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three times faster than wages. That is all from BBC News


Welcome to Look East. Coming up Another hike in rail fares.


Travellers in this region could be hit hardest, but are commuters an


easy target? An investigation is under way after


the body of a priest remained undiscovered for three days.


We will be here later with the rest of the news including.


One of our brightest new stars `` young stars and his mission to stamp


up `` stamp out bullying. And we help to catch the animals at


the zoo. `` and the animals. `` can't the animals.


Good evening. First tonight: A tax on going to work. How protesters in


this region have reacted to today's rise in rail fares. Season tickets


to the capital have increased by an average of 3%. This is lower than in


previous years because of a Government cap. But many say it s


still well above their pay rises ` and it's becoming cheaper to drive.


Emma Baugh reports. The morning commute ` a new year and


a new price hike. And today, the Green Party talking to commuters


about fare rises that are higher than inflation. A lot of people feel


hopeless. They are used to everything going up, and their wages


may be frozen or a very small increase. They feel there is very


little they can do. It is commuters that will pay the


lion's share of the increases. If you want to travel from Cambridge to


London for a year, it will cost you more than ?4000. From Northampton,


it will be more than ?5,000, and from Peter borough it will cost you


7,100 yards. `` Peterborough.


The Chancellor announced last month he'd cap season tickets at 3.1% But


city travellers are unimpressed The time I spend wasted at the station,


and they have the audacity to increase the fares, it is beyond B.


`` beyond me. It is all very well putting the prices up, as long as


the services are running well. Out of all our train companies, only


First Capital Connect would appear on camera. They agreed regular


travellers were the hardest hit Commuters take the highest because


sadly season`ticket are part of the regulated fares basket, and the


increase is set by Government. What I can say is that where we have the


opportunity to do so, we have made every effort to hold down fares


So, little cheer for rail passengers this new year ` all they can hope


for are smaller year on year increases.


A postmortem examination is being carried out on the body of a priest


discovered in a supermarket car park in Luton. Father Joseph Williams,


who'd been reported missing last Friday, was found dead in his car


outside Morrisons in Houghton Regis on Monday. The police say there are


no suspicious circumstances. A Cambridge woman.


Struggling to come to terms with the loss of a much loved colleague.


People fear they have lost someone who served them, somebody they liked


and admired, and for us as priests it is the loss of a colleague who


has been a priest of the dioceses since 2000.


Father Joseph Williams was found dead in his car in a supermarket car


park. Police believe his body had been there for three days. Dozens of


people would have passed by his vehicle. His parishioners are


shocked nobody stopped to find out what was wrong. It surprises me that


he was not found sooner. I think we all should look at what we do. I


know we do tend to look at people if they are asleep in a car and not


pass any heed, but I think as Christians we should be looking at


what we are doing and make sure people are OK.


The church has launched an investigation. So far, there are no


clues. Father Joseph was due to spend ability to Christmas with his


family on January 16, the date that has now been set for his funeral.


Passengers flying in to this region from Romania and Bulgaria say it's


harder to buy tickets after immigration restrictions were lifted


yesterday. Four flights from the two countries landed at Luton Airport


early this morning. Among those on board ` people coming to the UK for


work. Mike Cartwright was there to meet them.


Among the arrivals at Luton this morning ` Gaorgi Chilikov from


Bulgaria. He's come to Britain for his brand`new job. Today will be my


first day. I am excited, it is the finance industry so I suppose it


will begin so did high school. I see an application of my skills in terms


of language and experience. `` hi skill.


Many of the Bulgarians and Romanians we spoke to already work ` or study


` in this region. Their return flights though were much busier


they said. There are a lot of people on the plane now, and there have


been no tickets at all available because they are fully booked. Are


people coming here to work? Yes because in Rumania we did not have


lots of opportunities. Many people are working in Italy, Spain, not


just Europe. So they will be going to all different countries.


The long established routes `` they are long established routes, but if


demand goes up more flights could follow. Airlines have seen the


markets opened up `` open up, and we now have ten routes between Romania


and Bulgaria. Those campaigning for tighter


immigration controls say 50,000 Bulgarian and Romanian could move


here every year for the next five years.


In this part of the world, thousands of Eastern Europeans have found work


in farming and food packing. In Luton today this welcome sign. We do


not think the are a lot of Romanians coming. So it is a comment about


what the media had to say. The first of the new migrant workers


have already arrived, but how many will follow, nobody really knows.


