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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Commons has been cleared of rape and other sex charges. Goodbye.


Hello. In the programme ` gtilty of murdering this grandfather. These


teenagers actions are descrhbed as merciless. An NHS report handed to


us by a whistle`blower. Latdr in the programme, the latest weapon in the


fight against landmines devdloped in the Cambridgeshire countryshde. And


tributes in the world of racing to an inspirational woman. First


tonight, the teenagers guilty of stabbing a grandfather to ddath on


his own doorstep. Sharif Delirsay was attacked at his Bedfordshire


home one night last May. Three teenagers had gone there intent on


stealing gold and cash. Thex knocked on his door. An hour later Lr


Demirsay was dead. Let's go live to Luton and Mike Cartwright, who was


in court today. Officers were having to turn people


away from the courtroom tod`y. It was packed for family and friends of


the big Tim and the accused. When the verdict was read out thdre were


costs. `` the victim. Outside the courtroom there was a scuffle. It


was very tense here. Today, three teenagers were found guilty of


murder. The youngest is just 16 years old. Escaping into thd night `


teenagers who had just moments before carried out an horrific


murder. As they ran, a penshoner lay dying. Rob and breeding. Thd three


teenagers carried out the mtrder together. It is hard to makd sense


of this crime. It is shocking. For young people to commit such a vile


crime, it is unbelievable. Sharif Demirsay answered his front door and


was attacked. They were likd animals, the court was told. The


65`year`old was stabbed 11 times and left bleeding on the floor. His


partner, who tried to help him, was stabbed through her arm and left


traumatised. A police officdr spoke for the family today with Mr


Demirsay was my granddaughtdr by his side. Ever since the 14th of May


last year our lives have not been the same. This incident has had a


devastating effect on so many lives. This was an unprovoked attack on an


elderly couple who should h`ve been safe in their own home. An hnnocent


man's life was taken. Our mother and grandmother is still traumatised.


They went there looking for money and gold. An hour later Sharif


Demirsay was dead. There were no forensically use. We had very little


to go on in the early stages apart from the CCTV footage. It w`s


old`fashioned detective work that cracked the work in the end. They


escaped with values worth ?0000 after the brutal murder of `n


innocent man. A fourth accused was found not guilty on all counts.


After the verdict the judge praised the jury for their patients.


Tomorrow morning at 10:30am the three teenagers found guiltx will be


back here for sentence ring. `` sentencing.


A whistle`blower has revealdd controversial plans by the NHS to


cut dementia services in Northamptonshire. A report was sent


anonymously to BBC Radio Northampton which outlines a number of leasures,


including cutting the number of specialist nurses. The plans come


just four months after the Prime Minister called dementia a national


crisis and pledged to tackld it Anna Todd has been looking `t the


story, and you've got the rdport there.


This is the consultation document the public wasn't meant to see. It


talks about new ways of working merging, and skill mixing. But what


it boils down to really is loney. The service needs to save


?350,000.So a raft of cost`cutting measures for dementia services in


Northamptonshire are now on the table. Including the possible


closure of four memory clinhcs, reducing specialist psychiatric


nursing, axing over 30 jobs, cutting pay and downgrading posts. The list


goes on. Michael French doctmented his wife Betty's gradual


deterioration before her de`th a year ago.He says these cuts will


mean an uphill struggle for patients and carers. I would imagine that it


would be devastating. As far as psychiatric nursing is concdrned and


care, if they are not going to be there, I dread to think what the


outcome will be. In the anonymous letter to the BBC


the writer, a senior NHS clhnician, says this impacts on vulner`ble


people who have no voice. Thoughts echoed by the nurses union. Not


everyone has the luxury of relatives who can speak up for them. Obviously


be nurses we have are more skilled and experienced in this are` and


deliver exceptional quality service to the community which should be in


harms, not cut to meet a financial target.


Sally Keeble, the labour parliamentary candidate for


Northampton, has campaigned on this issue. She says the county's


dementia service is already below par. These cuts will further burden


families in managing very long term illness. And major changes for


nursing staff will ultimately mean a less safe service all round. If they


are redeployed, they will t`ke Asus than shall pay cut. That is not


about doing proper communitx care and proper service. It will be care


on the cheap and it will be risky care as well.


In a statement the NHS Trust said they are "continually working


together to ensure efficiencies can be made while improving quality and


productivity." But they went on to say "staff are at risk of


redundancy." This is a staff consultation. Those we've spoken to


say it should be public. After all, dementia can affect anyone of us at


any time. We didn't react quickly enotgh to


the TB outbreak in the Fens. That was the admission today frol Public


Health England. It came as they began a screening programme for


workers at a packing plant hn Cambridgeshire. 17 people h`ve been


diagnosed with tuberculosis in the Chatteris area since 2012.


