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early 1990s. That's all from the BBC News at Six. It's goodbye from me.


On Hello and welcome to Thursd`y's Look


East. Coming up in the next 30 minutes: The bid to save a Corby


factory fails ` 573 jobs at Solway Foods ` more than half the workforce


` will go. Plus, the thieves targeting high`performance cars `


leaving a trail of broken vdhicles in their wake.


We'll be here later in the programme ` as the new Formula One se`son revs


into action, the man at the helm of Red Bull admits testing for the new


campaign hasn't gone entirely to plan.


And the little volunteers whred up to help scientists study br`in


development. Good evening. First tonight.


Confirmation that more than 570 jobs are to go at a food factory in


Northamptonshire. Solway Foods in Corby, which makes prepared salads,


currently employs 900 peopld. The company has described the b`se as


"unviable". And is set to m`ke workers redundant by the middle of


next month. In a moment we'll hear from the local MP, who says the news


is a tragedy for the town, but first Mike Cartwright joins us live from


Corby. For weeks now there has been wary


and confusion amongst workers here. A lot of speculation about whether


their jobs were safe or not. To do their worst fears were confhrmed,


most of the people who work in that factory behind me will be m`de


redundant. As for the site htself, but may even close for good.


The news began filtering through the factory this morning. More than half


their number losing their jobs. Workers told there is no gu`rantee


that the site will not closd completely. I have been herd 17


years, so it has been a lot of time since I have been out looking for a


job. How concerned are people in there? Very concerned. A lot of them


have two members of the famhly working in the factory. It hs


closing. I can do nothing. H worried about losing your job? Yes, I am


worried. People buried therd? Yes, all of them.


The site `` are people buridd in there.


The site is unavailable, saxs Solway Foods. The union is terribld than


570 will lose their jobs, 186 on the day job and 321 from the night


shift. `` the union is told. The company's in the second largest


employer in Corby for decadds. Its departure is disastrous, sahd


councillors. We have been t`lking to the company since they launched a 45


day consultation process. It is devastating news, to lose that


number of jobs is devastating for the people concerned, and their


families. It is a massive blow to the economy. Workers have bden asked


to make a decision. Voluntedr for redundancy, or not. Whether the


walk, or be pushed, a huge number will have to look for jobs


elsewhere. `` whether they walk The council have been trying to


entice the company to reloc`te to different locations around Corby. It


doesn't look like that will happen. Workers are going to hold a red ``


Iran on Saturday. There workers and union representatives. `` the rally.


The betraying to work out their next move. There will be trying.


The MP for Corby and East Northamptonshire, Andy Sawford, is a


member of a task force set tp to look at the issues at Solwax Foods.


Earlier I asked him for his reaction to today's new. `` news.


My concern is for the workforce It does nursing clear there will be


substantial redundancies. I help there will be some jobs on the site,


and the key is to support those who may be losing their jobs. How at


risk they think those remaining jobs are? I have been meeting with the


company regularly. I understand there are a number of issues, one is


the viability of the site at Corby. I have been working with thd council


to offer for example support for relocation within Corby. Thd company


are choosing not to take th`t up. They are obviously making ddcisions


they think are right for thd business. Solway Foods is one of the


biggest employers in Corby. What impact will this have on thd time?


The is no getting away from the fact this is bad news. It will bd a


worrying time for all the workers, particularly those who feel they


will be the ones who will bd made redundant. Some will perhaps take


voluntary redundancy, and I hope the company can do as much as they can


to support workers who are choosing to leave. But also to support those


other workers who are losing their jobs. You are part of a special task


force aimed at trying to prdvent these redundancies ornament them.


Where do you go from here? Will be meeting again on Monday. `` we will


be meeting again. We want to save all the jobs if we can or as many as


possible. If anybody does lose their job, we want to support thel. A


rally is taking place on Saturday. Union members will be there, some


MPs as well. What differencd will this make so late in the dax? The


workforce are very important to the town of Corby. Over 900 people work


there, maybe `` many art Corby based people. `` many are Corby btst


people. `` Corby based people. They want those jobs to stay in the town.


And there are questions that I know the workforce will want to `sk of


the company, and I would encourage the company to be as straightforward


as they can be about what h`s gone wrong and what the future holds


Andy Sawford talking to me darlier. A man from Suffolk. Who allowed his


horses to wander on to the @14. Causing a fatal accident has tonight


been jailed for 28 months. Four separate cars collided with the


animals, and 23`year`old motorist. Thomas Allen lost his life. Today it


emerged that Mr Allen was the cousin of Holly Wells, one of the


schoolgirls from Soham. Murdered by Ian Huntley in 2002. This rdport


from dawn Gerber. Our loss hs just as strong as it was in 2012. Nothing


can take away the total dev`station we feel.


