27/12/2013 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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more throughout the evening on the BBC News Channel.


Good evening. A woman from Luton has returned home


after spending the last few weeks in Nepal searching for her missing son.


Margaret Finlay has been working with search and rescue teams in the


Himalayan mountains looking for Matthew Allpress, who was last seen


trekking near the village of Sikles at the beginning of November.


This was to be Matthew Allpress's final expedition before returning


home. He was heading to a remote mountain lake but it is built on his


way be weather took a turn for the worse. He was trekking up to a pass


which was 5600 metres and the experts estimate that when he got


there, it would have been around about the eighth or 9th of December


and they had about eight feet of snow fall over those two days. What


happened after the snow fell is still a mystery. Margaret throughout


to Nepal to help with the search but it was a search that found nothing.


How did you feel having reached the end of the search and having to come


back to England? Devastated. To be honest, I am glad that I flew out at


night so that I could not see the Himalayas out of the window because


it was too traumatic. But despite being back home in Luton,


Margaret's search continues via the Internet where the search for


Matthew has gone viral. I know in my heart that he is still alive. He


will be found and I will not leave any stone unturned until I find him.


One of the region's busiest train stations has been closed today but


not because of the weather. The station at Peterborough has shut


down for major renovation work. The project is costing ?43 million.


And ?40 million project that has been months in the making. To many


platforms, a free clip and new signalling. It is about allowing the


trains, making it easier for customers to get onto the trains and


also in times of trouble, having greater capacity than incidents. It


is thought the ?43 million project will help to cater for a growing


number of commuters and obesity's economy. We are seeing more money


come this way and it is very important to us. We need the best


possible service into London and also into places like Leeds, York


and Newcastle. Peter Barron needs to play an important part along that


line. Network rail says the work will improve journeys for belief in


a million passengers here. `` 44 million passengers here.


In football, the manager of Norwich City is in a bullish mood ahead of


this weekend's game at home to Man United. But Chris Houghton admitted


today that the team's playing is rather inconsistent.


His Christmas list must have had three points against Fulham on it


but unfortunately did not work out that way for him. He admits his team


are inconsistent. I'm tall yesterday, we were on a brand. We


had not been beaten for three games. It is my responsibility and the


team's responsibility to get back to a level of consistency that we were


at before yesterday's game. Yesterday, Manchester United gave


Howell a 2`goal head start and still won. So, any special plans for Wayne


Rooney? We will play against him like we play against anybody else.


There was no difference. Of course, he is a really good player, a star


player, but we have played against lots of very good players. In Gary


Hooper, the Canaries also have a player in strong form but they know


they will have to be at their very best to get anything tomorrow.


The all`important weather now. We have been largely OK.


There are still a fuchsia was around and it is quite blustery, but the


showers are becoming much more infrequent and as the wind stopped


as well, we should see lower temperatures but dry weather. A dry


and bright start tomorrow, with a bit of patchy cloud in the


afternoon. Possibly some isolated showers across southern parts of the


region. Feeling a little bit chilly but the wind is much lighter man


today. A light to moderate south`westerly. Dry and bright for


the afternoon. Looking ahead to Sunday, it will be a cold start


because the temperatures overnight on Saturday are likely to drop


further. Maybe more of a widespread ground frost. The sunshine should


make you feel comfortable on Sunday and then on Monday, another weather


system working its way in. We start the week worked and windy again.


That's it. I'm back with the Look East late news at 10.10pm. Bye for


now. Good evening. What a week it has


been, a stormy start, a law through Christmas, then a wild end to the


week, had to keep up, isn't it? This was a vicious area of low pressure


last night, but today the winds have been strongest across northern


areas, where it is still blowing a gale. That will gradually subside as


we go through the night, although a windy night across Scotland with


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