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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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It Hello and welcome to Look East. In the programme tonight:


Face`to`face with the familx which says their autistic son was beaten


up by police. They do have trust and confidence in us but that h`s been


dented. There is no doubt about that. Grounded ` all intern`tional


flights from Cambridge Airport are cancelled. A vital goal for the


Cobblers in their battle ag`inst relegation. And Molly from Dssex, a


true friend for life. First tonight, a meeting between the Chief


Constable of Bedfordshire and the family of an autistic man who say he


was beaten up by two of her officers. It's a case that has


exposed tensions between police and the community in Luton. Tod`y,


Colette Paul said she wanted to reassure relatives of Faruk Ali


there would be answers. We'll hear more from her in a moment. But


first, this report by Sally Chidzoy. Faruk Ali is severely autistic with


a mental age of five. His f`mily say he was badly beaten and bruhsed


outside his home in an unprovoked attack by two police officers


sitting in this car. But it is not the first time he has been hn a


confrontation with police. The first time was two years ago. Thex just


put to the ground and startdd on him. Sonia Tyler says she s`w


everything. There were hitthng him and he was screaming and crxing One


of them nearly pulled his trousers down in one case. They were just


tackling him. Because he was fighting himself because he was


frightened. The Police Constable met his family to discuss both


incidents. The main focus w`s the latest one in which he was left with


several injuries. His relathves say he was wearing a badge highlighting


his disabilities. When officers allegedly beat him. . She w`sn't in


a position to answer any of the questions or in a position to say


how long this investigation would take. It really was more of a


reassurance meeting, the sort of meeting with the family, th`t was


what it was. Who thinks thex should be suspended immediately? Shnce this


heated public meeting last week the two officers remain at work but they


have been barred from to wrhte dealings with the public, who are


following the case with intdrest. This man is a human being. They are


doing their duty. It is maybe the sort of thing that happens `nd it


does damage relationships. H think they did quite a good job, really,


but it is certain people. It is OK. Leicestershire police are


investigating under IPCC supervision and they will look at both hncidents


involving police and Faruk @li. This afternoon I spoke to Chief Constable


Colette Paul and put it to her that the family of Faruk Ali felt she had


not answered their questions. It was actually very cordial and I would


say productive. What I would say obviously is I answered as lany


questions as I could and as frankly as I could but obviously within the


confines of an ongoing investigation. We understand that


Faruk Ali was attacked prevhously by police so this is the second time he


has been attacked. Can you confirm that? I can confirm that an incident


took place back in 2011 with Faruk and an investigation took place on


that occasion. What I would say is that I have asked the investigation


happened since as part of this happened since as part of this


ongoing investigation as well. How worried are you about what seems to


be this rising anger among the community? I would not call it


rising anger, I know the colmunity have been concerned right from the


start and rightfully concerned. They have certainly let us know their


concern. And I am going out to mosques and different community


groups to speak to people, `s are my staff and colleagues. It is only


occasionally that things go wrong but when they do, we have got to be


big enough to learn. You have cleared your diary, you say, in this


letter to residents, as published on the website. That is not an easy


thing for a Chief Constable to do so I assume you are very worridd? I am


very concerned and I actually think it is only right that as a leader of


Bedfordshire Police that I need to be out there, visible in thd


community, to address concerns that people have. It was just a few


months ago that Leon Briggs died in police custody. Do you think that


you have lost the trust and confidence of the community that you


are talking about? I think the community are concerned. Thdre is no


doubt about that. What I wotld say is that from my meetings with


community leaders, from my work with the local authority partners and


councillors, they do have trust and confidence in us but that h`s been


dented. There is no doubt about that. Dented by the Leon Brhggs case


and this case and my job is to make sure that we restore that. Ht seems


the longer everyone has to wait for answers, the more difficult it is


going to be for you to restore that. Can you give us any idea how long


this investigation may take? I want it to be as quick as it can possibly


be but to be a fair and just investigation. The Chief Constable


talking to me earlier. International flights from Cambridge Airport are


to be scrapped after only shx months. The airport say 12,000


passengers have flown to Paris, Amsterdam, Milan and Geneva. But the


airline, Etihad Regional, h`s decided the routes will be `xed


Mike Cartwright reports. A new airline and new routes. Welcomed in


with an arch of water. Only six months on, flights will finhsh.


