28/02/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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military activity in the area tonight. That is all from


Repeated failings and missed opportunities. The verdict on


Northamptonshire Police over the death of this grandmother.


Shape up or shut down! The final warning to an organisation running


schools and colleges in Bedfordshire.


The longest aircraft in the world in the biggest hanger in Britain.


And he's the ultimate in ultimate fighting and he comes from


Cambridge! Hello. First tonight, how systematic


failures in policing ended in the brutal killing of a grandmother


Mavis Clift died in a fire at her Northamptonshire home in 2008. It


had been started by her son`in`law who poured petrol through the


letterbox. But his target was actually his wife who had contacted


the police on several occasions saying she was terrified of what he


might do. When pulled from her home, Mavis was


already dead, badly burned and suffocated by smoke. The fire,


started by her fiery `` son`in`law. A final, fatal act in his campaign


of harassment. Mavis's daughter was the target. She wept when she heard


the verdict. Northamptonshire police criticised for failing to protect


her. Sitting through the evidence over the last month, it has shocked


us to be reminded of how many times Susan and her family and friends


asked for help from police and received no response. How many times


he escaped justice? It has been painful to hear that a lot more


could have been done to remove the threat Paul post. The inquest heard


of an escalating pattern of abuse. But despite the family polling the


police on 23 occasions, Paul was free and able to start the fire The


police didn't listen to them, say the family. That complaint was


upheld. There were systematic failings in our computer systems,


the training and awareness of our staff, elements incompetence and, in


addition to that, the lack of investigation around the incidents


reported to us. Paul Barber died here. His campaign of abuse linked


to Parkinson's disease. His family say he is medication was wrong and


he needed help. He was a proud man and didn't like to show the effects


of Parkinson's. To the outside world, you looked normal but he


wasn't. Psychologically, the ova medicating her drastic effect on his


mental health. The effects of the drugs were making him irrational.


This wouldn't have happened if he was kept in custody, say the family.


Less and have been learned and systems changed, say the police


A federation of academy schools in Luton has been told to get its act


together or face closure. A damning government report has highlighted


significant "financial irregularity" at the Barnfield Federation which


runs a college and half a dozen academies and schools across


Bedfordshire. It has been given a month to improve.


Just three years ago, the federation was held up by the government as a


beacon of the Academy movement. Now it is being used by opponents as a


glaring example of what could go wrong. Investigations began last


October and today, a report has identified significant financial


irregularity. The police advise the government not


to publish its report until they had concluded their own enquiry. This


week, officers reviewed all the material and say it doesn't warrant


any criminal investigation and that is why this document has been


released today. And it is damning. Other criticisms include: All this


was news to people picking up students today. I am shocked. My


son's education seemed to be going well. I am surprised. I've bought


Banfield was doing great because they have taken over the most of the


schools in Luton. They are my constituents. Thousands of


students, they are the ones who will suffer if the college doesn't


function well and we have got to seed up and running as well as was


years ago. We want the government to take strong action and we want to


see a new governance and management at the federation.


The federation has been given a month to set out how it will


improve. I'm joined by Paul Scoins, BBC Three


Counties Radio's political reporter who's been following this story from


the start. So what next, Paul? They have got to take tough decision The


government has been telling the federation it has got to make pretty


significant improvements quickly or else it will take further action.


That could involve the splitting of the academies. That's a direct


request by the two ministers involved. There are several schools


waiting to become academies. Tonight, those conversions had been


placed on hold. This has been a disastrous report. It is. It's worse


than we expected. It's hugely embarrassing. This was an


organisation which was the first of its kind to take over academies It


was celebrated by the Labour and coalition governments, and now, it


maintains its academic standards are not in question, but whether the


federation we see opening its doors to new pupils in September looks the


same as it does to Knight looks unclear.


As you may have heard, Peterborough serial killer Joanne Dennehy will


spend the rest of her life in prison with no chance of parole. Dennehy is


only the third woman ever to have been given a whole life tariff.


Before her, Myra Hindley and Rose West. Our home affairs


correspondent, Sally Chidzoy, was at the Old Bailey as Dennehy and her


accomplices were sentenced and Sally joins us now. It has been a day of


justice finally for the friends and family, who have cost the two men


she attempted to murder stabbed to death. Here, she and her accomplices


are now isolated from each other in jail. Joanna would cackle and smile


and the dog. The woman who killed men sat with many men behind glass.


