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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Hello and welcome to Look East. In the programme tonight: Attacked with


a hammer in his own home: the 83`year`oldwho says the robbery


won't ruin his life. Is Stansted a free`for`all for


smugglers? A report highlights a lack of customs staff at the Essex


Airport. And we'll be here later in the


programme, where the big talking point is water. This region is the


driest in the country ` but are farmers losing out when it comes to


extracting underground sources? And who lives in a house like this?


The labour of love that's become a thriving business.


First tonight, he was tied to a chair and attacked with a hammer in


his own home. But tonight, this 83`year`old man says he won't let


the robber ruin his life. Ian McCann heard a noise at the back door of


his home in Northampton on Sunday morning. He was confronted by a


masked man who subjected him to a terrifying assault. The former


soldier was badly injured but survived. Just to warn you, you may


find this report by Ben Bland distressing.


He hit me about the face and head with a large hammer. Around the eye


particularly, I had a very large lump there and what has happened


is, it has broken the capillaries in my face. And it is bleeding all the


way down my face, then mine `` down my neck and into my face. It let


this man with severe injuries. The man who broke in and attacked Ian


McCann and stole money and has still not been caught. He broke the


telephone cord off, tied me with my hands behind my back. And then he


demanded money. It was both violent, very violent indeed. He


threatened to kill my dog because the dog was barking. It is only a


little Chihuahua. It is not likely to cost him damage. He is a Nazi,


vicious dog that needs to be caught. About half past six, Mr


McCann heard a noise on Sunday. `` he is a naff day, vicious thug. ``


naff day. I heard a loud noise. I came out to find an assailant in my


kitchen and utility room. As you can see, he has used a crowbar to damage


the lot here in order to gain access police are appealing for anyone with


information to come forward. `` nasty, vicious thug. This is a very


dangerous person. He is attacking this person for financial gain.


Anyone with information, numb at how small, please contact us and


convince someone out there `` I am convinced someone out there will


know who the offender is. After the robbery, Ian McCann no longer feels


safe in his own home and he says he will not until his attacker is found


and brought to justice. A new report has criticised the


"almost total absence" of staff in the customs channels at Stansted


Airport. The chief inspector of Borders and Immigration says


adequate staffing is an important visible deterrent. He's called on


the Home Office to address the issue as a matter of urgency.


When Look East went behind the scenes at Stansted, we saw the


challenge faced every day by the staff of the UK Border Agency, now


the newly`constituted Border Force. Its staff have to be alert for


everything from rolled tobacco and cigarettes to fake travellers'


checks. The paperwork is completely naff, the colours are wrong.


Significant quantities of class A drugs are seized. Smugglers often


swallowing drug pellets. Here we have some suspicious packages.


X`rays reveal the evidence. Today's report praises the professionalism


of staff in the face of fluctuating resources. But it says the need to


check all arriving passengers, and keep to queuing time standards, has


led to pressures elsewhere. It highlights an "almost total absence


of staff in customs channels, resulting in the removal of an


important visible deterrent to smugglers. It says checks on


high`risk parcels were often rushed, increasing the likelihood that


prohibited goods go undetected. And it says weak controls over passenger


movements allowed some to buy duty`free goods then leave without


travelling abroad. The Border Force answers to the Home Office. In a


statement, Immigration Minister Mark Harper says...


Tonight, in the light of the report findings, there are concerns that


the UK'sfourth busiest airport could get a reputation as a weak link in


our border security. Kim Riley, BBC Look East, Stansted Airport.


Our Chief Reporter Kim Riley is at Stansted now. Kim, what is the


airport saying about all this? I suppose the report begs the question


` just how much illegal material is not being seized at Stansted? That


is right. The Chief Inspector and his team came last August, they were


surprised by what they saw, surprised by what they did not see.


They could not assess just what had not been seized but in that report


you saw that x`ray machine, that machine was used only once in the


months of July and August last year and Stansted Airport missed its


annual targets for the seizure of Class A drugs. No heroin has been


seized here since July 2012. We know from recorded seizures that


packages, parcels are used for things like importing a firearm


drugs and indeed endangered species, and if these checks are simply not


up to scratch, you we can only speculate as to what might have got


through unchallenged. Its end worrying for the airport. What are


they saying about it tonight? `` it sounds worrying. They have


emphasised that as far as border concerns are concerned, this is a


border force matter although of course the airport works with border


force, it says maintaining a secure border is important and can be


achieved while also giving passengers a good experience. It


said the two are not mutually exclusive. It says most of the time


passengers have a good experience here but still believed, they still


believe there are too many who experienced delays. It is important


that we continue our work with the border force to find ways of


improving performance. The bottom line is that the message in the


report to the Home Office is simple. You have got to put the resources in


to recruit more people, if necessary, to do this very important


job and do it well. Thank you very much.