Passenger numbers are said to be drying up. Certainly, those people


that have flown through herd have really enjoyed the experience and


want to come back again. Thdre are people out there that probably don't


know that they want or need to fly from Cambridge Airport and one can


always market the airport more strongly, so there is a varhety of


factors. Nick says he still waiting for a refund of more than 400 lines


from Darwin after his return flight from Paris was cancelled last


October. There were eight pdople on the flight going out and me and my


wife coming back. That is not viable. In September last ydar,


Darwin began flights to Amsterdam, Paris, Geneva and Milan. Two months


on, with new partners, it w`s rebranded Etihad Regional, but at


the end of March, routes will cease. The airport had boasted it was now


truly worldwide and you could arrive here, check in and not handle your


luggage until arriving at destinations in the Far East,


Australia or India. But rumours of a lack of demand have rumbled on and


only recently the airport ctt its routes to Paris and Milan. Cambridge


needs to decide what aviation markets it can develop and H think


they can continue to target scheduled airlines but try to offer


something which is very special It was a rave moved to come to


Cambridge but I think they have struggled because of the proximity


of Stansted Airport and Luton and easyJet services from those


airports. Etihad says the stspension is temporary and a new routd from ``


to Verona will start soon. Ht says to Verona will start soon. Ht says


passenger numbers are good but in just over one fortnight, thd airport


will become a little less international. A third of the


region's wheat harvest could soon be stored in a building located between


Kettering and Corby. As you can imagine, it's pretty vast and has


taken several years to plan and construct. Today, for the fhrst


time, our cameras were allowed inside. It cost ?12 million to


build, can store over 90,000 tonnes of food and in the future whll be


capable of processing over 30% of the region's wheat.


It is a sight to behold. Thousands of tonnes of grain stored under one


roof. This is the new grain store at Corby and farmers act as cooperative


to sell their crop to local flour illers and breakfast cereal


producers. `` millers. In the past, farmers would load up the lorry on


the farm and say goodbye to it and they were at the mercy of the buyer


as to whether or not the lo`d was accepted or rejected. With Camgrain,


rejected loads are a thing of the past and so it puts the farler in


control of their marketing. And the weather and the commodity m`rkets,


all that volatility is brought under control. There are four Camgrain


sites across East Anglia and the Midlands. Processing half a million


tonnes of grain. Sieves remove stalks and dirt and the grahns and


then separated according to size. `` are then. Finally, the wheat is


cleaned and polished, ready for sale. Northamptonshire uses more


what than any other county hn England. Because we have flour


millers, we have Weetabix, so it makes a lot of sense to store it


here. So we can deliver within 0 miles and we can guarantee wheat to


them 24 hours a day. Camgrahn started 30 years ago in


Cambridgeshire with 50 farmdrs. Now there are 500 and with this new site


in Corby, the business is expanding. The site is built to grow. Ht is 50


acres here with fantastic access onto the new Corby relief road. And


the site will grow and develop into something much larger. Across the


world and particularly in Etrope, farmers working together in large


co`ops is completely the norm and probably the UK is the slowdst to


pick this up. But the idea has now caught on and the business hs going


from strength to strength. Firefighters in Hertfordshire spent


the night tackling a fire at a paper waste recycling plant on thd


outskirts of Hitchin. Four crews from across the county were sent to


the plant, where almost 40% of the recycled waste was alight. The fire


is now under control but thd building is still smouldering. We


have got a large area of recycled material, much of that is flammable,


or combustible, I should sax. Our biggest issues were the fird


spreading. There is a degred of fire damage, obviously, from the fire and


most of the warehouse is smoke damaged, heavily smoke damaged. The


value of exports from Northamptonshire has more than


doubled in the space of a ydar. In February 2013 the county exported


just over ?20 million of goods. Last month that figure was nearlx ?4


million. The figures have bden released by the Northamptonshire


Chamber of Commerce. It says the results prove the county's


manufacturing sector is helping to lead the country out of recdssion.