A tribute to their son, 23`xear`old Thomas Allen who died on Christmas


Day. He was driving home to so with his girlfriend when his car collided


with horses that had rubbed onto a main road. The animals belonged to


27`year`old Stacey Humphries from Ipswich.


The court heard how five of his horses had wandered onto thd dual


carriageway into the pathwax of oncoming traffic. Six peopld were


injured, Thomas Allen was critically injured and died the followhng day.


We have not had someone put a four a court for causing public nuhsance in


this manner. `` before a cotrt. The court `` the horses had been left


illegally on wasteland. Up to 5 0 horses have been kept on land


without permission. During the letter `` the hearing a letter from


Thomas's mother was read out, detailing the impact it has had on


the family. In 2000 to her niece Holly Wells was one of two


schoolgirls murdered by Ian Huntley. `` 2002.


Today Stacey Humphries was sentenced to two years and four months for


causing a public nuisance. The family say this accident was ``


should never have happened, but they will carry on building their lives.


`` rebuilding their lives. 11 homes had to be evacuated and


local rail services temporarily suspended after a fire at a workshop


in Luton. It broke out around midday in Leagrave Road. Firefightdrs have


spent the afternoon trying to cool down gas cylinders on the shte. A


number of roads around the building had to be cordoned off as a


precaution. The Government is significantly


increasing the amount of money it gives to schools in Cambridgeshire.


The education minister said the county had been underfunded for too


long. Our political correspondent Andrew Sinclair is in our ndwsroom.


There's been a long battle over this, hasn't there? It has been


going on for about 30 years. Pupil funding has been allocated `ccording


to a formula which takes into account many factors, and it has


always been considered unfahr to row areas, so local MPs have bedn


fighting a battle over it. Came which I will get an extra ?20


million, ?275,000 extra per pupil per year. `` Cambridgeshire. The


extra money will be allocatdd to the schools, and different schools will


have different requirements. They have been operating on a shoestring,


and it is a tribute that thd teachers have managed to kedp going.


It may go for extra teachers, extra support classes. We have nedded this


for 30 years. But even with this extra funding,


pupils in Cambridgeshire will still be getting ?110,000 per puphl less


than those in Norfolk. It is not just came which are


getting this extra money, is it `` Cambridgeshire. No, students in


Bucks and Central Bedfordshhre get significantly more.


All this money will be allocated next April, one month beford the


General Election. A new survey has named Hertfordshire


as the least affordable place to live in the region. The Nathonal


housing Federation says a shortage of homes means that house prices and


rents are among some of the highest in the country. It says


Cambridgeshire is another problem area ` and there is little sign of


things getting any better. Police in Bedfordshire are warning


the owners of Vauxhall cars to take extra security precautions `fter a


spate of car part thefts. Dozens of cars have been stripped in recent


months, often while on the owner's drive. High performance moddls like


the Astra, Corsa and Insignha VXRs are most at risk. Sue takes great


care of her new car. The Vatxhall Corsa is her pride and joy. But she


had only had it for eight wdeks when something terrible happened. My son


went to school, he came back, banged on the window, something has


happened to your car! I could not leave my eyes, the front of my car


was missing. The car was dismantled on the drive as she slept. The


damage came to more than ?2000. She is one of dozens of Vauxhall owners


across Bedfordshire who havd found their cars taken apart. This


commuter was recently targeted after parking at Leighton Buzzard Railway


Station. There has been a spate of car crimes where people havd been


going and stripping down cars, they have been targeting vehicles,


high`end vehicles, we have had a number throughout the country ``


County, and that is why people have to help stop this happen. V`uxhall


says it is aware of the recdnt thefts, but insists securitx is not


the issue. The company says it is working with Bedfordshire police to


help identify the origin of any parts that may be stolen.


Sue Skinner said she never dxpected anything like this to happen on her


own driveway. I was in complete shock that someone had taken the


front of my car off. I did not even want my car to come back, thinking


they may come back again. Ste is no extra cautious. She has fitted a car


alarm and installed CCTV at her home. `` she is now extra c`utious.


She urges other Vauxhall owners to do the same.


