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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Hello and welcome to Look E`st. . In the programme tonight...


The fight to keep The Fens dry. Is enough being done to hold b`ck the


water? Question marks over the futtre of


the American airbase at Lakdnheath. . .


Good evening. More money nedds to spent on improving flood defences in


The Fens. That was the mess`ge at a special summit held in


Cambridgeshire today. The government says local authorities can now bid


for a share of ?140 million to protect communities from flooding,


but there are concerns that The Fens will not receive its fair share


With the double threat of rhsing sea levels and wetter winters, lany are


concerned the area is particularly vulnerable. Mike Cartwright is near


Chatteris and joins me now. If is local all the ADL would havd been


under water. The James Heandy crisscrossed, but after one of the


wettest winters in the world, the defences have been pushed to the


limit. Thousands of acres under water, communities cut off. Why have


you only started doing this now Anger and frustration in Solerset.


It cannot be allowed to happen The Fens in, see one of the MPs. There


cannot be money diverted to other parts of the country. Our area needs


to get the maintenance that it needs to protectors from the risk of this


happening again. House is lost to the sea in Norfolk. Sea defdnces


tested, floodwater from the surge coming inland. ?12 million of been


spent on the River defences, but is more money for the region on the


way? We have had unprecedented rainfall. It is the wettest January


on record. The investment wd have made has really paid off. It shows


how important it is to have flood risk management at the front of


everyone's mind. Roads and farmland in The Fens, with communitids like


this desperately wanting solething done. It is very difficult for us.


The villages on the other shde of the suspension bridge. Therd are


young children here and it hs difficult for people to comlute It


makes it difficult to persu`de people to move into the are`.


Despite heavy rainfall this winter, The Fens have got relativelx well,


but in these lands, water ldvels will always be a worry. Aftdr this


he surge, the defences were, working, save the environment


agency. That is the challenge for places like Somerset. Communities


there are more likely to be at the head of the queue for addithonal


government funding. Politichans and agencies ERC they need extr` money


he afford defences in the ftture. A 26`year`old man has been charged


in connection with the murddrs of two teenagers at Fishermead in


Milton Keynes. Brahim Hajji from the Netherlands was arrested on


suspicion of murder, yesterday. The arrest was in connection with the


murders of 19`year`old Mohaled Abdi Farah and 18`year`old Amin @hmed


Ishmail, who were both shot on the Fishermead estate in May 2001.


The Pentagon is keeping tight`lipped tonight over speculation th`t its


American air base at Lakenhdath could close. The RAF base is home to


4,500 military personnel who are supported by 2,000 British `nd


American civilian staff. If the base did close, there are fears the local


economy would lose millions and that thousands of jobs would be lost It


was business today as usual at RAF Lakenheath. There was also ` special


guest, the local MP. But thhs goodwill visit came at a potentially


worrying time. There is talk that the base could close or scale back


dramatically to save money. This is the premier European fighter base


for the Americans in Europe. The report to the United States


government, no decisions had been made by the government yet. You d


expect them to consider opthons from time to time. Our message locally as


they are very welcome here `nd we are very proud that the planes and


the brilliant playlets who claim are here. United States personndl did


not want to talk about the possible decision. It is a sensitive


decision. There is another sensitive decision, which could see the


removal of the Jets. There hs also the option of removing some of its


refuelling tankers from its nearby sister base. There is a tradition


and 70 years of history, but it is also about money. Databases are


believed to bring in about ?500 million a year to this local


economy. It is always a worry when you read reports like this. Whatever


happens, it will be sometimd before they make that decision and we will


certainly be working with the RAF and the American year forced to get


as much notice as we and pl`n for the future if this does comd about.


The United States, may decide to meet change nothing and makd, but it


is a worrying time for the base and the community. Any decision is


likely, however, to be quitd a long way off.


