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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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welcome to Spotlight. Tonight: Milton Keynes we are welcome


welcome to Spotlight. Tonight: Warnings about the desks while


driving, it could be the toughest winter getaway for years. The day


they have called manic Monday, people are looking for a bargain.


And we are on the wards of Peterborough City Hospital on one of


the busiest nights of the year. Also the tiny village with the giant


Advent calendar. First tonight. The day they have


called Manic Monday. For travellers in the region, disruption and


cancellations on the trains and delays on the roads. In all, misery


for people trying to get home or getaway for Christmas. High winds


and heavy rains have brought down power lines and closed roads and


bridges. We start in Milton Keynes where London Midland and Virgin West


Coast Trains have been seriously affected. Neil Bradford is there


now. Idea see those who took the advice to travel earlier today are


feeling smug right now because then the last half`hour London Midland


have announced they are only able to operate one service in each


direction between London Euston and Northampton. Those services will be


restricted to the 50 mph speed restriction. Like many travellers


today, this 18`year`old from Milton Keynes was preparing for the worst.


She has allowed extra time for her journey to Kent where she will be


joining her boyfriend for Christmas. We are heading down the but we are


having to set off early because the trains are being cancelled and it is


even worse down in Kent. Milton Keynes had minor delays with the


speed limit due to be introduced warmly at seven o'clock this


evening. Other services had a speed limit introduced at four o'clock.


About 20 line blockages so far, we will get many more as we go through


this. While some passengers seemed prepared, others were taking their


chances. We thought we would head off earlier than we did to beat the


four o'clock deadline. It was busier than be expected but we were


expecting that. Hopefully they will be all right it is the long journey


but fingers crossed and we will see how that goes. Passengers continued


to arrive by the dozen knowing full well that the journey might not be


easy. Because of the disruption ticket restrictions have been


lifted. Other lines out of London are not feeling any better. There


are delays to services through Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire


because of the tree on the line There is also a tree on overhead


power lines in the West Hampstead ADF. Those who was born on their


journeys to model do not know what the weather is going to bring. ``


West Hampshire region. Well that's the picture in Northamptonshire and


Bedfordshire, but the disruption is having its effect right across the


region. Greater Anglia trains into and out of Cambridge are not


expecting to run any service tomorrow until at least ten o'clock.


Mike Cartwright reports Well Mike joins me now, Mike, what's the


latest? On the roads this Christmas getaway there are warnings of high


winds. These are urging people not to drive for the next 24 hours


unless they really have to. Take her, avoid areas with the lot of


standing water, fallen trees and fall and fallen electricity pylons.


Trees and power lines have been brought down on train tracks. Some


routes are closed in case there is more damage. Ticket restrictions


have been relaxed to allow people to travel earlier but tomorrow morning


Greater Anglia trains will not run until ten o'clock so that tracks can


be checked for debris. The highest winds will be overnight. They will


drop off quickly by the daylight hours. After the storms are fears of


flooding with standing water and swollen rivers. Heavy rainfall is


expected in Bucks and Beds. Some of the rivers are likely to flood. As


the rain and wind arrives there are warnings that if you do travel this


Christmas take extra care and allow extra time. What is the very latest?


Nothing major to report since we have come on year. The live one


flood warning on the outskirts of no fountain `` Northampton. You can


ring the flood line number. The trains have a restrictive service in


operation and network rail will be checking the track for fallen trees


and power lines. People are warned not to drive through floodwater The


bridge on the M25 is closed tonight because of strong winds but the


tunnels are open. It is the case of watching and waiting at the moment.


Thanks, Mike. And you can keep fully up to date with the latest on the


weather and travel tomorrow morning with your BBC local radio station.


Well it's also been Manic Monday for our shops ` thousands of people


across the region have been hitting the High Streets today in pursuit of


bargains, and last minute provisions. In Milton Keynes alone


they were expecting 150,000 people today. But, as Louise Hubball


reports, not everyone's been heading for the big centres. This is the


story of manic Monday revealing the last`minute dash at two very


different centres. The traditional festive approach is working its


magic here. In Milton Keynes they expect 100 and the thousand through


the doors today, more than on Saturday. This is one of the top ten


shopping centres in the country In the battle against online buying


right offering retail are and are the thing they have the right idea.


You can get wrapping done, we have got to the cruisers, we have the


lights you cannot get that at home. Add the part of manic Monday by


accident or design, the people who have come here? I am on holiday so I


have sent my wife of somewhere else so she cannot see what I am buying.


I have bought things for myself that I should not have bought! The macro


it is nice to see lots of sales going on which has been quite nice


but I do not think it has been as bad as last year. The main item on


people's to buy list here is good. How long would you queue for the


butchers? One hour. We started at ten to ten and now it is ten to 11.


