31/12/2013 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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on the BBC News Channel. I'm back with the News at Ten. Now it's


Good evening. And we start tonight with the New Year's Honours List in


this region. A former head teacher who now runs an education trust in


Norfolk is among those to be recognised. Rachel de Souza becomes


a Dame of the British Empire. The new boss of the East of England


Ambulance Service is also honoured. Simon Newton has this report.


From Norfolk to Bedfordshire, she has turned around failing schools,


and today Rachel de Souza becomes a Dame for services to education.


I really wasn't expecting it, I know everyone says that but it was a real


shock and then it just felt great, like ten Christmases had just come


at once! As an able Seaman, Edward Slater


from Colchester served on D`day. Chairman of the Normandy Veterans


Association, he is made an MBE. This is an honour to every man who


went to Normandy on six June 1944. This is their honour as well as


mine. Betty Baines from Diss in Norfolk


also gets a gong after 56 years of campanology, she is made an MBE for


services to bell`ringing. I'm over the moon, I'm so thrilled


and I can't believe it's happened for me, really.


Also honoured as Doctor Anthony Marsh, the new head of the East of


England Ambulance Service. He gets a Queen's Ambulance Medal.


And Professor David Neill, a cancer specialist at Addenbrooke's Hospital


receives a CBE. Gillian Wood, from Henlow in


Bedfordshire, has been involved in scouting for 40 years and is still


going strong. Her effort rewarded with the British Empire Medal.


I was just an ordinary person and I got this wonderful award and I just


still cannot believe it. From chief executives to charity


workers, more than 100 people from the East were named in today's New


Year's Honours List, recognition of their service to their communities


and the nation. A woman from Cambridge has been left


seriously injured after being attacked by a stag in the highlands


of Scotland. Kate Stone was airlifted to the Southern General


Hospital in Glasgow. She's understood to be in intensive care.


The incident happened in a village near Fort William in the early hours


of yesterday morning. Members of the Fire Brigades' Union


began their latest walk`out 15 minutes ago. The latest strike runs


from 6.30pm until half past midnight. In Essex those who take


part have been told they won't be paid for the rest of the shift.


Thousands of tonnes of sand is finally being cleared from the


seafront at Felixstowe ` more than three weeks after a massive tidal


surge hit the East Coast. The clean`up operation started almost


immediately, but work has been hampered by a new wave of storms.


Unlike other parts of our coastline, the title source left


thousands of pounds of sand on Felixstowe promenade, and is in the


process of being cleaned up. Is a problem we did not have on


Felixstowe before, prior to the sea defence work that was put in place,


we had a prayer. `` we had a predominantly single beach.


This is either promenade looked afterwards. The plants and seating


have also been covered. The clean`up operation has been constantly


hampered by the Guild force winds, blowing the sands back on the


promenade. We are trying to make the access to


the promenade safer. When there are projected high tides and severe


winds, we will carry on. They will discuss moving the sands


next week. A couple from Norfolk who went


without food in order to pay for Christmas are warning others about


the dangers of falling into debt. Donna and John Smith turned to the


charity 'Christians Against Poverty' for help. Two years ago, this


couple's lives were consumed by debt. When he lost his job, they


turned to credit cards for money. They found themselves ?45,000 in


debt and had to file for bankruptcy, not helped by the stress


of paying for Christmas. You feel obligated to buy your children and


relatives and everybody something nice, but she cannot afford. It is a


big worry. We have gone without a couple of meals to try to get some


money together. The couple turned to this charity


for financial advice and assistance. The charity says that its client in


the east are nearly ?12,000 in the East on average. The majority of


money owed on credit cards and loans, all things that mount up at


this time of year. This is generally our busiest time


of year because people do not want to think about it, they want to


provide an ace Christmas for their family, particularly if they have


children. They may use credit cards or other short`term borrowing to


provide Christmas. The couple are now managing their


money and get free `` get free debt free.


It is looking promising that you will welcome in the New Year under a


clear sky. The cloud has still not quite cleared from the eastern half


of the region. It should soon be out into the North Sea, leaving us with


a largely dry night. Some patchy cloud, with the chance of showers,


but they might just get into the Western Power so for most of us it


will probably be dry at midnight. Relatively mild until midnight, but


temperatures will drop after that. Perhaps a touch of ground frost in


places. Some further showers after midnight across the region. Then it


looks like a dry start to New Year's Day. Not for long. A wet and windy


day to come for New Year's Day. Mild array will raise temperatures, but


the rain and cloud and the strength of the wind will not make it feel


great. This will be a very persistent and heavy spell offering.


Thank you very much that is all from us this evening. Happy New Year.


Goodbye. us this evening. Happy New Year.


team, have a happy New Year. Good evening. It looks like mother


nature may provide her own pyrotechnics in the run-up to bid


night tonight. We have some heavy showers in western parts, starting


to ease a bit across Scotland and Northern Ireland. But the showers


further south are heavier, with some flashes of lightning as they move


eastwards. They do get a bit more hit and miss as we head towards


midnight, but a greater chance of getting wet in the south as we move


into 2014. Cardiff and London could see heavy downpours. Further north,


you could be greeting the New Year on a dry note. A touch of frost in


northern and eastern areas going into New Year's Day. A few


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