07/02/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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In Look East tonight: The floods arrive, and there's more rain to


come. Disruption for homes and for


travellers. It has never come into the house


before, this is the worst it has ever been, I have never seen


anything like it. Hundreds of jobs at risk, as a salad


production company proposes closing its Corby site.


Out of the Olympics, injury heartbreak for top sprinter Craig


Pickering, as he's forced to miss the Sochi Winter Games.


And, is this the footprint of the earliest known human in northern


Europe? First tonight: The bad weather that


hit the region overnight. Homes were inundated, roads flooded,


and rail services affected by the downpours. And the forecasters are


warning there's more rain to come. Tonight, there are 18 flood warnings


in force across the region. Emergency services have dealt with


hundreds of calls. Last night, there was up to 30 millimetres of rain,


falling on already sodden ground. In a moment, we'll talk to the


Environment Agency. But, first, Ben Bland joins us from Alconbury in


Cambridgeshire. In all the years that Chris has


lived in Park Ridge, he had never seen anything like this. This is


what we woke up to find at 5:30am today. Water literally flowing


through the front door. His wife discovered they had been flooded.


When I got downstairs, we saw 1 inches of water. It was coming


through the age of the front door. When I explored the house further,


in the kitchen, it was coming through the kitchen door as well.


Water coming up to the door level but it has never come into the house


before this. It is the worst it has ever been. Here is why, the overflow


channel meant to take water away and protect homes became blocked. One


neighbour, worried about the levels, checked on it at 3am. There was a


massive bang, a came out, the whole wall had collapsed. It blocked the


moat which, in turn, sent all of the water in front of these five houses,


flooding them inside, causing a lot of damage. The emergency services


are pumping water out of the house of this morning, as the Environment


Agency assesses damage. A lot of those properties were exacerbated by


a wall which collapsed into the channel.


Presently, with the weather dry now, the rivers are subsiding. We are


doing our best to make sure we can help the clean`up operation. In


Corby, made road junctions would have been easier to navigate by


boat. The Sun, and an expected day off. In Cambridgeshire, anyone


hoping for a round of golf might have had trouble finding the green.


Across the region, water got high enough to cause problems on major


roads. A flooded underpass closed this. Disruption captured by a


viewer. Near saffron Walden, a lucky escape for an 84`year`old man who


try to drive along a flooded road. Other drivers were only too glad to


be pulled over by police. Here, shops were mopping out, wondering if


they will be doing this all over again. The bad news is more heavy


rain is on the way, tonight, and heavy showers over the weekend. By


the end of Sunday, there is the potential for another inch of rain.


In addition to that, strong winds tonight. Picking up again from


Saturday afternoon, up to 60 miles an hour. Here in Cambridgeshire


police were making sure other drivers did not end up needing boats


to complete their journey. And here, the river burst its banks, putting


the river in the Riverside play area.


Earlier, I spoke to Norman Robinson from the Environment Agency, and


asked him how serious last night's flooding has been.


We have had intense rainfall overnight, we received 28


millimetres of rainfall across most of the counties in the east, half


the rainfall we would expect for February. That is a big event for


us. Flooding is limited from rivers but because of the intense rainfall,


we have seen flooding from surface rainfall. In isolated areas,


flooding on roads and roundhouses. You say limited, but we have seen


houses flooded. I couldn't get my children to school. It is pretty


bad. There will be considerable localised disruption. The water


pulls up. That is clearing. A little rain is forecast this evening but we


don't think that will cause an issue. Surface water problems are


relatively localised. We are not suffering as badly as the West


Country. What pressure are you wondered improve the situation? To


our thoughts go to those in the south`west being battered by storms.


Here we are seeing the tail end of low pressure. Only the very tail end


of it. Everything is OK with the river systems. Flood warnings will


stay in place until levels go down. We would ask people to be aware of


surface water issues. Please be aware. Don't go near floodwater We


are expecting more rain tomorrow, should we be more worried? We are


expecting rain this evening with heavy gales. A lot less than a


couple of days past. We should be aware that catchments are now


saturated. You will see a lot of water around. People should be


worried but they should be aware. We will keep everyone up`to`date with


flood alerts. Stay tuned to the media.


Norman Robinson of the Environment Agency.


