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independent Scotland. That is all from the News at six,


Good evening. The first funding has finally been unlocked to kick`start


the development of a new town at Northstowe, just north of Cambridge.


But is it enough? There will be fewer facilities for people to


enjoy. How one city is leading the way in making sure that every child


has a primary school place. And later we have a special report on


solar farms. Are they a blight on the landscape? And all the world is


a stage for Charles and Camilla Good evening. The first funding has


been knocked to kick`start the development of the new town at


Northstowe. The entire project has been in the pipeline for years, but


now the plans for a brand new town are nearing reality. Our reporter


Ben Bland has the story. It's something that's been talked about


for more than ten years. Today's deal between the county and district


councils and the main developer is a big step towards turning the plans


into an actual town. And here's where it will go. 10,000 new homes


between Cambridge and Huntingdon. The first phase ` 1,500 ` will be


built near the village of Longstanton. Initially the councils


were hoping to secure ?65 million from the developer to pay for


amenities in Northstowe. Last year that was cut to ?40 million. They've


now settled for a contribution of ?30 million, less than half what


they originally wanted. And some councillors are very unhappy about


it. There will be less facilities for


the community to enjoy and it will mean more cost in the long`term


being put back to the local authorities were hard pushed and


facing financial crisis. With fewer community facilities there will be


more anti`social behaviour and mental health problems. So it is a


false economy if we allow developers to pay less money. The money they


have secured will go towards a primary and secondary school, sports


pitches and cycle routes. Some will also go towards paying for the


guided bus, which is already in place. But under the deal there will


be fewer affordable homes in the first phase. Instead of two in five,


it'll be just one in five. And for that, the developer makes no


apology. 40% of affordable housing was all the subject to viability and


the 20% in the first phase after all is 300 affordable housing units


which will be available for local people. I think that is a


substantial provision. This development will be one of the


largest in the UK ` a whole new town. Today's deal means that


shovels should hit the ground by this summer, with the first homes


ready by the middle of 2015. One of the issues that has emerged


from today's meeting is that the proportion of affordable housing for


Northstowe has halved. Earlier I put it to South Cambridgeshire's cabinet


member for Northstowe, Tim Wotherspoon, that fewer affordable


homes would exclude many desperate to get on the housing ladder.


While affordable housing is a technical definition and one in five


is a number that is being talked about quite widely and compared to


the 40% which is our policy. But there are questions of viability.


When you start a project like this is always more expensive to get over


that first stage. The other aspect is that there will be a wide range


of housing for first`time buyers in particular. Housing available at a


price that first`time buyers can afford. The other issue is the new


road, 1500 new homes being built, is that not going to cause a huge


amount of problems for those trying to access the road network? Well in


the first phase I do not think it is quite such an issue. We have worked


hard to get me a 14 back onto the agenda. It is thanks to local


campaigning that we have got it back onto the roads programme. I'm sure


it is little credit to the local campaigners against the toll that we


have persuaded the government to see about telling as well. But will it


be able to cope in the short`term? The transport assessment has been


clear about that. But the first phase remember, it is likely that


the 814 will be ready before the first phase is completed.


Next tonight, inspectors say the East of England Ambulance Service is


still failing to get to 999 calls quickly enough. But in some areas,


like Luton and Cambridge, it does seem to be making progress. The


latest assessment comes from the regulator, the Care Quality


Commission. Their inspectors made surprise visits on four days in


December. This from our chief reporter, Kim Riley.


The trust handles more than 900 000 emergency calls each year across six


counties and 7500 square miles. The inspection last month found


significant improvements in a number of areas and after interviewing


patients there was praise for the care received from the ambulance


crews and call handlers. But the trust is found wanting in ambulance


response times to life`threatening by 99 calls and staffing. Ambulance


trust disdained to respond to a high percentage of calls within eight


minutes. And at least 95% of calls should see an ambulance arriving


within 90 minutes. The latest figures show across`the`board trust


has failed to do that. MPs from across the region have led calls for


improvements to the server. Yesterday came the surprise


resignation of the interim chairman Doctor Geoff Harris. Much faith is


now being placed in the new chief executive Doctor Anthony Marsh. I am


impressed, he has bigger and enthusiasm and he is an experienced


chief executive in covering rural areas. We appreciate that he is


concentrating on recruiting paramedics and I think that is the


right direction. I want to give him time and support. He knows that the


pace of change needs to be stepped up. The report says the trust could


need over 500 additional paramedics by 2016. That is a tall order. It


also quotes a review identifying substantial shortfalls between the


resources of the trust and what it actually needs to meet national


standards. John Martin is the acting director


of patient safety and clinical standards for the Ambulance Trust.


