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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Good evening. In the programme tonight, a six`year jail sentence


for the former soldier who killed his daughter after being wounded in


Afghanistan. Remembering the fallen, thousands have attended a memorial


service at RAF Lakenheath for the helicopter crew killed on the


Norfolk coast. Riding high, the slumbering giants leading the race


for league status. And we have had some heavy showers today, but also


some springlike sunshine. I will have a weekend weather forecast


coming up at the end of the programme.


First tonight, a former soldier has been jailed for causing the death of


his baby daughter. Liam Culverhouse was given a medical discharge from


the army. He was suffering from post`traumatic stress disorder after


being shot in Afghanistan. Five of his colleagues died in the attack. A


few months later, in May 2011, his seven`week`old daughter Khloe was


admitted to hospital with severe injuries. She died over a year


later. Mike Cartwright has been at Northampton Crown Court and joins us


now. Liam Culverhouse had already pleaded guilty to causing the death


of his baby daughter. He had been told he was going to prison today.


Watching from the public gallery was his father, who told me afterwards


that his son had never been the same since the shooting in Afghanistan.


The court was told he had become angry, aggressive, irritable, unable


to cope with the cries of a baby. Silent as he walked into court.


Today, Liam Culverhouse was jailed for six years for causing the death


of his baby daughter. He had shaken and twisted her, fracturing her


skull, ribs and limbs, the court was told, on at least four occasions. He


had been blinded in his right eye by a bullet. This had contributed to


what he did, the court heard. These are pictures from the aftermath of


that event in Afghanistan. He was one of 16 soldiers who were


ambushed. The trauma after witnessing the death of your fellow


soldiers, the judge said today, had caused you psychological damage But


you do have cobbled at in this case, said the judge. You have


acknowledged you always had a temper. You appreciated the risk to


your daughter, and you ceased your anger management treatment. He told


officers he would never hurt his daughter. I am not responsible, he


said. He changed his mind. It is clear from the investigation and


from the early guilty plea that Liam Culverhouse himself was a very


troubled man, and clearly, I'm fit to look after a small baby. I hope


that the prison sentence affords him a chance to reflect on his actions


because he was truly remorseful for failing to adequately care for his


daughter. `` unfit. Medical assessment by the MoD found he had


missed important treatment, but also, key issues had not been


addressed. A soldier who, just after `` just 18 months after returning


from a skeleton, had inflicted terrible injuries on his baby girl.


`` from Afghanistan. Interesting hearing evidence from relatives who


say they spotted problems with Khloe, they say she was pale and


unresponsive. At one time she had a swollen head, but none of that, we


were told, was picked up by the medical professionals. This comes


after a damning report into child protection services here in


Northamptonshire just recently. A short time ago I spoke to Stephen


Clark from the charity Combat Stress, which helps armed forces


personnel with mental health problems. First I asked how common


post`traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is. Around 4% of Afghan and


Iraq veterans are expected to show signs of PTSD and about 20% are


expected to show signs of things like anxiety and depression. I guess


that is to be expected, but how effective is treatment for this


condition? There are a number of fact as. One of the most shocking


things for us is that the average time in which symptoms can arise can


be 13 years. In that time, veterans can have social problems, and their


issues can become very complex. So, it can be a lot harder for them to


get to a point where they can deal with it. But what can be done to


speed up access to the kind of service that you provide? One thing


which is really important is that with regard to mental health in


general, a lot of people go a long time without seeking help, either


because they do not feel they understand the situation they are


in, and sometimes, we do not think of mental health as is much of a


valid injury as a physical one. With soldiers still serving abroad, do


you feel enough is being done by the government to treat these people?


Great steps have been taken to make sure that people get the help they


need. Procedures are put in place to help people noticed the symptoms.


