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Yard's handling of the case. That's all from the BBC News


Good evening. The view from the inside. One patient gives hhs view


of the pressure on at North`mpton general. Also tonight, it is


revealed that thousands of tonnes of rubble where sent to landfill after


a state`of`the`art recycling plant broke down. And heading for half a


century, sketches by Constable have had bidders in a frenzy.


And victory for the widow fhghting to keep her late


Good evening. A shortage of nurses at Northampton General is pttting


lives at risk. That is the view of a patient on the hospital's acute


ward. In fact, Darren Dale feels so strongly he has called for the Prime


Minister to come and see thd situation for himself. The hospital


had to cancel all non`emergdncy operations this week becausd of a


spike in the number of people using A Earlier today, in the few hours


he had between treatments, Darren Dale spoke exclusively to otr


reporter, Stuart Ratcliffe. We now have more nurses than we did in


2010. This is more than we have had back in the 1940s. It is a record we


can be proud of. It was this reply which saw infuriated the patient at


Northampton general. If he spent some time an award with the nurses,


see how stretched they are. They are due to have four people on dach


shift and they are regularlx down by one. He raised concerns abott the


number of nurses on duty. In an e`mail, the hospital admittdd that


on a number of occasions, the number fell below what they wanted, but


risk assessments were always carried out and they would never opdrate


without that being passed. This week, nonemergency operations at the


hospital where cancelled. Hdre at Northampton is at breaking point. A


radical solution is required. We need to know that people know what


the alternatives are. The problem is have also been brought to the


attention of the health minhster. We are working with the local services


and local trust to get things up and running better. The hospital said


they are now seeing an unprdcedented number of patients, which h`s meant


staff having to move from one area to another to help support they


need. They are also investing millions in new staff. All xou are


seeing is a reduction in st`ff and the nurses working so hard that


mistakes will happen. And we heard about that story


because Darren Dale got in touch. If you have got a story you thhnk we


should cover, you can call or e`mail or contact us via the Look Dast


Facebook page or Twitter. The US Air force has confirled that


it is sending fighter jets from RAF Lakenheath to the Baltic. The F`15


aircraft are to be sent to `n airbase in Lithuania, as a display


of support for NATO countrids in eastern Europe. It is a doubling of


the American presence in thd Baltic. We can go live now to our rdporter


Kevin Burch, who is at RAF Lakenheath. This is the biggest


American airbase in the United Kingdom and the only one in Europe


which is home to these F`15. Because of what has happened in the Ukraine,


we have seen this scenario unfolding. F`15 The allows @merica


to flex its muscle. That is precisely what the Defence Secretary


says the role will be in thd Baltic. We will put measures to


support allies. We want to `ugment our participation in the NATO


mission in the Baltic countries That means countries taking


responsibility to man the ahr space and making sure there are no


violations. This is why thex have taken the decision to embark six


more of them from the base `t RAF Lakenheath. We have great stpport


staff and we do this as a tdam. America says it is offering support


to its Baltic allies. The b`se will go to is only 300 males frol


Ukraine. We will monitor wh`t their aeroplanes are doing on the radar


screen. The American jets whll basically be the doing what the


Natal ones do all the time. The planes have faced rapid deployment


in the recent few years, most recently three years ago, in an


action which triggered the downfall of Colonel Gaddafi in Libya. Talking


to one of these pilots todax, they always have an overnight bank ready,


because they may be called on to go anywhere any time. Obviouslx, people


are very determined to resolve what is a very difficult situation in


Ukraine. Northampton has been named `s the


best place in the country for doing business. Outstanding communication


links and the town's university have been singled out as big plus points.


Louise Hubball has been looking at the research in a little more


detail. These are the top ten performing


areas. In at number one is Northampton. Cambridge, as xou can


see, not far behind, at number six. The positions are based on which


towns and cities provide thd best environment for business success. So


what made Northampton stand out Well, it scored top marks in


turnover growth, start`up r`te and insolvency rate. It also rated


highly on financial strength. So what is the secret behind the


success? Its central location, central location and university all


help. The cluster of high`performance technologids around


the Silverstone race circuit are also crucial, attracting top calibre


graduates and engineers. Th`t is a fatal factor for this North`mpton


`based engine company, which is enjoying booming global bushness. We


have taken on about 20 new dngineers in the last couple of years. We have


got vacancies for more people at the moment. Investment wise, we are


starting investment to upgr`de the new test equipment in our f`cility


here. Some believe the succdss as a result of simply putting thd time


in. I think the people here have realised that you have to work


harder for your own business, use I have to put in the extra tile and


the survey showed that. With an enviable reputation, Northalpton 's


confidence is going from strength to strength.


And this is the second year running the county has wowed with its


business performance, being named by the government last year as The Most


Enterprising Place in Britahn. All eyes will now be on whether


Northampton can maintain its success during this year.


A man arrested on suspicion of murder after a fatal fire in


Wellingborough has been reldased on police bail. The 36`year`old was


detained on Tuesday by detectives investigating the death of `


48`year`old man at a disused hotel in Midland Road. The police are


still appealing for witnessds to come forward.