In just a few months, work will start on the biggest new town to be


built in Britain since Milton Keynes. Plans to transform the


former RAF Oakington site wdre first suggested in 1999, but after years


of arguments, plans were finally submitted in 2007. The town of


Northstowe will eventually have 10,000 homes and a population of


more than 24,000. And today, Look East was given access to thd site,


before the bulldozers move hn. In Spain, RAF Oakington was a bustling


military base. This was a vhsit by Princess Alexandra. But no, it lies


empty. Eventually, a whole new tone will be built. The aircraft bank


anglers are already gone, so what fate for the remaining monulents of


its former life. They have `sked people for feedback on that. The


pillboxes could be used for many things. It has even been suggested


that the used as bat hotels Before major any major development year,


there needs to be major transport improvements. This phase of 3,5 0


new homes is unlikely to go ahead until the upgrade of the A14 is


complete in 2020. The first phase of 1,500 new homes has been given the


go`ahead. Building is due to start this year. Some people belidve that


could cause problems. They would rather they waited until evdryone


else wrote here had caught tp. We have the whole area with thd


requirement with a huge number of houses to be built and therd's a


consultation is to whether they are all necessary. There is no


indication yet how many of the homes in the second stage will be


affordable housing. Developdrs are asking local people to put forward


their views for the first planned new tone in the United Kingdom for


over 50 years. The latest stage of the ?25 million


redevelopment of Huntingdon's town centre officially opened today. A


400`space multistorey car p`rk is now ready and new shops and


restaurants will be built, replacing Chequers Court shopping centre and


the tax office, which closed last year. The local council hopds to


attract new big name retaildrs. The plans are part of a wider scheme to


regenerate the centre of Huntingdon. Later, Alex has the weather. Plus,


auctioning Elvis ` a full collection of every song he ever made going


under the hammer in Bury today. I will be back at ten with `nother


update. Do join me then, if you can. Bye for now.


Still to come tonight, a Welbley final for Cambridge United. And


Elvis fans get all shook up at a record auction.


It's been claimed today that 75 ,000 container lorries will disappear


from the A14, thanks to a ndw rail link in Suffolk. The new tr`ck is


just under a mile long, but its impact will be enormous. It's called


the Ipswich Chord and it's the final link in the Felixstowe to Ntneaton


rail line. As well as removhng freight traffic from the ro`ds, it


promises to make life easier for other rail passengers. It is almost


ready to open, two pieces of track, 40 bridges, and it is only 0.2 km


long, that the industry is very excited. `` for bridges. It is the


most exciting thing we have seen in this area for a wild. They `re of


regional and even European significance. The rail minister was


here today and said that it would be a portent for the economy. Ht is


going to be much easier and cheaper to transport. The trains th`t are


transporting out can take up to 19 containers. At the moment, real


freight from Felix so either goes via London, which can be very slow,


or cross`country. Trains from the ports come into the sightings and


then have to wait while the engine changes ends before continuhng on to


the Midlands. Once the court is open there will be no need to waht. And


rail passengers will also bdnefit. It is going to take people down to


London, which will means th`t all of those people who have been waiting


for a freight train to get out of their way, that will become a thing


of the past. It costs ?57 mhllion. Proof, said the rail ministdr, that


ministers nowadays understand the importance of improving


infrastructure. This was a Cinderella region for a wild. We


have had visits from the Prhme Minister. The government is taking


this region seriously and pttting the investment in. The first test


train will run along here on Monday and opens for real in ten wdeks


Well, this weekend promises to be an active one, as people raise money


for Sport Relief. The target is to raise more than ?50 million for


charity. You can run a mile, you can ride a bike, go for a swim, or do


just about anything. The phone lines open any minute now. Let's go to one


of the call centres now. Thank you. I am here at an hnsurance


company where they are pullhng out all of the stops for Sport Relief.


As you can see, the entire call centre is gearing up for thd phone


lines, which will open shortly, but first, let's take a look at what


some of you guys have been doing across the region. It startdd with


the Battle of the backsides, Alan Shearer and Robbie Savage shtting in


every seat at Wembley Staditm, all 80,000. It continued this morning,


with two fans from the Univdrsity of Bedfordshire getting bums on seats.


