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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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showers in the west and south. That's all from


If if if if if if if if we are in the cause in the in which you. Do


you and we were in there on Tuesday, the three above, when I got


a call to say, look up and come home. It is now a murder enquiry


full story appeared on Crimewatch and arrest be made. A year on, still


no one has been charged. The police believed the answer to this crime


lies within this community thought a year on mother asking people to


think back to a friend or loved one is mulling a smoker, covered in


blood, acting strangely. The editor of the local paper says people are


losing patience with the police There is a sense of inevitability it


will go down as another unresolved crime. That would not a lot of


people's illusions about the ability of the police to deal with yet


another murder in Wisbech on top of the major crimes we've had two in


the last five, six, seven years Cambridge are pleased that they


won't stop until a time that Keller for the 12 month after Una Crown's


murder, local pressure is growing. Detective Chief Inspection Jon


Hutchinson is leading the investigation. Earlier tonight I put


it to him that if they had launched a murder investigation straightaway


they may already have caught Mrs Crown's killer. The reason for that


is the way in which the offender manage the crime scene. It's been


widely publicised that Mrs Crown was burnt to hide friends gathered is as


well as the full extent of what had taken place, and has been locked on


the outside. In quite a calm and skilled way, the offender had done


that bulls are now at two to say, if we had identified it, we may have


been in a different situation but it was a mistake by the officers who


attended at the time but perhaps an understandable mistake. It is led


her family to say they'd be let down by you. You can understand that


surely? I know that they'd be let down by what initial police


attendance but what I also know is that they are hugely supportive of


the current police investigation. They want to work with us, with the


community, to bring a killer to justice. We have an extraordinary


record of solving murders. We have to treat each investigation with the


fact available at the time. You say you have a good record about the


editor of a local newspaper is told as people are losing faith in the


police force's ability to tackle crimes like this. What would you say


to them? I find elements about surprising. Includes surveys of


local residents, we haven't identified that bulls we have a


large team working on theirs and we will continue to work on this until


we catch the killer. It has been 12 mums, though bulls what has been the


obstacle in use solving best? The way we solve these crimes... Through


witnesses. One of the worst performing


hospitals in the region is facing its toughest inspection of recent


items. It has consistently failed to meet waiting times at accident and


emergency. People have had to wait six times the national average.


The work on the outside is nothing compared to what managers face on


the inside. Northampton General is one of 19 hospitals identified as


putting patients at increased risk. The CQC has made inspection a


priority. Why should people in Northampton and beyond have


confidence in the service you provide her? Every hospital in the


UK has a confident search to improve quality, and we are no different to


other Holani `` hospitals. We have concerns, the most important thing


is to be aware of concerns and work as hard as we can. The CQC


identified a number of areas of concern including pressure on


emergency care and failure to meet government targets, shortages of


senior doctors and nurses and criticism by staff and patient,


patients like this couple from Northampton with concerns, but


generally are pleased with the care they got.


The hospital acknowledges that improvement is needed but they


insist that some have already been made but timmy`macro.


We have to improve the standard in these hospitals to those areas. The


inspection is one of the toughest that the hospital will face, they


have been using CQC guidelines that are much more progress.


The inspectors will start work on Wednesday when they meet inspectors


at a public meeting. They will then spend some time at every department


before returning for unannounced inspections. It is not expected that


their findings will be made public until six weeks later.


Next on night, the most powerful man in horse racing has appeared on


camera for the first time to talk about the cheating scandal that


shipped Newmarket last year. Sheikh Mohammed said that the trainer


implicated in the doping scandal never work for him again. Let's go


to the Godolphin training ground now.


It has taken a while, but Sheikh Hammett has finally spoken out about


the scandal that rocked the Newmarket community, the sport in


Britain and has fast racing empire around the world.


It was back in April that drug testers is that it has yard and


banned the trainer for eight years. Sheikh Mohammed put his tables


immediately into a state of lockdown, he says he was shocked but


the truth will come out. `` put his stable.