Earlier he told Look East the report has recognised that the Trust is


making improvements. The report highlights that are clinicians have


a high degree of patient satisfaction. We have recruited a


number of staff this last year and on top of that we have increased the


number of staff internally who have become paramedics. We started a bit


campaign to recruit 400 now and that is ongoing. They will come in over


the next few months to man the ambulance.


The final "missing link" section of the Bedford western bypass could be


completed after funding was made available to buy up nearby land The


Borough Council has secured nearly ?16 million and is now set to


publish Compulsory Purchase Orders to buy the land required for


construction. The money has come from a number of agencies including


the Department for Transport. It's hoped the work can begin later this


year. Every child will have a place at one


of our primary schools. That's the guarantee from one city in the


region which has faced unprecedented demand for places. One thousand


children came forward in just one year needing to be schooled in


Peterborough. And the council there is spending tens of millions of


pounds to create spaces. I would like you to discuss whether


you think we should ban playtime or not. Five minutes, off you go.


Small school, high expectations That is the motto of Winston


primary. But soon the school is to double in size, so great has been


the demand for places. Pressure is on the younger age groups where


there has been a higher birth rate and more children in the area. There


is about 30 children who do want to come here but we are not able to


offer them the space. 5000 extra places have been created in the past


seven years but still more are needed. This year there will be six


school expansion project creating 1500 extra places at the cost of


more than ?25 million. Last year the city had to find 1000 new places,


down to more people move into the city and one of the highest birth


rates in the country. But the council says this expansion will


create spare capacity. We can guarantee that every pupil who wants


to come to school will have a school place but not necessarily where they


wanted to go. A brand`new school and a brand`new head teacher. The Thomas


Deacon junior college where they see rising pupil numbers as positive.


Most children are in the city and I do not think the city would be


getting the fantastic facilities with the new schools or expanded


schools without that growth in Peterborough. Work is going on


across the whole city to expand schools or build new ones. They will


be ready to take pupils this September.


In cricket, Cambridgeshire's Charlotte Edwards has helped England


retain the Ashes against Australia. She scored 92 not out as England won


the first Twenty20 international by nine wickets. It's her fifth Ashes


victory. Victory means England have won the multi`format series with two


Twenty20s to spare. They will lift the trophy for the second time


within six months. We were pretty determined this morning. It was a


must win for us today. I just went out there. I have been in good form


but to play on a great wicket here, and to lead the team through like I


did, we had and plastic support from Sarah Taylor today. It is a real


high for us. The Cambridgeshire heptathlete


Louise Hazel has come out of retirement in a bid to defend her


Commonwealth title later this year. The 28`year`old, who won gold at the


Delhi Games in 2010, retired in September but says the lure of


competing in Glasgow was too strong to resist. She confirmed her return


after a series of tests today involving sprint work, the long jump


and shot put. She told the BBC she felt in better shape than she


thought and can't wait to get started.


Those are the top stories. I'll be back at ten with


to flood defence, the authorities insist it is not the only answer.


Depending on your point of view, they are either a blight on the


landscape or an important way of generating clean electricity. But


some people believe we are getting too many solar farms too quickly?


Tonight one of our MPs will tell the House of Commons that the planning


controls on solar farms aren't strict enough. There are currently


14 working solar farms in the region. With a further 23 either


planned or being built. The latest row concerns plans on the


Suffolk`Essex border. To the west of Sudbury lies some of


the least populated and arguably most beautiful countryside in Essex.


