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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Hello, welcome to the programme Coming up tonight, the demand for


more police on the streets following the murder of this teenager in


Bedford and the community worker calling for a change. The community


needs to think positively rather than saying Midland Road is a bad


area and unsafe, we need to get together and make a difference. The


row over the cost of getting away from it all in the school holidays


and the mother who wants it raised in Parliament.


And we will be looking at stopping flooding downstream.


And the gymnast about to go back to the country of his birth to try to


make it to reopen. `` to Rio de Janeiro. Hello. First tonight, the


demand for more police on the beat after a teenager was murdered in


Bedford at the weekend. Isaac Stone was stabbed to death in the Midland


Road area on Sunday evening. Residents say crime and anti`social


behaviour are rife. And tonight they're meeting with the local


Police and Crime Commissioner to discuss their concerns.


The murder of a teenager is difficult for any community to face.


Redford's Midland Road is no exception. On Saturday, 19`year`old


Isaacs Dome was stabbed to death here. The belief they at the


teenager was deliberately targeted. The chair of the local residents


Association told me that the community had been left shocked It


has caused great sadness for money, great upset, and I think great fear


and concern. Concern over why it has happened and what the causes are,


and I'll likely to be further ramifications? Of course, this


murder has left many people in the middle and Road area concerned that


there is a gang problem here, but many of this area have little to do


with young people and gangs. `` in the Midland Road area. The Midland


Road area has long suffered from anti`social behaviour including


drug`taking and street drinking Tonight, the local residents


Association will call for more policing when they meet with the


local Police and Crime Commissioner. Not everyone seems concerned. There


are issues, but it is like anyone else at the end of the day. I would


not walk around alone at night. I have lived all my life and I have no


row problem. This woman says that teenagers are often wrongly blamed


for problems, she says she is saddened by the murder but it is an


isolated situation and the community needs to pull together. We need to


act upon it so it does not happen again. We have the resources


available. The community needs to be positive rather than say that


Midland Road is a bad area and unsafe. We need to get together to


make a difference. The police and the local authorities have said they


made great strides in cleaning up the area, but the understand the


concerns of residents are concerns that have only been heightened by


the murder of eyes that stone. `` by the murder of Eisenach.


Earlier I spoke to Chief Inspector Julian Frost and put it to him that


some residents have called Midland Road a "no`go area".