Don't forget, you can also keep up to date with the weather, flooding


and its effect on travel with your BBC local radio station. That's


Radio Cambridgeshire, Radio Northampton and Three Counties


Radio, throughout the weekend. 900 jobs are under threat at a food


processing factory in Corby. Solway Foods has announced proposals to


close its Corby facility. It's now entered into a 45`day consultation


period on the plant's future. Stuart Ratcliffe sent this report.


This is one of Corby's largest employers, currently owned by a food


group which manufactures products such as biscuits and pizzas. The


announcement today has come out of the blue. Today, I spoke to the


local MP Andy Sawford who said he hoped there could be a way forward.


They have offered to open their books up to me to talk about the


challenges they face. I have offered to give whatever help I can. I have


encouraged them to think about relocating within Corby, if the


issue is the age of the plant they use. 900 very important jobs in


Corby, they have had a very loyal workforce. I hope they will think


very seriously about staying here in this town. Nobody from Solway Foods


wanted to talk today but they did give us a statement in which they


said this is a very old factory They said it needs ongoing,


substantial, additional funding just to keep pace with the demands of a


modern food factory. It isn't viable in the longer term. This is a huge


blow to Corby. In the last few years, the town has lost hundreds of


jobs. The closure of this place could mean a further 900 job losses


with perhaps more jobs being lost in the wider supply chain. The company


has told me it has started a 45 day consultation period with the unions.


A man wanted in connection with the murder of Thomas Ward in Stevenage


last year has been arrested in Denmark. The case featured on


Crimewatch. Vomited `` Homerton College has won


approval for a ?60 million development. It is on land behind


the college beside the railway line and will incorporate residential


units and business facilities. The college says income from the


development will be used to provide bursaries and scholarships.


A leading energy provider is reducing the amount it charges


customers who do not pay by direct debit. It is cutting its charge from


?96, down to ?24 a year, following a campaign by the MP for Harlow who


told parliament many energy companies are ripping off customers.


A shop worker has been talking today about an attack which left her in


with severe cuts and bruising. It happened at the One Stop shop in


Kempston in Bedfordshire last Friday. We should warn you that


Sophie Sularia's report contains disturbing images, because Ann


Shiels needed hospital treatment after the assault.


It is a week since the attack but the bruisers are still clearly


visible. The shop assistant has been left traumatised after being kicked


and punched here at the one Stop shop. The man caught her unawares


while she was in the stock room He came in through the back door,


pushed his way in, grabbed me by my throat. He took my keys. Dragged me


in and kicked me in the face. I want him caught. If he can do this for no


reason, he can do it again. Detectives say it was a vicious


assault. They are appealing for witnesses. This is the first instant


I have seen of a robbery at this in Bedford where so much violence has


been used. An extremely busy morning, 8am, there should be a


number of witnesses who saw the man run from the back of the shop into


Kempston. Did they see him run away? Detectives are looking at CCTV


pictures taken inside the store Two people have been arrested and


released on police bail. Police are hunting for thieves who


stole ?500,000 of equipment from a warehouse in Cambridgeshire. The


tools, used for mapping and surveying, were taken from a


business in Huntingdon over the weekend. The equipment is packaged


in bright yellow boxes, and detectives want to hear from anyone


who's been offered it for sale. The former badminton world champion


Gail Emms has made a successful comeback today, six years after she


officially retired. She won her mixed doubles match today in three


sets, and is through to the next round of the National Badminton


Championships. She won a silver medal at the Athens Olympics in


2004. Gail Emms is also playing in the women's only doubles. She says


it's mainly for fun, and she isn't planning a proper comeback. Later,


we have the weather, with refurbished in Denmark before being


sold for reuse, probably in Poland. refurbished in Denmark before being


A starting gun of sorts was fired for the European elections in May


today. Representatives of the five main parties faced an audience of


students from schools across Norfolk. It's part of an attempt by


the European Union to get us interested in the poll, which takes


place on May 22nd. And in this region they've got their work cut


out.. As our political correspondent Andrew Sinclair reports.


The press release said it was an attempt to create a bit of a buzz


around the European elections. In a television studio, the five main


parties rehearse their arguments. You can't coming to sign on. You


won't go on top of the housing list. We don't want Britain marginalised.


