17/02/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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BBC Two in a few moments, asking what lessons the flood


Good evening. First tonight, questions and confusion over the


future of Papworth Hospital. The Government is now reviewing its plan


to move the hospital from its site near Huntingdon to Cambridge. The


move has been planned for years. Work was due to start on a new


multi`million pound site near Addenbrooke's this summer. But it's


now emerged the project hasn't been signed off yet and the Government is


looking again at the benefits of the move and it's affordability. This


report from Ben Bland. Papworth Hospital. It was here they


carried out the UK's first successful transplant in 1979. Now,


the UK's biggest centre for heart and lungs Andre, `` surgery,


treating many patients per year. It treating many patients per year It


has outgrown its ageing holdings and in December, the Chief Executive


told Luke East that it would move to a brand`new site right next to


Addenbrooke's Hospital. The plans are already well advanced. This


artist's impression was created showing how it would look.


Construction work, due to work this summer. The hospital complete by


2017. Now, the Government has ordered a review of the whole move,


looking at whether it makes sense financially and how much patients


would benefit. Clearly was very disappointed that we were informed


of this literally the Friday before Christmas. What we are aiming to do


is to give the answers back to the Treasury as quickly as possible so


that then they can be in a position to give as a speedy answer. I would


hope that certainly by early to mid March, that all the information they


need they will have. The Department of Health wouldn't let anyone


forward for interview but in a statement, said...


An alternative option that has been considered is moving it to Peter


Bratt instead. The trust that runs that hospital is in financial


trouble, unable to afford the cost of its new building. ``


Peterborough. There is unused space which Papworth could move into. The


financial issues around Peterborough Prison big that moving part with


their, clinically would be wrong, but it would also make it relatively


small dent in the size of the deficit. People travel from across


the region for treatment at Papworth. Even Prince Phillip had


heart surgery there one Christmas. They moved to Cambridge would cost


up to ?170 million. The Government says it is expecting to make a


decision soon. A body has been found in a river in


Leighton Buzzard. Bedfordshire Police won't be drawn on speculation


that it might be that of Neil Devlin, the local man who went


missing on New Year's Day. Waseem Mirza is here now. What more can you


tell us? Police and firefighters were called


to the River Ouzel at the back of a street named Taylor's Ride, in


Leighton Buzzard, at 2:45 this afternoon. A member of the public


raised the alarm after seeing a body in the waters. Now within the last


few hours, officers have told me that a body has since been found.


Yes, it's almost seven weeks since Neil Devlin went missing in Leighton


Buzzard after leaving a friend's house on New Year's Day. He was


reported missing after he failed to turn up for his job at Morrisons.


The 36`year`old has mild learning difficulties and at the time police


searched stretches of water in Leighton Buzzard. Tonight,


Bedfordshire Police won't speculate on the identity of the body that's


been found. They say their investigations are ongoing.


Thank you very much. Next, to a row in Northamptonshire


over the phasing out of middle schools. The County Council released


more details about its plans today but many parents aren't convinced.


At the moment in East Northamptonshire there are lower,


middle and upper schools but the council wants to reduce that to just


primary and secondary schools. It will affect 13 schools and aims to


raise standards. The future of Northamptonshire's


Middle schools has certainly sparked many heated discussions. The council


insist no decisions have been made. If the loud voice is that we don't


want this to happen, the County Council will step away from it. Then


it will be down to each individual school to deal with the impact of


that themselves and to deal with the costs of that themselves. It would


be a fractured system. This is an example of where you have the lower


and middle schools right next door to each other. Some parents have


raised concerns that if the middle school were too close, some of the


buildings would be sold off for redevelopment, something they say


would you short`sighted, particularly in such a growing area.


The County Council fee that would not happen. Instead, the buildings


would be retained and incorporated into one large primary school.


Parents are also worried about standards. This middle school


received a good Ofsted rating, whereas its replacement requires


improvements, which the school says are taking place. I think trajectory


is that we are on a trajectory to good. That is where we want to be in


the next step, which we expect sometime in September. Northampton


abolished its middle schools ten years ago and they are, the council


says the figures speak for themselves. In 2003, 46.2 above got


high GCSEs. For Priscilla, it is a case of deja vu having fought


against the system in the 1970s supplied a Mac it shows that to tear


his work. The majority of the country has two tear. It is ironic


because my vision was proved right. The consultation runs until the


middle of March and the council insists it is listening and all


views are welcome. In football, Peterborough United are


back at Wembley for the first time in 14 years after beating Swindon


Town in a penalty shoot`out to reach the final of the Johnstone's Paint


Trophy. Tommy Rowe scored the crucial


spot`kick in the past hour. Posh had to come from a 1`0 down, conceding


after half an hour. Top scorer Britt Assombalonga with the equaliser


after 75 minutes, before Posh won a tense shoot`out 4`3. They'll play


the winner of Chesterfield against Fleetwood tomorrow night.


That's it from Look East but let's finish with the weather and Julie


Reinger. Hello. Further outbreaks of rain


moving eastwards during tonight. Could have some heavy bursts mixed


in but it should be a frost`free night, with temperatures down to six


degrees. Light to moderate southerly winds. Tomorrow, perhaps a bit of


mist and perhaps some fog for some others. Generally cloudy skies once


that has cleared with a little bit of brightness and sunshine if we are


lucky. A scattering of showers, some of which could be heavy with thunder


and hail mixed in. Highs of around 10 degrees and with light


south`westerly winds, these showers, even in the afternoon, I likely to


be slow`moving and could be on the heavy side. Becoming less widespread


as we head into tomorrow evening. Nina has a national forecast but I


will leave you with the Outlook. Wednesday is looking cloudy but dry.


for the most part on Wednesday, it will turn more


Whilst across the whole of the country the general weather pattern


shows no signs of completely settling down there is some good


news. There will be some drier spells over the next couple of days,


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