Also, we work with the Department of Health to make sure that people get


referred through to us. Like I said, it can take a long time for people


to either seek health `` help or to understand what is going on with


them. Two men have told a jury today how


they survived an attack by the serial killer Joanna Dennehy after


she embarked on a 10`day killing spree. After murdering three men


near Peterborough, she travelled more than 100 miles to try to kill


two others. Two of her friends accused of helping her cover up her


crimes are on trial at Cambridge Crown Court. Meeting for the first


time, two strangers who survived an attempt at attack by a serial


killer, who had been picked randomly by the killer. One of them turned


around and realised he was being attacked. She told him, I am hurting


you and I want to kill you. There was no emotion in her face. He said


he put his hand inside his jacket and he saw all this blood. Joanna


Dennehy had already killed three men that she knew, John Chapman, Kevin


Lee and another. All three were stabbed in the heart and left in


ditches near Peterborough. The court has been told that Joanna Dennehy


drove 140 miles to Hereford with the man accused of assisting her


searching for new victims. She is said to have told him, I want to


have my fun. The second to be taxed there was John Rogers, just ten


minutes after the earlier stabbing. John Rogers said Joanna Dennehy was


very matter`of`fact, like it was something she had to do, she was


just going about her business. She noticed that he was bleeding and


then said, I had better do some more. One family had witnessed some


of the stabbings that day and they thought they were seeing a couple


having a domestic flight. After the attack, they said, she looked across


and smiled. Joanna Dennehy has already admitted the three killings.


In the dock where her two friends, Gary stretch and Leslie Layton. The


ground say they helped her cover up the murders. Gary stretch denies


preventing lawful barrio of all three men and two of attempted


murder. Leslie Layton denies preventing lawful burial and


perverting the course of justice. One of the victims told how he


thought he was going to die as he drifted in and out of consciousness.


After the random attack on a spring afternoon. Well, Northampton have to


beat Castres tonight to stand any chance of making the quarterfinals


of the Heineken Cup. They have also got to hope that Leinster lose. Join


me later in the programme for a full preview.


A stigma around becoming a home carer is making it hard to hire new


staff, according to a private care company in Cambridgeshire. Centra


Care is trying to recruit 200 new staff to work in rural areas. They


say demand for care for older people there is growing fast.


Stephanie has been a carer for six months. She visits Sam and jailed


twice a day. In their 80s, Jill has dementia. Mealtimes, cleaning,


shopping, Stephanie is there to help. You have to love helping


people. I think if you do not have the passion for the job, I do not


think you will be as good. Sometimes you come early in the morning, and


you are depressed, and then after half an hour, you have talks to


them, and they have a smile on their face. Sometimes they say, thank you


so much for what you have done. And I do not think sometimes I have done


much, but it does make a difference for them. If it was not for our


girls, we they will come in early morning and if I am still in bed,


they get the up and dress me and bath me if I want. In rural


Cambridgeshire, there are 19,00 people over 65 with long`term health


problems. It is a figure which is expecting to rise by a figure which


is expecting to rise by 0.25 x 0 20. But finding more carers is a


challenge. This company is recruiting in shopping centres in


Cambridge. They need 200 new carers. Actually, it is a really important


job. You are probably the only person that some of these people see


every day. That is really important, but people perhaps do not give it


the credibility it deserves. With an ageing population, Cambridge county


council now works with 27 private care companies, but is it an


industry that people want to work in? If it is something you want to


do as a job, then yes, but it is not something I picture myself doing.


There is a most of the companies in Cambridge are looking for 300 carers


at the moment. Health visitors still come via the NHS, while home care is


provided by private companies. Their problem is attracting more people


like Stephanie to apply for a job. The Prime Minister, David Cameron,


said today that improved road and rail links will put this region at


the heart of the country's economic recovery. He was speaking as new


figures reveal that more money is now being spent on transport schemes


here than anywhere in the country outside London. Our political


correspondent Andrew Sinclair reports.