For more than an hour a day and said questions on the Euro crisis,


fracking and European scepticism. The audience aborted was worthwhile.


It is good to hear their opinions. There are some fantastic debate and


ideas. Did you learn anything? Massively. A series of lectures at


the University of East Anglia. It was organised by the EU eight and


ideas. Did you learn anything? Massively. A series of lectures at


the University of East Anglia. It was organised by the EU ate went


absent issues like bent bananas and cucumber 's head the news. Good or


bad, I feel it is absolutely crucial for people to know about what goes


on, and then make up their mind and use their democratic worth. Europe


plays an important part in our lives. And yes, the turnout at


European elections is notoriously low, and those who do vote, vote not


an European issues, but to pass judgment on who ever is running the


government. Coming up interest is hard in this part of the country.


Five of our seven MPs can be called Euro sceptic, whilst UKIP Paul's


hires in Eads than anywhere else `` Paul is higher in East. There were


problems linking to Brussels, and as it overran, some of the audience


left. The politicians felt it was worth while. Expect a lot more of


this in the months to come. Petros Fassoulas is ahead of the European


movement in the UK. I put a term that many people think currency are


making things worse, not better. I think the immigration question is


one we need to discuss a bit more. The benefits for the economy as a


whole are enormous. Billions of pounds come here. They contribute to


the well`being of the whole of the nation. Lotsa people would say they


put pressure on services, take jobs that people could do. As an outside


observer, the problem is not much the issue of immigration, it is how


much we invest in schools and hospitals. That is very interesting


that you put it that way. There are a lot of people in this country who


just don't see that as reality. I think it is interesting that it is


something I have experienced. People appreciate having hard`working


polish people working in the fields. They see the effect they


have in a local community. There are cases where we have to look at them.


We have to invest properly to make sure if there are problems, they are


resolved. How can you be impartial in the pro`European? Unfortunately,


my belief is that the pro`European argument is not listen to another.


We are trying to do as much as we can to have our point of view heard.


That is not impartial. If you put a pro`European movement forward, it


can't be. We are engaging with everyone. We welcome positions from


all political parties, especially those who engage constructively.


What we don't like, and I think the debate has suffered as a result, is


the tendency for some people to ignore the facts and focus on the


mythology around what it is to be a member of the European union. Why do


so many people think we should get out of it? They have not had the


opportunity to consider its. You believe it? I don't say you don't


know what you are talking about. When was last time you had the


opportunity to discuss openly the cost of living in the union? Rarely


we talk about the benefit of being in the union. I think it is


important that we take a step back and consider those matters. Thank


you very much. The overnight rain has already


affected some of our football matches. Stevenage's game against


Wolves has been called off. And there will be a pitch inspection at


Colchester tomorrow morning. Of the games still on, Norwich against


Manchester City is top of the bill. When Norwich went to the Etihad in


November they lost 7`0, their worst defeat in the league in 75 years.


This report from Tom Williams. It is 2`0. That is exquisite. An


absolute belter. That is seven. Do you still have nightmares about what


happened at City? No. Especially as I have seen the amount of goals they


have scored against, perhaps bigger teams than us. You have to put that


behind you. It was arguably worst performance of the season. But as


Chelsea proved, the free scoring, multi`million pound juggernaut is


fallible. Saying that, they spent 250 million to do it. Norwich's


problem, Manchester City can't afford successive defeats in their


title chase. Most fans would agree Norwich's form at Carrow Road will


hold the key to survival. After Manchester City this weekend, the


next home game is against Tottenham. Then of course that dreaded run`in.


Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, before Arsenal here on the


final day. It means results between now and then will be crucial.


Norwich have only won once in nine. Last week's loss at Cardiff a costly


one, leaving them two points clear of the drop zone. Where do you see


the points comming from to guarantee safety? In every game. In every game


we play. There is not a game we go into that we think, we will write


this one off, because that is defeatist. The facts don't lie. We


are only three point away from tenth place, but we know how tight it is


below us. Here to help, a new signing. Joseph Yobo, who could make


his debut. I like challenges. Extra motivation. I want to go to the


World Cup. I want to perform at the highest level. Pushing myself, and


also understand the situation Norwich are in. It is strong


motivation for me. He is staying positive, keeping calm, but it would


take some transformation to reverse this scoreline.