No, that is completely untrue. The police station is in the Midland


Road area itself, so no, I, myself live around 200 metres just outside


the area covered by the Midland Road residents Association, so it is not


a description or ignite at all. We are regularly there, we have PCSO is


out there, they live in that area, so a no`go area is about the


furthest I could possibly imagine from the area. Some people have


spoken about intimidation, violence, lawlessness, a place they say were


crime and anti`social behaviour are rife? Like many areas, Midland Road


does have its issues, but certainly, that is not a description that I


recognise of the area that I work and live in. It has issues and we


are seeking to address them. You can understand why following the murder


at the weekend, people want more reassurance and they actually want


to see more police on the beat is Mac `` on the beat. Yes, we have got


police talking to people, reassuring people, the community and people


passing through, and looking for information. We have got additional


police, over and above the money we would have for the night`time


economy anyway, who will be working with me and talking to the people in


Midland Road and providing reassurance to show we are serious


about happened last weekend in serious about supporting the


community in the Midland Road area. I know that your meeting with people


tonight, what would be your main message? Firstly, we are determined


that we bring the people that have taken this man's life to justice and


secondly, that we will continue with the work we're doing alongside them


and our partners to make Midland Road a safer place and a nicer place


to live. Thank you. A family from Royston returned home


after a family holiday to find a car had reversed into their kitchen


completely demolishing one wall Emergency services and gas engineers


had to evacuate the street and make the area safe after the incident on


Saturday. No one was injured. The owners, Josie and Tony Poole, had


only moved into the property five months ago. They're now waiting for


insurers to inspect the damage. The kitchen is used a lot, the


grandchildren sit here and do their homework. It could have been so much


worse. But thankfully nobody has been hurt. Not seriously anyway It


is just the damage to the property. We have only been here five months,


we had done it all up, and we want it back together again as soon as


possible. Next tonight, the claim that holiday


companies rip off consumers with holiday prices during the school


holidays. In a moment we will speak to companies representing the travel


industry, but first, this report. Outside the school gates, it is what


parents are talking about across the region, pay school holiday prices


are face paying a fine. We need to follow the school policy, but we


should not be penalised because we have children at school. I have to


go to Thailand to visit my wife if I wished during the holidays it


would cost ?3500 for my children and myself. It is terrible. It is greed,


commercialisation gone mad, it encourages terrible behaviour. The


children miss out. The new rules mean that classes can only be missed


in exceptional circumstances. The Department for Education says that


this stops a valuable learning times being lost but it means that


holidays had to be taken when prices tend to be more expensive. This


woman has collected nearly 150, 00 signatures, and her petition is


calling for prices to be cut in school holiday. She started it after


taking a break at Center Parcs. I tried to book the same apartment who


had previously. Basically it was ?1000 more expensive than had I gone


a week before. Center Parcs will open the newest development in the


summer at Headford. The prices are set by the market, says the Chief


Executive. We might make a profit in the peak times, but we have to in


peak times, because we have to achieve a level of revenue across


the year which allows us to reinvest in the business to improve the


quality for the guests that come back every year. That is what they


expect and that is what we do. Take a holiday without the permission of


the school and the parents could face an initial fine of ?60 per


child. This travel agent in Bedford says they have seen a drop in family


bookings in term time already. We have seen a deep crease of about


13%. January is a weak time for booking summer holidays and we have


seen people just not wanting to commit at the moment. `` we have


seen a decrease. The school end of term time is fast approaching which


means that this could see a rise in holiday prices.


Do you have any sympathy for the parents of school`age children? Yes,


we do, and it needs to be explained economic realities behind by prices


increased during school holidays. It is all about supply and demand, in


that when you see an increase in demand for it ever reason, school


holidays being part of that reason, then prices will increase. If you


look at when holidays are taken it is Christmas, Easter, July and


August, and those are the busiest times of the year for the industry


and prices constantly increase. If you look at foreign holidays, we are


eating with the rest of Europe for hotel space, and if you are a


hotelier in Spain and you have somebody wanting to book rooms in


August, then that'll tell will put up the prices considerably. `` we


are competing with the rest of Europe. You say supply and demand,


parents that we spoke to say greed and commercialisation gone mad. That


is quite wrong. In the British market, we have the cheapest foreign


holidays in Europe, I can guarantee you that if you spoke to a parent


and asked what they paged compare to what we charge, they pay rather


more. `` what they paid. We have been saying this for decades to


various governments, the issue for school holidays is the time of year


when it is taken, when it is already very busy, so the prices will be


higher, so we suggested the solution is to stagger the days when schools


take holiday and not take them all at the same time. That may be one


solution, another solution is perhaps capping the percentage rise


in prices. That will not work, because if you talk about dealing


with a foreign hotelier, if you can only pay them a certain amount,


there will simply say, sorry, we will sell those rooms to somebody


else, so it is more about changing the date when the school takes the


holidays, giving them the option to have a summer break abroad in June,


September and the demand is a lot lower and the prices are lower. It


is not about artificially capping prices, that will not work. We'd


love to hear what you think. You can get in touch by phone. Or send us an


email.There's Facebook and Twitter too. And we'll be looking at some of


your comments later in the programme.


Police in Cambridgeshire are hunting a gang who raided a restaurant


dressed in camouflage onesies. It happened on December the 27th at the


Glinton McDonalds. Three of the gang were caught on CCTV. Staff were


shaken but unharmed. The police are appealing for information.


That is all from us, we can go Essex. In June, Ashton Rybak will be


up again. `` Ash Dieback. The woods are undergoing a huge and unwelcome


change. Still to come, the girl who can now


eat five peanuts a day after researchers in Cambridge cure to


allergy. And a gymnast swapping the union Jack for the colours of South


Africa. After months and months of rain,


most of our rivers are full and, of course, that means the risk of


flooding is always there. Which is why experts are trying to


find a way of cutting the risk .In Norfolk, they are slowing down the


flow of a river upstream, to stop flooding further


this river as it nears the sea. Like so many rivers, it is boxed in by


man`made flood banks. But miles upstream, a clock is being turned


back. Trees are being felled, this may look like a mess but it has a


purpose. We are building low`lying structures along the edge of the


river, designed to narrow the stream, to make it more bending, it


has been straightened over the years. We are putting the curves


back in the riffraff, and every structure where we felled trees will


be trapping silt. The red line on this photograph shows the current


straightened course, the plan is to reverted to the way veep blue course


of over nearly 200 years ago. Over time, these areas of timber will


patch the silt, and you will not be able to see it at all, there will be


a bank here great for wildlife. And at times of intense flow, the river


will flow outside its channel, meaning less flooding downstream.