Peter Bone is the MP for Wellingborough. He's one of a


growing number of MPs calling on the Government to once again restrict


working rights for Bulgarians and Romanians ` earlier tonight I asked


him why. We cannot have 70,000 people turn up in this country from


Bulgaria and Rumania, it would put too much pressure on our public


services. I think we should continue with the current Visa arrangements


which other people in this country who we want for specific jobs, but


not to let anyone come in. You say 70,000. Where have you got that


figure from? Lots of people have conflicting opinions, it is


guesswork, isn't it? The Government has not given as any figures, I


think it is ridiculous that they have not, though I suppose they are


looking back to when Poland's transitional arrangements did not


take place, and the Government said a few thousand Polish people will


come in and we had over half a million. But I am looking at the


independent forecasts by think tanks and it seems to me between 5000 and


70,000 seems to me the best estimate. The big issue in


Wellingborough is immigration, it is more important than health, crime,


even the economy. But have people got a warp perception of what


immigration might mean? Know, if you look at the figures, it is pressure


on housing, hospitals, schools. I would continue with the current


restrictions that other people into this country if we want them to come


in for a particular job, but not allow anybody to come in. You say


continue with these restrictions, but they were lifted yesterday. Is


it not too late for this debate no? Parliament can bring in these


restrictions or install them as soon as it once. What is frustration ``


frustrating is that it has not allowed Parliament to have a vote.


We will have a vote, and then MPs will have to make up their mind


whether they are going to support unlimited immigration from the


European Union or support what I believe is the right thing to do,


have restrictions and control your own borders. It is an essential


question that needs to be answered, and my constituents have made it


quite clear what they think should happen.


A Cambridge woman who was gored through the neck by a stag whilst on


holiday in Scotland will spend the next week in an induced coma. Dr


Kate Stone runs a hi`tech printing firm in Impington. She suffered


serious throat injuries after the animal panicked and charged at her.


An operation yesterday to repair the damage is said to have gone well.


The Luton and Dunstable Hospital has come under fire for a procedure


intended to ease back pain, but which for some patients actually


made the condition worse. The operation on 93 patients involved


using a spinal implant, but in many cases it later had to be removed.


The hospital's now being asked why it allowed so many operations to go


ahead. It's called a Dynesys spinal


implant, meant to alleviate back pain and increase mobility. In four


years 93 patients at the Luton and Dunstable Hospital underwent this


procedure, but outcomes were poor. Many people needed corrective


surgery ` others were told the operation had damaged their spine.


To see a member of your family or a friend go through two major


operations when they only needed one, and further to know that maybe


that first operation has reduced the chances of being out of pain, these


are serious questions. Many patients needed corrective surgery. Much of


it was done here at the National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore.


What we have to do now is make sure that when a new product comes to the


market base, it is done in a number of centres and the correct amount of


information is obtained. And outcomes are addressed before it is


used widespread throughout the rest of the NHS.


The Dynesys implant is made in America. Its manufacturers, Zimmer,


say it's been successfully implanted into thousands of patients


worldwide. In a statement they said: The implants at the L and D were


carried out by one surgeon working alone.


The hospital now accepts there could have been better monitoring of


outcomes for patients. One of the things we identified was that an


individual surgeon working single`handedly, the are no checks


and balances in place. It is very important that clinicians can


scrutinise their peers' work and see that things are leading to good


outcomes. Two surgeons now monitor each


other's work, and the hospital no longer performs Dynesys implants.


But for those patients living in pain, these changes have come too


late. More than 20,000 homes and


businesses across Beds are to get superfast broadband. The project is


backed by Government funding and should reach 90% of homes in the


county by the end of 2016. There was to my's top stories.


