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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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As the funerals take place in America, a vigil in Northampton


Give us back our cardiac unit. We will be later in the programme


with the rest of the news including how much is the racing industry


worth to new markets? A new report shows it brings in millions of


pounds every week. The mighty machines helping farmers


to boost their crops. Good evening. As we begin tonight,


in Utah in the United States, the funerals are taking place of the


Northampton woman, her daughter and two grandchildren killed in a


shooting last weekend. Marie King, Kelly Boren and the children were


apparently shot by Kelly's husband. This evening a vigil is taking place


in Wootton in Northampton where the family lived before moving to


America. Neil Bradford is there now. Yes, the family would like to be in


Utah right now at their relatives funerals. But for them including


four of Marie King's brothers and three of her sisters, it is


impossible. The rate the family but a close family and they have come


here to remember and to mourn. About half an hour ago they released


balloons and let candles to coincide with the relatives funerals across


the pond. They are separated by the Atlantic


but united in their grief. Tonight in Northampton and in Utah, two


communities are saying farewell to an entire family. Last week,


32`year`old Kelly Boren was shot dead by her husband. He also killed


their two children along with Kelly Boren's mother, Marie King.


Man`mac, a police officer, then took his own life. Speaking to a US news


channel, Kelly Boren's father spoke of his distress. I can't even


question it. I can't even strike out at him. He took that away from me.


As a father, there is nothing he would not do to protect your kids.


We thought he felt that way too Too brutally killed them. I don't know


what to say. 55`year`old Marie King, now separated from her husband, grew


up in Northampton. She had moved to be closer to her daughter and


grandchildren. The family had plans to visit the UK this autumn. Late


last Thursday, their bodies were discovered in the family home in the


towns of `` 50 miles south of Salt Lake City. Police say Kelly Boren


and her husband were experiencing marital problems. There were many


tears and much emotion at the video half an hour ago. What is this ``


what is making this difficult for the family is the distance between


sheer and the United States. Almost 5000 miles. They can't make sense of


the sentence. A loving family, in English and


American family. The word a solid unit. He lived for each other. They


were just so loving. They supported each other. They live together. It


is just a typical family. How hard has this news been to take? We are


all heartbroken, all of us. We can't understand why it has happened, we


never will. It is devastating. It is clear by talking to the family day


at taking great strength from coming together this evening. What also is


striking, speaking to Marie King, family is they bear no... They


simply cannot understand why he did what he did.


Campaigners in Daventry say they are determined to get the town's cardiac


unit reopened. It's nine months since the Nene Commissioning Group


ended heart services at Danetre Hospital forcing patients to move to


Northampton or Kettering instead. Many are meeting tonight to discuss


how they can reverse the decision. This woman managed the


rehabilitation centre for all those five years. Services have been moved


and she says patients are receiving a substandard service and ultimately


she fears that for some the chances of a full recovery could be damaged.


They will get put the service, possibly, because of the distance


and also are they prepared to make that journey to go for cardiac


rehabilitation? Are they being seen quickly enough after the event? You


do need to see someone just literally, not soon after


discharge. I am very, very upset for people who have lost a fantastic


service. Now the service has gone, campaigners say the journey to


either Kettering or Northampton is not tactical. Especially as some


cardiac patients are banned from driving for a period of time after


their attack. When you do get there, and pain are saved over hospital


struggled to cope. `` and when they get there. There is facilities here


available for the cardiac unit to be used here. The fact we have free car


parking, we have plenty of car parking, easy access, all the things


Kettering and Northampton find a struggle. The Nene Commissioning


Group told us that the decision was made to bring the county 's cardiac


services in line with the national justification. That means the


services are being provided at acute hospitals both at Kettering and


Northampton. They said here in Daventry, a further 20 GPs are being


credited to offer enhanced cardiology services. But those


reassurances have failed to convince campaigners who say they hope to


nice public meeting will further increase the pressure for a rethink.