Aquatic life could benefit, the project is being backed by


landowners, the Environment Agency and the Norfolk Rivers trust. You


can see the way the river is bouncing from site to site, that


will become a self`perpetuating system. The river wants to do that.


Could this reduce the risk of the devastation being witnessed in


Somerset? Perhaps. The idea is now being tried elsewhere. We have a


really good example in Norfolk where over the last couple of years, we


have introduced a strategy of trying to reinstate the river act to its


natural habitat. In doing that, by increasing flows in the raw `` in


the water course and making it more self`sustaining, it stops the silt


build`up. Getting the river back to its original course will take years,


but those behind the project say everyone will benefit.


As we have heard today, researchers at Addenbrooke's Hospital in


Cambridge have made a breakthrough in the treatment of one of our


commonest allergies, to peanuts. One of the patients who was taking


part in the trial is 11`year`old Lena Barden, who lives in Histon.


From the age of two, she has had a severe reaction to eating peanuts


and was picked to take part in the research at Addenbrook's. She was


fed a tiny dose of nuts over a four`month period. At the end, she


could safely eat five whole peanuts a day.


Lena and her mum Diana are at home in Histon now. The first time you


notice this reaction, what happened? She was just over two and we had


been out for the day and my mother and I were having a drink and she


broke a bit of the biscuit and she spat out the peanuts, which probably


saved her life because that meant the reaction came on much slower


than it would have done. So over the next couple of hours, she became


more and more upset and coughing. Eventually, she was struggling for


breath. Lena, down the years, what have you most missed eating?


Probably doughnuts. You can need those now? Yes, I had my first about


a year ago. What has it been like for you, presumably you go to


parties and to friend and you could not eat what they were eating? ``


friends. It was quite annoying because whenever my friend had a


party, my mother had to read every label in the House. Seeing if


anything had anything to do with peanuts, it was quite frustrating.


Whenever I go out with my friends, it used to be annoying because I had


to read every label. She has been very good about it but it has been


difficult for you as well? Yes, I have to say, Lena has had to


grow up much faster than her friends and she has had to read labels when


I was not around. It has been very hard, we never had allergies in our


family. I was weaned on peanuts, my family are American. It has been


quite a lesson. So she has to eat five peanuts every day now, it keeps


everything going. But you do not like peanuts, do you, Lena? I


absolutely hate them and they taste disgusting.


It is quite a struggle. Thank you, both of you.


Well, from ground`breaking research at one of our hospitals to high`tech


innovation at another. Today, surgeons in Ipswich used a


robotic camera to beam live pictures from an operation to a team 800


miles away in France. It is a first for the UK, and the French


President, Francois Hollande, was one of the people watching.


We are inside the simulation room at Ipswich Hospital, watching gave very


real gall bladder operation underway in a theatre. That is where they are


putting the cannula. Into the doctor that comes from the gall bladder.


Access comes from a robotic camera and we are not the only ones. The


images are fed live to the European Institute of tele` surgery in


Strasbourg. Today playing host to a very important visit from Francois


Hollande, taking a presidential look at the pioneering pictures. The


Strasbourg team world leaders and can used the link `` can use the


link to give training and guidance to enhance a surgeon 's knowledge.


From Victorian times, how things have changed? ``! It did not become


a good idea because of infection. This allows us to teach the large


numbers of people without having them in the operating theatre. The


camera costs around ?70,000, the link especially encrypted to keep


data safe. What do you see is the potential for this technology in the


NHS? We will bring in experts in their field, new techniques, and


improve the surgery and the result. The project is part of a wider drive


to develop excellence here. This new training area with pretend patient


mannequins which cost around 50,000 pounds each opens soon. Doing things


like this will attract the best of the best optimistic Ipswich. And I


considered the people that work in this hospital to be the best of the


best. `` into Ipswich. I think we can achieve greater things. They


have high hopes for the future and this high`tech French connection is


just the start. For almost any sportsman or woman,


the best thing you can ever do is to represent your country. Which is why


one young gymnast from Cambridgeshire has made a very


important decision. Cameron Mackenzie has competed for


Britain and helped the team to win the European Junior Championships.