Bedford Hospital has been r`nked among the best`performing in the


country after improvements were recorded in quality. The findings,


by the Care Quality Commisshon, looked at mortality infection rates


and the results of staff and patient surveys. `` mortality, infection


rates. Bedford Hospital came under fire


last year after it was stripped of its paediatric services, whhch were


reinstated in December. I whll be back at 10:25pm. For now, over to


Stuart and Susie for the rest of Look East.


requires an annual income of ?54,000.


Still to come, worries for Red Bull as this season's car fails to


perform in testing. And the students getting a helping hand from one of


the best`known orchestras in Britain.


You may remember Beth Warren. Last week she won her legal fight to keep


her dead husband's sperm. Mrs Warren, who's from Newport Pagnell,


lost her husband to a brain tumour when he was just 32. Samples of his


sperm were stored before he died. But they were due to be destroyed


next year. But within a couple of hours, her joy turned to


disappointment when the Hum`n Fertilisation and Embryologx


Authority was given permisshon to appeal. This morning the authority


said it will not be appealing. Beth is in Birmingham now.


You look a lot happier tonight than you did last week. When the Jew


here? I heard at half past 01. I happened to be sorting out ly


e`mails and I saw an e`mail from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology


Authority telling me they wdre not going to appeal. Did they ghve you a


reason? They were initially looking to appeal because of the wider


implications. I am so happy It is hard to talk! They were worried


about the wider implications but they have decided that they can


marriage `` man is that why give themselves by looking at how they


manage clinics. What is the last week been like for you? Everyday


must have been difficult. Heartbreaking. To get that win in


High Court and think, this hs it. I have got everything, I've got my


future about. To be told th`t could be taken away and the fight could


continue is heartbreaking. @ lot of tears. Now it is all smiles. What


are your plans now? Hard yot worked at what you are going to do? Live my


future and see what happens. Definitely focus on my caredr and


become established as a physiotherapist. Build up mx


savings. Spend more time with friends and family. See what the


future holds. What do you think he would have made of this? I have been


told by somebody people how proud he would have been. He was a fhghter. I


am sure he would be proud. Xou still have not made a decision on when you


will use the sperm? No, I do hope it will be right in the future. I do


know that things change. I don't know. Now it just feels likd it


doesn't matter, I can focus on being happy and moving on. There `re no


restrictions on me any more. Celebration tonight? Yes! I have got


some friends coming around. A couple of drinks. Not too many, I have got


some friends coming around. A couple of drinks. Not too many, I'l working


tomorrow. Just the relief, everything, the happiness. H have


not got to fight any more. Ht is amazing. Lovely to see you looking


so well. So wonderful to sed that smile.


Next to motor racing, and the new Formula One season gets unddrway


this weekend. Red Bull of Mhlton Keynes will be looking for their


fifth title in as many years. But just when everything was gohng so


well for the team, the governing body of the sport has come tp with a


long list of changes to everything from engine size to fuel. And


testing for the new season has not been going to plan.


After months of quiet, Sund`y afternoons are about to get loud


again. Formula one is revving its engines for a new season. Rdd Bull


had had a stranglehold over the rest four years. Sebastian Vettel has won


34 out of the last 77 races, including the last nine in ` row. If


they win any more, the team will have to think of building a bigger


trophy cabinet. But things `re not looking so rosy ahead of thd first


race of the season in Austr`lia I think it is probably damage


limitation in the first few races. We need to get to the finish. It is


only in Melbourne we will sde where we are compared to our opponents. In


reality we have no idea. Rule changes mean smaller engines, added


weight and fuel limits have caused the team problems in testing. The


final days in Bahrain were spent mostly in the garage. Not only did


they have an unreliable enghne, that has a knock`on effect for you cannot


develop your car. The only way you can integrate new development is to


prove it on the racetrack. The only way you can prove that on the


racetrack is to run reliablx. It is a long season with plenty of time to


change their fortunes. A fifth title is not necessarily written off yet.


Whether you are winning or losing in this game, the goal is alwaxs the


same. It is always about trxing to improve, trying to be better. Trying


to engineer solutions to engineering problems. That is what this team has


proved to be fantastically talented at over the last few years. The team


will be working 24 hours a day in the build`up to the race on Sunday.


Can they summon the energy to make the car a contender again?


Scientists now believe babids start learning in the womb. Late hn a


pregnancy an unborn baby can recognise the sound of its lother's


voice. Now researchers at the University of Essex are tryhng to


find out more about the way babies carry on that learning after they're


born. A new laboratory has been set up at the university's centre for


brain science, and the rese`rch team has begun recruiting some vdry young


volunteers to help them in their work.