Controversy that shot a thing to the core, one of the biggest operations


and merging in the history of the sport. `` controversy that shocked


everyone to the core. I was shocked, I have many trainers, and if one of


them does the wrong thing, they gave him eight years and I gave him a


lifetime. It is finished. The trainer at the centre of the tall,


one of two trainers in Newmarket, was suspended in April of last year


for doping 22 racehorses. He tried to fight the length of the ban, but


later admitted a catastrophic error. He will never come near my horses


again. Treatment for the long`term, he will not come to see the races.


We will find out the whole story and we will all know what happened.


Former London police chief Lord Stevens has been called in to


oversee an internal enquiry. It came after an illegal shipment of


unlicensed equine drugs were seized at Dunston airport, shifting the


focus to his interest in insurance racing. Lord Stevens, he will really


go through everything and meet everybody, and I think he is getting


independent... He's doing a good job. The truth will come out. The


Godolphin operation has hundreds of courses at Newmarket, Dubai and


around the world, but has his reputation damaged? No, of course,


if they think I knew, but I am clear and I still love horses and racing.


Nine months on, Sheikh Mohammed has broken her silence and reaffirmed


his commitment to racing. He has invested millions in British racing


for his value remains undiminished. Is this finally over for Sheikh


Mohammed? Can he move on finally? Not yet, the enquiry into the equine


operation is still underway and it started in October after the


revelations about the possible use of steroids and other banned drugs


in his extensive string of endurance horses. Sheikh Mohammed has not


indicated if Lord Stevens' report will be published or when it will be


finished, but he says it will be truthful and only then will the


sport be able to fully move on. The Tory party has decided to back


their newly elected candidate for Southeast Cambridgeshire despite a


voting mix`up. It is thought a counting mistake and that Lucy


Fraser did not win the contest last month, but on Friday night, she was


three endorsed as candidate. Today, her main opponent, Heidi Alan,


called for supporters to unite behind Lucy Fraser.


I came at resident who was gorged by a stag in Scotland has regained


consciousness. She has had two operations to repair


the damage. `` a Cambridge resident.


Those 12 months after Una Crown's murder,


local pressure is growing. Still to come on the programme


tonight: The origins of man at a caravan park in Norfolk. Plus,


nursing with a smile ` the hospital recruits from Spain and Portugal


making a difference in Suffolk. Now, next time you walk down a town


centre street, ask yourself this question. Who owns the land? You


probably don't know some of it is actually in private hands. Tonight


in Inside Out, they ask who owns the East? You can probably guess a few `


the wealthy aristocracy and the Queen own large swathes of the


region's six million acres. The Church and the Forestry Commission


are other major land`owners. But the research has also thrown up a few


surprises. Alex Dunlop reports. Think of our top landowners, and you


might think aristocracy, but you would only be partly right. This


farm shop as part of the 22,000 acre estate on the Norfolk /Suffolk


border. It's owner and his family are outside the top six original


landowners, as is the Queen at Sandringham. These estates do not


run themselves, of course. It is now a business and as the be run like


one. We had to make the estate pay for itself. It is actually quite


radical change, is state like this one being subject to over the past


decade. Organisation 's line`up as our five biggest landowners. At


five, the region's wildlife trusts. You think of the rapidly expanding


population and rapid expansion, agriculture, climate change, all of


that means nature is up against it. So it is hugely important that we


have these nature reserves. The Church of England owns some of the


most valuable land in the region. Just ahead at number three, the


Forestry Commission. County Council 's come in at number two. Between


them, they own more than 76,000 acres of farmland. There are many


public spaces which are, in fact, Private. The town centre in Corby


belongs to a property company which also owns bars of Newmarket and


Milton Keynes. Ultimately, they can exclude people from this very public


area. We have two insure a clean, safe and pleasant shopping


environment forever one. It is the same for any town centre throughout


the UK. When the public think they have a public right of access, it is


really a permission, what a lawyer would call a license to use the


land, rather than a rights to use the land. There is no such thing in


this country as a public right to use land. Back to the top five, and


the region's biggest landowner by far is... That sign should give you


a clue. At 82,000 acres, it is, of course, the Ministry of Defence.