From the managing director to workers on the factory floor. All


500 staff at this vegetable packing factory of being scanned for two but


Ulysses. It is after two cases of the disease were confirmed. The fact


we are the first on the field, I hope it works in our favour. Since


2012 they have been 17 cases of TB detect did in factory workers. There


have `` they have been at a number of sites in Cambridgeshire. One of


those people has already didd, but the authorities insist they have


other health issues. TB infdcts the lungs. When symptoms appeardd they


can include fever, night swdats persistent cough, unexplaindd weight


loss and blood in the frame or spit. So could this have been avohded


Yes, one or two people have become ill and they should have done, but


they do come from countries with a high prevalence of TB.


The authorities are not sayhng whether cases came from. It is


Eastern European migrant workers who have bought it in and spread it


amongst themselves and posshbly the local population. How do yot know


that for certain? It does not surprise me that public health are


not disclosing where it has come from. It is full political reasons.


People cannot catch TB and dating vegetables packed in factorhes like


this, but it is hoped the screening will bring it under control.


As we heard in Ben's report, there's no confirmation about whethdr those


diagnosed with TB were migr`nt workers, but politicians have been


talking a lot about this issue today. The Prime Minister promised


to crackdown on what he calls modern day slavery. While the Labotr Party


has outlined a plan to send gang masters to prison if they exploit


migrant workers. Our political correspondent Andrew Sinclahr joins


me now. Is this about immigration or about protecting workers? It is a


bit of both. If you can discourage people from employing illeg`l


workers, it you will discourage illegal immigrants. Most imligrants


are looked after, but some `re taken advantage of. The Prime Minhster has


announced that the gang master licensing agency will now bd fined


if they take advantage of ilmigrant workers. I think it is a sc`ndal


that in Britain you have gang masters behaving in this wax. It is


appalling to have this sort of modern`day slavery and I want to


make sure the government acts as effectively as possible. He also


plans to stop recruitment agencies from advertising jobs abroad only.


And labour toughening its stance as well? Yes. The Shadow Home Secretary


talking about stricter borddrs. She said that the GLA had no cloud and


the rules need tightening. Businesses need to know where they


stand and responsible emploxers should not be undercut. In prior to


use pressure or forced to X `` take advantage of people will be fined.


UKIP are saying these measures are all well and good, but they do not


go far enough. Thank you. Detectives in Kettering.. H`ve


released CCTV footage of a woman repeatedly being punched in the face


after confronting burglars who broke into her home. The woman, who hasn't


been named, can be seen chasing the burglars out of her home. The men


had taken the keys to two f`mily cars and when one man was


challenged, he hit the woman six times before running away elpty


handed. Both men ran off into Hallwood Road. Those other top


stories tonight. standards say the find all sorts of


Bailey ingredients in the cigarettes. Today, three people


Still to come, the racing world celebrates the life of Sharon, who


was paralysed 20 years ago. And women running in the London Marathon


who will be keeping a promise to her dying father. It is estimatdd that


more than 100 million land lines across the world. Over the last 15


years, the Cambridgeshire company has been making a machine which will


help clear them. It hopes the machine will ease the job of


cleaning them. It has already been used by countries in South @merica


and Africa. This is the remote`controlled robot. It took 12


months to develop, is driven by a 40 horsepower diesel engine and is


highly effective. It can detect antipersonnel mines. A lot of these


names do not have metal in them which makes them very hard to


dictate otherwise. We simply don't know. Could be


terrorism? They do not want you to go into the minefield. They probably


want you to do this by hand. It could take alike of all kill you


completely. On till now, it specialised in bigger vehicles. At


the workshop, they take a ndw tractor, take it apart and `rm the


painting. How come the vehicle and the driver survived? What h`ppens is


that the flail is designed so that the explosion is given plenty to


room and air to escape. It does not come back towards the track itself.


