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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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If you have heard a rumour that things will get colder and sweet,


Recruitment crisis, the search for social workers to help


Southampton's failing services. Also tonight, in the programme. Watching


somebody suffer with cancer is horrible. Absolutely horrible.


Seeking legal action. The family of a teacher who died of


asbestos`related cancer. Later in the programme with Amelia


and me. The rise and fall of Stephen Yaxley`Lennon, founder of the


English Defence League in Luton And Stevenage square up to Premier


League Everton, in the FA Cup. Good evening. First tonight,


Northamptonshire is in urgent need of experienced social workers to


overhaul its failing children's services. In all, 85 permanent staff


are needed ` that's nearly a third of the entire department. The latest


Ofsted report branded child protection in the county as


inadequate and unacceptably poor. In a moment, we'll be hearing from the


council, but first, this report from Stuart Ratcliffe.


The death of a four`week`old Northamptonshire girl led to a


Serious Case Review by the Safeguarding Children Board. She


died apparently of natural causes while sharing a bed with her


parents, who were both drug users. The risks were not fully appreciated


and the the Child Protection Plan rushed. Just three months before


this report, Ofsted rated the children services as inadqeaute in


all five categories it was assessed on, saying management was


consistently poor and staff reported being at tipping point. Now


Northamptonshire is in the middle of its turn`around plan, but for this


to work, it needs more social workers, and permanent ones, not


ones supplied by agencies. Out of 232 social workers, 63 are temporary


agency staff, and of the 50 senior social workers, half of them are


from agencies. But the real issue is money. A social worker who is


employed direct way by the county council costs the local authority


around ?3000 a month. An agency worker costs around 5000. So now the


recruitment drive to get more social workers to relocate to


Northamptonshire is under way, but the question is, will they come


Earlier, I spoke to the head of Children's Services in


Northamptonshire, Alex Hopkins, and asked him just that ` will social


workers want to join a failing service? One of the things that is


really interesting about social workers and people who work in child


protection if they don't do that kind of job for an easy life, they


do it because they want to make a difference. They want to make a


difference to children's lives. So a lot of them are interested in coming


somewhere where it is re`challenging and they can make a real difference.


But how did the service get to this position where so many of your good


people have gone? Is this just a mismanaged service? I don't think it


is fair to say so many good people have gone. There are national issues


in terms of the kind of agency with staff working in social care up and


down the country but having a stable, permanent workforce is


absolutely critical to the improvements I need to make. And


what incentives are you giving people to come to the county? OK, so


we now have very competitive salary rates in terms of basic pay. We are


offering relocation, we are offering very clear up career progression and


they a lot of work we have put into making sure management supervision


is there. All of those are leaky things for those who work in social


work and child protection and those are in place. `` really important


things. We will carry on with this recruitment until we have the number


of staff that we need. It is just so, so critical to what we need to


achieve, so this recruitment will continue until we get there. So


meanwhile, the most vulnerable children are at risk? That is


absolutely not the case. We have workers and A. Compliment but at the


moment, a number of those are agency staff so they are not permanent


members of staff. `` and staff compliment. But I want members who


are committed to this county and to this authority.


A 15`year`old boy has appeared in court accused of the attempted


murder and rape of a 14`year`old girl in Luton. The girl was attacked


in Lewsey Park on Sunday night. She's still in a critical condition


and being treated at Addenbrooke's Hospital.


A woman has received a suspended sentence for causing the death of


her partner's two daughters by dangerous driving. Marie Easter was


driving to the cinema in Peterborough a year ago when she


crashed into a ditch on the A47 at Wisbech. The car flipped over,


killing seven`year`old Jessica and her ten`year`old sister, Tamzin


Marie Easter was given a two`year suspended sentence and disqualified


from driving for four years. The family of a teacher who died


from cancer say she was exposed to asbestos for more than 20 years at a


Luton school. They're now threatening to take the council to


court and they want others who may have been affected to come forward.


Watching somebody suffer with this particular cancer is horrible.


Absolutely horrible. Your brain gets starved of oxygen and you will be


sitting there looking all right but your brain is dying. For Ian, the


past two years have been tough. His wife Hazel died after contracting


and asbestos`related cancer. She spent 20 years teaching at a primary


school in Luton and now her family is convinced she contracted her


illness through her work. The school was built in the late 30s and in the


construction... It kept falling down into the classrooms and you could


see it as well. Quite heavy air currents in the classrooms in the


lofts because in the sunlight, you could see the dust in the air. It is


not unusual for properties built before 1980 to contain asbestos The


council admits many of its buildings contain the toxic material but the


authority says it is unclear when Hazel would have come into contact


with it. In a statement today, it said...