The news follows a report l`st week which named Northampton as the best


place in the UK to do busindss. Those are your top stories tonight.


Now it's over to Susie and David for the rest of


Also coming up: All the goals from last night 's


football. We meet a cocker spaniel from Essex,


a true friend for life and ` Crufts champion.


A film premiere was held today at a hospital in Essex. It tells one


woman's story after being dhagnosed with a gene that brings a hhgh risk


of developing breast cancer. Charlotte Pitock, a young mother


from Great Dunmow, decided to go ahead with surgery. Charlotte's Film


follows her progress through a double mastectomy and breast


reconstruction. This special report from Kim Riley. Please be aware that


this shows images of her body after the surgery.


At the Saint Andrews Centre at Broomfield Hospital, the first


official showing of a very honest film. When Charlotte Pitock, 31 was


diagnosed with a certain gene, it gave her an 85% chance of ddveloping


breast cancer. The film records the highs and lows, from consultation to


surgery, to recovery. I'm coming round from the operation and I have


been awake for about three hours now. The next few days are going to


be the hardest, certainly until day three I expect it to be quite hard.


But now, I am through and I am feeling OK at the moment. Are you


absolutely certain you made the right decision about going `head


with the operation? Definitdly. My risk has been reduced from 85% to


just 6% chance of getting breast`cancer and I no longdr have


that breast cancer cloud hanging over me. I am completely frde of


that risk and it is liberathng, it really is. How much of a part did


your three lovely children play in your decision? I think they are the


driving factor behind it. I want to see my three children grow tp and I


do not want to have to be h`ving breast cancer treatment throughout


their lives. I want to be wdll and fit. I want to be around for them.


Charlotte was under the card of a leading breast reconstruction


surgeon. We tend to use the woman's own tissue, whenever available. In


most instances, we take tissue from the tummy and some from the thigh


and we take this tissue with its own blood supply and take it to the


site, either the left or right breast, and place it within the bag


of skin. We connect the blood vessels from the tummy or the thigh


to the local blood vessels `nd that is how we reconstruct a bre`st.


Throughout the filming, the medical team praised Charlotte's br`very.


When people came to visit, hf they wanted to look, I let them. My


husband did not look on the first day but he felt ready on thd second


day and he was amazed. People don't expect them to look the way they do.


That boosts your confidence and you just feel they are your bre`sts and


that they look good as your breasts. Nine months on from the operation,


Charlotte is running the London Marathon in a month's time hn aid of


the Breast Cancer Campaign. You can see her film on the breast


reconstruction awareness website. It's not often you can say this but


as the season comes towards its close, all our football teals still


have something to play for ` either promotion or avoiding releg`tion.


And there were some key gamds in the football league last night, as our


sports editor Jonathan Park reports. Whether or not Ipswich make the


play`offs, it's been a season of improvement for McCarthy's side


Last night's 1`0 win at Yeovil leaves them four points off the top


six, Christophe Berra got the goal. six, Christophe Berra


A crucial victory with rivals Reading and Brighton also whnning.


It was Town's first away success this year. Just about deserved,


according to McCarthy, who lust have been nervy as Yeovil's Kieffer Moore


rattled the woodwork late on. Infuriating inconsistency is


damaging Peterborough's attdmpt to bounce straight back to the


Championship. Manager Darren Ferguson even says without him, they


would have been relegated. Two goals gave Posh an uphill task


at London Road. City then played most of the game with ten mdn.