A waiting times could be dramatically cut at Addenbrooke s


thanks to a new fast`track blood testing lab. The unit, which is


based in the emergency department, will be able to process restlts in


30 to 45 minutes, meaning blood samples do not need to be sdnt


elsewhere. Doctors say quicker results will mean faster di`gnosis


for patients. The earlier wd know about any problems the bettdr. We


can identify problems earlidr with the likes of the kidney or the


liver. It allows us to insthgate quicker treatment.


It has emerged that thousands of tonnes of rubbish were disposed of


in landfill because of a problem with a waste treatment plant in


Cambridgeshire. The plant at Waterbeach was closed in September


2012, due to a mechanical f`ilure. It remained closed for more than a


year, not opening fully unthl November last year. And durhng that


time, an extra 47,000 tonnes of waste was sent to landfill. The


company running the plant h`s allowed our cameras in to fhlm for


the first time since the brdakdown. 400 tonnes of rubbish a day come


here from black bin bags across Cambridgeshire. It is a waste which


cannot be recycled. It is still sorted. Some goes to landfill by the


rest is compost down. But that composting machine broke and it


meant a lot more had to go hnto a hall Figaro. Heart of the m`chinery


was out of action for more than one year. Normally, the sent 71,000


tonnes to landfill, but this meant they sent 118,000 tonnes, an extra


47,000 tonnes of rubbish. Environmental campaigners h`ve


criticised the time it took for the plan to get back up and running but


the company said the act did as quickly as they could. The


investigation took place imlediately after the incident. The phone the


reasons for the failure. It was a fairly lengthy design process,


because the items of equipmdnt where a bespoke to this site. The company


says it has made wholesale changes after the failure, including a major


redesign of the control rool. It has been estimated that the extra cost


of sending to landfill could have totalled ?3 million, a cost borne by


the company. The council is now confident the plant is up to the


job. The last thing we wantdd was it for to be broken again and be shut


for a long length of time. Ht was important was done properly and we


are confident that they havd done that and that it is up and running


again. The company insists the plant is fit to run for the next 20 years


and can cope with the counchls rubbish from a growing population.


The Grand Depart trophy, ond of the symbols of the Tour the France has


been on display in Ely todax. The trophy is being taken on a tour of


Cambridgeshire, ahead of thd county hosting the start of the thhrd stage


of this year's race in July. Pupils at Witchford Village Collegd were


able to see the trophy closd up I think it is a great opportunity for


it to come to our school because the school gates very little because it


is just a small village. It is unique and it is extravagant and


very beautiful. It makes me want to get an update and rate around.


Eggers a great opportunity for people to see the trophy and maybe


think, I want to get on a break . Those are your top stories tonight.


Now, over to Stewart and Susie for the rest of the programme.


Baby Mason Cox was born as Julia Macklin was driving her daughter


Chelsea, to hospital in Norwich When it became clear they wouldn't


make it, she pulled into thd garage at Alby near Cromer and rang for an


ambulance. Still to come, ndws of a positively balmy weekend. And John


Constable causing a commotion in the sale room. Next tonight, thd widow,


who's won her legal fight to keep her late husband's sperm. Bdth


Warren, who's from Newport Pagnell, lost her husband to a brain tumour


when he was just 32. Samples of his sperm were stored before he died.


But they were due to be destroyed next year.


Beth Warren wanted to keep the sperm for longer, so that she doesn't have


to rush into a decision. Today a judge ruled in her favour, but late


this afternoon the Human Fertilisation and Embryologx


Authority was given permisshon to appeal. Beth is in London now.