The opening ceremony of the winter Olympics has been taking place this


afternoon but one athlete who isn't involved is Craig Pickering from


Milton Keynes. He was set to become only the eighth British athlete to


compete at both a winter and summer Olympics. Sadly a back injury on the


eve of the games in Sochi means he's already back home.


I had surgery on it in 2012. It has gone into the spinal nerve canal.


Know I've athlete wants to get bad news. It is a hammer blow before the


eve of an Olympic Games. I spend a lot of effort getting to this level.


To get so close and then having to pull out is very tough. Pickering


could barely watch as is team`mate stumble down the course. They needed


a good result to qualify for Sochi. Pickering was set to become a


British athlete to compete at both summer and winter games. Sadly,


another slipped disc in his back as ruined his chances. The doctors said


we could tribute up as much as possible. You will be able to go out


there. You will perform very well. You would do yourself damage. It is


a cruel blow for the sprinter who tried his hand at Bobsleigh. This


injury put 's long`term future as a sportsman in serious doubt. Is this


the end of your professional sporting career? Potentially. It is


a bad injury. I had a bad injury two years ago. To have a second disco in


such a short space of time is not a good sign that Iraq desk. The bigot


pick a double bed now? TLC. Making sure we are here for him. We were


hoping it would not be serious, but it sounds like it is more serious


than we thought. He's a computing added in the game is the pinnacle of


his life. It is your journey he will not take again. He was still watches


team`mate, and rolling them on to success.


Almost a million years ago, five people, possibly a family, took a


walk along what is now the Norfolk coast at Happisburgh. Behind them


they left perfect footprints, which have only just been discovered.


Scientists say they're among oldest in the world. They had only days to


record their find before the evidence was washed away by the sea.


Alex Dunlop has been following in their footsteps.


May be my first footprint will be preserved. It was at this very spot


that five early humans literally made an impression. Several


impressions. When Nasher's storms washed with a bit sad, scientist had


a few days to record and photograph the footprints before the sea washed


away them. You can see it is covered in hollows. They have been washed


out by the sea. It is very fragile. This could be the earliest footprint


anywhere in Europe and Asia. Potentially it is important.


Analysis shows footprints are small, probably children's. It might been a


family going for a walk. This one would have been an adult male. He


was about five foot nine and may have looked like this. Not a pretty


sight, but clever enough to make tools and hunt animals. At the time,


this area was an inland estuary. East angler was stalling by land to


continental Europe. There could be a whole treasure chests on the


speech. This project has been going for years. We're been hoping to


discover a school. It is yet to happen. I am sure it. Is no and


Mecca for you? We are the only county to have evidence of four


species of human. This coastline is a prehistoric treasure trove,


yielding of mammoths and ancient tools. Some survived 800,000 years,


others just a few seconds. He won't be the years from now. We have a


yellow warning for more rain tonight. He is that next lot of


rain. Some showers at header that main band, is that main band, so


that'll rattle through the next few hours. Some of them may be the heavy


side. This main band the rain comes in, produce five millimetres. It


will be accompanied by strong southerly winds, which could reach


gale force around the coast. The rain rattles through quickly, so


during the early hours we will see drier conditions. The winds easing


down just a touch. Temperatures no lower than seven or eight degrees.


Tomorrow morning, Italy lighter winds. Plus three started today with


a few showers. The showers will be on the heavy side. The winds will


pick up in the afternoon. A strong south westerly winds. Gusts of 50


the city mph, but on the coast we may have stronger gust still. Good


afternoon we will see more showers piling in, some of them given a


longer spell rain. The showers continue through Saturday night into


the early hours of Sunday. That sets the scene for Sunday itself. Further


showers, heavy at times. Strong south westerly winds, but hopefully


for the day on Sunday we should start to see those winds easing


down, and hopefully we saw to see those winds easing down, and


hopefully we stop the CQ showers. From now until Sunday, the potential


for 20 millimetres of rain. Monday, a few showers. More wet and windy


weather arriving Tuesday. We could see some frosting eyes on Sunday


night as well as Monday. Have a great weekend.


It's your job to keep law and order, isn't it?


It must be exciting being a policewoman. It has its moments.


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