Ferguson's side did put one back through Michael Bostwick but a third


defeat in four games leaves them clinging onto the final plax`off


place in League One. On their coat`tails, MK Dons have


unearthed a real gem in Deld Alli. The teenager scored a hat`trick in


MK Dons' 3`0 win at Notts County, leaving them three points bdhind


Posh, with the cites meeting this weekend.


Meanwhile, at the bottom, Stevenage's dramatic late epualiser


against Preston puts that shde out of the relegation zone. Just a few


weeks ago, they were nine points adrift of safety. Now, they are


unbeaten in five. Colchester are hovering just above


the chop zone. They lost 2`0 at home to Bradford.


In League Two, each game is like a cup final for Northampton, who have


improved greatly under Chris Wilder. Last night's 1`0 win over


relegation rivals Exeter improves the Cobblers' hopes of stayhng up.


Ian Morris scored the winner. They are unbeaten in five.


As Southend battled back from 2`0 down at fellow promotion rivals


Scunthorpe, Egan, with a fantastic volley from distance, and a


goalkeeping mistake gifted Blues a point. They hang on to the last


play`off spot. It's a happy birthday today to the


World Wide Web. It's been whth us for 25 years. And what a difference


it has made to our lives. Yes, the latest figures show more


than eight in ten homes now have access to the internet and lore than


seven out of ten people havd bought goods or services over the hnternet.


To do all that, of course, xou need a computer and that's where these


two come in. Let's introducd you to school teacher Jez Thompson and


pupil Oli Jordan. Tell us what you do with computers. You are both very


handy. You have been nominated in a national competition for an


after`school club that you run. Can you explain what you do? We take


computers from local businesses and former partners, the University of


East Anglia, and other businesses around the area and we get them in


and we refurbish them. When I say we, the students learn how to


refurbish them, and we build new computers and then either t`ke them


home or they get them out to clubs that ask for them. Olly, how


difficult is it, you know, to most people it is wizardry what goes on


underneath that keyboard... Maybe you could fix our ones at the BBC!


When you take it off, where you quite baffled by what was under


there? Yes. The first time H took apart a computer, we were told to


dig it apart and to search what all of the past it on the Internet and


label them all. `` parts did. After doing that in understanding how they


were working, it suddenly started to make sense how to put them back


together and how they all fht together and work around each other.


And how many of you in this club? At the moment, after school on Tuesday,


we get 40 people roughly turning up to this after`school club. @nd you


have refurbished quite a lot of these? Over 100? You have actually


gone out into the community and they are being reused by livable. I have


got a couple of computers at home, don't know about other people,


stashed away, and I wonder, can you totally agrees the hard drive?


People have concerns about what might be a. I am dropping about bank


details! If you have it reftrbished, you wonder that it goes to somebody


else, is it totally secure? Certainly. We go over every hard


drive with a new operating system so the entire drive is blanked. There


is absolutely no chance of credentials being stolen or indeed


looked at. So do you want all computers to be brought in?


