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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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And that is all from us for this evening. Now on BBC


Good evening. A gang that raped and sexually assaulted five vulnerable


girls in Peterborough have been jailed at the Old Bailey. The girls,


aged just 13 and 14, underwent horrific sexual abuse. These are the


faces of the gang responsible. We can't show you the face of the


youngest gang member because he s youngest gang member because he's


just 14. This report from Louise Hubball.


The Crown Prosecution Service described it as one of the worst


cases of child sex abuse it had ever seen. And it happened here in


Peterboro, where five vulnerable young girls were groomed and


abused. This is one of the rapists, claiming, in his police interview,


that he is still a virgin. But in reality, he was the boss of


the gang. He sold a 13`year`old girl with severe learning difficulties


for ?20 a time. In this public park, she was tied to a playhouse bench


and abused by groups of men and boys. 32`year`old man was the oldest


member of the gang, and during police questioning, speaking through


a translator, he denied everything. There were other members. For the


first time, we can reveal the 18 and 17`year`olds. The fifth boy is just


14 years old. Back at the beginning of 2013, we topped with police


officers from our community, social workers, and we said give us a list


of young people who might be vulnerable to exploitation. We have


taught the young people, we have said, you might want to speak to us


today or in a few weeks or months, but what we want to do is share your


experiences, what you have heard, seen, experienced, and let us take


that. The police praised the bravery of the young girls who came


forward. To protect her identity, this girl's words are spoken by an


actor. After I left court, I thought the boys were going to get out and


get me. I am still frightened they will kill me if they get out. In the


future if I have a boyfriend with a child, it will be very hard to live


with someone. This will be in my heart and head. The girls deserve


the best support for the future. heart and head. The girls deserve


the best support for the future We the best support for the future We


will be with them on the journey to recovery step`by`step and ensure


they can recover in the best way they can. But they have been through


a lot, you heard today, but we're there with them and they deserve the


best. The judge told four of the men they had brought discredit. One of


them said he had betrayed his debt to his country `` to this country.


And on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire s Breakfast Show they'll be asking:


Should we regard sex offenders themselves as victims? That's


tomorrow at 6am. Four teenagers have gone on trial


today accused of murdering a pensioner. Luton Crown Court heard


how 65`year`old Sharif Demirsay was held down and stabbed 11 times while


his home in Kempston was burgled last May. All four defendants deny


murder. The trial is expected to last six weeks.


Medical trials to treat prostate cancer at Bedford Hospital are


attracting international recognition. The trials focus on


diet and food supplements. Prostate cancer is the most common form of


cancer for men, with more than 40,000 diagnosed every year in the


UK. Just over 80% survive for five years or more. But more than 10,000


men die of the disease every year. Stuart Ratcliffe reports.


We all know that healthy eating is important, and that a good diet can


reduce and even prevent some diseases. But the research being


carried out at Bedford Hospital seems to suggest that concentrated


solutions are things such as broccoli, or even green tea, and


they could help in the fight against prostate cancer. This is an MRI


image of a prostate gland. You can see the tumour within it. Doctors


have been looking at the effect these foods have on a patient's PSA.


The higher this reading, the more likely it is that a man has prostate


cancer. They have all been shown in laboratory studies already to have


anti`cancer properties, either by reducing the growth rate of cancer


cells or stopping them spreading, or making them die when they ought to.


So the basic science is already there. What hasn't been proven is if


you combine them, would there be a clinical effect in humans? That is


what we set out to achieve with this study. This man was diagnosed with


prostate cancer over three years ago, he is one of the patients who


has taken part in this trial, and he has seen his PSA reading dropped by


40%. Initially I was having urine and the tract problems, bladder


problems. I know do not have any of those problems. I do not have to get


up in tonight, people who have got enlarged prostate will know what I


am talking about. I can go out and have a few pints of beer and not


worry that I'm going to be up three times in tonight. The findings of


this research are attracting worldwide attention is.


Huntingdon Gymnastic Club celebrated the opening of its new extension


today. It cost almost ?1.5 million and was officially unveiled by the


former Prime Minister and Huntingdon MP Sir John Major, the patron of


British Gymnastics. Olympic medallist Louis Smith impressed the


crowds performing his London 20 2 routine.


That's all from Look East but let's finish with the weather and Alex


Dolan. finish with the weather and Alex


Good evening. The last of any showers have cleared away eastwards,


and the rest of the night looks largely dry and quite chilly. With


those winds easing off, temperatures could get close to freezing, ringing


the risk of a touch of frost. It's a chilly start the day tomorrow, but


not a bad day. It will feel cooler and fresher, but there will be a


good deal of sunshine through the morning. More cloud for the


afternoon might produce an isolated shower, but for many of us it will


be dry, highs of eight or nine Celsius. Quite a brisk breeze coming


from the south`west, making it feel quite chilly. In a moment, the


National forecast, but I will leave you with words about the weekend as


Saturday looks like the best of the two days. The winds pick up a bit


more for Sunday, the outlook. On Sunday, we have grey


skies and a bit of drizzle, too. Good evening. You may have had the


latest from the Met Office about the rainfall we have had this winter,


the wettest winter on record. It is sometimes difficult to visualise the


numbers. Let me explain how much rain we had. If you think about a


stretch of land across the UK, we had about half a metre of rainfall


falling so far this winter. That is, if the water didn't sleep into the


ground. We have a huge amount of water brought in by areas of low


pressure. 15 of them have been big storms, causing lots of


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