a retrospective application. South Cambridgeshire Council says their


initial view is that the development has little impact on anyone nearby,


but they want to make that is the case. The island which is privately


owned, was created from material dredged from the lake when it was


cleaned up. Plenty more to come with Stewart and Susie. A preview of the


weekend's sport. I'll be back at ten with the late


College opens in September with two year groups. I2020, it will be fully


operational. `` by 2020. Still to come, the best sporting


bits of 2013. And the Strictly judge as you have never seen him before.


Earlier this year we met T Sandeman`Charles who had set up a


campaign to get 10,000 people to sign up to the organ donor register.


Two weeks ago, she reached her target.


T's campaign called Save5 goes on. It's a subject she's passionate


about because in 2010 T was diagnosed with two terminal lung


diseases. She desperately needs a lung transplant and is on the


waiting list at Papworth Hospital. Today, T was there for a regular


check`up. For T Sandeman`Charles, the simple things in life are hard


to do. Getting out of the car leaves her grasping for breath. She has her


husband to help but four years after being diagnosed with two progressive


lung diseases, a transplant is now her only hope. Like everybody, I


just want to live. I want to live my life. So much I want to do, so much


I feel I have to do. We first met T five years ago when she first


launched her campaign. With the help of friends and family, two weeks


ago, she reached her target of getting 10,000 people on the


register. We did it. And when I say we, I do want to say that if it


wasn't for my lovely husband, my fantastic family, the friends, the


10,000 people who signed up, it would never have happened. Today, T


was here to see Doctor Thomas to see if she is fit enough for a


transplant. we have a tricky balance because we want to have you doing


everything you can to be fit enough to get a transplant. Your breathing


is not just your lungs, it is your muscles, your diaphragm. In 2011, 20


six `` 26 people joined the list. Three people are still waiting. If T


gets it, it can happen quickly. it could be in the region of 12 to 14


hours wait from the call. When I am in bed, I can't do anything and I


sometimes say to myself, will recall ever come? Will it end like this?


And then I shed a tear stop then I picked myself up and I say, come on,


T, come on, you have got to believe it will come. T is looking forward


to Christmas and is positive about the future but when you are on a


transplant waiting list, there is no other way to be. If you are


interested in the organ donor register, you can call the donor


line. You can log on to T's website at save5.org.uk.


Let's move on to sport, now, and there's a packed programme of


fixtures over the Christmas break. Here's Tom.


Starting with Norwich, Chris Hughton insists it's one match at a time


despite a crucial Christmas period which presents a real opportunity.


City play all three teams currently in the Premier League relegation


zone starting with bottom club Sunderland tomorrow. Then it's


Fulham and Man U at home before Palace on New Year's Day. A


productive Christmas could mean a giant leap towards survival? We


played two games in two days over the Christmas period and it is


difficult to plan for a second game when you're not quite sure what will


happen in the first game. So, that is how it has to be. It is very much


focusing on the next game. Ipswich's new signing Sylvan


Ebanks`Blake isn't ruling out a promotion push in 2014. The striker


has agreed a contract until the end of the season. Ipswich are tenth in


the Championship heading into tomorrow's match with Watford. The


forward says Mick McCarthy played a huge part in his decision to come.


He is an honest man. I don't like to keep harking on about how honest he


is, he is a good manager and has had a lot of success. I think I have had


my most successful years under him so I think that shows you that he is


good for me and I have been good for him.


Now what's in store for the rest of our sides over Christmas? Here's a


few key matches. MK Dons' form has been iffy and tomorrow the first of


several games against sides eyeing the play`offs, home to Port Vale. On


Boxing Day, Colchester`Stevenage. It could be crucial in both sides'


fight against the drop. Peterborough host promotion rivals Brentford on


New Year's Day. They lost against them last month.


In League Two, Southend's biggest match of the festive period comes


tonight. Home to Rochdale who are the place below them. And


Northampton will hope to drag Portsmouth into the relegation mix


when they meet between Christmas and New Year.


Now, as we approach the end of the year, time to reflect on the


sporting highs and lows from the last 12 months. It started in the FA


Cup, features finals galore for Northampton and leading roles for


our gymnasts. In the 50s, Luton beat Norwich to reach the FA Cup final.


In 25th team, they but the first top flight. The Hatters reaching the


fifth round at the expense of the Canaries. Suited and booted, later


in the month, Greg Rutherford received an MBE from the Queen. I


was not `` more nervous going into the palace that I have ever been in


my career. This gymnast won the vault at the English championships.


She is now targeting next year's Commonwealth Games. 30,000 Southend


fans were disappointed as they lost. Former manager Paul Thurrock,


sacked despite meeting the final. Newmarket trainer Gerard Butler was


questioned over doping offences. In gymnast is, the plaudits went to Max


Whitlock and Daniel Keating is, gold medals at the European


Championships. She shouts! Max would later get silver. Northampton Saints


lost to Arch rivals Leicester Tigers in the premiership final. Norwich


had secured their premiership survival before they beat Manchester


city and the club's youth team were winners in the FA youth cup. Henry


Cecil had so many triumphs in his career but he lost a long, brave


fight against cancer in June. Northampton Saints also lost their


chairman to the same disease. Formula one came to


Northamptonshire. It was an explosive occasion. Johnny Peacock


did deliver, becoming world and Paralympic champion.