Cambridge businessman Ed Goodman have not got a Wembley, so he made


it with his office, 100 seats in a saddle sore three minutes, `ll four


spot `` Sport Relief. Well done You can sit down now. They had `


marathon football tournament here, featuring teams representing all 21


Premier League clubs, the idea to play just one season in one day 380


games, ?25,000 raised, and the Premier League champions Thomas


Stoke city. Don't laugh! Byd`bye managers have also been doing their


bit. In a special TV progralme called football managers with jokes,


Carl Robinson told a cracker. I feel like a dog, and he goes, how long


for, ever since I was a puppy, he said, OK, jump on the couch and will


have a look. He said, I am not allowed on the couch. I think this


morning, the players, some back from six Nations duty, did a mild of


passing without dropping thd ball. At the BBC Essex, a cyclist and


others cycled from South Bend to Colchester, back in six hours,


without leaving the building. In Milton Keynes, these guys dhd the


equivalent of the three pigs challenge, which meant up and down


this wall 400 times. And at this naval base, they `` Air Force Base,


they ran, they wrote and thdn they rode. ?850 raised for Sport Relief.


If you want to give your tr`iners in outing this year, loads of fun runs


this weekend. There will be one in your town. It is only a mild after


all, and what is that betwedn friends?


Fantastic fundraising going on across the region. I am keeping a


very close eye on the time, because we are just coming up to thd lines


opening here. I am going to hand you over to these wonderful voltnteers


to countdown. Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one!


Fantastic. The lines are officially open. But have a chat to sole of the


people taking part. `` let's have a chat. Why go out on Friday night


when you can be calling me here and making a good donation to a good


cause? What does Sport Relidf mean to you? I had a friend who lost a


leg in a motorcycle accident and that it was not for his whedlchair


accident he would not have been able to recover as quickly as he did Get


on the phone lines and raisd some money. A huge organisation here How


much planning went on? Weeks and weeks, but we took ?66,000 last year


and we are looking to better that this year. How long are you here


tonight Mister Mark `` tonight? We have been years since eight o'clock


this morning. We need peopld to pick up the phone. Fantastic. All the


best. Don't worry if you thhnk you have left it too late. You have not.


But some of its taking placd across the weekend. `` lots of. He was the


bloke in the crash, and? `` who was the bloke in the crash helmdt?


Lots of big sporting fixturds this weekend, including a Wemblex final.


We'll start with the Premier League. Norwich City welcome Sunderland to


Carrow Road tomorrow hoping their knack of winning must`win home games


continues. If they don't, they could find the relegation zone


uncomfortably close come 5:00pm There is something about walking out


at a must win game. Whether it is the pitch or the pressure that


brings the best out of the lan. In November, a thumping at Manchester


City. Canaries came from behind to pull themselves out of the bottom


three. Three weeks later, a wind over Crystal Palace again g`ve them


the belief that they could beat the drop. Following an eight`gale run


without a win, they woke and hauled to Carrow Road, the team also


struggling. A draw until thd 87th minute this time. Home advantage.


Personally, I want to win every game. At home I think we fedl


confident in ourselves. If we are still in the Premier League after


these games, we have to try and do something. After Sunderland on


Saturday, there are just three more home games last for them. They will


be hoping `` hoping the fin`l day's with Arsenal not another must win on


stop `` must win. In the Championship, a big ask for Ipswich


Town if they're to make the play`offs. Brighton away thd


challenge this weekend and on Monday's Late Kick`off as wdll as


highlights from that game. Our reporter has been for a few holes


with Mick McCarthy and his players. Dreams of a return to the Premier


League aren't over yet. The last couple of years have been a


bit of a relegation battle `t times, so it is nice to be looking upwards


rather than behind. Do you think the playoffs are not out of the


question? Definitely not out of the question. If we can stay around four


or six points, that is still attainable. We will keep pushing


right to the end. There is football tonight. Hn League


Two, Southend will be withott striker Barry Corr for their trip to


Bristol Rovers after his red card. Then tomorrow, Northampton's scrap


at the bottom continues awax at Morcambe. In League One tomorrow,


Colchester and Peterborough are both at home, while local rivals MK Dons


and Stevenage battle it out at Broadhall Way. The last two times


Cambridge United have been to Wembley, they've lost and not even


scored a goal. They return this weekend in the final of the FA


Trophy, where the Conferencd team are hot favourites to beat


Conference South side Gosport Borough.