And it's here that there are plans to build three solar farms across


300 acres of land. It is idyllic and very rural. And these solar farms,


very large solar farms, just don't fit in with the character. But they


don't make any noise and will be hidden by bushes. Are they really


that bad? They are hidden to a certain extent. Generally speaking,


it sort of spoils the ambience and character of the area. That is


problem. This is where one of the farms could be built. The landowner


didn't want to be interviewed. But he told me it would be surrounded by


bushes. Sheep will graze the land. Solar farms have become a


contentious issue across the region. We filmed this altercation near


Thetford a couple of once ago. Farmers can earn five times more


this way than through conventional agriculture. But one MP says they've


grown so fast, there are very few planning controls in place. If you


want to build a tiny garage on your house in this area, you have to have


a full environmental impact report. You can have a 300 acre farm of


solar panels and don't need any environmental impact report at all.


So there does not seem to be a good balance. Tonight in Parliament,


he'll call for solar farms not to be built near areas of outstanding


natural beauty. Or prime agricultural land. But those who


build them say there are already enough controls in place. And all


applications are carefully scrutinised. I don't know how they


are going to make it tougher. At the end of the day, the national policy


planning framework sets out a sustainable future for us and how we


develop all types of technologies and developments. Obviously, these


developments are assessed vigorously by the local authorities. The


government has cut the subsidy for solar power, but is reluctant to


legislate further. It says this is a clean and quick way to generate


power. Mr Newmark agrees. He just wants people to think more carefully


where solar farms go. Last night's football now. And the


matches involving Colchester, Stevenage and Northampton were all


victims of the weather. Peterborough United's trip to Sheffield United


tonight has also been postponed. But four of our teams did play. None of


them managed to win, but there was a lot to talk about. We'll start at


Carrow Road. Bleak, boggy, but nearly 27,000


braved the weather. A measurable night for a number of Norwich fans.


It's been a miserable season. But a win this evening and they are in the


top half. Such optimism appeared totally misplaced in the first half.


Norwich came under fire. John Ruddy overworked in goal. The post proving


to be their saviour. Loic Remy then found the other one. Floods of


Newcastle chances came, but were wasted. Remy was denied again after


the break. The crossbar this time the last line of defence. Then


Norwich finally posed a threat themselves. Hooper! Another crossbar


saves Newcastle. Now more even as a contest. It boiled over late on for


Remy and Bradley Johnson saw red for one altercation. Robert Snodgrass


could have stolen victory. But it would have been harsh. City stay


12th. I thought our energy levels were better in that second half


period and we made more of a game of it. But we are against a quality


team today. Disappointing, because we are at home. You need to make the


most of your home performances. Entertaining game, another point.


But at times, Norwich rode their luck. Is it enough for the fans? I


think it's a good point. We were lucky to get that result. Woodwork,


the man of the match. It's a point gained rather than lost. Very poor


first half. They put on a show for us. They did not lose the game. Fair


enough. But there is just no heart there and it is disappointing to


walk away with the point that we should have lost. Why do they have


to get annoyed so much? We come to enjoy a game. It is good value for


money. Come on, you yellows, we will be there next season!


Mick McCarthy felt Ipswich had the chances to beat Leeds. David


McGoldrick put Town in front. But they couldn't hold on. Ipswich just


outside the championship play`offs. Carl Robinson was furious with MK


Dons' performance at Carlisle. A 3`0 defeat. The manager says some of his


players won't play for him again. Kevan Hurst scored for Southend. But


Dagenham made it 1`1, leaving the Blues sixth in League Two.


If you enjoyed the Olympic Torch Relay a couple of years ago, there's


another on its way. It's the Queen's Baton Relay which is part of the


build up to Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in July. And in this region,


the focus is on Suffolk and Monday June the 9th.We don't know all the


details. But it will kick off at breakfast time on the seafront in


Lowestoft. It will arrive in Newmarket at a community event in


mid`morning. And be at schools athletics competition in Bury St


Edmunds in the early afternoon. After that, it's Ipswich for more


athletics with the big finish in Christchurch Park.