The jury in the trial of two men accused of helping Joanna Dennehy


cover her tracks during a killing spree has been shown new CCTV


footage filmed at a service station at the height of a national manhunt.


Dennehy has admitted the murders of three men, whose bodies were dumped


in ditches near Peterborough in March and April last year. Our Home


Affairs Correspondent, Sally Chidzoy, joins us now. They were


shown CCTV images of Joanna Dennehy and Gary Stretch, taken on April the


2nd last year as they walked hand`in`hand into the service


station on the' `` on the M5. They left. Gary Stretch waste his arm


around her and they won't to the car. Later that day, she attempted,


the jurors were told, to murder two men who were randomly chosen in


Hereford. Joanna Dennehy and Gary Stretch were on the run after she


killed men in Peterborough and dumped their bodies in ditches.


Earlier, the jurors were shown images of the pair taken from


service station Dan shops as they travelled across Suffolk, Norfolk


and Leicestershire. `` service station shops. At one garage, they


left without paying ?40 of petrol and the stalled dotted roles and


pasties. The number of shopkeepers noted her tattoos. During this trial


we have heard a lot about Joanna Dennehy's behaviour but we have


started to hear about her mental state. After she was arrested along


with her alleged accomplice Gary Stretch, after the stabbing,


psychiatrists spoke to her at length. She told them she suffered


from depression and was on anti`psychotic medication and had a


history of cutting herself along her arms and her stomach. They concluded


that she had three personality disorders, emotional, unstable


personality disorder, anti`social personality disorder and


psychopathic disorder. The traits include anger outbursts, violence, a


lack of feelings for others, a lack of capacity to show any remorse On


trial, Gary Stretch, who deny to show any remorse. On trial, Gary


Stretch, who denies two counts of attempted murder and three of


preventing the decent and lawful burial of men, Leslie Layton denies


perverting the course of justice and faces two counts of inventing the


Lovell burial of the men. The trial continues. Thank you very much.


The former leader and founder of the English Defence League, Stephen


Lennon, has been jailed for 18 months for mortgage fraud offences.


The 31`year`old from Luton, who s also known as Tommy Robinson,


pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiring with others to obtain a


mortgage by misrepresentation from the Abbey and Halifax banks. `` two


counts of inventing the lawful burial of the men. One of the


properties involved was here at Shingle Close in Luton. `` two


counts of preventing. He committed the offences in 2009 and was


sentenced today at St Alban's Crown Court.


Specialist police officers and divers have begun searching the


river in the hunt for a missing man from Leighton Buzzard. Neil Devlin


was last seen on New Year's Day He was reported missing after failing


to turn up for his job at Morrisons. The 36`year`old has mild learning


difficulties. Police have also been out in Leighton Buzzard, asking the


public for help in the search. We have got some specialist police


search officers from the water search team. We have got the Norfolk


Fire and rescue dive team, Bedfordshire Fire and rescue and


another search and rescue supporting us today. We searched the length of


the live rough time, to the best of our abilities, but because of the


flooded was too dangerous and too deep in places. `` the length of the


river last time. Bedford Hospital is continuing the


reinstatement of paediatric services with the news that children can now


be treated at its A E department. For the past few months, children


have been taken to nearby hospitals at Luton and Milton Keynes after the


paediatric unit was closed over concerns. All children's services


have now returned to Bedford Hospital, apart from long inpatient


stays. Children arriving at the hospital by ambulance or by walking


in will be assessed in the A E department.


