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370 Good evening. The drunk driver sentenced to 20 months in prison


killing his sister. Good eight miles of rail tr`ck help


the Fens cash in on Cambridge? The government says it is now a


priority. We will be here later in thd


programme with the report on the desperate need for more mental


health beds for young peopld. One teenager's story.


And, lottery funding for thhs group in Colchester to try to change the


image of Essex girls. Good evening. A drunk driver is


beginning a 20`month prison sentence tonight for causing the death of his


sister. Nathan Scotchford w`s nearly twice the legal drink`drive limit


when he drove his van into the River Neene. His 19`year`old sistdr


Natalie was a passenger. Shd was killed. Today, Nathan Scotchford


listened as a judge told hil he will now have to carry the responsibility


for her death for the rest of his life. Emma Baugh was in Petdrborough


Crown Court and joins me now. Well, few of us can imagine the pain


and suffering caused to the family, losing a daughter in such a stout


and tragic way. But then seding their son sentenced for her death.


The family have said to the judge, they asked him not to send him to


prison, saying they could not properly grieve for Natalie, knowing


that they would lose their son to. Awaiting his sentence for the crash


which killed his sister. Nathan Scotchford was nearly twice over the


legal drink drive limit when his van crashed into the river. It was last


July and he and Natalie had been on a night out. Driving home, he lost


control, plunging into the hcy water. Eyewitnesses recall how he


went back into the water to try and save her. He got out and he was


summing around shouting that his sister was in the van. This other


fishermen who was with us, he stripped off, jumped in, but there


was nothing he could do. He tried to get her out, but there was


absolutely... The van was too far in. The court heard he will carry


the responsibility of his bdloved sister's death for the rest of his


life. The guilt he feels whdn he looks in his parents's eyes will


resonate with him for as long as he lives. This is a tragic casd which


has Kelly had devastating ilpact on all the family. Justice must be done


and the sentence has been p`ssed. However, there can be no grdater


punishment than having the responsibility of having killed your


sister. This is a sad example of the devastating effects of drivhng over


the prescribed limit. The jtdge gave his sympathy to the family `nd said


it was clear the grief Nath`n Scotchford's thoughtless actions had


brought to them. They asked for mercy, but he said he did not just


think about them. He had to send a message to stop more young people


drinking and driving home. Nathan Scotchford will servd half of


his 20 month sentence. The family had said that they wept as his


sentence was passed. They s`id that sending him away could not possibly


punish him more than he does himself. Every single day.


Reopening the railway line to Wisbech is now a strategic priority,


according to the Transport linister. A special rail summit, held in


Westminster today, heard how a new rail link would help promotd growth


and spread the wealth of Calbridge into the Fens. Wisbech is now one of


the largest towns in England without a railway station. At one thme


Wisbech actually had two. The last one to close was Wisbech East, with


the last passenger train le`ving that station in 1968. Let's take a


look at the current proposal. It would involve reopening the


eight`mile line which links Wisbech to March. From there, it cotld join


the existing railway. Ultim`tely, those in favour would like to see


trains travelling directly from Wisbech to March, Ely and into


Cambridge. Andrew Sinclair joins us from Westminster now. It all sounds


very positive, but when is `nything likely to happen? The campahgn to


reopen this line has been going on for years, but it certainly seems to


be gaining momentum. Ministdrs don't turn up at summits like these unless


they really feel there is a chance of something happening.


Cambridgeshire needs much bdtter transport links. It helps btsiness


and people get to work. Could be branch line be part of the solution?


No wonder the train out of Liverpool Street is crowded. For more than 120


years the Bramley line took passengers do with back. Today, the


line is overgrown. Many people it has contributed to the town's


economic decline and it is time it was reopened. We have no public


transport here, so anything they can do to open up for the town. You have


to travel for ten or 15 minttes to get to the nearest train st`tion. It


would save on parking. This afternoon, her at Westminstdr, local


politicians and business le`ders presented their case to the


Transport minister. They sahd if the line was reconnected to the Ely to


Peterborough track, it would halve many journey times. Cambridge could


be reached in 40 minutes, and local companies could use the lind again


to transport freight. The mhnister said he recognised the line's


importance. They left the mdeting feeling positive. For the fhrst time


in a long career, I realised something is going to happen, and I


am confident that over the ledium term we shall see movement on this.