Her three accomplices were surrounded by nine officers. The


judge told her she was a crawl, calculating, selfish and


manipulative serial killer who killed to gratify her own sadistic


lust for blood. Today, she was in handcuffs throughout and showed no


remorse. She will spend the rest of her life in prison for her life will


mean life. We saw what can a person she is today, constantly spiralling


in front of Billy Reeve to families at times when she showed disrespect


for everyone. The fact she will never see daylight again in the


outside world is a huge comfort to the family. Relatives and friends of


the victims sat yards away from her. We feel she brainwashed Kevin. He


has paid for that with his life We feel that justice has been served.


But each day, we live would the pain created by this monster and her


accomplices. But unfortunately, no amount of Justice will bring Kevin


back. The woman who was said to have a spell over men said nothing as she


was led out. She was a psychopath and had written a letter to the


judge, explaining her murderous actions. She told him she had no


remorse for the murders but did regret the attempted murders. The


judge said, you told the psychiatrist that you killed to see


how it would feel, that it got moreish for you and you got a taste


for it. Punishment and retribution required the imposition of a whole


live or die. Her accomplice got life. That will be a minimum of 19


years. Leslie got 14 years and Robert three years for helping to


cover up. It's been announced there's to be a


major review of health care services in Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes.


Managers say it's not sustainable to continue to provide a whole range of


services across all sites. They re asking for feedback from patients.


The proposed professional. Ogogo will start as


favourite. Still to come, the man becoming a


big name in the world of ultimate fighting.


And our world War I week comes to a close and night it is the story of


creche and's School in Norfolk where 100 boys were killed. Now I wonder


if you know what this is? It's more than 90 metres long and


one of the owners is the rock star Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden and


it can fly for three weeks without refuelling.


It's called the Long Endurance Multi`Intelligence Vehicle and today


it was unveiled at Cardington in Bedfordshire. It's the longest


aircraft in the world and it's due to fly later this year. The BBC's


transport correspondent Richard Wescott reports.


Inside Britain's biggest aircraft hangar, something is growing.


Beating into life, the world's longest flying machine. Looks like


an airship but it isn't because it doesn't float.


What you can see from here is that unique shape. It is designed more


like a wing than a traditional airship so it can generate lift.


Airships float away and you need 50 people to stand there holding ropes


when they land. With this, you can land it with no one around. How else


would a rock star arrive? Bruce Dickinson is helping to fund the


project. He is an airline pilot, businessman and this also.


I want to get in this thing and fly it Pole to Pole in stock we will fly


it over the world's greatest cities and show the whole world live on the


Internet exactly how beautiful this planet is. We don't need to go into


outer space to do that. The US Army bought it a few years ago but budget


cuts mean the developers have now bought it back. It will be able to


carry 50 tonnes using a third of the fuel of a cargo plane and can stay


in the air for three weeks at a time. You can get hundreds of people


on board. The view is brilliant, you can get plenty of people on board.


This hangar oozes history and the ghosts of airship past. The


ill`fated model was consumed by fire after it was built many years ago.


It might not be pretty. You decide what this looks like. The first UK


flight is planned for later this year.


The UK Independence Party has changed the political landscape on


many of our local councils. Last year they won 48 seats and they're


talking about doing even better in the elections coming up in May.


So spirits are high at their Spring Conference in Torquay. Because


despite predictions that success would be short lived there is no


sign support is waning. Torquay is a long way from Essex but that hasn't


stopped many UKIP councillors to celebrate a year of success. Why is


it happening now? They say it is because the public has had enough of


the main political parties. There has never been a time before when


the public and the ruling elite so far apart. What are the main parties


operate `` offering their people? Absolutely nothing. The membership


of the party has more than doubled, we aim to deliver what Nigel Farage


has caused `` has called on earthquake in British politics. UKIP


is gaining many supporters. They had a significant presence on many


county councils and now a new analysis of local by`election


results in this region over the last five months has found that while the


number of votes cast for the main parties is down, subvert `` are


bought for UKIP is down. `` is up 17%. The main parties still won most


of the season when you consider that UKIP polls more than 20% in opinion


polls in this region, higher than anywhere else in the country, it is


clear this is now a party to be taken seriously. The other parties


to believe UKIP's success will be short lived and they say none of its


policies are achievable. It is a successful pressure group but not a


credible political party. The way to leave the EU is to get a referendum


from the Conservative Party. This is a party with very few policies but


it seems at the moment most voters don't seem to mind. And on the


Sunday Politics this weekend, does UKIP have any policies? We'll hear


both sides of the argument. And World War One and the controversial


issue of conscientious objectors. That's 11 o'clock, BBC One on


Sunday. In football that are some important


games. Marriage are away to Aston Villa.