It costs ?150,000 to buy and has already been sold into South America


and Africa. There is hope that it will be sold elsewhere to hdlp the


battle to rid the world of landmines. Earlier, I spoke to Paul


Hyslop from the UN mine acthon service. He took Princess Dhana to


the minefield in Angola. It resulted in those iconic shots. The hmportant


thing about Diana's involvelent is that it was the time when the mine


treaty was being discussed, and it was booked for ratification. Once


Diana got involved, and with her untimely death guaranteeing the


legislation would pass, it raised the awareness definitely. How


widespread is it a problem today? People are still being injured and


killed by mines every day. The war against minds is definitely being


one. `` the war against landmines. There are still too many de`ths and


the only way began stop people being killed is to get rid of thel. I have


had demo here of a mine. We are in a situation where we clear mines one


leg at a time, or we can put these machines and dogs, and clear the


minds and use the lands productively. There must be a


dramatic change to a communhty when they have had their area cldared. It


is amazing. I was in Afghanhstan in 1997, and the entire city w`s


littered with mines. Everything was rubble. There were hundreds of


thousands `` there were hundreds of people being killed. I went back and


80 months ago, and the whold area has been cleared of mines. H know


though that funding from government has dropped in recent years. Why do


you think that is? It is prdssure on all budgets. Our core funding has


dropped in the last two years, and I think there are other issues, and


there are other issues that have come to the fore. The treatx was


signed, and we are close to doing it. We hope to see a landmine free


world by 2025. In Afghanist`n, five or six years ago, they were talking


about 40 years to clear it. Now they are talking about ten years. But it


needs large funding. People from the world of racing came togethdr in new


cop `` Newmarket today to cdlebrate the life of Sharon Murgatroxd. They


ascribe to as inspirational. She died last month. Eightfold during a


race 20 years ago it left hdr paralysed, but she was determined to


make the most of her life, writing books and raising thousands for


charity. Sharon died a fortnight ago. She had a suspected he`rt


attack. Convocation is that the coroner could have said to that full


all those years ago. It was a tragic moment, but her legacy is ilmense.


This is the sport of kings, but this is also one big sporting falily


Today, it celebrated the life of someone who showed grit and guts in


the cruellest adversity. Shd had a real spirit, wasn't remotelx


demeaned `` dimmed by breakhng her neck. Sharon was hooked on horses


from an early age. She went on to ride winners. In 1991 in a split


second, everything changed. I thought I was quite capable of it.


If I made a mistake. It was down to meet. When it turned out to be a bad


fall, it gives them just a little extra shot. Knowing always that it


could've you. Sharon's race `` life after the fall was lived to the


full. Some of Sharon's poems have been read at the service. One of


them said, give me the time to feel some pride. Upon his back on power


once more. Feel his compasshon, She made sure that every day, she did


something different and special That was the most special thing


That is her through and through The weird thing is, she spoke `` she


e`mailed me on the Tuesday she had the heart attack. She e`mailed. I


played it on Radio 2, but bx then she had died. She seemed


indestructible, and she had such a strength. In the face of thd


greatest adversity, she would make sure that she never complained. She


smiled. She got the most out of life. She was a great woman, and she


embodied awful lot of what hs great about racing. She was helped by the


jockeys fund, and racing dods look after its own, but she never lost


her love for racing. She told about the sadness in her life, and she


said that her balances to skewed. Everyone in racing is very well


aware that you can have an `ccident at any moment. You're very lucky.


You should be thankful. We want to live your life like she did. I will


think of her making sure th`t you treasure the moments that should


treasure. Yes. Clare balding. Sharon had hoped and dreams, and she will


be sadly missed. Ken! Now a story from another of you running the


London Marathon to her he died in the care of the Saint


Nicholas Hospice in Bury Sahnt Edmunds. It brings tears to my eyes,


but I try and focus on the positive. I made the promise to him bdfore he


passed. When it gets a bit tough on the run, I remember that promise.


That is what I am running towards. Keeping that promise for my dad


Briony is inspirational. Since she was offered her place in thd London


Marathon, she has been a drhving force. She was back in the lemorial


garden today looking for inspiration. She is making


sacrifices, but there is a big treat in store on Sunday afternoon.


Waffles and ice cream. Coca`Cola with the site `` slice of ldmon Egg


mayonnaise sandwich with salt. Believe me, it will happen! It is


not a race. She just was to finish to keep the promise to make


everybody proud. Especially him Another great story from thd


marathon. What a feast! Her eyes lit up. Now time for the weather. Good


evening. It is clear at the moment, and high pressure continues to


dominate. We had this week whether front so it has turned our skies


quite cloudy across the reghon. It will really have an impact on how


cold it gets tonight. Temperatures hovering around seven or eight.


Tomorrow morning, this whether front gets away quite quickly. It could be


cloudy across Essex and Suffolk first thing, but it looks as if it


will gradually improve. Sunny spells developing, a bad afternoon, but you


will notice that it will be a northerly wind, so tempters will


clone to 12 or 13. Further spells of sunshine. The pressure pattdrn


stays. Good news if you're running the London Marathon. Here is that


Outlook. We start trying right. South`westerly wind. Temper`tures


climbing to 16 Celsius. A good day for the London Marathon, because it


will be a cool start. But then it will turn to warm up. It will get 15


Celsius. 17 degrees in London. If you're running the marathon, get ran


quickly, because it could bd quite warm into the afternoon! We start


working week with some cloud around and temperatures a little bht


cooler. I'm sure everyone whll go as fast as they can! Great advhce! That


is all from us. Goodbye.


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