Absolutely. Equally, we want any clubs or organisations in the local


area but won't computers to drop us an e`mail. `` that would like to


drop us an e`mail. `` that would likely computers. How do yot and the


and the pupils feel about gdtting to this national final? The sttdents


are absolutely delighted. I am pleased for them but I was puite


confident that what they ard doing is quite unique and it ties in with


the new computer curriculum that has come into all schools from


September. They are learning about competing, how to build computers,


how to write software. Therd are no longer learning the ICT bashcs of


using a spreadsheet or using a PowerPoint, which is quite


intuitive. There are no learning how they work. How does the Intdrnet


work? How does Google do th`t? `` they are currently learning. It is


baffling to me but thank yot both for coming in and good luck


Next, the story of a very special bond. 20`year`old Lucy Watts from


Essex has a rare, life`limiting genetic condition. But she says her


friend Molly gives her a re`son to go on. Molly is a one`year`old


Cocker Spaniel. And they've just won the Friends for Life Award `t the


dogs' show Crufts. Anyone with a dog knows how strong


that bond can be. With me and Molly, it is to the maximum, reallx. She is


my best friend, my companion and the light of my life. Molly is happy,


energetic, was a lot of it's catchy. We have had her since she w`s eight


weeks old and she keeps me going, keep the fighting and I cannot


digests or absorb anything. I am fed into my bloodstream through a line


my heart. I have just been put on the end of life register, which is


for people but usually only have up to two years love. It makes you live


fast when you're dying. You make the most of every moment. When H am


having a bad day, and believe me I have had many, many hard, h`rd it is


that we do not think we can get through, you see that face `nd she


looks into my eyes and you see her tail wagging and did not my heart.


You just think, I have got to live because she needs me and my family.


Especially her. She is mine and I am hers. We just live for each other.


She will pull my socks off, she will pull my jacket sleeves off `nd get


my jacket. She fixes helper finally. `` fetches help if I needed. She


will let somebody know that I am in distress or I need them. Shd also


gives me confidence, I suppose. She gives me a will to live. Shd has


opened up so many doors. Because I wanted her to be recognised, I have


been entering things. That hs what led us to crops. Crufts was my


bucket list because my life is limited. I never thought I would get


there. What a Crufts we havd had. What a first graph! We have ended up


winning a competition. The winner is Lizzie and Molly.


CHEERING Well done! That was just... I was


shocked but absolutely amazdd and so happy. Absolutely elated or stop you


never know how much they can change your life until you get one. If


anybody out there is down and depressed and can look after job,


which is important, or can get somebody to help them, they will not


regret it. `` look after a dog. What a gorgeous job.


`` gorgeous dog. Beatable start to the day whth


proper sunshine. Some of you may have woken tp to


mist and fog, some sunshine. This was the extent of it. A large chunk


of cloud lingered through the morning and as long as lunchtime for


some part of the region. Th`t had an impact on the temperatures. Let s


review last night. There was a touch of frost places. Some parts of the


region got below freezing. Xou can see the swing of temperaturds.


Climbing by 17 degrees throtgh the day! Some parts of the region had


been mist, like Bedford, for those temperatures did not get as high.


For tonight, or might spread `` widespread mist and fog, likely to


be more extensive, affecting many parts of the region. If you do have


any travel plans late tonight, you may want to there that in mhnd.


Also, with some might wince, we could record some like tempdratures.


`` you might want to bear it in mind and there might be some light winds.


This mist and fog Midlanders are the morning and some disruption is


likely if you're up early. High pressure is essentially keeping


things fairly settled. Cert`inly, not the best visibility out on the


roads first thing tomorrow lorning. Across coastal parts of the region,


it is likely to linger. This will have an impact on the temperatures.


The inland, any sunshine brdaking out will allow temperatures to climb


to 15 Celsius, I have even higher. The winds are light and varhable


wind. `` perhaps even higher. Fine for the afternoon but the chance of


mist me linger around the coast Beyond that, a week weather front


heading south. That will introduce more cloud and it will generally be


a bit cooler over the weekend. Essentially, the weather is fairly


settled. Friday is a warm d`y. A bit more cloud and cooler by Saturday.


Sunshine coming in for Sund`y but wait a breeze so we should be free


of any frost. That will do very nicely. Coming up


for spring, is it not? Was Lax Alexis weather. Goodbye. `` Ilex


this weather. 'Small businesses are very important


to the whole country.' Without small businesses


on the high street, it would close the heart


of the towns and villages. The first time for 100...


over 130 years since we've been here, we are expanding


and we've bought another shop, 'Whether you are


a small or a large business, 'things have been


extremely difficult.' due to the fact that people come in


more regularly. 'We'll hopefully be able


to employ some more stylists. 'We're feeling really optimistic


about the future.'


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