The company hoping to build four wind turbines close to a National


Trust property in Northamptonshire took their case to the Court of


Appeal in London today. West Coast Energy is appealing a landmark


decision by the High Courts last year to reject their plans for the


415`feet turbines near the historic Lyveden New Bield. The land is owned


by the Duke of Gloucester ` and the plans are heavily opposed by


heritage groups and local campaigners. Lyveden New Bield, a


unique landmark, said to be the finest example of an Elizabethan


lodge in the country. The question today, will the building of four


turbines nearby have a negative effect on this historic site? There


are many anti`wind farm campaigners who think it will. We had a lot of


support, not only from the local area, Rommel over the country. And


we have a lot of interest from a number of European countries. ``


from all over the country. Even America. People are concerned about


keeping the site as it is. 415 feet on open countryside are still going


to be very interested. An application was admitted four years


ago but that was reviewed by the local council. West Coast energy


appealed that decision, leading to a public inquiry which upheld that


appeal. One year later, East Northamptonshire District Council,


English Heritage and The National Trust then took their case to the


High Court. Which overturned the inspectors' approval and today, this


long`running saga has made it to the Court of Appeal. West Coast Energy


today outlined their case that they believe that the High Court was


wrong to overturn the planning inspectors' decision. They believe


the High Court did not properly assess the balance between the


potential benefits of the wind farm proposal and the potential impact on


Lyveden New Bield. The outcome of this case is not just significant to


Northamptonshire but to the rest of the country. And this appeal is seen


by both sides as a landmark case, which could determine the outcome of


future wind farm decisions. The evidence heard today is now


being considered and Lord Justice Kay is expecting to deliver his


ruling in the next few weeks. The Education Secretary, Michael


Gove, has announced a new Free School for Corby. The 420`place


school will be called Lodge Park Primary and will share the site of


the existing secondary school, Lodge Park Academy. It's expected to open


for the new school term in 2015 It's one of ten new free schools


announced by Mr Gove today, who also earmarked a new University Technical


College for Peterborough. The college will have 500 places and


will specialise in sustainable engineering.


The Queen has been on her annual visit to the Women's Institute in


Norfolk. Her Majesty is President of Sandringham Women's Institute and


likes to attend their January meeting while on her Christmas break


in the county. This year's guest speaker was BBC Breakfast presenter


Bill Turnbull. He brought the Queen some of his homemade honey. It looks


lovely. Those are the top stories. That goes without saying. If I did


not Still to come, the schoolgirl from Suffolk who has become the


youngest woman ever to win the world Bowls Championships.


And the amazing bird boxes selling for thousands.


I know it doesn't feel like it but this region is the driest in the


whole country. Which is why farmers have been meeting today to talk


about water. Here's the problem. They get their water from rivers and


from underground but to do that they need a licence and with all the red


tape they are worried they could get squeezed out.


More than a third of the country's vegetables are grown in the Fens.


30% of the potatoes and 25% of the fruit and vegetables supplied to the


supermarkets are grown here. And water is critical to the whole


industry. Farmers have plenty of water, the fields are sodden and


right now it is not a problem. But in a hot, dry summer, many of our


most important crops would feel if they were not indicated. At this far


they have just built a reservoir to store 45 million gallons of water


but even this will not be enough to whatever crop. We need five inches


per water for every acre of potatoes we go, whether it is raining or not.


That is why we need to build this reservoir to guarantee that supply.


Farmers are concerned because the government is changing the system


for extracting water. They want to make sure they are not left high and


dry. Farmers only use 1% of all water taken out of the ground and


from rivers, but the environment agency says this has a


disproportionate effect. It is taken at the driest time of year and is to


the system. Here in the East, what is it most precious commodity, we


are one of the fastest`growing areas of the country and one of the driest


is with this means more competition here in many parts of the UK. The


farmers have historic rates on the water at the have used in the past,


and so the whole process for us is to make sure that farmers get enough


water to grow the food that we all need. These potatoes were grown in


the heatwave last summer. Here, they may have 30 educators working at one


time. It costs 30 or ?40 to put an inch of water on an acre of ground.


The other like we have had 22 days of recorded brain in the last 25.


There is a huge volume of water going pastors no, it goes 800 metres


down the field and into the salt water. We all must be given the


opportunity to save this during the winter with period and save it for a


dry periods. Overall, it is unlikely farmers will be allowed to take more


water than we do now, the only option now would be more storage.


And more reservoirs. Now we have a new world champion


from this region. Katherine Rednall, who's just 18, has become the


Women's World Matchplay champion in bowls. Today's final at Potters in


Norfolk was billed as an East Anglian derby with Rednall from


Ipswich, up against last year's defending champion Rebecca Field


from Norwich. For a sport often battling its own


image, a welcome sight. The youngest ever ladies final. 24`year`old


Rebecca Seal up against the teenager Gavin the week off school. The


defending champion eager to teach the young pretender a lesson. It was


clear 18`year`old Katherine Rednall would not be overwrought. It come


confident approach that belied her tender years, despite the experience


of her opponent and the magnitude of the occasion. Classmates were given


the afternoon off to watch it on TV and she sure put on a show. At


times, Rebecca rendered helpless. You can just sit back and admire it.


She is having an absolutely blistering match. And after pleasing


a fair set, Kathleen had this ball for the title. That looks very close


for number two. `` Katherine Rednall had this all for the title. A


remarkable achievement on Katherine Rednall's first appearance at


Potters, her family beaming with pride. The 2014 ladies matchplay


champion! Give it up for Katherine Rednall! Quickly study, it youngest


ever winner with a new prize possession. `` quite a story.


There's a gala dinner at Potters tonight. Both finalists are there


and both are with us now. Katherine Rednall, just show is that trophy.