After nearly 40 years of campaigning, the A11 is almost


complete. Today, the man who gave the go`ahead to the final stage came


to inspect the work. The Prime Minister spent half an hour at a


overdone. He was told that last year 's good weather meant the road


should be open by this summer. He said it would be the final piece in


the jigsaw, inking Norfolk with London. `` linking. When it came to


power in 2010, the coalition scrapped dozens of road schemes But


since then it has become quite a believer in infrastructure,


believing that if you make it easier for people to get about, that is


good for the economy. He met campaigners calling for improvements


to the A47, which runs from Norfolk into Cambridgeshire. There was no


big announcement today but a recognition that the road needs


improving and they promised that it will be top of the list when there


is money available. Affirm the commitment, the better. At


infrastructure commitments made now will need to be delivered in three


or four years' time. `` the firm `` the more firm the commitment. The


revelation that we are now top of the list when it comes to transport


spending is significant. Four years under Labour and the Conservatives


we lost out. But there is still a lot of scepticism. The A11 is the


only big project currently under way. Work on the A14 is pencilled in


for 2016. Improving the bottleneck at the E Lee Junction has not


started yet, and work on the east`west rail link is happening,


but very slowly. Much of the money is not planned to be spent until


after the next election, and goodness knows what may happen, as


we have seen that kind of problem before. It is no good coming to our


region and telling us nice things might happen if there is no money


and this is a government which is scared it is losing support in the


east, coming here and offering nothing. But the Prime Minister


believes that for too long, we have lost out, and it is now time to get


things moving. But will he be able to deliver? Well, the Prime Minister


has just been appearing on our sister programme in Norwich,


speaking to Stewart White. He said to him, that when he came to power,


work on improving the A14 had stopped... When we came to power, we


faced a complete financial mess and a massive budget deficit. We are


sorting out those problems, the deficit is down by a third, and so


we are able to make these decisions now because we are clearing up the


mess which Labour left. That is part of our long`term economic LAN.


Infrastructure has a key part in it. But you can only deliver on these


plans if you win the next election. The scoping work is under way now,


and I hope that soon the shovels will be going into the ground. Of


course there is a lot more to do. But this is a big set of investment.


A short while ago, I asked our political correspondent Andrew


Sinclair about the significance of today's visit. Well, it is


significant because the Prime Minister drops into our region for


fleeting visits for a couple of hours at a time several times a


year, but this is the first time David Cameron has spent the whole


day in East Anglia. It is also very interesting that he chose to spend


the day talking about infrastructure, because, for many


years, there has been a feeling in this region, backed up either


figures, that for years we have lost out when it has come to investment


in road and rail schemes. There has been a feeling that Whitehall does


not think we are worth investing in. Well, today, the message from the


Prime Minister could not have been more clear. He believes this region


has a lot to offer the country's economy. It talks about the science


cluster and the growth of towns like Milton Keynes. He believes road and


rail are important ways of boosting the economy. He wants to keep


investing in this region. But did he announce anything new today? No he


didn't. That is not surprising, because there are no budgets at the


moment. All of them have been allocated for the foreseeable


future. All he could do today was 20 sagely and say, yes, I understand


what you mean, I get the message I know it is very important that the


A47 is invested in in the future, for instance. `` to Nord sagely


Labour say he is making promises for the future which he may well not be


able to deliver. But the counterargument says that even


commissioning feasibility studies, which is what is happening with the


A47, very slowly moves things forward. It might get noticed back


in London. There is a feeling that the visit has been worthwhile. The


Prime Minister also believes that how we get around the region is a


big issue for many voters, and he thinks today has been well spent.


More than 2000 people attended a memorial service this afternoon for


the four American aircrew killed in a helicopter crash ten days ago The


service took a hangar at RAF Lakenheath, their base, in Suffolk.


Alex Dunlop was there. Four F`1 fighters approaching Hangar 7, in


the traditional missing man formation, one symbolically heading


towards heaven. As their families watch on, fellow airmen pay tribute


to their fallen comrades. He was protective, fun loving and


energetic. He was we miss you, we love you, you will be in our hearts


for evermore. Few, perhaps too few, appreciate the


role of those who fly these aircraft. Today, we were reminded of


the squadron's motto. No words can explain why our fallen heroes were


flying on that tragic night. One by one, the families were presented


with military citations to those who they had loved and lost. The


squadron will carry on executing the rescue mission which they were


doing. The term was sombre, but there were moments of liberty, as


some recounted happier days with those friends. As the service true


to a close, a loan bagpiper struck up Amazing Grace, it was a chance


for everybody to take time to reflect. How hard, though, for the


families left behind. For some, the agony was too intense. It was a very


private moment of pain in a very public place. The callsign of the


downed aircraft will not be resurrected, along with the four


airmen, it, too, will be laid to rest. Finally, there was a rousing


call of their unofficial motto, to rescue all who are left behind.


In sport this weekend, Northampton Saints must win their final pool


match against Castres to stand any chance of making the quarterfinals


of the Heineken Cup. Whilst in football, two of the region's teams


are battling for promotion from the Conference. Let's cross live to


James Burridge, who is at Franklin's Gardens now.