But Ian is now consulting with a lawyer over possible legal action.


We are no closer to reaching a resolution with Luton Borough


Council. I ask them at the back end of 2012 to supply us with documents


about the existence and building including asbestos, but even now,


they have not supplied me with this document and it seems likely legal


proceedings will follow due to their failure to engage. An appeal has


gone out now to other families who may have been affected by asbestos.


Next, to GCSE results, with latest figures for the region showing all


of our local authorities have seen an improvement in grades. Top of the


class is Hertfordshire, with just over 65% of pupils achieving five A


to C grades in core subjects. And here are the others, with Bedford,


Cambridgeshire and Milton Keynes also above the national average But


there's always room for improvement. Part of driving up grades is finding


the new, inspirational headteachers of the future, as Emma Baugh


reports. 20 years in industry and army


service. Now on the education front line. Matthew Van Lier is being


fast`tracked to leadership, a new kind of teacher. I think really


coming from industry, it helps you understand the expectations of


employers, so I am able to say the difference between a great C and a


great D is not just a grade but it can mean the difference between


employment or not. ?? WHITE The two teachers at the St John Fisher


Catholic High are part`funded by the Future Leaders programme, a charity


which aims to raise students' achievements by developing teaching


staff. They have a culture of no excuses in terms of what we do every


day. We have to plan our lessons appropriately for the classes and we


really have to give 100% all of the time for everything we do, not just


in class but also leading across the school. The scheme is to help in


areas seen as deprived but the school says all students benefit. I


think he is much more than just a teacher. He gives us revision


sessions and assemblies. You are not afraid to ask for help because he


understands and can connect with you and can help you on a one`to`one


level. The latest figures show last Year 7 out of ten students left with


five good GCSEs grades compared to four out of ten the previous year.


Making it the most improved school for GCSE results in Peterborough.


Five years ago, the school was in special measures but has now been


turnaround `` turned around. We do employ good teachers but this extra


focus on leadership, especially with those identified with skills to


change schools and make a difference, is something additional


and something we are really benefiting from. You find it sad you


are having to look to a charity like this to bring up standards? It is


not we are having to look to them, it is just something being offered


to schools and it is of huge benefit. More than 500 schools


across the region could sign up for the leadership scheme. The charity


says it could help all students whatever their background.


Council workers in Bedford are to receive a new living wage instead of


the official minimum wage set by the Government. It means low`paid


workers will earn an extra ?40 a week, boosting wages to ?14,000 a


year. It's hoped this will reduce the number of people supplementing


their wages with benefits. have been helped to take up


alternative work or are in training." There will be more on


that story on the Sunday Politics programme BBC One at 11am.


`` still to come, paramedics will be trained from scratch. And


Commonwealth countdown after a disappointing 2013, can Olympic


medallist Robbie Grabarz bounce back in the high jump?


The former leader of the English Defence League has been jailed for


mortgage fraud. Stephen Yaxley`Lennon from Luton was a


co`founder of the far`right organisation in 2009. So what impact


has the EDL had in Luton and beyond? This report is from Debbie Tubby.


Tommy Robredo sin, former leader of the EDL, is again behind bars in


solitary confinement after the court heard his life is in danger. He has


been justly punished by the courts. We think partnerships with our


community are much longer than they were before the EDL and will


continue to be. I am now convinced of that so that really was not the


legacy they had hoped but it is the legacy we are pleased has happened.


Tommy Rowe Benson was the face of the English Defence League, his


protests against Muslim extremists attracted thousands of people. It


began in Luton in 2009 after Muslim protesters shouted insults as the


Royal Anglian Regiment march through the town. But in October last year,


he genetically quit, saying the far right extremism within its ranks. ``


he dramatically quit. When I am saying something, it is me, it is


nobody else within my organisation saying something like something


stupid, throwing bricks. He has now been jailed for mortgage fraud. One


of the properties was here in Luton. This person represents the


contingency group set up in light of the EDL. We macro it will be a good


time for him to sit and reflect on the damage he has caused around


Britain and not only Luton. Him going into prison and all of the


limelight that the EDL has received in the last few days as a result of


this, I think it reinforces the fact that the EDL are long gone and this


is probably the end of them. Many believe the demise of the EDL will


be good for the town full top Luton is very nice to live in still.