Do you have it? Hold it up. Where's you nervous? Not really, I just sort


of went into it as I would any other game, I knew that if I played well I


would have a chance. Rebecca, was it something you did wrong or was it


just that Katherine Rednall did everything right? I think it was


certainly Kathleen's day`to`day, we all have days like that and she


played exceptionally well. Catiline, when did you take up balls


and who taught you? I started playing at around the age of five,


the whole family have played as well, both grandparents on both


sides. My mum saved in Yorkshire played so it was really dad who


first got me started at the Ipswich district Bowls club and the junior


section he ran. We saw some shots of your family watching, what were the


first things we said? They all just congratulated me massively, I have


had so many XM calls and everything from people who have been


supporting, it has been brilliant. Rebecca, we are so often told that


this is an old people 's game, there you are at 24 and you are the old


person leaving your title to someone younger!


I no, it is brilliant. It is fabulous to see so many young


people. When I play in national competitions I am the eldest. This


is a very good competition. Katherine you are studying A`levels,


so it is back`to`school for you? Hello Mac definitely, I am back for


double history. `` definitely, I am back for double history so it will


be back`to`school. We are seeing some pictures of you heading in with


your trophy, that must have been nerve wracking. I was more nervous


about that than I was about going on the green this afternoon. Can I ask,


firstly, Rebecca, what's next for you? It is crazy, busy, mad at the


minute. I have a national club editions coming up. No rest, that is


for sure. Both of you presumably this will be a challenge between the


two of you, it will go on for years and years? I would imagine so. We


have had a few good tussles already. Congratulations to both of you.


Argue so much for bringing the trophy on to talk to us. Rebecca,


thank you for coming. Consolation prize not what you hope for but


there is a long way to go. Enjoy the evening.


This weekend it's the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch. Nearly 68,000


people here in the East took part last year and I'm sure most of them


had a bird box in their garden. But how about this? 'Den' and 'Simmo'


who live in Suffolk are making bespoke bird boxes.This report from


Mike Liggins. If you have a bird box or bird table


in the garden then the chances are it is cheap and cheerful. It make


even have seen better days. But for Simmo and his friend Den, bird boxes


and bird tables are something more. Much more. We made a few bits for


friends and family and then they told us really to show it to the


wider world and since we have done that it has gone a bit crazy. A


builder from Essex, Den started by making this packing crate. Simmo


from Suffolk works in security, he thought he would then have a go and


created this wheel. It kind of appeals to wives and mums because it


is wildlife, birds, garden, that kind of thing. A lot of it appeals


to dads because it is interest related, sport. Motor vehicles. And


various other interests. Since they started three years ago things have


really taken off. A spark plug bird box, a giant bolt for sparrows. And


this bird table where everything is handmade. Hand cut real slate, every


slate is individually cleaved from a big lump of slate and every mortise


and tenon is a true mortise and tenon with a true peg through to


make the joint. They work apart but share ideas help each other all the


time. For now it is a hobby but they would like it to be a business one


day. Generally you come in here armed with a list of things the wife


would particularly like you to make, occasionally you manage to get that


and get it installed in the house but more often than not you will


make something and someone says, "That's nice," and you end up


selling it. It is a crazy world we live in. You name it, Simmo and Den


will make it. How much? Well, hundreds and even thousands. So, not


for everyone. But how bonkers, how British, how brilliant the bird


boxes and bird tables are. Very clever.


I wonder what the Brits then. Not very much, I should think. Time


for the weather. It is already very cold and if we


look at the Eliot rainfall we will have problems with A/C patches. It


banned of rain coming through but it will brighten up and we had some


showers. For most of us it does look dry. Under those clearing skies a


widespread sharp frost with the risk of icy patches, also turning misty


in places. Quite widely, temperatures down to the teasing and


certainly below in the countryside. These are the values for towns and


cities, certainly getting down to `2 and `3. It will be a bright start


tomorrow if you take away some of the mist patches that will be


around, they should lift away but there will be patchy rain later. It


will come along this weather front and be quite slow moving. As the


rain crosses the country he weather front will weaken so far as it looks


like it will be mainly light and patchy drizzle. Some early mist to


lift with a lot of bright weather in the morning. Increasing amount of


cloud in the West so it will turn cloudy cracker across the western


half and it will be chilly in the West. Five degrees or six hour top


temperatures. Here is the weather front for the afternoon, making its


way eastwards. Eventually getting into Norfolk and Suffolk and Essex


by nightfall. Certainly wet weather too, by tomorrow. It should be out


of the way by Saturday, and head of the two days Saturday looks like the


better of the weekend. An area of low pressure will bring in some rain


and some of that will be on the heavy saves to the afternoon and


evening for Sunday. For Saturday, temperature of the cover and it


looks largely dry and break through the morning, certainly, there will


be some showers that move through the Northwest for the afternoon in


the cold evening follows once more, frost expected. It is Sunday when we


make will start strike across the East, increasing amount of cloud


bringing rain and some of that turning heavy but at the moment it


looks dry. That's it for now. Back tomorrow.


Goodbye. A star will be born


on The Voice 2014!


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