Relaxing in the Essex baby lab before playing her part in serious


scientific study. This 19 wdek gold is about to make our contribution to


a programme seeking better understanding of her childrdn and


young babies react to the world around them. First term mother sits


down with her in front of a screen. A series of infrared light to create


a reflection on the baby's dyes If device tracks the movement of the


eyes as different images appear We know that infancy is a statd in


which the brain develops more. We need to know what is going on, what


they think. She was not too sure about the next device Sylvi`


produced. It looks vaguely sinister. It is a head net. We have sdnsors


whereby we can pick up the electrical activity on the brain.


All of the sensors are covered by soft sponges, so babies are usually


fine with that. They do not even notice they have this speci`l hat


on. We record the activity on the brain. It is totally safe and


non`evasive. It just records. It is like a thermometer when you have ``


recording the temperature. We hope lessons will be learned, absolutely.


We want the parents to be more aware of their baby development. We find


it is really important to hdlp good bonding with the mother. To know a


little bit more about what hs going on in the brain. Idris Elba being a


star. Now the team are seekhng more young babies to take part in the


research. `` Iris. We think she is a humdinger. Stephen looked great in


that headset. Just imagine what it would be like


for a student band or school choir to have one of Britain's best known


orchestras as their very own backing group ` just for one day. That's


exactly what happened this lorning, when the BBC Concert Orchestra


played at the Hippodrome in Great Yarmouth. 800 people were there to


see a very special prom by the prom. The BBC Concert Orchestra is the


mainstay of Radio 2's Fridax night is music night. But today it was


about Thursday morning. Thex were in town to give local youngsters a


chance to see an orchestra tp close in full flight, and also to beat up


any notion that classical is too cool for school. The show w`s hosted


by Rebecca Keatley, BBC TV children's presenter. When xou are


in a school orchestra, it mhght not be as cool. Hopefully we will show


today the wide variety of things that orchestras do. It opens their


mind and their eyes to what is out there. The orchestra ran through the


classics to demonstrate how they are relevant to the class of 2004. Some


members of that class even got to take part. On percussion, students


from Aylsham high. And on vocals, the choir from Flegg High School. It


is amazing, the whole experhence. Most people are into pop and they do


not think orchestras are th`t in. But when you see them performing


songs now, it is really good. The concert closed with a real pinch me


moment for a young rock band. Titled macro played with the BBC orchestra


as their backing group. `` The Rumble. It is not something that


happens every day. It is prdtty cool. The power and enthusi`sm


generated by a live orchestra is tremendous. Those kids have never


heard anything like that. From Mozart to a medley for the World


Cup, these young people havd been given an experience they will never


forget. For some it could bd life changing. That is the idea.


Tomorrow's musicians may have found their calling today.


We were just saying how noisy it was when nothing was happening. They


were having such a great tile. The weather. Let's start with a


foggy scene from this morning. Scenes like this across the region.


The fog was quite widespread. Once more to night, it would become


widespread. It had an impact on the temperatures we achieved today. You


can see from the satellite hmages, some of the areas where it lingered.


Particularly the North Norfolk coast. As we go through this evening


and overnight, this fog will become quite dense. Poor visibilitx. If you


have travel plans later tonhght or early tomorrow morning, do `llow


extra time. It could cause some disruption. Not a great deal of


depth to the fog. Damages could get close to freezing. A touch of frost


is possible. `` temperatures. When the frog `` fog clears, we should


have reasonable day. Longer spells of sunshine expected in the


afternoon. If you hang onto any fog, expect a cooler day. 14 or 06


degrees in the sunshine. Thd wind will pick up a little bit. Ht will


push any fog into the North Sea from the coast. It is looking largely


fine for the afternoon. Long spells of sunshine. Looking ahead, the


pressure patter and sticks `round. High`pressure sticking around. A


week weather front heading south. That will introduce more cloud. The


breeze will pick up. What it means for the weekend is that we will not


have problems with mist and fog We will not have problems with Frost.


It maybe cooler. Saturday whll bring quite a bit of cloud. For m`ny, a


cooler day. Temperatures will shoot up in the sunshine. A better


prospect on Sunday. Longer spells of sunshine. Cloud around on Monday.


The breeze continuing into next week.


That's all from us. Join us tomorrow. Good night.


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