Gluten is diverse with many people so it is looking like an EDL Muslim


clash is not good, real or what happens here every day. `` Luton is


diverse. I don't think anybody you speak to seize the EDL as a negative


force. Him being in prison has no affect on the EDL group, he says,


and it will continue the fight he started.


Just to clear up the name, Stephen Yaxley`Lennon actually called


himself Tommy Rowe Benson while he was with the EDL. `` Tommy


Robinson. Ambulance bosses have launched an


ambitious plan to hire 400 staff and train them as paramedics from


scratch. The East of England Ambulance Service has been beset by


difficulties With poor response times and missed targets. But


arguably the biggest problem is recruitment. Last year, the


managers' aim was to take on 149 extra staff. The reality: 40


paramedics left the organisation, 44 joined. A net gain of just four. So


now, new tactics. You will not be a state riveted


paramedic until full completion of the 2.5 year programme so you only


undertake the training `` a state approved paramedic. You will take


time out in the classroom to undertake further development before


you reach the final paramedic stage. So it will be 2.5 years before these


people fill the gaps that you need filling? They can operate as


clinicians during that period as they develop throughout. Soap for


people concerned about the arrival of an amulet is or a paramedic,


nothing has changed? It will clearly increase the numbers quite quickly,


working alongside already qualified staff and developing over those


periods so it will have a significant impact initially in the


numbers of staff we have available to response to our patients. But not


fully qualified staff? They will be working alongside fully qualified


staff while developing and as I said before, they will undertake a period


of initial training so they will have clinical qualifications very


early on in their career to work alongside clinicians. If I am taken


ill, I might not get someone fully qualified to treat me? You might not


get someone who is a qualified paramedic, they will have a student


and a paramedic but they will be working with an already qualified


clinician. Family people have you got to a fully qualified


paramedics? `` how many people? We have got around 1000 staff that we


employ and 900 are qualified paramedics. And when this training


starts, you. Have 900 fully qualified paramedics and 40.5 years


after that you will probably still have 900 fully qualified paramedics


`` and four 2.5 years. That is right but we will be increasing numbers,


they may not be at the paramedic level to reach state registration


but they can still deliver a clinically qualified service working


alongside colleagues. Thank you. Primary schools in Suffolk are


languishing at the bottom of the league tables with nearly one in


three pupils failing standard English and maths tests. And as


we've reported, officials have promised to turn things around.


Today, we were invited to see an example of how they are trying to do


that. It's all about new teaching techniques which have already been


successful in parts of London. We have started to learn this new


method, haven't we ? This teaser seems simple, all we need to work


out... And many children are there in the class? There are doubtless


many ways of working but at this primary School, these nine and


ten`year`olds are using a new technique which has proved a huge


success in schools in London. It is called the primary advantage maths


programme which comes from the schools in Hackney. The children are


using a pictorial and concrete method to increase their conceptual


understanding of maths. These boxes, bars and blocks to break things down


and visualise the relationship between numbers. Emma has 25 toy


cars... Even younger pupils on this table are grasping the concept.


Small blocks are won and big blocks are ten. I experienced this method


and I thought it makes sense. To see that replicated is stunning and it


makes you think however hard it is, it is worthwhile because it will


have an impact. Forging closer partnerships with inner London


schools is the key to driving up levels of attainment. Staff are


being trained at the capital and are now pioneering the plan on this site


and eventually 12 others as well, backed by ?70,000 from a special


challenge fund. Are used to be quite scared about fractions. This makes


it clearer for me. I taught my parents have to do it. They are not


as good as me yet! I suppose the danger is if you are under pressure


and on the spotlight to get better results, you can end up clutching at


straws. The team here believe this new method of teaching maths has so


much to offer in the words of one of them, " we are not reinventing the


wheel, we are simply using the best spokes".


In the football this weekend it's the fourth round of the FA Cup. Our


only survivors are two of our smaller clubs. Stevenage are rock


bottom of League One. They're at home to Everton. But this report


from Tom Williams starts with Southend. Their manager Phil Brown


comes up against his old team Hull City ` for the first time.