Dame Kelly Holmes won a gold at the Manchester Games back in 2002. This


is her take on the relay. Each location are trying to celebrate


sport, bring families and young people together, what we are trying


to do. If people are interested, go on the website, or follow on


Twitter, they will be able to see what is happening around the


country. You could be somebody else at the time the bat on relay comes


around. We are in Suffolk on the 9th of June. That is key for that area.


But I think it will be really successful. We are really wowed the


team and the we are gathering to go to Glasgow to compete for team


England and we hope the public support them. Dame Kelly Holmes.


The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall enjoyed some of


Shakespeare's most famous works today at a special performance in


Essex. They visited the Palace Theatre in Westcliffe to launch


celebrations to mark the 450th anniversary of his birth. On stage,


school children inspired by their love of the Bard.


CHEERING. It may have been cold and overcast, but that did not dampen


the spirits. Hours waiting in the cold soon forgotten. For Charlie


Johnson, his first brush with royalty at the tender age of six


months. And patients rewarded with a chat with the Duchess. They were


alone sing the 450th birthday celebrations.


Rehearsals started early this morning, 30 children from schools


chosen to perform in the Shakespeare Schools Festival. Tomaso Luongo from


Suffolk delivering that soliloquy. To be or not to be. That is the


question. You have to be very intelligent


about Hamlet beforehand, because his emotions are really complex.


Overused phrase, but a once`in`a`lifetime experience? It


is, Royal variety. When we first heard about it, we thought it would


be his West End debut, but Southend is just as good. Rehearsals over,


the moment of truth, and for the young cast, the biggest performance


of their lives. Tybalt! Afterwards, relief and parade at


what they had achieved. At first, he made a joke, saying not too many


injuries, and we laughed, and he was asking where we were from and that


he enjoyed it. What did he say? He seems very interested in England and


school, and I shook his hand. I am not going to wash it! This is so


important. We need to get the word out there to more and more schools


about the wonderful work we do, how children love it, they never thought


they would meet the Royal Highness is, so it was fantastic. And for the


young actors, that meant the world. They needed any more inspiration,


they certainly got it today. A fabulous day for them. An amazing


experience, and some very good acting. And Prince Charles coming up


behind that women. Now for the weather.


The weather is a mess. Low pressure across the country bringing a cloudy


forecast today and outbreaks of rain. The positioning as meant an


easterly wind, so the weather has a real cold steel. Through this


evening, we see continued spells of rain. `` real cold feel. More rain


from France to most areas through the night. Cloud and a brisk breeze


and temperatures not falling to low, but we could get down to two


Celsius, and perhaps some frost and ice in sheltered spots. Not great


tomorrow. Quite cloudy and healing cold. And further outbreaks of rain,


particularly through the morning, and those could be heavy. Some drier


interludes. Certainly not the best forecast through the morning. Heavy


downpours, but rain becomes patchy and later through the day, so by the


afternoon, it is also through the region. Temperatures perhaps up on


today, six or seven Celsius, but that wind direction still East or


southeasterly. The wind light tomorrow, but feeling cold. For the


afternoon and evening, we just about get rid of the rain, conditions


behind it remaining cloudy. Looking to Friday, an area of low pressure


is coming, bringing rain, which is not welcome, but it will arrive


later for as in the East, and much of the day dry if rather cloudy. As


the weather front approaches, the wind will increase, direction


changing to southerly, but windy at around the middle of the day, and


the rain arriving, probably not until after nightfall for most. But


it spreads across the region, heavy in places, the wind continuing to be


quite strong through the night. But for the weekend, it starts to get


drier, brighter, temperatures up to seven degrees. There could be some


showers around, but the forecast looks like it is improving for the


weekend. But still staying quite windy for Saturday. With clear skies


overnight, getting quite cold overnight, cold enough to bring a


touch of frost in places and icy patches.


Just lovely when the whole country is obliterated by a band of rain!


Stay indoors on Thursday. We will see you tomorrow night. Goodbye.


'The cost of living crisis goes deep into people's lives,


'deep into the way our country is run,


'deep into who our country is run for.


'the solutions need to be deep as well.'


I opened a pub six years ago in Hackney,


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