Yes, welcome to Franklin's Gardens. It is an interesting weekend in


terms of the permutations for qualification. The Saints need to


get five points tonight and hope that Leinster slip up against the


ospreys. The chief executive joins me now. How optimistic are you? We


will take tonight's game as it comes. We will go out to win it I


suspect we will win it, but we are reliant on Leinster's result, and we


are not hopeful that they will get turned over tonight. Will the fans


be seeing European rugby next season, with the row rumbling on? No


conclusion, so I cannot give you a definitive answer to that. But


suddenly, everybody wants there to be European rugby next year. Layers,


management, clubs, supporters, everyone loves it. The difficulty is


getting all the parties to agree on one common setup. `` players. We had


every party to a potential agreement other than the French union in


agreement, but the French union would not concede with everybody


else. And so we are back to the negotiating table. What are the


final stumbling blocks? This is all about power, to be fair. It is all


about who is going to say they are in control of this competition. We


have suggested, and it was supported by the other nations, that Six


Nations should do it, and the French are not happy with that. Coverage of


this game on Radio Northampton tonight. In football ` there are


some important games for our teams tomorrow. One of the most exciting


battles for promotion involves two teams from this region. Luton Town


and Cambridge United are currently ranked one and two in the


Conference. The Hatters have spent the last five seasons trying to get


back into the Football League, and promotion will be worth ?1 million.


United, but in the wrong division for five long seasons. Luton's


Stadium, fan base and history is Football League. It is their job to


win back a place in the Football League. You can do it by being


competitive, working hard, and the other way is, you can wait around


for someone to come around with a magic wand, which touches you and


you just win it. Unfortunately we have not found that bloke yet. So


the search is on to find the promotion formula. On Tuesday it was


Cambridge's night in the FA Trophy. There is growing optimism that this


is the season that Cambridge, Luton, or even both, can end their long


association with the Conference It is one of the toughest divisions to


get out of, with just one team getting promoted automatically. It


is a two horse race, both of them are playing very well. Nobody gave


us a chance at the start of the season. We have been a surprise


package. You have to keep it going until the end. We have had heartache


over the last four years. We hope this will be our year. Five years in


the making, this has got to be it. John steel says he has got a


two`year project, but let's hope he can do it in his first season. His


predecessors have suffered under the weight of expectation, including


Richard money, now in Cambridge colours. In the last four seasons,


they have made the play`offs three times. Last year they finished


seventh, 13 points adrift of the top five. Today, things are healthier,


Luton are top, Cambridge second chasing a ?1 million prize. The


finances are secondary to our football success. What we really


want is to be in a position not just in the Football League, but to


aspire to get up to League One, and then the Championship. It looks like


Luton's battle with Cambridge will go down to the wire. The sides are


due to meet again, with a date as yet unknown. It could well be a


title decider. There is a pitch inspection at half past eight


tomorrow morning for Luton fans were there a game against Wrexham


tomorrow. Time now for the weekend weather,


with Alex. We have had a real mixture of weather today, with heavy


showers, but also some springlike sunshine. The heaviest of the


showers this morning affected parts of Essex, giving us problems with


flooding. There are some showers still around, many of them have died


away. The bulk of the night is looking largely dry. Essentially, we


start to develop quite a bit of cloud later on. Temperatures on the


whole will stay on the mild side, with quite a breeze coming in from


the south`east. Moving into the weekend, low pressure still very


much on the scene, which means some unsettled weather, and the chance of


some rain. Saturday looks more cloudy, with a greater risk of rain.


We start Saturday with this band of rain clearing away first thing.


After that it looks largely dry It will stay rather cloudy. There may


be some brighter spells, but for most of us, the skies will be


remembered cloudy. In terms of two bridges, around nine Celsius will be


the high. There will be a moderate southeasterly breeze. `` in terms of


temperatures. It will be feeling quite chilly at times. Looking


ahead, low pressure starting to move to the north. A ridge of high


pressure building in from the south`west, which will mean lighter


winds. Some finer conditions as we start next week, but also some much


colder nights following, as well as colder days. A weather front pushing


through on Sunday night will bring us some rain, but also, temperatures


dropping under clear skies. Starting next week, it is looking colder


Mainly dry and bright for Monday. A much colder night following on,


bringing a widespread frost. That could well linger into Tuesday.


That's all from Look east for tonight. I'll be back just after ten


with another update, with all your news and weather, plus that


all`important rugby result. And we'll be back tomorrow at ten past


one, after Football Focus, with all your news and sport. So do join us


then, if you can.


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