But the original cost of opdning the line has gone up to ?50 million But


the campaigners argue it cotld still be profitable, and it would not take


long to do. The line is there. Working on this track does not


interfere with other parts of the network, and so it is something we


can move quickly on. It is hmportant for the area that we do. People in


Wisbech have waited a long time for this scheme to go ahead, and I


believe the time is now to deliver on it. All this is happening as


Network Rail prepares to upgrade the nearby fen line which runs to


Cambridge and London, and to make improvements to the Ely Junction.


All that and today's meeting are signs that, after many years of


neglect, there is a growing realisation that growing part of our


region need a better rail sdrvice `` Rowell.


It will speak some years before this line will reopen. There are


feasibility studies to be done, and ?50 million to be found. Having said


that, we could see the first money for this scheme coming throtgh


before the end of this year. The regional developer at fund wants to


make a series of grants by the end of this year. `` regional ddveloper


and fund. That could be an hmportant first step.


As you may have heard, the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines


flight has been extended ovdr a much wider area. It was on route from


Kuala Lumpur to Beijing when it disappeared on Saturday. An


engineering graduate from C`mbridge University was among the passengers


on board. Louise Hubball reports. In Kuala Lumpur, families of those


on board missing flight 370 Hope for answers. Among the passengers,


27`year`old Cambridge gradu`te Yuchen Li, recently married. His


wife, who is not on the flight, is still studying in Cambridge. It is


understood he had just started a high`powered role in Beijing.


Thousands of miles away, thd Cambridge College where he studied,


issued a statement, describhng him as a hugely talented and likeable


person with a brilliant carder ahead of him. Our heartfelt sympathy goes


to his wife, family, friends and colleagues at this extremelx


worrying time. The internathonal search for the missing aircraft has


been widened in the seas of Vietnam and Malaysia. None of the ddbris and


oil slicks spotted so far h`ve proved to be linked to the


disappearance. As the operation expands, relatives continue to hope


for news. A mystery illness which has killed


dogs across the country has now been found in Northamptonshire. @ Jack


Russell, which was walked in a forest near Northampton, didd with


the disease. It's the first confirmed case in the region. The


symptoms which are similar to "Alabama Rot" include kidnex


problems and skin lesions. Like Cartwright reports.


The disease has reached our part of the world. Warnings to date with the


latest dog to have died, whdre the dog is thought to have quarter. Now,


that are on the lookout for other cases. A healthy three`year`old Jack


Russell died within three d`ys. We took some plants, and despite our


treatments, he went downhill so much we had to put him to sleep. 27 dogs


have died in just over a ye`r with the disease. The new Forest has seen


12 deaths. The remainder of cases are dotted across England and Wales.


The latest case is in Northamptonshire. What is dhfficult


about this disease is that they don't know how it is spread. They


don't know how to prevent it, and they don't know how to treat it Is


it a toxin in the ground? Is it a bacteria? Alabama Rot was associated


with a toxin. We are not finding that in most cases. We don't know


how to prevent it, but it sdems sensible to me that if you go for a


dog walk, make sure you wash their feet afterwards. Some walkers to


date were worried, but not `ll. There are other country parks to


walk around stop it does put a question in my mind. I am strprised


there are no facilities herd to clean your dog. We have dond the


best we can to clean him up. If it is a serious problem, maybe that is


something they should think about doing. But he will not stop? No


Hundreds of dogs are walked through the woods here every week. The


Forestry Commission says thd paths will stay open. I think a ddfinite


feeling is the health and s`fety of visitors and that dogs is otr


priority, and that is why wd are working with veterinary specialists


to help identify the cause `nd put in place any measures which might


help reduce the risk. So far, one case has been confirmed herd. The


fear is that other dogs will show signs of the disease.


Like a dripping tap ` that's how one resident has described the noise


caused by buses on the Luton and Dunstable guided bus way. J`n


Chamberlain's home is just feet from the track. She says the thudding


caused as buses pass by is ruining her life. She's now joined her


neighbours to urge the council to take action.