`` tonight 's public meeting. The demolition of Bedford town hall


will start next week, part of a ?45 million investment in the time


centre. The new multiscreen cinema, restaurants and a bus station. But


shopkeepers on the edges of town say they feel abandoned and desperately


need investment too. For 50 years it has dwarfed Bedford


phosphoric buildings. But not for much longer. This is the view from


the top. Block by block, the Townhall will be taken down. Taking


his place, Newtown Square. Bedford is a towns centre and its proximity


to London, it has tremendous potential. It has not lived up to


the potential for some time. Schemes like this are starting the step


change to make a much more pleasant place to visit. The new cinema,


restaurants, hotels and bars. The crosstown, building will start at


the same time on Auden bus station. `` on a new bus station. In the


distance, the building covered in plastic is the site of the new


station. Here, the old Townhall That is the site of the Riverside


development. ?45 million will be spent here. Just a stones throw


away, shopkeepers are crying out for investment. This florist feel they


are forgotten. We feel a bit abandoned appear. We have not had


the investment. Shops are empty and have been for quite awhile. Shots


are vandalised. Sometimes the windows gone in the morning. More


and more businesses are beginning to disappear. We feel isolated. We are


managing an investment and bringing people in. We have to continue that


investment and get money in. We have got to find many to invest and do


that. Bedford 's new face live should be `` finished in 18 months.


Many businesses are hoping further investments will follow.


And tomorrow, BBC Three Counties Radio will be broadcasting for one


last time from the shell of the old town hall office block. Roberto


Perrone will be there from 3.00pm to 7.00pm.


A gang which carried out a ram raid on a Cambridgeshire bank has been


ordered to repay ?109,000. Ivan Hutchinson, Ebby Hall and Kevin


Smith were jailed in July. The men used a stolen JCB to smash through


the wall of Barclays in Kimbolton in September 2012. They stole almost


?35,000 from the ATM but the court has added the cost of the stolen


vehicles to the amount they must repay. They have six months to


settle the debt or face a further six months in jail.


A Cambridgeshire woman who was attacked by a stag whilst on holiday


in Scotland is now walking again. Dr Kate Stone was gored through the


neck by the animal and spent a week in an induced coma. She is still


receiving intensive physiotherapy in hospital but is now able to walk


short distances. It will be quicker, cheaper and


should not distract drivers. What Anglican Water says about its new


technique repairing sewers. Last year people faced weeks of problems


in Cambridge when the sewer collapsed in the city centre. But


now instead of tackling the problem from above they're digging a tunnel


from below. These sewers in this city are old,


dating back to the 1890s and they had deep underground, around ten


metres which is the depth of two double`decker buses. That causes


problems when one of them collapses which happened here last July. Since


then, temporary measures have been put in place but now the real work


is starting and you won't see any road closed signs. It is all


happening down here. This is what they are doing. They have the


capacity five eaters down and are tunnelling ten metres along in the


Pembroke Street to join up with the old sewer. That has been blocked and


a new sewer pipe is connected which runs along the tunnel and up to


Pembroke College. The road out there is a busy road, especially now they


are back in college with students and the amount of cars running


through there. It would be mayhem out there. This is just the way


forward. The turnout was dug by hand, it is tough work but it


would've taken five months of the road had closed. It will now take


two, making it quicker, a lot less disruptive and cheaper. We're


talking about an excavation that would have been three times the


value of what we're doing here now. We are talking about ?600,000. That


is all on customers bills so that is not something we want to push


especially if it will disrupt their life as well. This is going to cost


200,000? Yes, a two and `` a ?200,000 solution. It is likely this


will be the last time this will happen. 150 jobs could be a


Barclaycard in Northampton. The company has entered into


consultation with the Unite union. The union hope it `` they will not


be any compulsory redundancies. Police in Leighton Buzzard say they


are leaving no stone unturned in the search for a man who disappeared


three weeks ago tonight. Neil Devlin, who has mild learning


difficulties, was last seen leaving a friend's house in Falcon Mews at


11:30pm. Officers will be in the area tonight asking members of the


public if they remember seeing him. .