Two captains, one piece of civil where, and iconic London landmark,


prime location to promote the trophy final. Cambridge are strong


favourites against Gosport. It looks a mismatch, but don't call ht a


cruise. It is a 50`50 game. It is a game that is there to be ond for


both teams. I do not think there is any doubt about that. The hhstory


books are riddled with teens who are supposedly underdogs who win the


day. `` teams. We are a well of sugar we are aware that we have to


play well. Today, a light training session led by Richard. The team are


on the up. The FA trophy is one half of a possible double, big prize


promotion back into the leak. We must get out of this league. It is


encouraging. But we do not go up this year, I think we will next


year. Where exactly is Gosport? The south coast. This hairdressdr was


let go, complete with broken heart. It did not work out. I have had a


good career outside of the league, but to finally get to Wembldy and


then play the team that let you go, when you are a kid, that brdaks your


heart, really, and it is a good day, really, I can't wait. For two local


lads, Sunday is a special occasion. Luke has just arrived on stop not


signed in time for Wembley, instead, he will join 10,000 fans hoping it


is third time lucky at Wembley. In rugby, Northampton Saints will be


delighted to welcome back their International stars for this


weekend's Premiership trip to Sale Sharks. The likes of this m`n,


Luther Burrell, and George North, Courtney Lawes, Dylan Hartldy are


back from Six Nations duty `s they get back to the bread and bttter of


the league. And you can follow the rugby, the football and everything


else on the BBC Sport Website. Thank you. For very good re`son we


have been discussing our favourite Elvis song. Not during the


programme! What record? I w`s just saying, it is difficult to decide,


but I think stuck on you is probably up there. He moves very well in that


one! I do not think we have got time for mine, I have a whole list.


Today, in Bury St Edmunds, ` collection of every record Dlvis


made came up for auction. Everything from the big hits to some that are


not so well known. His latest flame on an old record


player. It is his favourite Elvis track. He started collecting Elvis


records when he first heard the king and his father's workshop in


Ireland. `` in his father's workshop. People in the workshop


were passionate about his mtsic and it could be heard just about


everywhere at the time. That is how he started and he has only just


stopped. 2000 records going under the hammer. Rarities, bootldgs, you


name it. Don't be cruel? Yes. But now, he is retiring, and thd


collection has got to go. Pretty much every UK release of Elvis


Presley records, but the bizarre thing is that many of them have


never been played. I have not been able to get all shook up out of my


head ever since we set up this sale. How does it go? Don't do thhs to


me! I'm all shook up! Yeah, yeah. You have killed me!


Fair to say Elvis collectors come in all shapes and sizes. I bumped into


Les Miller who was filling holes in his collection. He bought a picture


disc for ?8. He got it. Bargain Is that a bargain? I don't know. Yes.


The failed raise a total of ?7, 00, will have more space, and wd are now


all humming Elvis tunes. `` Bill has more speace. Sunshine was abundant


today. Is it ends of a care home did a sponsored wheelchair walk and they


raised ?300 for Sport Relief, so well done for them. There is going


to be some sunshine this wedkend and there will be some showers. Amateurs


will stay on the cool side. There's also the return of some frosty


nights, particularly for Sunday night. There have been some showers


and they have been quite isolated, but there is still the chance of


some showers in the next hotr. The showers are expected to become more


widespread later on, and thdy may have a bit of hail in them `nd even


a rumble of thunder. An little bit of an unsettled night, and


temperatures falling away, so certainly getting close to freezing.


There will still be a gusty wind with these showers, but temperatures


could get lower than this, bringing the risk of a frost and somd icy


patches. We start our weekend quite chilly. There will be sunshhne


through the morning. Shower clouds will build through the day. We could


really catch a shower just `bout anywhere and there is again the risk


of them turning heady with perhaps some hail. Similar temperattres to


today. Nine or ten Celsius. Factor in the breeze and it will fdel a bit


chilly in the winds and we still have the risk of showers for the


afternoon. Most of them shotld die off overnight but they might keep


going on in coastal parts of the region. Our pressure pattern shows


that it is unsettled. No longer do we have high pressure keeping things


fine. We have a low coming hn on Monday. It will not arrive till


after nightfall. For Sunday, sunshine and showers, staying cool.


Wind coming in from the North West. Rain overnight going into Ttesday.


Must take note of Sunday night, a sharp frost and some fog patches


around, so certainly colder than we have seen too much for the whole


winter and spring. Thank yot. Raise lots of money for sports relief


From all of us, have a good night. Goodbye. `` Sport Relief.


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