What are you waiting to pick up I have forgotten my list! Do we really


need the sausage meat? It is important to keep the small shops


going, the supermarkets get too much. I will have to look for my


parsnips elsewhere, they are sold out. Managers at a hostel for the


homeless in Hertfordshire have criticised workers who've gone on


strike over Christmas. Five employees from the St Mungo's hostel


in Hitchin walked out yesterday afternoon. The charity says the


strike couldn't have come at a worse time. Last`minute preparations for


Christmas. This year temporary workers from other hospitals are


running this homeless hostel in Hitchin. Five permanent staff have


walked out on strike for 12 days. Even industrial action comes after


the shelter switched from opening only at night to 24 hours per day.


They were offered the same terms and conditions as other employees but it


did not happen, the say. The staff that look after those vulnerable


people that do an incredibly challenging and experienced job for


Saint Mungo 's. The centre here houses up to 17 homeless people at


the time, they are getting clean clothes, and evening meal and a


place to sleep. They are encouraged to get into independent


accommodation. We thought we had reached agreement with the new


rotors and terms and conditions for staff, we are very disappointed that


they have chosen this time of year to go on strike because it is a very


difficult time of year for homeless people. Some residents support the


strike. I think they are fighting for what is the right. They could


not have made it feel any more Christmassy for me. I've fully back


them up. They deserve fair pay. Controversial bells in a


Hertfordshire village are to be silenced at night after complaints


from local residents. The bells of St Mary's Church in Ashwell have


rung out every quarter day and night for more than a century.


be long before the community is tested again.


Still to come on the programme tonight: Chris Bell will be here


with the latest on those storms. And in football, another manager


bites the dust. Aidy Boothroyd pays the price after a torrid season at


Northampton Town. Hospital managers have been warning


for months about the building pressure in our Accident and


Emergency departments this winter. And we were warned that last weekend


would be particularly bad ` so much so that they were predicting last


Friday would be 'Black Friday'. But what was the reality for the NHS?


Well, we were on the wards at Peterborough City Hospital. Jo


Taylor has this report. It's only 8pm and the place is full. This


woman is having breathing difficulties. She has a history of


health problems. In the next cubicle, a man has been brought in


uncoscious. He's been in a road accident and is being taken for a


scan to assess how badly injured he is. The Emergency Department has


seen more than a 50% rise in the number of people turning up over the


Christmas fortnight over the last five years. When I first started we


had a minor injury unit and another area... It was rare to use it, never


mind fill. This is three times the size and full. This man is worried


about redness following a hernia operation. He called the


non`emergency 111 number and told not to come here. They said a GP


would ring us in six hours. We didn't want to wait. We were a bit


concerned. So we came down here and hopefully we will be seen soon. One


in ten who turn up do not need to. The problem is that doctors deal


with are getting more serious. We have got a wide range of patients.


Patients with cases revolving around XS alcohol and many other things. ``


excess alcohol. Dominic was a week after row. He is being transferred


to Addenbrooke's Hospital. That is life. But they are not able to save


everybody. There are two deaths this evening. It was quite moving for us.


The patient had died but they were still very grateful. That is


touching. If we don't feel like that then we shouldn't be nurses. By


midnight, another 40 patients have come through the door. It is a


typical Friday night for staff as they head towards Christmas. Dr Dan


Poulter is a Health Minister. He's also the MP for Central Suffolk and


North Ipswich. Late this afternoon, I asked what we could do about so


many people going to A when they don't need to. It's absolutely right


that if someone is unwell they should be seen quickly. That's what


A is for. But the challenge is to help people understand that it's not


in their interests ` or the interests of other, sick patients `


to put extra pressure on A for routine complaints like a sore


throat. The appropriate thing to do is go to see their GP the next


morning. Part of that is about doctors in A pointing it out to


people. Next time they might want to see their GP rather than come to A


when it's a relatively minor complaint. One of the big problems


is that it's not always easy to see your own GP. Do we have enough? Do


we pay them enough? The average GP is paid around ?105,000 a year which


is a good salary by anybody's standards. Most of them won't be


doing evenings or weekends. Some will, of course. The challenge is to


increase the number of GPs. If we want to move to a position where we


have more working over evenings and weekends then it's not just about


getting the current GPs to work later... It's about making sure we


have enough bodies on the ground to provide the service. Is one of the


problems that people move around so much in the country, and Europe as a


whole, that they don't bother signing up with a GP? There is a


challenge relating to high population. It happens in inner`city


areas as well as some rural ones. As much as a third of the GP register


can change on a yearly basis. `` an annual basis. Younger people are


particularly bad at signing up. It tends to be them who turn up at A


for more trivial complaints. When they do turn up with a minor


complaint, the A department should link them to a GP so that in the


future that person won't be putting extra pressure on. Thank you. And


the BBC is keeping a close eye on how our Accident and Emergency


departments cope this winter. You can actually see how your local


hospital is getting on by going to the BBC website online and searching


for 'NHS Winter' You can put a post code in ` the studio here is NR2 1BH


` and we get the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.