forward. It has proved a frustratingly slow restoration


process. Still to come. The girls from last night's football. Ronan


Parke talks to us about beating bullies. And we are with the great


animal count at Banham Zoo. 1,500 jobs are be created this year


with the opening of a second Center Parcs site in the region. It's one


of a number of developments on the business scene in 2014. Our business


correspondent Richard Bond has been looking at the prospects for this


region. New Year cheer has been lacking on


this production line ever since the recession. Jobs have gone, a shift


has been cut. This year, the workers had reason to feel perky. This event


will be launched in the spring. This will guarantee production for the


next 12 years. It's been made here since 2001. It could have turned out


so differently for one of the region's last major factories. This


model nearly went to France, but after lengthy negotiations going


right to the top of government, a decision was made to keep production


here. Huge sums have been invested in the plans, including ?40 million


in this new body shop. It will assemble the vans using the latest


robotics, and if things go well, a second shift could be added. We


anticipate that in the midst of 2015, the volume will blow up and


out guys will get two shifts. That is our prediction provided the


market will grow as anticipated. It won't be all good news in the


manufacturing sector. This factory will close in the spring with a loss


of more than 200 jobs. It was founded in the town. It's jobs have


moved to Hertfordshire. The infrastructure is badly in need of a


boost. It will get one late in the year. Work on the last stretch of


single carriageway between two more areas is being completed. Another


significant event, this time for tourism, will be the opening of the


new Center Parcs in Bedfordshire. The ?250 million project is due to


welcome its first guests in the spring. Center Parcs will inject


approximately ?20 million into the regional economy. As well as that,


we're creating many jobs, and they are permanent. 1500 jobs all year


round. We're right on the doorstep of the south`east here. Millions of


potential customers to come and enjoy our facilities at Center


Parcs. With unemployment falling and growth picking up, it could be a


good time to open a holiday park, especially one close to the


south`east. And tomorrow, our sports editor


Jonathan Park will be looking ahead to a year in sport ` in particular


the for gymnastics at the Commonwealth Games.


Lots of you will remember Ronan Parke from Britain's Got Talent. He


was the bookies' favourite to win the competition in 2011 but finished


in second place. Since then, Ronan, who's from Norfolk, has released an


album and a string of singles. His latest record, Defined, is out on


Monday and will raise money for Kidscape, the anti`bullying charity.


This afternoon I spoke to Ronan Parke and Peter Bradley from


Kidscape about the message they were hoping to get across.


I was very close with the writers who were writing the song, and I


spoke to them closely saying about my experience with bullying, which


was online after Britain's got talent. It was just name`calling


mostly on social networking sites. I think Kidscape just connected with


the song, because it is talking about not just the effect of how


people will feel about bullying, but about how they can overcome it and


not let it define you. The video is hard`hitting. Very powerful. I


suppose that is really important to actually show the kind of effects


that bullying has. Even filming it, I stood there watching it being


filmed, and it's like giving you shivers because it was so realistic.


It's very bad cases of bullying, but that they can be like, and that's


what we wanted the video to really show people. The statistics on


bullying are still pretty shocking. So many young people affected. We


have heard about cyber bullying from Ronan, but is verbal bullying still


the worst`case? In the United Kingdom, verbal bullying is the most


common form of bullying. As you've seen, cyber bullying affects so many


young people, and of course it's 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and


is an relentless. The thing about cyber bullying is that you are


one`on`one, aren't you? You're looking at something. No one else


need be around you all see what's happening. With cyber bullying, it's


the fact that it can be so ruthless, and you can't see people's reactions


to it. That's why I think it is a very bad case of bullying. All


bullying is awful, but I think cyber bullying, because you consider


reactions or see how people will deliver quick. More people are


getting tablets and phones where they are going on social networking


sites. What would you say to anyone who is being bullied? It's important


that you are from if you are being bullied, you tell a trusted adult as


soon as possible. A parent, adult friend, a teacher. By telling


someone, it can be stopped, because as we know, once it goes viral and


around the world, news travels quickly. Speed is of the essence to


stop cyber bullying. Kidscape's research shows that quite a few


parents and teachers don't know how to deal with cyber bullying. What


you think is the answer? How can they be educated? What's important


is that young people and teachers and parents work together joined up


approach. The education of cyber bullying has to be within the


curriculum and teachers need to be more aware and pass that knowledge


on to young people. You have dealt well with what happened to you.


Obviously things are going well now? I've learnt not to look at it


and just take a step back, not read the comments. But people can be


awful, but people can also be really kind, so I think I'm lucky to be


able to have people who support me, and my fans are great to me and they


really help me as well. They are so supportive. They've been supportive


about the track and what me and Kidscape are doing. I'm grateful.


Good luck to both of you. Thank you very much.


In football, we start 2014 with a number of teams battling at the


wrong end of the table. But both Ipswich and Southend were unbeaten


over Christmas. Northampton are still searching for a new manager,


while Norwich are hoping to find form. Yesterday's draw with Crystal


Palace in the Premier League means they haven't won in five games.


As Christmases go, very little to celebrate for Norwich. No wins, few


points. 2014 now all about survival. Little to cheer at Selhurst Park, a


game low on quality but high on spirits, with two teams each braced


for a fight to the death. Bradley Johnson's goal a rare moment of real


class. Johnson! Good effort, and in!