They moved to Dunstable to dnjoy their retirement. Jan and Mhke


Chamberlain say their garden is no longer a peaceful haven. Thdy say


the sound of the busway is driving them out. It is just so annoying. It


is aggravating. It is so constant, it just doesn't stop. Up to 320


buses a day pass just feet from their bungalow. From 6am until


midnight. Their neighbours `re equally frustrated. All of ` sudden,


a bus goes by. You say, there goes a bus. You are doing something, and


all of a sudden, what's that? It goes through your mind, it hs a


typical thing to say, what's that? Residents say the engine sotnds are


not causing them concern, nor is the volume. It is the frequency of the


cards they hear. That, they say is being caused by the gaps in the


guide rails. They want the local council to fill them in. Luton


Borough Council says the gaps are integral to the design, allowing for


expansion and contraction in extreme temperatures. It says its engineers


continue to work with the rdsidents to find a solution, but so far, all


have proved unworkable. The residents say a solution is needed


fast. The noise is very aggravating, very invasive, and of


course, it is continual. Along with their neighbours, Mike and Jan have


appointed a solicitor to act on their behalf. They said thex are not


opposed to the busway, simply the noise.


Residents in Welney say the village is open for business, despite signs


saying its roads are closed. The Welney Wash Road has been flooded


for several months, but the water has now receded. New electronic


signs were put in place earlier this year to warn motorists when the road


was unsafe to use. But locals say they haven't been removed. The signs


cost ?20,000 and were paid for by the county councils for Norfolk and


Cambridgeshire. Those are your top stories tonight.


Now, over to Stewart and Susie. there is no plan for any further


searches. . Essex Police sax a woman's been taken to hospital after


she lost control reversing her car and crashed into a house. It


happened this morning in Hexbridge near Maldon. The crash has caused


substantial damage to the btilding. No `ne was in the house at the time.


Still to come on the progralme tonight. The professor in charge of


making Great Britain's cyclhng team go faster. Plus what does the phrase


"Essex Girl" mean to you? Wd talk to the arts centre awarded ?50,000 to


"challenge the stereotype". Some of you will already know these figures


but they are staggering. Suhcide is the third biggest killer of


teenagers. One in ten children aged between five and 16 have a lental


health problem. And yet there is growing concern over a shortage of


facilities to care for them. Last week on Look East we were ghven


exclusive access to an adoloscent mental health unit in Essex. The St


Aubyn Centre is one of only two of its kind in the country so there's a


chronic shortage of beds for those most seriously ill. Rachel Crick


contacted us after the programme. Our chief reporter Kim Rilex has


been to hear her story. 19`xear`old ritual used to try and hide her


teenage depression that 17 the pretence ended and her life fell


apart. Now she makes no attdmpt to hide the scars on her arms `nd


elsewhere. There is nothing anyone could do that would make me ashamed


of this, that is part of me. Before being admitted to the centrd, she


spent a week being assessed. I have some experience of seeing sdvere


eating disorders and unlike and that was a very depressing time. Did that


damage you further? I feel that it ended much of my recovery. @fter you


saw our report last week yot wanted to speak out about the lack of


resources for young people like yourself a couple of years `go. I


was so lucky in managing to have the care and support from brillhant


staff and the brilliant psychiatric unit but knowing that there are


hundreds of young people out there who are struggling and they are


trying to talk to people but there is not enough resources for


everybody. What did the centre do for you? What did St Aubyn do? They


give me an amazing support `nd they helped me through it and I believe


if it had not been for the tnit and their staff treating me with such


support, I would not be herd today. They saved your life? Definhtely,


without a doubt. You tried to take your life on a number of occasions.


I did that I feel blessed that those people were there at the right time


and doing that job and saving young people like me. I know it is the


cliche but it does need to be the yeti rooted that it is genuhnely ``


reiterated that it is genuinely life or death. The charity SANE runs a


mental health helpline. If xou need support or advice this evenhng their


number is 0845 767 8000. Thdre was a time not so long ago when you would


have struggled to name a top British cyclists. The Tour de Francd is


coming to Britain this year. Technically the sport is ch`nging


fast too. So much so that the Great Britain cycling team has appointed a


professor from the University of Cambridge to help them go f`ster.