Taking the Army training area in Norfolk, the RAF bases across the


region, and it is perhaps not that surprising. But as the MoD cuts


back, so does its real estate. The pressure for land is intense, which


is why he owns the East matters so much to so many of us.


You can see tonight's Inside Out here on BBC One at 7.30.


Before you become a fully qualified nurse, you will have spent years in


training and had to learn a lot of skills. But I think everyone agrees


the most important thing is to have compassion. At the West Suffolk


Hospital in Bury St Edmunds, they went to Portugal last year to boost


recruitment. They simply couldn't fill their vacancies with home`grown


staff. And the results have delighted NHS bosses, who say


compassion comes naturally to the new faces. Kim Riley has been to


meet them. On duty in AMD today, 29`year`old


Ana Luisa. Monitoring David Goodwin's heart rate and blood


pressure. He was knocked out in a fall while riding on Newmarket Heath


this morning. How do you like your cup of tea? One sugar. One sugar.


She is one of 62 trained nurses recruited in Portugal last year.


They had all completed a four`year degree course, backed up by nine


months working in an Acute Hospital. One year on, they have won praise in


their care and compassion. You'll have you been looked after?


Particularly well. It has been not too busy this morning, so I was


straight in and attended two straightaway. So, Gold standard, I


must say. In our degrees, we are prepared in the ways of being very


caring and respectful to all the people, and treating people with


sensitivity and all of that. But I don't think we are different from


any other nurses that I have met here. At the end of the day, do you


feel you have done some good today, you have done some thing


worthwhile? Yes, always. When the patient comes to us and thanks us,


you think, I have done nothing special, but for them, it is a big


thing. That is good. That is a good feeling. The hospital says there is


a surplus of registered nurses in Portugal, so it is not depriving the


country of medical expertise. I am thrilled to welcome the Portuguese


nurses into the wider nursing workforce. A lovely, and they


deliver very high quality care. Now with what they're worth a 1000


strong nursing staff, they do not anticipate another recruiting


drive. Working alongside newly qualified local students, and and


her colleagues say in their chosen career, the future lies here.


It now seems very likely that the first human beings to settle in


Britain did so in Norfolk. Scientists now believe they walked


from the European mainland and settled on what is now a caravan


park in the village of Happisburgh. That was almost a million years ago


when the East Anglian coast was joined to the continent. The


evidence pointing towards early human activity will be the subject


of a new exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London.


A busy day on the Manor Park caravan site in Happisburgh. These men, all


fine examples of 21st`century man trying to change a wheel. Little do


they know that underneath their feet, the secrets of their early


ancestors could live. I have had amber out of the cliff here. In the


year 2000, Mike Chambers was working at the beach at Happisburgh when he


discovered a flint hand axe. It changed what we know about early


human history. I have got the honour, and it is an honour. 700,000


500,000, I am not going to argue a couple of hundred thousand years, at


least half a million years ago, a guy lost this, and I am the one that


picked it up next. There is almost a connection. There feels like a


connection. Since that discovery, archaeologists have made further


finds here, and they now think that early man was here close to 1


million years ago. For the new exhibition, the natural is the


museum has commissions to Dutch model makers to create life`size


dummies are of what early man might have looked like. Quite hairy, and


probably not very fragrant. Another strange thing, the North Sea there,


lots of it. Well, that was not there 1 million years ago. That was land.


Imagine that. This is a map of what historians think the UK look like a


million years ago. The Thames estuary was in Norfolk, and you


could have walked to Holland. Giant animals roamed the land, and early


man hunted them for food. The material we have at Happisburgh is


bits of flint where they were sharpening tools, cutting up bones,


butchering creatures, and so it is a nice insight into this very early


community. It is exciting. You have just got to keep your mind open.


Walk along the beach, enjoy their view, but keep your eyes open. Look


down. If it is there and unusual, pick it up. It might be rubbish. I


have loads of rubbish at home, my wife tells me! But occasionally, I


come up with something a bit different. Archaeologists are now


hoping to find some evidence of early man, a skeleton, perhaps. It


is fascinating to imagine what life must have been like Bal ancestors,


and what on earth would they have made of these men?


