04/03/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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European Union, that is certainly not shared the further east you go


into Good evening.


Tensions were running high in Luton tonight as 100 people gathered to


voice their concerns over policing in the town. These were the scenes


at the community centre. It comes amid claims that a man with severe


autism was beaten up by police. Two officers have been put on restricted


duties while Bedfordshire Police investigate the claims. Our Home


Affairs Correspondent, Sally Childzoy, met Farukh Ali, the man at


the centre of these allegations Farukh Ali, severely autistic and


with the mental capacity of a five`year`old returns home from his


time being cared for at a day centre. He is in shock after


allegedly being beaten by police in an unprovoked attack outside his own


home. They dragged him, they punched him, they held him hard and try to


get a grip of him by his coat. It was outrageous the way they


approached him. Within one second it happened. Because of his severe


autism, Farukh Ali likes routine, he likes to help the bin men every


Thursday by moving his neighbour's winds. It is while he was doing this


that two police officers sat in a police car nearby spotted him. One


allegedly climbed out and attack him. Since the incident about a


fortnight ago, his family say he has closed in on himself. Inside the


house, he has close the door on the world. He is more incoherence,


scared, worried and agitated. He cannot communicate as well as we


do, and it is more guessing about how he is getting angry and anyone


he sees, like a camera dressed in black. He will think that is someone


from the police force. These are some of the injuries it is claimed


he suffered at the hands of Well at tonight's meeting in Luton, there


were calls for the police officers alleged to have been involved in the


incident to be suspended. The officer. The decision has been


made at this time to suspend the officers and not dismiss them. But


you have powers to do that? The decision on this occasion has been


to restrict the officers and not suspend them. That decision will be


reviewed as this progresses. A mother has been describing the


chaos that surrounded the last moments of her teenager daughter's


life. Elouise Keeling collapsed with breathing problems during a cadet's


day at an RAF base in Cambridgeshire last summer. She'd suffered an


asthma attack. An ambulance was called but went to the wrong


location. But by the time it arrived it was too late. Struggling to


breathe, Ellie Keeling, aged 14 said she was going to die. People


with her told her not to panic, an ambulance was on the way. It wasn't.


In the middle is her mum, who moments before, she had called for


help. "I can't breathe, I can't walk," she told her. When Karen


Keeling saw her daughter, she was gasping for air, lying on her back.


"No, that's Wyton," she heard someone say. "This is Brampton"


That was Michael Smith, the cadet leader, then 18, who dialled 99 .


"They asked me for a postcode," he told the inquest. "I looked it up on


my phone". "That shows RAF Brampton and RAF Wyton," he said they told


him. "We're at RAF Brampton," he said, "in the village of Brampton".


At 7:48, he called for an ambulance, but it was sent to Wyton, ten miles


away. At 8:10, the second ambulance arrives at the right location, but


at 9:13, the inquest was told, Ellie Keeling was pronounced dead. Behind


her colleague is Suzanne Truston, who took the emergency call. She was


based in Norfolk, and didn't know that area, she told the inquest


"Would identifying a road name have been better"? She was asked. "In


hindsight, definitely," she said. An ambulance was first sent from


Huntington, a couple of miles or so from where Ellie was, but when the


crew queried if they were going to Brampton or Wyton, they were stood


down. The coroner said sadly another crew, closer to Wyton, were sent


instead. Ellie Keeling was described today as popular and bubbly, a young


lady with everything to live for. Tomorrow, at her inquest, more


evidence will be heard how she died. Bosses at Northampton General


Hospital have met today to discuss ways to ease pressure on its A


department. All non`emergency operations have been cancelled and


the Chief Executive says it's having a knock`on effect on other services


too. Our reporter Waseem Mirza joins me now with the latest. What is the


hospital saying tonight? Northampton General Hospital has told us it has


cancelled all nonemergency operations, things like knee and hip


replacements and hernia repairs This is because of the amount of


people coming in for emergency treatment. In the past week, more


than 1800 people have attended A, that is up more than 7% on last


year. The hospital is now warning of the possibility of further


cancellations in the coming days. How have the hospital found


themselves in this position? The chief executive told us it is down


to an increase OnDemand on its services which is affecting their


ability to see, treat and discharge patients as quickly as possible


More patients are being admitted because they are struggling to find


medical services in their own communities. What is the advice to


patients? If you are waiting for an operation, you will be contacted by


the hospital if there are any changes. Meanwhile they are urging


people to call their GP, pharmacists or the nonemergency helpline, 1 1.


In football ` just two of our teams were in action tonight. In League


One, Stevenage drew 1`1 game away to Crawley. Elsewhere Peterborough


faced Sheffield at Brammell Lane. Final score was 2`0.


That's all from the late team, now let's get the weather.


We had a frost last night and we are likely to have a frost tonight as


temperatures are diving under clear skies. Many places will get close to


freezing if not low as we get towards tomorrow morning. If you


wake up early you may experience mist and fog patches first thing.


But they should clear fairly quickly and then there should be sunny


spells. For the afternoon there will be patchy cloud at times, but it


should stay dry. In a moment, we will have the National forecast but


I will leave you with my out look. Thursday is dry with sunny spells.


By Friday, a week will stay miles into the weekend.


And with more on that, here is the National forecast.


Good evening. The skies across England and Wales are clearing. It


will turn cold once again. A different story for Scotland and


Northern Ireland. But ahead of that, the skies are clearing for England


and Wales. It will turn cold, so we will start tomorrow with a frost and


will also be some fog around. The frost will set in, getting down to


three below in rural spots. It is not until the latter part of the


night where we will see the fog thickening up. All while, the wind


is increasing. And


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