Norwich City League! Soon, the mood turned sour. One


player lucky to escape with just a booking for this, and Palace were


level shortly after. Leroy Fer's foul, a booking and a penalty scored


by Jason Puncheon. The second half all but a write`off, notable only


for Fer's second yellow, meaning he will miss Saturday's FA Cup game


with Fulham. A glance at the table shows Norwich have little breathing


space. A 6`point cushion pre`Christmas has closed to just


three over the drop zone, but one win would ease the pressure.


three over the drop zone, but Ipswich begin the year in the


play`offs upbeaten in eight, the Championship's form team. The gift


of an own goal set them on their way, but Charleston denied them


three points in injury time. Darren Ferguson has been longing for


January, with the transfer window open. Expect arrivals and departures


to reignite Peterborough's promotion push. Jack Payne's goal gave Posh


hope against Brentford making it 1`1, but the leaders once again


pulled away. It finished 3`1. The fact


Colchester's goalkeeper was man of the match at MK Dons tells its own


story. Sam Walker made a string of saves in a goalless draw. The Ewes


rode their luck. The dominant Dons couldn't find a way through. Then a


bleak picture. The Gillingham game off. Borough at bottom. The


chairman's backed Graham Westley to turn it around, but with the manager


under pressure to reduce the wage bill, there is little money to play


with. A productive Christmas for Southend. Seven points from three


games. Ryan Leonard scored late in each half to beat Portsmouth.


Northampton start the year bottom of the football league and without a


manager. We understand interviews have taken place with a small number


of applicants. Iain Dowie is the favourite. Tom Williams, BBC Look


East. There will be lots of companies


doing their stock`taking over the next few weeks. It's not much fun,


and can take time. But of course it gets a bit more interesting at a


zoo. It's not always easy, because the zoo population changes over the


course of the year, and occasionally some animals just don't want to be


counted. But we sent Mike Liggins to Banham Zoo in Norfolk to see if he


could be of any help. One two, three, four... They should


have been ten, but I can only see nine. We did have some help from


this little chap, who is keen to check out the paperwork. A stock


take happens because suits need to know what they have. We contacted


the breeding coordinators and do an update of what we've got and what


sexes. Perhaps the most important number in the ban inventory is too.


Two Siberian tiger cubs. They have been a huge draw over the summer.


They are critically endangered species, so they are important in


this breeding programme. There are thought to be less than 400 left in


the wild. There are 120 species at Banham Zoo, and over 2000 animals in


total. That number is hard to calculate because there are 1568


cockroaches. And very friendly they are too. But not as friendly as the


lemurs. Eight Ring tailed and five red ruffs. They are very different


in character. The Red Cross, sweet as they are, they are more


temperamental. The ringtail is a very laid`back, but might `` like


most lemurs, they like food. You know that old showbiz saying about


never working with animals and children? It's true. Meerkats can


get into funny places. But one and my leg, sorry. And so can lemurs.


When it comes to doing the annual stock... Oh, God! This one had left


onto the camera. Perhaps he wanted to make sure he had been counted.


Weren't expecting that. That's brilliant. The weather.


An area of low pressure is bringing wet and windy traditions to the


south`east of the King country. It is bringing problems overnight.


Here, we get off quite lightly. There will be some rain later, but


the big feat of these low for us will be the strength of the wind as


it makes its way to the North Sea. Currently dry across the region. We


will see increasing amounts of cloud moving from the West. This fairly


narrow band of rain will battle through quickly tonight into the


early hours of tomorrow morning. We will see some clear spells behind.


Perhaps one or two showers. In terms of temperatures, they do stay mild,


five to seven Celsius. It will be windy by the end of the night. Gusts


around 45 knots per hour. We start tomorrow still quite windy. There


will be some sunshine around first thing, and some blustery showers as


well, particularly through the morning and into the early


afternoon. Tending to die away through the late afternoon, but some


sunshine out there. Certainly windy. Though speeds will pick up into the


mid`afternoon, so these are the of average speeds we can see around


2:00pm. Temperatures staying mild. 89 Celsius. The wind will make it


feel chilly. Once more, we have the chance of some 40 mile an hour gusts


through the afternoon and early part of the evening. Some showers still


around the afternoon and evening, but they will tend to fade around


with some clear spells developing later. The forecast will stay very


unsettled, so the pressure pattern for Sunday really flags up that


point. You can see the steep area of low pressure out into the Atlantic


are pushing through some strong winds across the region. Having said


that, Saturday does not look quite as windy. In fact, it may well start


wet with outbreaks of rain through morning. By afternoon, it is looking


more dry and brighter. Clearing skies for Saturday night. That will


mean there is a risk of Frost as temperatures get close to freezing.


In Sunday, will start dry and bright. Quickly turning cloudy, and


is outbreaks of rain. This area of low pressure will bring some heavy


rain for the evening on Sunday and into the overnight period. By Monday


morning, still some showers around and still unsettled. A quick


barometer check. 998 millibars. Thank you very much. That's all from


us. Have a very good evening.


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