For Phil Brown, the Premier League highlights must seem 1 million miles


away. This is what he calls real football, back to basics and a


chance to get his hands and feet dirty. He made his name at Hull, he


is said to rebuild his reputation at Southend. My overriding emotion is


to win the game, progress to the next round, put out our best


performance of the season because we need two and I will shake Stephen's


hand whatever the result and waved to the fans and we will move on. He


remains Hull's most successful ever manager, guiding them to the top


flight for the first time in 104 years. Despite his achievements, he


is often remembered for this, add 4`0 down, he conducted a team time


hitch talk in full view of the people and the crowd. It is what off


a duck 's back. It stays with you. They didn't talk about the win at


Wembley, or the Emirates, or the history, so it is different now and


we are taking Premier League opposition and we will hopefully do


our best foot forward. Do you give your side a chance? Yes, I will be


keeping them out at half`time, regardless at half`time. This is a


chance for a major scalp. Debate has been raging for the importance of


the FA Cup and Middlesbrough have a chance for a serious giant`killing


and so far the competition has been highly lucrative. This year's cup


run has banked them well over a quarter of ?1 million. Stevenage may


be close to the bottom of a league but they have become known in the


cup upset. We must make sure that the FA Cup retains its status, that


the magic does not die, and the money still means everything. When I


left here in round four, when I went up to Preston, the money that was


made that season in the FA Cup literally built the training ground


so there is a massive legacy from what the FA Cup has helped to


create. It is everything it gives you a chance to be, a competitive


league one club. The stadium is a sell`out as is Southend with the


focus firmly on the manager. The country, the world is eyeing an


upset and can either man deliver? It'll great if they could.


The high jumper Robbie Grabarz was one of the surprise success stories


of London 2012 securing a bronze medal with a jump of 2.29 metres.


But 2013 wasn't so good. He could only finish eighth in the World


Championships. So with the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow just


six months away does he still have what it takes? With the indoor


season starting this weekend a chance for us to find out.


If 2012 was a personal highlight for Robbie Grabarz, 2013 was a


shattering experience. The European champion was humbled on the world's


stage, high jumping had just got higher and Robbie could only a ``


matches Olympic height. You often do not feel confident and we have


managed the knee injury well, I just could not jump as high as I could.


He honed his technique at the high performance Centre in Birmingham in


summer. This first hurdle to overcome is in Glasgow this weekend,


the opening indoor meeting of the season.


Do you think you have to prove to people that you are still capable of


winning medals on the big stage? The most important thing is proving that


to myself. I put more pressure on myself than anyone else and I know


what I am capable of time proving that and hoping to do it again.


Historically, he has responded well when the chips are down, losing his


funding before the Olympics only to storm back with bronze and that was


at a height of two per 29 metres but a medal at the World Championships


last year, the bar had risen a further nine centimetres. The depth


is incredible admen's high jump at the moment so I am looking at


jumping personal bests to be in with a medal shout let alone winning


championships. So it is tough but it is great, you need to get into great


shape, you will never get away with a bad day. You need to bring your


best. With a point to prove, Robbie is a dangerous proposition will stop


in the year of the common wealth games, he knows he has to jump


higher than ever before. That is to stand a chance of landing on the


podium once again. He is very engaging, isn't he?


Throwing yourself over a bar that high, it is amazing.


Look how well we did for some chat today even though it was chilly.


Across the east we saw plenty of sunshine especially in the morning


`` look how we did for sunshine today. We look at the detail of the


last few hours, you can see the rain is starting to arrive in western


parts of the region and it will move east through this evening and


overnight. It looks for the most part as if it will be light and


patchy. Some heavy bursts possible that the range of mostly be cleared


away by tomorrow morning. It brings us cloud said temperatures not as


low as last night, a low of four Celsius seems to be what we can


expect and we should be frost free. We starts tomorrow with the best of


the weekend weather. It should stay dry with blustery showers arriving


later that an area of low pressure spinning in across the British Isles


on Sunday, it will turn our weather wet and windy through Sunday. First


thing tomorrow, some rain or drizzle to clear and there will be some


misty conditions particularly across the eastern half first thing but it


should lift into low`level cloud and there should be some brighter


spells. Also we have got some milder air said temperatures climbing to 10


Celsius. It could also be quite windy. This is where the showers, in


the afternoon, and into the evening. Some of them heavy, they may have


hail mixed in and significant amounts of this through the evening


as the temperatures dropped tomorrow night and it will mean some icy


conditions out there. Here is our pressure pattern, low pressure


across the British Isles turning our weather wet and windy but the low


does not get anywhere, it sticks around and the significance of that


means it a bring in colder air for the start of the week and


temperatures will go down. We may be in for a cold snap but before that,


you can see how unsettled it is. Rain showers for Monday and some


cold nights with the risk of frost and some icy conditions.


I think I will stay inside on Sunday. That is all for now, have a


good weekend, goodbye.


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