Northamptonshire's cricketers, a dream summer, 2020 winners,


champions and promotion to division one. `` Twenty20. Finally, at a


different pace, Neil Robertson completed Snooker's report Crown,


winning the UK Championships. So, 23rd Dean, done and dusted. `` 2013.


And we heard in there about Gerard Butler. News today the Newmarket


trainer has withdrawn his appeal against a five`year ban. He admitted


injecting racehorses with banned drugs. Butler described the incident


as one disastrous lapse. And don't forget racing over the


jumps at Huntingdon on Boxing Day. 8,000 expected. Always popular. More


sport on the website plus all the build`up to Saints' trip to Wasps


tomorrow in the rugby. This time tomorrow evening, an


estimated 14 million television viewers will be glued to their


screens for the final of Strictly Come Dancing. In a blizzard of


sequins and sambas, it's an all`female contest between Susanna,


Abby, Sophie and Natalie. Of course the judges will have their say. The


one who is hardest to please is Craig Revel Horwood. Tonight, he is


appearing in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in Southend, playing


the Wicked Witch And I'm delighted to say he joins us now. Marks out of


ten for your performance as the evil Queen? It has to be a ten. You look


fabulous, darling. Thank you. It's an all`female final, I thought I


would join the clan. You are the evil Queen, are you being typecast


or are you a softy? I am an arm salute softy. It is only with bad


dancing that I am really honest. I love the show, it is the nominal and


has been for the last ten years. It is just amazing and it just gets


better and better and this year has been extremely exciting. I don't


know how you were taking me seriously with this face on,


darling, but it is an amazing show and it deserves all the millions of


people you is that it gets. And I am sure everyone at home is absolutely


loving it and revving up for this final tomorrow night. I cannot wait


to get there but I have one more show and I am starring in Snow White


and the seven dwarfs alongside Lisa Riley who was on the show last year


and she is fantastic as well. On Saturday nights coming you go to


London and then you come back to do more panto? yes, I do. I do panto


every single day that I am not at Strictly. Lisa is going on tour with


that as well. She will be hosting it. We go to Wembley and all over


the country. Glasgow Exeter. And that is the next day after we finish


panto. It is very, very busy. Strictly takes six months of


everyone's time. Obviously, you are known for being into the detail of


the dancing and begin dancing is the most important thing, so who do you


think is going to win tomorrow? If you want my honest opinion, I think


Natalie probably should win but probably won't. I think because the


final is very much of you this choice, `` the viewers choice, I


think Susanna has a fair go at it because she has a lot of followers


and at Abbey I think is really good. She has worked her way out. It is


sensational to see someone who has never been able to dance before


really to fly and go into the final, that is what is really exciting for


me. I cannot wait to know the outcome. That was a good diplomatic


answer because you nearly mentioned everybody. I can't wait to find the


outcome as well. You do look gorgeous. Thank you for being on the


show. Love from panto land. Break a leg. Let's get the weather.


show. Love from panto land. Break a You are probably wondering about the


weather. Wet and windy over the next few days. Windy on its way, wet,


later. We have a slow`moving weather front, moving in our direction. It


is making quite slow progress across the country. Some patchy rain across


the West Country and Wales. It will get to us late at night. We have


increasing amounts of clouds across the West. Already, the winds


freshening with some gusts of around 30 miles an hour recorded in places.


After midnight, perhaps something a bit for persistent and heavy.


Certainly, it promises a wet end to the night. That weather front is


bringing in much wilder Atlantic air. Below is our five to seven


degrees. That is on the mild side. Looking at the average wind speeds,


it will continue to pick up over the next few hours, reaching its peak


around midnight and into the early hours. Expect a fresh to strong


south`westerly wind. It may well touch gale force wait that's between


40, perhaps 50 mph are possible. We start tomorrow is still quite wet


and windy because this weather front is not in any rush to go anywhere.


Certainly, a tight squeeze on the ice baths in this chart. The weather


front, particularly in the eastern half, it is not going anywhere fast


so expect a wet and windy morning. There will be some try interludes


during the day but certainly not the best of days. It is technically


milder because our temperatures will be in double figures but factor in


the moderates to south`westerly `` moderate wind and it will not yield


much milder. Another band of rain is lighted to come through both the


night so that promises a wet start to Sunday. Looking ahead as we


approach Christmas, this slow spinning in for Monday, late on


Monday, some rain and certainly for Christmas eve, it is looking wet and


windy. You can see the wind speeds there. Looking largely dry on


Sunday. Into Monday, we have some rain arriving on that below later


and West and windy day on windy `` on Christmas eve. Have a great


weekend. Goodbye.


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