01/04/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Good evening. One of That's all from us.


Good evening. One of Cambridgeshire's most outspoken


business leaders says the l`test investment for Cambridge is nowhere


near enough. Unveiled in thd budget, City Deal status could be worth ?1


billion to the county. A government grant of ?500 million with local


authorities expected to match it. But only the first ?100 million of


Government money is guarantded. The last two chunks are due in 2019 and


2024 and subject to agreement. The money would be spent on roads,


public transport and cycling links. But John Bridge, chief execttive of


the Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce, says it will 'bardly


touch' the region's infrastructure needs. This city deal for C`mbridge


was deemed so important that the Chancellor announced it in his


budget speech. But now they Cambridge area Chambers of commerce


says it is inadequate. Is it a real Deal or a raw deal. We think it is


the latter. We think it is totally inadequate. Surprise becausd his


views do not accord with wh`t I ve heard in the business community We


have negotiated this deal whth many business leaders in Cambridge. I


think it is enough. It is developments like this that


highlight how quickly the chty is growing. Eventually 17,000 people


will work here. The populathon of Cambridge is expected to rise by 20%


`` 30% in the next 20 years. Companies like this are part of this


growth. They interpret x`raxs and scans for vets. Already it hs the


biggest company of its kind in Europe. They could have set up


anywhere. We picked Cambridge because there was a vibe about this


area. There is a great infrastructure here for growing


businesses. But the growth of Cambridge has brought big problems.


Not enough affordable housing. It is this that the City Deal Status is


supposed to address. It guarantees ?109 up to a possible billion. Every


possible `` every pound will be welcome.


They've been nearly two years in the planning and have already cost more


than ?2 million. But today plans for three controversial solar f`rms in


Peterborough are back under review. Tonight the local MP branded the


project a shambles. Emma Batgh reports. A way to make cash strapped


council 's make millions. In the farmland around Peterborough, lands


of one of the biggest sites in Europe but so far not one p`nel has


been laid. It is planned to elder one of the farms here. Many people


living locally have thought it would have been else by now. As you can


see, this is not the case. Plans for the solar farms were first tnveiled


in September 2012. In June last year, hundreds protested about the


plans and in November archadologists were brought in to check thd sites.


Now a working party has been set up to look again at the impact of the


plan. This man's family has farmed here for almost a century and he has


openers the plants in the bdginning. He will lose some land if it goes


ahead and welcomes the revidw. You can say that the battle is one but


not the war. I think it is nice that everybody has got behind us. We are


just showing what people power can do. The council says the solar park


will generate huge amounts of electricity and income. Eddhe says


it is a major decision and they want to make sure people are givdn a fool


opportunity to have their s`y. Council workers in Milton Kdynes


have been protesting over a one per cent pay offer which they s`y isn't


enough. Unions say some workers are


struggling to make ends meet. And that the chief executive's salary,


of more than ?150,000, is disproportionately high. Few in


number but a protest for many. Local council workers struggling to make


ends meet. This lady says EPA frees forced her to sell her home.


Property races here are so high Many of their members are cleaners


and caterers. Many earning less than the living wage, compare th`t with


the salary of the Chief Executive. David Hill Emms ?154,000 can you


understand what some of thel are complaining about? I can understand


that but in a complex organhsation like this you have to have seen your


managers who are capable of taking complex decisions. I agree ht is a


big job but lots of our members are also doing a difficult jobs. The


people at the lowest end of the pay scale also deserve a decent pay


award. With pressure on budgets the government would argue it would be


difficult to offer more. In football, Just one of our teams


was in action tonight. In Ldague One, relegation threatened Stevenage


drew 0`0 at home to leaders Wolves to close the gap to safety to a


single point. That's all from the late te`m. Let's


get the weather now with Aldx Dolan. Temperatures are not expectdd to


fall to more tonight but thdre be increasing amounts of cloud. There


could be isolated showers btt for many of us it looks dry. We start


tomorrow at a reasonable telperature and it should soon warm up `s the


sunshine breaks through. It will feel warm with sunny spells,


temperatures up to 18 or 19 Celsius. It looks largely dry into the


afternoon. Here is our outlook. A little cooler for Thursday `nd the


chance of some showers by Friday. the afternoon. The outlook, rather


cloudy with some rain on Thursday. Good evening. Before we get to the


weather details, little bit about the pollution which we have been


talking about in the weather reports over the last couple of days. The


pollution levels actually during the course of Wednesday, tomorrow, will


be very high across a large swathe of the country. A couple of reasons


why this is happening. During today, high levels of pollution across


parts of East Anglia but you can see how extensive it becomes tomorrow.


One of the reasons this is happening is because of a light wind dragging


pollution from here in our direction and on top of that, our own


pollution from industry, industrial pollution, but by Thursday, the


weather pattern will change so we think the pollution levels will tend


to go down a little bit. Certainly by Thursday. On top of that, we also


have the dust which has been driven in from the


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