You can see how many patients are being seen within four hours in A


And if you scroll down you can also compare how your hospital is doing


compared to the England average. Plenty of opportunity on the site to


share your own NHS experiences too. In football, Northampton Town go


into Christmas and the New Year battling for survival in the


Football League and trying to find a new manager. Aidy Boothroyd was


sacked at the weekend following a heavy defeat. Back in May they were


at Wembley in the League Two play`off final. But they've only won


four games this season and the manager paid the price. Saturday.


Wycombe Wanderers at Sixfields. Aidy Boothroyd needed a win but he didn't


get it. The Cobblers lost 4`1 ` and at 5:39pm, less than an hour after


the final whistle ` Boothroyd was sacked. We lost the manager at the


weekend. He was a friend, particularly to me. The players got


on with him well. But they reacted. We had a little talk and I thought


they trained very well. Aidy Boothroyd joined Northampton Town


just over two years ago. He'd already taken Watford into the


Premier League, followed by spells at Colchester United and Coventry.


In May, the Cobblers made it to the League Two play`offs and the Wembley


final... But they lost. And this season has been a disaster. This is


what Boothroyd told Look East just a few weeks ago. You know you're going


to have highs and lows. There are more lows than highs. Fortunately,


I'm getting the opportunity to change it and turn it around. A lot


of guys in this day would have been chopped by now. `` in this day and


age. Whether he realised or not, the board was losing patience. The


Cobblers are bottom of League Two with just four wins. I know there


was gloom after the decision. I just feel we have to have a lift. We


can't have a negative opinion. I think the club are taking a gamble


by replacing him at this stage. He knows the players. He's been backed


financially. He looked to be getting more in January as well. After


Saturday's final whistle, maybe Boothroyd did know what was coming.


Instead of thanking the players on the pitch, he looked on then turned


and walked straight down the tunnel. Within minutes he'd be sacked.


Another manager looking for another job.


A former sports editor here at BBC Look East has died at the age of 82.


John Myatt presented sports bulletins during the 1970s and


1980s. He was also a reporter and presenter on the radio programme


Roundabout East Anglia. He died at Southwold Hospital yesterday.


There was a time when you knew what to expect with an advent calendar.


Mary and Joseph round the crib, perhaps a few shepherds in a field


or some wise men on camels. These days it's anything from a Christmas


tree to pop groups like One Direction. And behind every door,


anything from chocolate to whiskey. But in the village of Abington Pigot


in Cambridgeshire they've gone one better. The whole village has, in


effect, become an advent calendar. Every night throughout December,


people have gathered at a house and opened another window. Alex Dolan


explains. It is the eve of Christmas Eve. For a small Cambridge village


the countdown has been extra special. People usually open and


Advent calendar but here in Abington Pigotts they have taken the idea


even farther. They have transformed the house is in two Advent calendar


windows. `` their houses. `` into Advent calendar windows. I tried to


gauge interest and I had a great response. We have got lots of things


here. Beyers, rabbits... `` Bears. What has it been like seeing all


these windows? Everybody has had a different slant. It has been great


to get together with people even just for 15 or 20 minutes. It has


been lovely. It has been amazing. We are new to the village of this is


our first experience. 24 minced pies. 24 glasses of wine. Lots of


friendly people. The villagers have really got into


the spirit of things. With just two windows left to open, they are


likely that next year will be even better. `` they are all agreed that


next year will be even better. That music will be in my head all night!


Now for the weather. I am going to show you some graphics. Here are


some very cold air over my homeland of North America. `` Here is some.


There is a real contrast in temperature. It has allowed these


big areas of low pressure to develop. You can see at streaming


over. `` it. Some of these winds have been very fast. When you get


strong winds like this, over the top of low pressure, it becomes quite


fierce. Fort and eight, across our region, there will be gale force


winds and some strong gusts. `` For tonight. The Met office has a wind


their brain will be with us right throughout the night. `` the rain.


60 to 70 mph is for the winds. These will come at around midnight. There


could be some damage done. At the end of the night it will be confined


to eastern areas. It will start to ease down eventually. The rainbow


sweep away to the east leaving us with a much nicer day. `` the rain


will. High temperatures of 78 Celsius. `` seven to eight Celsius.


For Christmas Day it looks like a mild day. That is how things will go


into Boxing Day. We will see the wind is picking up again. That could


potentially cause some strong winds. See you tomorrow.


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