Next, we're talking rubbish. By the end of today, 2.25 million pieces of


litter will have been dropped in the UK. Almost half of the UK population


admit to dropping litter. The most common item to be thrown away is a


cigarette butt. Of course, most of us moan about litter, but a group of


friends in Suffolk decided to stop moaning and do something about it.


The details from Kevin Burch. There is nothing more annoying than


rubbish being dumped in the countryside. Whether it is rubbish


like this, all rubbish like this. But not everybody responds with


anger. Some people respond with action. They call themselves Rubbish


Friends, volunteer litter pickers who, once a week, target trouble


spots around Newmarket. What I really like about it is, when we


have finished a stretch of par`4 road, looking back and thinking,


that looks like it has been hoovered. The next time I drive past


it and it looks nice still the next day, that is so satisfying. We used


to go to the pub for lunch afterwards, and whoever picked the


worst bit at a cocktail as a prize. Keen to lend a hopeful hand, the


local MP, Matthew Hancock, kitted out and ready to started. Everybody


likes road to be neat and tidy, but that means making sure you keep your


rubbish in the car, and not relying on community minded souls like these


to come and pick it up will stop the group collect up to 15 bags of


rubbish per time. Their work is backed by the local council, which


sends out a truck to stake the letter away. It has also just


installed this bin to persuade people to tidy up behind them. I


suppose cynics might say this is getting the job done on the cheap.


They might, but I say this is community work in their own very,


keeping communities green. If others want to do this, please come forward


and let get on with it. It is incredibly satisfying. Very quick.


We barely spend 40 minutes a week doing it, but we each pick up around


two. In that time. So we must be making a bit of a difference. They


say it is better than going to the gym. Fun, fresh air, and the feeling


that they are making a real difference to the environment.


Good for them! It is incredible how much we drop. I am not surprised it


is better than going to the gym, because most things are! Oh, come


on. You love the gym. Let's get the weather.


We have a changeable week of whether coming up. I will start by showing


you the pressure chart right now. This is from midday today. This


occluded front here is bringing the showers across the region. This is


the radar image really are. You can see those showers moving into


western part of the region. They will make their way across all parts


of the region in the next couple of hours. When you see the brighter


colours there, there are heavier downpours, even a little hail mixed


in with the showers that they make their way from west to east across


the region. For this evening and night, cloudy, showers clearing


eastwards, and the showers moved west to east, like I say. Heavier


downpours associated. Most places start to dry out a time. Though the


showers then move back up from the south, particularly in Essex and


Suffolk. Temperature wise, this could be a bit tricky. Beneath the


cloud and rain, 46 Celsius, pretty mild, and no frost. But in the West,


and dignity across Northamptonshire, some clear spells it later in the


night, and that could be enough to form some icy patches on the roads


tomorrow morning. There is a warning for ice in the far west of the


region. As we go through the day tomorrow, the France that brought


the rain overnight will edge away, and then we will have our next


weather system waiting in the wings tomorrow night. A bit of rain around


on Tuesday morning, particularly again in Essex, but you can see the


rest of the region trying out quite nicely through the day.


High`temperature tomorrow, I love the cloud around, and the breeze


turns more west to north`westerly, so five to six Celsius as a high.


That is below average for the time of year. She Toro afternoon. Most of


the region dry into the evening. Clear spells at first, but you can


see the next round of rain, and this warm front pushes that rain from


west to east across the area on Tuesday night into Wednesday


morning, and then that rain will be patchy on and off throughout a lot


of the day on Wednesday. Here is how it looks in the Outlook. Cloudy


skies through Wednesday, spots of rain on and off, particularly in the


region, so you can see the best of the weather probably Thursday and


Friday. Some sunshine, generally quite moderate, temperatures chilly


at first but milder overnight by the middle of the week.


at first but milder overnight by the middle of the Thank you very much.


From all of us, thank you for your company. See you tomorrow. Goodbye.


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