We'll hear from him in a molent But first Simon Newton can give us a


quick history lesson with the help of bikes from very different eras.


Simon. This bike weighs abott ten kilos and is from 1986 and hs worth


quite a lot of money. If yot jump forward to the late 1990s, the


advent of carbon fibre brought about a real change in this bike weighs


less than seven kilos and costs the price of a small car. This lan runs


a bike shop here in Norwich. What is the difference between your bike


that costs ?3000 and that all is old steel bike? Even the bottle cages


are made out of carbon fibrd. Carbon fibre is the real differencd. The


real effect is an aerodynamhcs? A lot of technology know is going into


road bikes. Bikes fundament`lly remain the same and it will be very


interesting to see where those advances come in the next fdw years.


Professor Tony Purnell is Hdad of Technical Development for the Great


Britain Cycling Team. He's previously worked with the Jaguar


Formula one team. On Friday he'll be speaking at the Cambridge Science


Festival. He's in Cambridge now Cycling is mainly about the rider


and in Formula one you may be the most brilliant driver in thd world


but if you are not in the rhght car you do not have a hope. That is a


profound difference. Formul` one is technology lead while cycling is


more human. Why do you think so many engineers are cyclists? To race a


bike needs a lot of hard work and a degree of sharp thinking and soul


being an engineer, I would like to think that it is the perfect sport


because both have that in common. What are your goals at the loment?


London was so successful for British cycling but our ambition is to try


to equal or better the performance of London and we have lost ` few


starters. But there are somd youngsters coming up and thd women


look fantastic and hopefullx might seem can make them that tinx little


bit faster. Thank you very luch For years, Essex Girls, verx


unfairly, have been the butt of jokes about miniskirts and white


stilletos. But they are fighting back. A charity in Colchestdr has


been given tens of thousands of pounds of Lottery money to help


change the image. It says it's time the old stereotype was forgotten. TV


show is the only way as Essdx `` The Only Way Is Essex has startdd a


debate across the country. Perhaps typical Essex girls are mord


interested in nightclubbing than anything else. Do you think the


images damaging? Yes, we had a story from a young girl who went for an


interview for a job in London. She was asked where she was frol and she


said that she was from Essex and they all started laughing. H think


that is damaging cos the idda that someone from Essex is low


intelligence will affect yotr chances in a job interview. Does it


make you angry? I do not know if I am angry but I think we are very


tired of it now. Dame Helen Mirren proves that Essex women are high


achievers as does this Olympics and the singer. She is confident enough


to chase her dream. I am 16 and I am from Essex. What did you make of the


Essex image in court jester? I know very few people who look like that


and sound like that and livd their lives like that. I do not w`nt to be


classed as one of those Essdx girls. A stereotype, even an unfair one,


will be difficult to banish. It has been a nice day with lots of


sunshine around the region. You can see the Jetstream on Sunday was more


or less over the UK but over the last few days it has been shifting


much further zero words and that means a lot of drives settldd


weather. But high pressure brings its own challenges in the form of


cloud cover. This is the satellite picture from this morning. @ little


bit of low cloud lingering `long the north coast but elsewhere it was a


lovely day with lots of us sunshine. Not quite as chilly here


but across Norfolk and Suffolk we could get some frost becausd of the


light when is from the north`east. It will be another fine day for many


of us tomorrow but through the morning of all verbal bee cloud it


will start to break up and should be sunshine from lunchtime onw`rds Low


cloud will stay over the cotrse for most of the day and that will bring


the temperature is back a lhttle. Some places inland will get up to 15


degrees. Towards tomorrow nhght winds will continue to come in and a


lot of fog will develop for the first part of Thursday mornhng which


could be problematic for thd morning rush hour because there could be


dense fog around. Overall Thursday will be quite a cloudy day for most


of the day. The high pressure will slowly drift Southwest and `


north`westerly breeze will do develop with cloud developing over


the next few days. It will be a bit cloudier on Thursday and sole sunny


spells will return for Frid`y, then it will get cooler for Saturday It


will be less breezy.


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