But he was born in South Africa and now he has decided to go back, to


try to become the African champion. That would open the door to the


Olympics in Rio. It is time for Cameron McKenzie to


leave a place he has called home for 11 years. Mum and dad help pack to


begin a new journey under a new flag. He has been very proud to


represent Great Britain and when he has stood on the podium with the


anthem, he has been proud. But it would add to his experience as a


person to have the additional privilege of standing there for his


country of birth. He has trained here in Huntingdon since the age of


nine but he has moved back to the country of his birth, South Africa,


to achieve an Olympic dream. I have done a lot of national and


international competitions for Great Britain, but to be an individual


champion of a continent, that is a step up to another level. His first


job is to get in shape for the African Championships at the end of


March. If he wins that and becomes King of that continent, it is all


systems go on the road to Rio. Being the best gymnast in Africa, with a


population of a billion, would open up big sponsorship opportunities,


not possible in Britain. He has competed many times under the union


flag, winning junior team Gold at the European Championships four


years ago. Do you feel English or South African? I would say I feel


more South African. I did a competition for South Africa in 2010


and I was competing for Great Britain, and I won it. I remember


standing on the podium with the British uncomplaining and I thought,


it does not quite feel right. The gymnastics world is quite a


close`knit family and it does not matter whether you represent Japan,


Great Britain, South Africa, America, when that gymnast performs


an excellent routine, everybody smiles and applauds and appreciates


what that gymnast has done. How proud will you be when the South


African flag gets raised, hopefully, in a many, `` in one of these


competitions? Very proud, if somebody else is standing up and the


South African anthem is playing, I get proud, so it will be a special


moment. He has seen the contribution Louis Smith has made and he wants to


provide the same spark for South Africa, they have not sent a gymnast


to the Olympics since 1954. I could be looking at the next! `` they


could be. Earlier, we asked for your views on


a subject that is controversial, the cost of going on holiday in the


school holidays. A mother from Essex has launched a Downing Street


petition over the issue. Jenny Kirk is in the newsroom and she has been


looking at what you have had to say. It looks like we cannot get the


sound. We will go back to her if we can. Whether first. `` the weather.


More rain this month. Today, we have had nuisance rain, a lot of cloud


across the region. Showery rain and expect more of those this evening


and overnight. By the end of the night, it is largely dry with clear


spells developing, turning misty and a risk of ground frost as


temperatures drop to around two Celsius. Into tomorrow, it does not


look like a bad day in the East. Mainly dry, but later, wet and windy


weather. This is what is coming. A low present `` a low pressure


weather system from the Atlantic, bringing a lot of rain. Expect a dry


morning, perhaps bright spells across the East. Maybe an isolated


shower, but largely dry. Increasingly cloudy. The signal this


weather front is on its way will be the wind speed. It is possible


through the evening that those costs will be around 40 mph. `` gusts. Six


or seven degrees as the high, the rain will turn persistent and heavy


through the night. Much of it should be out of the way by Saturday. This


is the pressure pattern for Saturday and into Sunday. Low pressure close


by, so strong winds for Saturday. It will stay dry. Sunday is the better


day as winds start to ease. This rain will come. Not a bad day for


Saturday. Although it will be quite windy. We should state dry, isolated


showers possible, but sunny spells, highs of around seven Celsius. ``


stay dry. Into Sunday, more present `` pleasant. Largely dry by Monday,


winds picking up. Back to Jenny. Can you hear me?


Superb! We have been busy. A lot of you


getting in touch. Some about the importance of a family holiday, this


woman says, we cannot go on holiday, we cannot afford school holiday


prices and we cannot afford a fine. Mike kids all living `` losing out


on cultural education. Susie says, this is not just about families, as


a person without kids, I cannot afford a holiday during school


holidays. The elsewhere `` the outrageous


prices affect everyone. Mary says, common sense tells you increased


demands mean prices go up like oil prices in cold weather.


Tony says, it is simple supply and demand. Sally says, so what if you


cannot have a holiday? Why does everybody think they are entitled?


Is I will government going to tell Spain to drop prices? I do not


excel. Melanie says, holidays have been robbing us blind for years, I


have parents over a barrel and they know it.


Jamie says that most holiday places in the UK only make their revenues


seasonally and they have to raise prices is a five through the winter.


Peter says, it will be recoverable for people to understand the charges


at the height of season of fair and reasonable. Prices at term time a


reduced bargain prices. Some of you have set any other form of


discrimination would not be allowed, the UK holiday industry


practices discrimination policies over holidays. Another viewer says,


thank goodness ice cream sellers do not put up their prices during


school holidays or we would all be in trouble. I could not agree more!


Thank you for getting in touch. We have been busy! People make


interesting point and it will remain controversial. That is all for this


evening. Good night.


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