Those are tonight's top stories Let's join Stewart


patients themselves. The donation will pave the three support workers


for the next five years. `` will pay for three support


workers. Still to come: 21st`century


tractors. Plus, they call it the sport of


kings, but what about everybody else? A special report from


Newmarket coming up. New figures out today show the


number of people out of work in this region has fallen to its lowest


level for five years. The regional unemployment total now stands at


178,000. It makes the East one of the best


places in the UK to find a new job. So, where are they being created?


Our business correspondent Richard Bond has been finding out.


What with booms and busts, we've had our ups and downs over the years


when it comes to jobs. In the early '90s, unemployment in this region


hit a peak of 253,000. Then came a long period of growth which brought


the total down to 93,000 in 2003. The last recession took it back up


to 221,000. That was in 2011. However, in the last year, there's


been an appreciable drop. There are now 56,000 more jobs in the region's


economy than there were a year ago. So, where are those jobs coming


from? Well, interestingly, given the constraints on public spending,


quite a lot of them are in the public sector. Employment in health


and social work across the East is up 40,000. Suffolk County Council


employs 220 social workers at several offices, including this one


in Bury St Edmunds. We had a very successful year in 2013 and we are


able to recruit 45 vacant social work posts. Our service remains very


busy and there will be further recruitment that we are needing to


do in 2014. Moving on to other sectors, there are 32,000 more jobs


in professional, scientific and technical roles and 29,000 more in


administrative and support roles. The insurance broker Hastings Direct


employs 250 people at its call centre in Newmarket. It wants to


take on 100 new staff this year and is currently recruiting about half


that number. We have 250 people here in Newmarket. We are looking to grow


by 44 new roles in various departments, customer service,


sales, back office. We need to do that in the near future. One other


trend ` women in the region have benefited more from the drop in


unemployment over the past year than men.


Well, one place where there has been plenty of employment over the years


has been Newmarket. Today, economic experts worked out what the racing


industry generates in terms of cash and jobs for the town. Here are the


numbers: Racing turns over ?208 million a year, an average of ?4


million every week. And it employs 8,500 workers. The independent


report published today says the money benefits the whole local


economy. It is the sport of kings and this is


its factory. From farriers and that's to the sales and scientific


laboratories, not to mention two world`class racecourses, the equine


sector in and around Newmarket is enormous. What we have had here in


the last 15 years is an incredible influx in investment from the Middle


East, the Far East and into the Newmarket area, into the stud farms,


the stallions, as well as the horse racing industry. You market has now


become number one in the northern hemisphere. Today we find out the


financial importance of the equine world. It generates ?208 million a


year and is responsible for 8500 jobs, with trainers and stud farms


the leading contributors. This that is living proof of how the sport has


expanded in the town. `` this vet. We have been trying to build a big


cost little for years. `` a big hospital. We moved out in 2009 from


our old premises to a large 15 acre site on the edge of town. This


report emphasises how important the horse racing industry is to this


part of the region. Its image and reputation is crucial to its


existence will stop of all the money invested, how much is spent here? ``


crucial to its existence. Some businesses benefit. The subtle red


shops, things like that. And probably some of the town centre


eateries and pubs. But retail as a whole, we do not see the benefit.


The racing industry and the yards and trainers and studs have a moral


obligation to support their town and I feel as far as retail is concerned


they do not support their town. Until now, Newmarket's status as an


equestrian powerhouse was assumed. Now it has hard facts. Its financial


value to those not associated with the support is `` with the sport is


still difficult to judge. William Gittus is from the Newmarket


Horseman's group which together with the district council commissioned


the report... He's in Cambridge now There's been heavy traffic round the


East of England Showground near Peterborough today.