Think of some martial arts, karate, tae kwon do.


But there is only one which combines them all. It's called Ultimate


Fighting and we have one a rising star in this region.


Luke Barnatt comes from Essex but lives and trains in Cambridge. He's


unbeaten and preparing for a big fight at the O2 Arena. Our Sports


Editor Jonathan Park reports. This is Luke's last training session


before the biggest fight of his career. I will be fighting next week


and when I walk out, I have many fans cheering. He is building up


quite a reputation in the ultimate fighting championship. Fists, feet,


knees, anything goes. So far so good. Seven fights and no defeats.


It is one of the most demanding sports out there and contains a


relevance of many Olympic sorts `` sports. Some say it is the ultimate


test of stamina, power and mental strength. He has become an amazing


athlete. Lots of skills that you have to learn and he has fast


tracked through them all. Not everyone can do that. To its fans,


it is mixed martial arts but it has its fair share of detractors. I have


to train four hours a day six times a week. I am dedicated with my


diet. My life is 100% dedication. It is not two folks getting into a cage


and fighting, it is two athletes in their best shape competing to win.


We are doing jujitsu. I am looking to get my opponent by trapping his


arm, his head and isolating him in a part of his body to make him tapped


out. His opponent is from Sweden and will have his hands full. He is in a


hurry to make a real name for himself.


All this week on Look East, we've been looking at how the First World


War affected people in this region. Tonight the story of one school.


Gresham's in Norfolk. More than 100 former students lost their lives in


the war. The scale of the losses had a


profound effect on the school and its headmaster. Mike Liggins is


there now. I am in the chapel at the school.


Building work on this chapel started in 1912 and when war broke out and


the pupils at Gresham began to die, it became clear this building would


be a memorial to them. Here are the 20 names of the young man who went


to war and never came back. Three quarters of them were under the age


of 24. Gresham's lost 103 boys in the First


World War. It was shattering to the people who had known them well. ``


23 boys. Central to that story is the headmaster of the time, George


Howson. He was the charismatic leader, the one that everybody


wanted to be with. For him particularly, the war was utterly


shattering. George had a favourite. His name was Alec Heron. This


photograph was taken in 1911 when he was head of house and school. He


went on to Oxford and then into the Kings Royal rifle Corps. In March


1915, he was killed in action. He was 21. His commanding officer wrote


to his father. He was leading his men most gallantly and were shot


quite close to the German trenches. Nobody knew what this war was going


to be like. I think the day that he received the news that he had died


was a very black day. A year nine history lesson at


Gresham's. Charlie Shepherd is in the lesson. Every year, the school


visits the World War I battlefield. His namesake, Charlie Shepherd was


killed in action at the age of 20. These boys were in the same


situation as we now. They went to war and never came back. If you


would like to look the photograph albums. Today they maintain a world


`` they maintain a World War I archive. He had a special service of


intercessions and at that service, the list of the forum was read. I


think to hear that week after week and to see that list getting


longer, it was that renewed sense of disaster and grief. George Howson


died weeks after the Armistice. After losing 103 of his brightest


and best, it has been said he died of a broken heart. In 1921 the names


of the fallen were carved into the chapel stalls here. Someone thought


it appropriate that the names of George Harrison and his protege,


Alec Heron, should sit side`by`side. Now for the weather.


After a miserable day, there was quite a pleasant weekend. It is


still raining across many of the southern counties. There was a


glimmer of sunshine this afternoon. It wasn't bad everywhere. For many


of us, it will rain on and off through this evening and overnight.


That front is lingering for Sussex and six. Elsewhere, it is largely


dry. If you go further west, there could be a few fog patches.


Temperatures close to freezing. Further east, hovering at five


Celsius. We start tomorrow quite chilly and the temperatures won't


really recover much through the day. It does look mainly dry across a lot


of the region. There's quite a bit of cloud around although a better


chance of something bright across the rest `` West. Temperatures are


around six Celsius. For the rest of the day, it does look as if it dries


out. The showers will clear out into the North Sea and we are left with a


dry afternoon. The prospect of more rain coming in on Saturday although


it should clear on Sunday. This is our pressure pattern as we get into


Sunday. Here is our next weather system which will bring us some


rain. The wind will freshen as it moves through. Expect a largely


cloudy day on Sunday and temperatures slightly higher. Rabies


moving through by the end of Sunday. `` rain is moving through. That is


it from us but before we go, let us return to Gresham School in Norfolk.


Today is the end of our week of special reports on Look East about


the first world war and how it affected this region. We end the


programme tonight with the choir from Gresham's singing For the


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