14/02/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Good evening, I'm Katherine Nash. First tonight, weather warnings have


been issued for gale force winds and heavy downpours. Ten millimetres of


rain is expected to fall overnight on already saturated ground. And


wind speeds could reach up to 70 miles per hour. Earlier this


evening, rail passengers on Greater Anglia were warned of disruption and


in Suffolk the Orwell Bridge has just closed. In a moment, we'll have


the latest on the travel situation. But first, this report from John


Cranston. Battling home through the rain on


the A12 in Essex this evening as the storm approached. Both Queen


Elizabeth Bridge over the Thames and the Orwell Bridge over Ipswich have


closed as wind speeds increase. On the trains, Greater Anglia urged


people to travel early. Just getting there early, first come


first serve. I was meant to be going to London


but I haven't gone because of the weather just in case I couldn't get


back. Commuters faced lengthy delays after


a man was hit by a train. In Hertfordshire, people living in


Puckeridge try to dry out their homes after the last bout of


flooding, hoping the latest one won't bring more. In Luton, a


desperate attempt to stop the pitch getting waterlogged in the hope that


tomorrow's football match can go ahead.


We've had a couple of postponements through waterlogged pitches and we


just want to play football so we resorted to bringing in this cover.


The River Chelmer in Essex was in spate today. It seems the immediate


threat is not just more water but the ferocity of those winds.


Dawn Gerber is in our newsroom now. What's the latest on the trains?


There hasn't been as much disruption as originally thought as many


passengers took the advice and travelled home early. There will be


a reduced service across parts of the network tomorrow because of the


high winds. Commuters should check with the real And what about our


roads and airports? Operators before travelling.


The police are warning people not to travel unless they have two. There


are delays on the A120. Luton airport is warning of disruption and


a handful of flights have been cancelled at Stansted Airport. The


worst of the weather is expected from midnight tonight to 4am. The


best thing is to listen to your local BBC Radio station for more


information. Serial killer Joanna Dennehy


appeared at Cambridge Crown Court today for the beginning of her


sentencing hearing. In the dock alongside her were the three men who


helped her. At one point Dennehy told the court she was not sorry for


having killed three men. This was the first time Joanna


Dennehy had been seen in court since she pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey


last November to the three murders in Peterborough and two attempted


murders in Hereford. Brought to Cambridge to record the sentencing


hearing, the serial killer's barrister said his client's


offending was at the high`end of the criminal scale. The court was told


she accepted she acted in a volatile way from time to time and that she


acknowledged that she manipulated men around her. Her barrister said


it was her case that she was not in sexual relationships with the men.


She stabbed to death her friend Lukasz Slaboszewski, housemate John


Chapman, and landlord Kevin Lee, who she made where a black dress shortly


before he died. And then unexpectedly, Joanna spoke about


victim Kevin Lee. In a raised voice she said there was no sexual


interference. "It is hearsay, I was quick to assault him in a dress, I


did put him in a dress, it was humiliation, pure and simple. There


was nothing sexual about it." Then, just as she was leaving the court in


handcuffs, there was a second outburst. In the presence of her


victim's relatives she said, I want to make everyone to know I'm sorry


for the attempted murders but I'm not sorry for the murders.


Sentencing will be later this month at the Old Bailey.


An inquest jury has returned a verdict of accidental death on four


men who were killed when a steel cage they were working inside


collapsed on top of them. Two brothers from Suffolk Daniel and Tom


Hazelton, Peter Johnson and Adam Taylor died at Claxton Engineering


in Great Yarmouth three years ago. This is the steel cage which


collapsed killing four men in January 2011. It was going to


reinforce a concrete base for pressure testing at Claxton


engineering in Great Yarmouth. Daniel and his younger brother Tom


died in the accident with Peter Johnson and Adam Taylor. The men had


been sub contracted from another firm. They died at the scene from


traumatic asphyxia. A solicitor read out a statement on behalf of the


family. We will never be able to come to terms with our devastating


loss. Four men went to work that day and


never came home. The evidence clearly showed that the men were


conscientious and skilled workers and no concerns were raised about


the work they were doing. The employer is still going but has


struggled to find work. The Health and Safety Executive will


now review the evidence in light of the inquest. They will decide


whether criminal proceedings are appropriate and will announce its


decision in due course. The judge extended his sympathy to


the families of the four men. They met such an tragic and untimely


death, she said. In Football, two of our teams have


been in action in League One tonight. Peterborough hosted


Walsall. They drew 0`0. And it was also a goalless match for Colchester


against Swindon. Well, that's all from me. Time to look at the weather


now with Dan. The Met office have and amber


warning out. Some trees could be downed due to the dampness of the


ground. Blustery showers coming in from the south`west. Temperatures


are fairly mild. Saturday will be quite windy with lots of showers


piling on from the south`west. There will be dry intervals but it will be


quite a windy day. It will ease a little bit as we head through the


day. The showers tends to fade away through the course of the evening


leaving a dry night. Sunday is much and bright after a chilly night. I


will leave you with the weekend summary for London. Let's go to the


weather centre to get the national forecast.


Our love hate relationship with the weather has become unbalanced this


winter, I suspect there is not a lot of love left. Today's storm has not


helped. It gave us 20 to 30 millimetres of rain. Snow in the


past few hours at lower levels in eastern Scotland. That should turn


to rain again but the blizzards in the Scottish mountains will


continue. This evening, it has


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