You were elated, and then downhearted, presumably. Wh`t a


change of emotions! From such a high to such a low. It is diffictlt. How


long have they got before they launch wrote an appeal? Thrde weeks


wrote. Had they told you why they want to


appeal? No. They want to carry on fighting and overturned the


declaration of the court. What is going through your mind this


evening? We have spoken to xou before and you seem upbeat. Now you


seem very down! My cheeks wdre hurting from smiling so much. I


didn't let myself believe that I would win, and the more I spoke


about it, I thought this is it. I can move on, this is over. To be


called back two hours later and find it is not, it is heartbreakhng. I


have got to keep on fighting now, that is it. You came out of court,


that was it, and how long bdfore that? Two hours. What are you going


to do next? I thought it is real, I have done this. And this is the end


of the fighting, and I can love forward. To then be told th`t the HF


eight were appealing, I just hope they don't. `` HFDA I have fought


this. I thought it was the right decision. Just remind us, bdcause I


have heard this story beford, but many people have, why it is that you


want longer. The situation was that it was a month to the date that my


husband died, which was, and I was told that I had three months to


become pregnant. It was all down to the paperwork, which was tile


limited. It is all down to paperwork, and HFEA legislation


What my husband wanted cannot be disputed, but that is not what is an


argument, but it is the [email protected] legislation, and it is about getting


consent, and honestly my husband cannot give consent. Or you can do


is sit on your arms and white. Yes, it is a tough fight, and I thought


it was over, but now I just had to wait. But you are a fighter, and I


think this has helped you through what has been a difficult thme, this


fight for your rights. You `re going to go on fighting? Any cancdr


sufferer, survive or lose, xou learn how to fight. My husband tatght me


how to stay positive, and fhght for what you believe in, and yot should


continue to fight for it. The lawyers all will get around a table


and talk about this, and prdsumably they are doing this at the


embryology authority, but you can just wait and see if you get a phone


call? That is it. My legal team will be looking through the statdment in


full as it is. I have not h`d a chance to do that. That is what we


are looking at. It is just waiting for the Beth Warren to make the


right decision. `` HFEA to lake the right decision. I know it mtst be


very difficult to come on hdre after that decision. Thank you for coming


on. Thank you. ?80 million hs being spent at Stansted Airport to improve


the passenger terminal, and today the Aviation Minister offichally


opened a new security area. It's the first major project since M`nchester


Airports Group bought Stansted a year ago. It comes just a fdw months


after the airport was left off a short list for the preferred


location for an extra runwax. Despite that, the owners, and the


minister, believe Stansted could still grow.


A flight climbs skies above the back on the ground in the termin`l, the


usual frustrations over Leeds delays over getting through security


checks. I just drive on and drive off. I have missed my flight. It is


since 8:30am. I have been trying to cross the security. The avi`tion


Minister, flanked by an MD `nd an MP opened a new security zone. It is a


definite improvement. In thd security search area, we have added


in some extra x`ray equipment. These are artists impressions of the new


departure area. It is part of the upgrade of the terminal by


Manchester Road Manchester `irport group. That is part of a ?240


million package. That is part of what we plan to invest. In the


meantime, they will have two make the most of this building. @n export


commission, looking at wherd a new runway could be built, short listed


Heathrow and Gatwick, not Stansted. But the aviation Minister s`ys that


Stansted can still get biggdr even without a new runway. We ard seeing


carriers come into this airport and in the short to medium term, they


can carry on growing. It is hoped that queues at security will be


shorter. There are very few painters who have a part of the region named


after them. But John Constable does. His paintings of what becamd known


as Constable Country, the area around East Bergholt, on thd border


between Suffolk and Essex, sell for millions of pounds. But tod`y was


the chance for a bargain. A collection of Constable's sketches,


which had never been seen bdfore, went up for auction in Cambridge.


The top valuation was just ?12, 00, but the bidders had other ideas


Fresh, pristine and almost two centuries old. These are thd


never`before`seen pocket book sketches of John Constable. This


little drawing is special, rather romantic. Constable had fin`lly


married his beloved Maria after years of opposition from her family.


He sketched this on the way back from their honeymoon in 1816. It


looks like it was done yestdrday. At ?42,000 here... And today in


Cambridge, this tiny pencil sketch sold for seven times more than


expected. The bidding for ehght pictures went crazy. ?44,000. I


absolutely love a good aucthon, and that was a really good aucthon. The


estimated top price was ?62,000 for the collection, but the reality was


three times that, at ?187,000. Most sold to faceless buyers, except


this. To a lady actually in the room for ?18,000. `` ?16,000. Thdre was a


lady who has loved Constabld since she was 21 years old, and she bid on


three or four drawings before succeeding. It is a lovely story.


She beat some of the big collectors, if you like. She fulfilled her


dream. Hidden away in a Norfolk manor for years, these sketches were


bought from a dealer in 1952 for just ?500. They are a discovery


they are new to the market. People have just loved them. They `re in


cracking condition. When yot think that they are 200 years old. Today,


these charming pictures soaked up the public's love for the fhrst and


possibly last time. Isn't that exciting? !


Temperatures hit 14 Celsius today. They could hit 16 degrees in Essex


by the weekend. We have clotd coming in from the North West. There will


be a few spots of rain in places. As the cloud continues to move south


and east, it may turn a little bit damp. Certainly, the potenthal for a


bit of light rain and drizzle. Eight moderate south`westerly, so these


are the sorts of low temper`tures we can expect. No more than six or


seven Celsius. The cloud will take awhile clear it, so it looks like it


is going to be a cloudy start, damp in some places as well, I do not


despair, though, as we may get some cloudy spells before the dax is out.


The thickest of the cloud could bring some light spots of r`in and


drizzle on Road on Friday. We may get winds from a westerly dhrection.


It is an afternoon where we should start to get that cloud broken up,


and we should get increasing amounts of sunshine. A clear sky ovdrnight


will mean that tempters will fall lower overnight, and then m`ybe a


touch of Frost. `` temperattres will fall lower overnight. The hhgh


pressure will stretch right across the UK, and that promises are good


weather pattern into next wdek, which will mean lots of dry weather


around, and lots of bright `nd sunny weather, but also the risk of some


frost and light winds. Therd is a risk of Frost tonight, with


increasing amounts of cloud later. There will be quite a bit of cloud


around, but it should break up quite a bit quicker than tomorrow, so we


will see some Road height temperatures.


A little bit cooler for Monday, but it is still dry and settled into


next week. We are looking forward to that! Have a


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