How evenly is the money being shared around? The claim that it is not


contributing to the high street is rather strange. The industry as you


said earlier supports 8500 jobs. Only about 3500 of those are direct


employment. The rest of those at indirect lament from expenditure


from those people employed within the industry and non`industry


businesses `` indirect employment. Whatever is generated by the


industry stays within the industry, that is the accusation. Where do


people think those people paid in the industry by their food,


clothing? It is a wealthy industry. You have got wealthy people at the


top and it is supported by people who are not played so well at the


bottom, the stable hands. `` not paid so well. That is an obvious


point to make. But I think the wealthy people at the top, as you


call them, I would rather plan them as benefactors. These people poured


huge amounts of money into the industry and the local economy.


Newmarket would be a very different place without the industry. I think


without it Newmarket would become a fairly boring unknown market town.


Whereas as it is today, it is unique, very special and has a


fantastic environment and is known worldwide for being a world leader


in the sport. Thank you very much indeed. There has been heavy traffic


around the trade show today. Visitors from around the world have


descended on the venue to see the latest in agricultural technology.


The star exhibits include hi`tech tractors and flying drones. Claire


Marshall has been for a look round. Farming does not get more glamorous


than this. This show is the giant sweet shop for tens of thousands of


farmers from all over the world is full of first up, designed and made


in the UK. `` all over the world. All I've our products utilise


digital video cameras that look down at the crop in front of the


machine. The images are analysed by a computer that finds at exactly the


position of the plants. This is a weedy field of brassicas. The camera


comes down and if there are weeds... It will cut the weeds


between the rows of plants and between the individual plants. Take


a look at this crop sprayer. It will set you back quite a lot. Its


computer can tell you if you have missed a bit. Its designers based in


Lincolnshire. Do you think Britain is leading the way? If people see


that, they will buy it because it goes a long way around the world.


Everything we export we put a union Jack on. Here is the latest machine


to help the farmers, and amazing tractor, so simple to drive, it is


easy enough for an eight`year`old boy...


How things have changed. Now farmers are even taking to the


skies. This drone can get you any information you need. We turn up to


the farm and they tell us where they want to fly, what information they


want. Do they want to know where the weeds are in their fields? We send


these into the air and they have specialist sensors on`board. We


capture the imagery, extract the formation and turn it back to them


as data they can use to target their application and improve their


yields. Yield is what it is all about. These machines have evolved


from one thing, wanting to get more and better from the land.


Some lovely things there! Letters take a look at the weather.


A mixture of weather today. For this evening, a few showers. Tracking


east. For most of us, are largely dry night. Clear spells developing.


Mist and fog. Cold enough that the `` that the touch of frost. It will


stay quite cold. A band of early rain will move across the region.


Later on, it looks as though it will get a bit brighter. This weather


front quickly rattles across the country. If you are up early, it


might well be dry and bright first thing. Quite quickly turning cloudy.


A band of showery rain. There could be heavy bursts. It clears quickly.


A brisk north`westerly wind making it feel cold. The sunshine is likely


to come out, maybe making it feel a little better. Certainly feeling


colder than it did today. It looks largely dry and bright in the


afternoon. The skies will be responsible for quite a sharp frost


tomorrow night. The pressure pattern is staying pretty unsettled. This is


the pattern for Friday. The next weather front bringing us a band of


rain. Brisk westerly winds. Behind me on the chart, that is the low


coming Sunday. We are certainly not having any respite from the rain.


For Friday, looking like it has sped up slightly. It might just be dry to


start with. Quite quickly cloudy with rain spreading in. Much of it


out the way on Saturday. Saturday looks like a better day. Gradually


improving. A lot of cloud around but not quite so cold. The sharp frost


follows on Saturday. The next weather front coming on Sunday.


Whether staying very unsettled. Thank you very much.


We think. We will see you tomorrow night.


We all have hopes and fears for the future


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